ASV Chapter 71: Chaos

(T/N: TRIGGER WARNINGS AT NOTES AT THE END) Qin Kaiyi was cold all over. He lay on the hard and rough wasteland, with both his hands tightly gripped above his head by one of Shen Feixiao’s. It was difficult to even breathe. The winter snow became heavier and heavier. Shen Feixiao didn’t erect the formation,Continue reading “ASV Chapter 71: Chaos”

ASV Chapter 70: Rainstorm

(T/N: TRIGGER WARNINGS AT NOTES AT THE END) Qin Kaiyi kept falling, falling, falling, as if falling into an endless hell. His whole body was shrouded in blue light, and his face was deathly pale because of the insect in his abdomen. He lifted his head and looked at the sky distancing itself farther andContinue reading “ASV Chapter 70: Rainstorm”

ASV Chapter 69: Entering the Formation

Qin Kaiyi thought that he must be crazy. He clearly knew that Ziyang Pei asked him to go to the Lingshan Sect with bad intentions, but he still ignored Yan Gu’s advice and set out without looking back. Upon parting, when he looked at the spiritless and emptied mask left behind by Yan Gu, heContinue reading “ASV Chapter 69: Entering the Formation”

ASV Chapter 68: Yan Gu

After Shen Feixiao left, Qin Kaiyi spent a long time thinking about what went wrong and finally came to a conclusion–the distortion of the plot was actually caused by him. If not because he, out of guilt, used the masked man’s identity to care for Shen Feixiao, then Shen Feixiao would not be the wayContinue reading “ASV Chapter 68: Yan Gu”

ASV Chapter 67: Ruthless and Tyrannical

Regarding the issue of height, Wei He could be said to have a face full of bloody tears. Because he suffered serious discrimination as a child which caused trauma to his soul, he really had no affection for people who are taller than him. Fortunately, by modern standards, there would rarely be people taller thanContinue reading “ASV Chapter 67: Ruthless and Tyrannical”

ASV Chapter 66: A Demonically Charming Smile

(T/N: The title of this chapter is actually part of the title of the book. The book title is something like “A Demonically Charming Smile from the Villain.”)  Qin Kaiyi deeply felt that there might be something wrong with his brain circuitry. If Shen Feixiao came to talk to him, he would certainly feel thatContinue reading “ASV Chapter 66: A Demonically Charming Smile”

ASV Chapter 65: Wei He

Yan Gu thought that he was, to the utmost degree, extremely, incredibly unlucky—when Ziyang Pei gave Qin Kaiyi the sword with apparent goodwill, Yan Gu completely didn’t expect that that guy Ziyang Pei’s actions were actually meant to target himself.  Qin Kaiyi had a natural demonic body and naturally did not fear that the lethalContinue reading “ASV Chapter 65: Wei He”

ASV Chapter 64: True or False

After receiving news from Ziyang Pei, Shen Feixiao tailed Qin Kaiyi throughout his journey. From a clear looking glass, he looked at the shixiong who it seemed he had parted from for seven years. Complex emotions tumbled within his heart.  The person he loathed without compare was him, and the person he always thought ofContinue reading “ASV Chapter 64: True or False”

ASV Chapter 63

(T/N reminder: please read the warnings/tags on novelupdates before proceeding.)  To a certain extent, even if Qin Kaiyi came to this world, he was a thorough otaku homebody. He rarely left the Lingshan Sect except when necessary. Now Qin Kaiyi despairingly discovered that as long as he left the Lingshan Sect… he was doomed toContinue reading “ASV Chapter 63”

ASV Chapter 62

Seven years passed in the blink of an eye. These seven years may be very long for ordinary people, but for cultivators, it was too short. When Qin Kaiyi came out of seclusion, he couldn’t believe that so much time had passed.  The people around Qin Kaiyi didn’t seem to change at all, whether itContinue reading “ASV Chapter 62”