R:DSAT Chapter 186: The Future

Luo Wei curled up on the bed. Twangs of pain thrashed at his lower abdomen, as if even his intestines had been injured. Luo Wei was quite familiar with this kind of hurt, but experiencing it again today, he had to expend all his strength to bear it. This also rendered Luo Wei uninterested inContinue reading “R:DSAT Chapter 186: The Future”

R:DSAT Chapter 185: Are You Angry With Me?

In a flurry of limbs, Wei Lan threw the pill back into its box and answered, “I’m here, wait a moment young master.” He stuffed the wooden box beneath his pillow.  Luo Wei waited for Wei Lan to open the door and then entered his room. He shrunk into himself. “You didn’t put a furnaceContinue reading “R:DSAT Chapter 185: Are You Angry With Me?”

R:DSAT Chapter 184: Reminder

Luo Wei spent a long time writing his letter to Sima Qingsha. He was afraid that he would miswrite a word or use the wrong turn of phrase, so that Sima Qingsha could see that something was wrong and all their plans would go down the drain. When Wei Lan returned, the lamps had alreadyContinue reading “R:DSAT Chapter 184: Reminder”

R:DSAT Chapter 183: Personal Residence

“I followed Young Master Xie back.” Nineteen didn’t wait for Wei Lan to ask before explaining himself. “He was the one who had me come here. This should be the Second Highness’s personal residence. A Northern Yan person lives here.”  “A Northern Yan person?” Wei Lan added another layer of bewilderment to his impression ofContinue reading “R:DSAT Chapter 183: Personal Residence”

R:DSAT Chapter 182: Qi Lin Secret Substance

Wei Lan couldn’t answer Long Xuan’s question. They hadn’t gone to Yun Guan yet, and the battle was close at hand but had not begun. Wei Lan was categorically unaware of what would happen. How should he answer? Because of the disparity in their statuses, Long Xuan’s gaze casually and impudently swept across Wei LanContinue reading “R:DSAT Chapter 182: Qi Lin Secret Substance”

R:DSAT Chapter 181: His Second Highness’s Request to Meet

Wei Lan left the Senior Official’s residence and walked eastward. Turning at an intersection, he then headed north. He had never been to Imperial Physician Wei’s home, but he knew its location. Just as Wei Lan was concentrating to hasten his journey, he heard a person shout from behind him, “Is that the Senior OfficialContinue reading “R:DSAT Chapter 181: His Second Highness’s Request to Meet”

R:DSAT Chapter 180: Gifting Silver

Ning Fei didn’t know how to deal with a girl like Fu Wei. The girl had only known him for a few days, and she had already talked to him about marriage without anyone else present. For important milestones like marriage, parents were the masters and the matchmaker would be the go-between. Ning Fei himselfContinue reading “R:DSAT Chapter 180: Gifting Silver”

R:DSAT Chapter 179: I Want to Marry Him, is He Willing?

Luo Wei left the palace, sat on the carriage returning home and began to fall asleep. In the end, Wei Lan carried him all the way back to the bedroom, but Luo Wei did not wake up. He had pulled an all-nighter, and his nap in the morning didn’t make up for it at all. Continue reading “R:DSAT Chapter 179: I Want to Marry Him, is He Willing?”

R:DSAT Chapter 178: Hand Warmer

This night in the capital was a sleepless one for the monarch and his ministers.  Luo Wei shouldn’t stay up all night, but he still lingered–half-sitting and half-laying down–in Luo Zhi Qiu’s study until morning. Luo Ze couldn’t walk yet, so they didn’t let Luo Ze know about Northern Yan for fear that his wholeheartedContinue reading “R:DSAT Chapter 178: Hand Warmer”

R:DSAT Chapter 177: Can You Trust Me?

Luo Wei exited the Hall of Literary Transcendence, only to find that lanterns had already been lit outside. He’d entered the palace at dusk, and now it was almost midnight. Long Xuan walked behind Luo Wei and said in a low voice, “Luo Wei. The grievances between you and me are difficult, but for theContinue reading “R:DSAT Chapter 177: Can You Trust Me?”