Rebirth: Degenerate S*ave Abuses Tyrant

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Son of the Senior Chancellor, Luo Wei, loved the wrong person in his past life. This mistake caused his entire family to be wiped out, and in the end, he was cast down as a pleasure s*ave, and died in the wilderness during the depths of winter.

Somehow, the heavens did not give up on him and gave him a second chance at life. He believed this rebirth was only meant for atonement, and not love. Yet, as he plotted his vengeance, Luo Wei quickly realized that passion would again be his fatal downfall.

The once emperor, the lover from his past life, his beloved in this life, and an opposing empire’s monarch who is doomed to love him, who is supposed to be good for whom?

And who is supposed to hurt whom? A hero chasing after a dream, an empire of a thousand years, a kingdom stretching across the known lands, all flashing before the eyes like a mirage. Is it worthwhile to trade a hundred years of my loneliness to give you a single lifetime of joy?

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Chapter Index

Chapters 1-137 by Acid Translation

Chapter 138: Older Brother Will Protect You for a Lifetime
Chapter 139: The Western Mountain Hunting Grounds
Chapter 140: Appease
Chapter 141: Coming Back to Life is Still Useless? 
Chapter 142: Paying With One's Life
Chapter 143: Your Humble Servant of a Son Without Fortune
Chapter 144: The Xu Clan's Demise
Chapter 145: Fighting Till the Last Gasp
Chapter 146: Her Name is Xu Rou
Chapter 147: The Most Unfortunate Thing in the World
Chapter 148: Brotherly Talk in the Night
Chapter 149: The Arteries are Already Injured
Chapter 150: Long Yu Requests an Imperial Decree
Chapter 151: The Crown Prince's Truth
Chapter 152: You Don't Understand Me
Chapter 153: Enemies Also Greet Each Other Joyfully
Chapter 154: Meat Bun
Chapter 155: Criminal Slave
Chapter 156: A-Chou
Chapter 157: A-Chou's Death
Chapter 158: Long Xuan Visits a Patient
Chapter 159: Human Life is Determined by the Heavens
Chapter 160: Leaving the Capital
Chapter 161: Awakening
Chapter 162: Young Master, Who is A-Chou?
Chapter 163: Thank You
Chapter 164: The Official's Concealment
Chapter 165: Is the Young Master Good to You?
Chapter 166: The Night of Lunar New Year's Eve
Chapter 167: The Lady of the Fu Family
Chapter 168: No Place to Escape
Chapter 169: Villa Master Luo's Congratulatory Gift
Chapter 170: Words of Love
Chapter 171: Patricide
Chapter 172: Civil Strife in Northern Yan
Chapter 173: Admonishing a Maternal Uncle
Chapter 174: Discussion in the Palace Regarding Black Frost
Chapter 175: Plotting in the Hall of Literary Transcendence
Chapter 176: Conspiring
Chapter 177: Can You Trust Me?
Chapter 178: Hand Warmer
Chapter 179: I Want to Marry Him, is He Willing?
Chapter 180: Gifting Silver
Chapter 181: His Second Highness's Request to Meet
Chapter 182: Qi Lin Secret Substance
Chapter 183: Personal Residence
Chapter 184: Reminder
Chapter 185: Are You Angry With Me?
Chapter 186: The Future

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