R:DSAT Chapter 146: Her Name is Xu Rou

    “Your Highness, is that Wei Lan?” Fu Yun waited for Luo Wei and Wei Lan to walk until their figures disappeared from view before running to Long Xuan’s back.      Long Xuan stood motionless, only looking in Luo Wei’s direction spellbound.      “Your Highness, that man surnamed Wei is only a bodyguard in the Senior Official’s residence.Continue reading “R:DSAT Chapter 146: Her Name is Xu Rou”

R:DSAT Chapter 145: Fighting Till the Last Gasp

(T/N: lit. translation of title = “no death, no rest.” Meaning is the same as Shakespeare’s “fight till the last gasp.”)  (T/N Reminder: please read the warning tags on novelupdates before proceeding!)      Luo Wei had a feeling of powerlessness. Long Xuan’s tone did not have even a hint of mockery, but his words were theContinue reading “R:DSAT Chapter 145: Fighting Till the Last Gasp”

R:DSAT Chapter 144: The Xu Clan’s Demise

    “I want to see His Highness the prince,” Lady Xu said to Zhao Fu, who stood before her as she lay on a bed in the warm tent. The imperial physicians had left, the palace maid and eunuch who served her had also disappeared, and Lady Xu felt panic stemming from unknown origins.     Zhao FuContinue reading “R:DSAT Chapter 144: The Xu Clan’s Demise”

R:DSAT Chapter 143: Your Humble Servant of a Son Without Fortune

(T/N: whenever princes speak to the emperor, they say 儿臣. It means “[your] son[, this] humble servant.” In English, that’s a bit too wordy. I will occasionally shorten that to “your humble son.”)     “Treat them first,” Emperor Xing Wu ordered the imperial physician who had rushed over.      “Emperor father!” Long Xiang didn’t understand his emperorContinue reading “R:DSAT Chapter 143: Your Humble Servant of a Son Without Fortune”

R:DSAT Chapter 142: Paying With One’s Life

    In a vacant area, Luo Ze was tied to a long wooden bench.     Luo Wei kept running. From a distance, he saw the rods in the hands of the four executioners raised high, heavily landing blows on his second brother’s body. Luo Wei staggered and fell to the ground.     “Third young master, third young master!”Continue reading “R:DSAT Chapter 142: Paying With One’s Life”

R:DSAT Chapter 141: Coming Back to Life is Still Useless?

    Emperor Xing Wu heard Zhao Fu’s report that Luo Wei was outside the tent requesting an audience. Emperor Xing Wu, who had lost a grandson and was stewing in anger, began to feel distress for Luo Wei again. On such a cold day, this child actually rode on horseback all the way to the WesternContinue reading “R:DSAT Chapter 141: Coming Back to Life is Still Useless?”

R:DSAT Chapter 140: Appease

    Luo Wei was still taking an afternoon nap while Wei Lan practiced writing at a table beside him. Xiao Xiao rushed towards Luo Wei’s room while shouting “young master” the entire way.      Luo Wei was awakened by Xiao Xiao, but he turned to Wei Lan to ask, “What’s wrong?”     “Young master,” Xiao Xiao rushed toContinue reading “R:DSAT Chapter 140: Appease”

R:DSAT Chapter 139: The Western Mountain Hunting Grounds

    Luo Wei ended up really staying in the senior chancellor’s residence, not going out again.      Emperor Xing Wu sent the imperial physician to visit Luo Wei, and bestowed great amounts of serious supplements like ginseng, cordyceps, and medicinal fungi. It was as if he were itching to heal Luo Wei overnight.      Imperial Physician Wei changedContinue reading “R:DSAT Chapter 139: The Western Mountain Hunting Grounds”

R:DSAT Chapter 138: Older Brother Will Protect You for a Lifetime

    Every five years, as the Spring Festival approached, a hunt would begin in the grounds of the Western Mountains within the outskirts of the capital. This hunt’s purpose was not to hunt many wild animals; it was a symbolic affair. When the royal family sacrificed to their ancestors on Lunar New Year’s Day, the emperorContinue reading “R:DSAT Chapter 138: Older Brother Will Protect You for a Lifetime”