ASV Chapter 18: The Protagonist’s Mood

When Qin Kaiyi woke up, he felt his head hurt so much it would burst. When he opened his eyes, he found himself lying on dry grassland in an unfamiliar place.

“No way…” Holding his head while crawling up from the ground, Qin Kaiyi’s mouth twitched. He was planning to wait for the gust of wind to blow the rest of his team away so that he could use his knowledge of the surrounding environment to hide. He didn’t think that Yan Buxuan, this unaccounted-for variable, would take him somewhere he had no knowledge of. 

Unfamiliarity equals hidden danger. Qin Kaiyi checked the equipment on his body and finally let out a sigh of relief. Fortunately, Yan Buxuan didn’t move his storage ring and bracelet. So why did he bring him here, and where did he go now?

Full of doubts, Qin Kaiyi carefully observed his surroundings. Where he was now was different from the jungle that he had just left. In front of him lay a relatively open grassland, and there was a clear river not far away. Qin Kaiyi thought it was a good place to station himself. Did Yan Buxuan do this for his own good…?

Reality proved that Qin Kaiyi was too naive, because just when he looked around, a familiar voice rang out behind him: “Don’t move.” Along with this voice came the sensation of a sharp weapon pressing against his own neck. 

Shen… Fei… Xiao… Qin Kaiyi felt dazed when he heard this voice. No matter how he turned it over in his head, he  could not think of why Shen Feixiao would appear here and also use a sharp weapon to restrain him.

Shen Feixiao seemed to understand Qin Kaiyi’s surprise. He sneered: “You didn’t expect it.”

“…” Qin Kaiyi nodded silently, he was a little worried that Shen Feixiao would kill him just like this.

“Relax, I won’t kill you.” Seeing Qin Kaiyi’s worry, Shen Fei’s voice carried mocking overtones: “How could I dare to kill shixiong.”

Qin Kaiyi felt that there was something not quite right about that sentence.

“Raise your hands and squat down. Hurry up.” The protagonist was obviously different from the villain. There was no verbose and fraudulent monologue, and he cut straight to the point: “Although I don’t want to kill shixiong, this sword has no eyes.”

Qin Kaiyi said nothing and crouched down obediently. In fact, if he wanted to escape he could do so easily. He could twitch a lip and resolve this matter, but without knowing why, he just wanted to see to what extent this little baby Shen Feixiao hated him. 

Seeing Qin Kaiyi squat down obediently, Shen Feixiao fished out a black pill from goodness knows where, and held it out to the side of Qin Kaiyi’s mouth: “Swallow.”

“What is this??” With panic in his voice, Qin Kaiyi deeply embodied the alarm of a villain being threatened. Of course, no one would know that at this moment he was internally ridiculing his own novel–really too cliche… 

“You’ll know once you eat it.” Shen Feixiao didn’t give Qin Kaiyi the opportunity to refuse, suddenly thrusting the ball into Qin Kaiyi’s mouth. Watching Qin Kaiyi swallowing it with his own eyes, he sneered: “This is the Rotting Heart Pill. If you don’t take the antidote I give you on a regular basis, your heart will break apart and you will die. If you don’t believe me, why don’t you try poking three inches under your rib.”

“…” Qin Kaiyi at this moment greatly disdained his own dog blood plot. Your mom, why did this rotten overused plot appear using his own body ahhhhhhhhh, and concerning this three inches below the ribs something or other, even if he poked it without having taken medicine it would still hurt!!! Of course, Qin Kaiyi would never outwardly express his collapsing mental state. He only feigned horror as he poked his own ribs, and said with great alarm: “Shen Feixiao you really poisoned me!!” 

“Who told me to mistrust shixiong.” Shen Feixiao moved his dagger away from Qin Kaiyi: “If you reveal anything about today, I won’t let you die a good death.”

Qin Kaiyi stood up silently, turned around, and saw Shen Feixiao standing next to the sable that Qin Kaiyi had sent to him. That sable tilted its head and  staring at him with eyes like purple grapes.

Shen Feixiao, seeing Qin Kaiyi turning his gaze to the sable, and hurriedly stepped forward and said: “This sable will be mine in the future, don’t think about getting it back.”

Shen Feixiao’s reaction caused Qin Kaiyi to smile internally, thinking, if he really was a child… Of course, on the surface Qin Kaiyi only showed an annoyed expression. 

“Come with me.” Shen Feixiao glanced at Qin Kaiyi and said: “I have something for you to do.”

Then Qin Kaiyi just eagerly (T/N: literally translated as “with jolting buttocks”) walked away with Shen Feixiao–that was impossible. As an ultimate villain, he also had an unyielding character. Did Shen Feixiao really think that he is afraid of death? Could he be afraid of death? Well, he was really afraid of death, death is terrible, but the villain’s integrity should never be lost. If it was like this and he walked with Shen Feixiao willingly, he may become cannon fodder, so Qin Kaiyi rose up to resist!!!

He pretended to be righteous and said, “Shen shidi, why are you being like this to me?”

“…?” Shen Feixiao completely didn’t understand why Qin Kaiyi asked such a question. Shen Feixiao looked at Qin Kaiyi with a baffled expression. That expression seemed to say… Haven’t we always been enemies?

“I didn’t expect that my kindness would be repaid by Shen shidi with betrayal. Fine, I’ll just die with my convictions.” Then Qin Kaiyi jumped into the river. Yes, he really jumped into the river, just plunged right into the little river’s motherly embrace, leaving behind a Shen Feixiao who looked like he had seen a ghost. 

Apparently not understanding how the plot could develop in such a distorted way, Shen Feixiao’s paralyzed face looked like it was about to cramp. Shouldn’t Qin Kaiyi try to drag out his own ignoble existence under Shen Feixiao’s watch, and then shouldn’t Shen Feixiao be able to use him and then kill him? So, how could this glorious image of choosing to die rather than submit suddenly appear on a wretched and nasty person? At this moment, Shen Feixiao’s outlook on life and his values  were profoundly impacted …

In fact, Qin Kaiyi didn’t want to provoke Shen Feixiao so much. Who told him to have his own plans? If he just stupidly followed Shen Feixiao, how could he demonically cultivate? Besides, that pill really didn’t seem like a poison… Qin Kaiyi swam a great distance along the river before going to shore. He sat soaked on the shore and sneezed a few times. He didn’t dare to use spells to dry his body. In this secret realm, the use of spells would inevitably involve spiritual power, and spiritual power would attract spirit beasts. 

After sitting on the shore for a while, Qin Kaiyi opened up a matchbook and lit a fire. He changed to clean clothes and dried his wet ones over the fire. It wouldn’t be good to catch a cold. 

“Ai, bitter life ah.” With a sigh, Qin Kaiyi groped around for some fruits in the storage ring and began to contemplate what to do next. He had already determined his general plan anyway: find a place with no people to demonically cultivate. But these kinds of places without people… would not be easy to find.

It would certainly be dangerous to go too far into the jungle. However, if he didn’t go deep into the jungle, in the case that someone caught onto the fluctuations of his demonic cultivation then tragedy would result. And given his current level of cultivation, if he was found out, then he would definitely die. 

“Huh, what is this?” Qin Kaiyi, who was still thinking, was suddenly attracted by something gold hidden in the dirt. He saw it was in some grassland not far away from him and walked forward with curiosity. 

What was buried in the ground? Seeing the small tip of it exposed, Qin Kaiyi did not hesitate to dig at the surrounding soil. He clearly knew that there were many treasures in this secret realm. Although he had no protagonist halo, what if he really just had some dumb luck? 

After digging out the buried object, Qin Kaiyi was completely stunned. He looked at what was in his hand with eyes full of shock.

Qin Kaiyi held a mask in his hand. The mask was made of pure gold with inlaid images of black lotuses. The mask seemed almost alive, and even someone without much awareness like Qin Kaiyi could tell that this object was not ordinary. The beautiful lines of the lotuses decorating the mask held a fascinating charm. Qin Kaiyi unwaveringly stared at the mask, not realizing that at some point his eyes began to suffuse with red.

Put it on… Quickly put it on… a deep voice sounded with incomparable charm, and Qin Kaiyi’s hand began to shake slowly… Who was talking, who wanted him to put on this mask…

Put it on… you can have anything… The man’s magnetic voice was like a succubus’ (T/N: lit. female demon), making Qin Kaiyi become sluggish. He slowly raised the mask, but there seemed to be some hesitation.

Put it on… magic weapons, elixirs, beautiful women… all yours… the voice was still tempting Qin Kaiyi, but Qin Kaiyi was still a bit muddleheaded, and he somehow spit out a sentence: “Nonsense, beautiful women are all Shen Feixiao’s.”

Well, it seemed Qin Kaiyi’s deepest resentment just got revealed… 

Hearing Qin Kaiyi’s words, the voice seemed distracted for a bit, but then continued… Put it on, and you can step on Shen Feixiao and rise above him.

“That won’t work. How can I go back after stepping on him.” Qin Kaiyi continued to answer reflexively.

…… The voice went silent again for a while, and then continued with some anger… I told you to put it on!! You can go home after you put it on!!

Really? Go back home? After hearing this, Qin Kaiyi finally raised the mask in his hand and put it on his face.



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9 thoughts on “ASV Chapter 18: The Protagonist’s Mood

  1. For some reason, I find this a hilarious development. I suppose this is another stepping stone for Qin Kaiyi to enter demonic cultivation. But that bit about his biggest resentment was just so funny.

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  2. LMAOOOO the mask tried all the typical wants people desire, yet it doesnt affect Qin Kaiyi. This development tho, he could wear a cool mask now!!

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