ASV Chapter 61

After the initial panic alleviated, Qin Kaiyi calmed down. He knew that his reaction when he saw Tang Shayun’s scene was a bit extreme, but that feeling of a fox’s sadness at seeing a rabbit’s demise (T/N: idiom meaning to have sympathy with a like-minded person in distress) from witnessing this happen to a fellowContinue reading “ASV Chapter 61”

ASV Chapter 60

(T/N warning: violence) Qin Kaiyi knew how useful a natural demonic body was for demonic cultivators, but perhaps because Ziyang Pei’s attitude wasn’t particularly special, this made Qin Kaiyi disregard his own special physique. But the scene in front of him made all of Qin Kaiyi’s blood freeze. His body was trembling slightly, and heContinue reading “ASV Chapter 60”

ASV Chapter 58

The place where Hua Lian Sect was located was extremely remote. Although this demonic sect had branches everywhere, the main location had always been a mystery. Only after Qin Kaiyi and Zi Yangpei arrived at Hua Lian Sect, did Qin Kaiyi realize why the main branch had never been discovered.  The reason was actually veryContinue reading “ASV Chapter 58”

ASV Chapter 56

After hearing Shen Feixiao say, “then I will come to meet with my shixiong,” ten thousand grass mud horses galloped within him. However, to maintain his image, he restrained the roar in his heart, pretending to be calm in front of Shen Feixiao’s unkind expression.  【Hahaha, don’t be afraid, your little shidi will not killContinue reading “ASV Chapter 56”

ASV Chapter 54

After finishing her deep confession, Liu Ling’er leisurely left a seemingly petrified Qin Kaiyi behind. That expressionless appearance made Yan Gu, who had watched from beginning to end, start to laugh loudly.  Qin Kaiyi didn’t look for his own demise by asking why Yan Gu laughed, but he waved his hand and sealed the dòngfu’sContinue reading “ASV Chapter 54”

ASV Chapter 53

Although Qin Kaiyi was already mentally prepared, he was still scared by the seemingly completely unfamiliar Shen Feixiao in front of him. He knew that Shen Feixiao would grow up well, but he did not expect that he would be so well to the point that both gods and men would be indignant… “Shixiong?” LookingContinue reading “ASV Chapter 53”

ASV Chapter 51

Shen Feixiao spent six years in God’s Medicine Valley.  The wound on his arm already healed by the second month of his stay in this strange place, but Yu Hong, who claimed to be a doctor, still said that he was sick with heart disease. Shen Feixiao spent four years thinking about this question: whatContinue reading “ASV Chapter 51”