R:DSAT Chapter 166: The Night of Lunar New Year’s Eve

Today was New Year’s Eve. Luo Wei only realized this when little Luo You ran into his room for red envelopes. He hurriedly asked Wei Lan to bring some spare silver over so that he could pretend that it was meant as New Year’s money for his little nephew. 

Xu Yue Miao was afraid that Luo You would try to climb on Luo Wei again. She picked Luo You up and didn’t let the little thing touch the ground. 

“What about second brother?” Luo Wei asked. 

Xu Yue Miao replied, “He won’t listen to the imperial physicians and wants to stay up all night on lunar New Year’s Eve with dad, mom, and the uncles. 

“So it’s like this.” Luo Wei looked at Luo You and smiled, then asked Xu Yue Miao in a seemingly casual tone, “Did the uncles come by themselves this time, or did they bring aunts?” 

Xu Yue Miao said, “The aunts have to take care of their homes, how could they come? But the uncles brought your sixth younger female cousin. She said she wanted to see the women’s selection at the palace.” 

Luo Wei thought for a long time but still didn’t remember what this sixth cousin of the Fu household looked like. He couldn’t even recall her name.

Xu Yue Miao saw Luo Wei’s strained expression and pursed her lips in a smile. “The sixth young lady said that she’d lived in the official’s residence for quite a while as a child. The name she had as a little girl was just Wei.” 

“Fu Wei?” Luo Wei said this aloud and still could not recall this person. But anyway, he did take to heart Xu Yue Miao’s mention of the palace women’s selection. The Fu family wanted to send a daughter into the palace? 

Xu Yue Miao had seen her family joyfully and harmoniously assemble in the front courtyard on the night of Lunar New Year’s Eve. Luo Wei had instead stayed alone with Wei Lan, making Xu Yue Miao wish to stay and exchange a few more words with Luo Wei. One of Xu Yue Miao’s virtues was that as long as you treated her with sincerity, she would also treat you with the utmost sincerity. This was the case with Luo Wei. Before, Luo Wei looked down on her, so Xu Yue Miao avoided this little boss. Now that Luo Wei regarded her as a sister-in-law, would call her second sister-in-law, deepened his relationship with Luo Ze, and gave tender affection to Luo You, Xu Yue Miao also wholeheartedly treated Luo Wei as her little brother.  

“Uncle,” Luo You struggled in Xu Yue Miao’s arms, trying to get down while at the same time showing off to Luo Wei, “I know how to paint bamboo now.” 

Luo Wei smiled and replied, “Good, I knew our Xiao You was capable.” 

“Then I want to paint it to show uncle.” 

“Good,” Luo Wei agreed and then said to Xu Yue Miao, “Second sister-in-law can put You Er down, isn’t it tiring to hold him up?” 

“You’re not allowed to tire your uncle out, do you hear me? If you won’t listen, mom will bring you away!” Xu Yue Miao scared Luo You into nodding, and then she put her restless son on the ground. 

Since he couldn’t tire out uncle, Luo You pounced on Wei Lan the moment he alighted on the floor. “Uncle Wei, I want pen and ink to draw so uncles can see.” 

Wei Lan held Luo You in one arm while grabbing for ink, pen, paper, and inkstone with the other. 

At this time Luo Wei asked Xu Yue Miao, “Second sister-in-law, that Fu family young lady wants to enter the palace?” 

“I heard mom mention it a few times. But mom said so herself that becoming an imperial concubine or empress in the palace couldn’t be such an easy thing,” Xu Yue Miao replied. 

Upon hearing Xu Yue Miao’s response, Luo Wei knew that the Fu family had probably spoken to Fu Hua. “What else did mother say?” Luo Wei asked. 

“Mom thinks that entering the palace isn’t better than matching with a prince.” Xu Yue Miao didn’t sense anything strange about her conversation with Luo Wei. Chatting about these sorts of topics–usually reserved for conversations between women of important households–with Luo Wei gave Xu Yue Miao enjoyment. Xu Yue Miao was not aware of the goings-on outside of the official’s residence. Even if asked to speak of those outside matters, she would not be able to.

“A prince?” Luo Wei laughed. “Which prince is so good that mother has her eye on him?” 

“Mother says that the third prince as well as the second prince are going to marry proper wives,” Xu Yue Miao said. 

The third prince Long Xing was birthed by Empress Luo Zhi Yi. Luo Wei lowered his head and dusted off his lapel, hiding the sneer curling up the corners of his mouth. For influential clans, their daughters looked like a swath of brightly colored decorations, but were actually nothing more than these clans’ tools in their struggle for profits. Long Xing was a man who loved language and played with ink. Could he love the daughter of a clan of generals?

Wei Lan came over holding Luo You, pens, ink, paper, and an ink stone.  

“Uncle I’m going to draw bamboo for you to see.” Wei Lan carried Luo You to the side of the table, and Luo You began to draw on the paper. 

Luo Wei saw that Luo You didn’t successfully draw the bamboo but instead got ink all over his face and even splattered some on Wei Lan’s clothes. He wanted to tease Luo You, but then suddenly heard noise from the courtyard. A woman’s clear and crisp voice sounded out, such that those in the room heard it easily. 

Qi Zi rushed into the room and met with Luo Wei’s slightly sullen expression. “What’s going on? Why is there a woman making noise in the courtyard?” Luo Wei asked. 

Qi Zi answered: “Young master, it’s your lady cousin who blocked big brother Ning.” 

“Ning Fei?” Luo Wei asked, not very convinced.

“Yes, big brother Ning Fei,” Qi Zi confirmed. “Young master hurry and take a look, your cousin is chasing big brother Ning over, she says she wants to challenge him!” 

Since this matter concerned Ning Fei, Luo Wei couldn’t continue to sit still in his room. He hurriedly donned a thick overcoat and exited the room. 

In the courtyard, a slightly helpless Ning Fei stood with his hands behind his back. 

A young woman dressed in pink blocked his way, and even pointed a narrow sword that glittered like frost and snow at Ning Fei. 

“Sixth cousin!” Xu Yue Miao followed Luo Wei out of the room. When she saw the young  woman, she hurriedly exited the veranda and leapt down the stairs two steps at a time. She reached the young woman in a few steps and said, “What are you doing?” 

Luo Wei heard Xu Yue Miao call this woman “sixth cousin” and knew that this was the Fu Wei whose family wanted to marry her off to Long Xing as a proper wife. Luo Wei borrowed the light of the courtyard’s lanterns to seriously glance a few times at this sixth young lady of the Fu household. Her looks were actually top-notch, but this daughter of a general’s family did not have the delicate refinement of other ladies. Her lotus flower countenance unexpectedly held some of the free and unrestrained deportment unique to men. She and eldest sister-in-law Ye Xiu were different tunes sung with equal skill (T/N: idiom meaning different methods leading to the same result). 

“Second cousin.” (T/N: specifically used for wife of older male cousin from female line) Fu Wei, standing in the courtyard, didn’t notice the person watching her from the veranda. She only glanced at Xu Yue Miao and then looked back at Ning Fei across from her, then said to Xu Yue Miao, “He could avoid my blade. I want to compare my skills with him well, just once.” 

“Don’t be like this!” Xu Yue Miao gave Ning Fei an apologetic smile, and then pulled Fu Wei away while saying, “This is a guest of the official’s residence. How can you as a girl of this family whip out your blades and spears?”  

“I didn’t whip out my blades and spears, the thing in my hand is a sword.” Fu Wei shook the narrow sword in her hand for Xu Yue Miao to see. 

Luo Wei began to laugh. So it turned out that it was a foolish girl. 

Once Luo Wei laughed, everyone in the courtyard began to laugh except for Ning Fei, who really couldn’t find it in himself to.

Fu Wei looked at the place where the laughter started. When she saw Luo Wei, she was stunned. This was her little cousin’s courtyard, but who was this? He seemed to be this courtyard’s owner. Fu Wei’s eyes widened as she stared at Luo Wei. This person was her fat little cousin? 

“Cousin Wei,” Luo Wei called out, “blocking our General Ning like this and asking him for a match is a bit improper.” 

“You’re Luo Wei?!” At this time, Fu Wei could no longer care about Ning Fei. She ran in front of Luo Wei and yelled, “Are you really Luo Wei?” 

“He’s You Er’s youngest uncle ah,” Xu Yue Miao chased after Fu Wei and returned to the veranda. 

“The saying goes that a woman changes eighteen times between childhood and womanhood,” Fu Wei continued in a loud voice, “do men also change when they get older?!” 

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R:DSAT Chapter 165: Is the Young Master Good to You?

    Protecting someone on the road was a task that the shadow guards were quite good at. Other than Nineteen, the other four didn’t think of this as difficult. 

    “Then you will go.” Luo Wei looked at the moon window in his room. “It’s time for dinner, go get ready to eat. After you’ve eaten your fill, come back again to speak with me for a bit,” he said to the shadow guards.

    The shadow guards stood up and all left, except for Nineteen who stayed behind. 

    “Is the official’s residence much better than the Qi Lin Villa?” Luo Wei asked Nineteen.

    Nineteen deferentially replied, “The young master is the savior and benefactor of us shadow guards. Us subordinates naturally will repay the young master and render service.” 

    “A fine bird chooses a tree to nest in,” Luo Wei said. (T/N: A proverb figuratively meaning that a talented person chooses a patron of integrity.) “I can assure you that our Senior Official’s residence is a big tree that can shelter all of you for a lifetime.”

    Nineteen stood in front of Luo Wei, his expression suffusing with even more respect. 

    Luo Wei did not ask Nineteen to sit again, and said, “You are already over thirty years old. Among the Qi Lin Shadow Guards, you seem to be the only one able to live so long. I think there are two reasons. The first is that your martial arts are truly good. The second is that compared to the rest of the shadow guards, you know how to invite your master’s favor.” 

    “Young master-“

    “Nineteen,” Luo Wei raised his hand and asked Nineteen to listen to him, “I will tell you the truth. I, Luo Wei, am not some upright gentleman. I didn’t save you because I’m a great philanthropist. I also want some return. Nineteen, as long as you don’t betray me in the future, I also won’t treat you unfairly. Do you understand my meaning?” 

    Nineteen knelt in front of Luo Wei on one knee and said, “Young master saved this subordinate’s life. The young master is Nineteen’s master, and Nineteen dares not betray his master’s heart.” (T/N: I use “young master” as that is Acid’s translation of “gongzi,” which means “son of nobility.” Nineteen calling Luo Wei his actual master has a different meaning. The word for “master” can also mean owner.) 

    “Okay,” Luo Wei leaned forward and helped Nineteen up. “If one of the shadow guards incites harm, this applies to the rest as well. If one receives glory, so too will the rest. You remember my words.”

    “This subordinate remembers,” Nineteen said, looking at Luo Wei candidly, “Young master, other than the Senior Official’s residence we have no better place to go.” 

    Luo Wei heard Nineteen’s words and smiled, then whispered to him, “After going to Yue Zhou, you have to protect Young Master Xie well. At the right time, you secretly come back and report to me on his matters.”


    “If he associates with His Second Highness,” Luo Wei’s voice lowered, “If he poses a threat to my official’s family, then you just,” Luo Wei’s hand straightened to imitate a blade, and he cut it down. 

    “Yes, this subordinate understands.” Nineteen just knew that the matters of the imperial court, imperial family, and noble houses were even more covert than those of the Qi Lin Villa. 

    “Young master Xie is a perceptive man. It’s best if you don’t speak in front of him,” Luo Wei paused then continued to instruct, “It suffices for you alone to know of this.”


    “Ming Jian Villa’s Ning Shu Ying may also go to Yue Zhou,” Luo Wei walked to the back of the stand in his room, opened a drawer, and handed a token of authority to Nineteen. “I will assign more people to you from Xiao Yi Apothecary. People from Qi Lin Villa will also come. If Ning Shu Ying dares to come, you will act. I don’t want him to keep his life.” 

    Nineteen asked, “Then this token?”

    “If Ning Shu Ying dies under your hands, throw this token not far from his body. Do you know what to do?”

    Nineteen glanced at the token in his hand. It was engraved with a dragon that had four clawed feet. There were words written on it, but he did not recognize them. 

    Luo Wei also glanced at the token. The word “Xuan” on it wavered before Luo Wei’s eyes. “Don’t do it if it’s too difficult,” Luo Wei said to Nineteen, “Even if Ning Shu Ying doesn’t die, I won’t blame you. Remember not to expose your identity, and don’t let Young Master Xie know about this.” 

    “This subordinate understands.” Nineteen held the token in his arms. 

    “You go to eat, too,” Luo Wei said with a smile on his face again. “Everyone can’t continue to have numbers for names, right? After eating, let’s all discuss together and think of names. Right, Nineteen, what were you called before?” 

    Nineteen replied, “This subordinate’s parents were domestic slave servants of the Qi Lin Villa. Because my father committed a mistake, this subordinate entered the shadow guard battalion the moment he was born. I have never had a name.” 

    “So it was like this,” Luo Wei sighed softly. “I’m sorry, I mentioned something painful for you. Then are your parents still here?”

    “This subordinate hasn’t seen them before,” Nineteen replied. “Perhaps they’ve long left the world of the living.”

    “The next time I see Luo Ting Chao, I will ask him,” Luo Wei said sincerely.

    “Many thanks to the young master.” Asking once was better than not asking at all. This way at least he could know the exact circumstances of his parents. To Nineteen, who had never seen his mother or father before, the chance that his parents were still alive was small and he had always believed they were long dead. However, these were the two people who brought him into this world, and their existence would always hold special meaning. 

     “Go.” Luo Wei gave Nineteen a comforting smile and continued, “I will ask after this for you as soon as possible.” 

    Nineteen retreated and left.

    Luo Wei took a sip of water from a cup. The water was cold. When it entered his mouth, Luo Wei spit it out again. Luo Wei threw the teacup onto its tray. Xie Yu, it’s best if you don’t consort with Long Xuan again. In this life I did not bully you and my father regards you as a son, so if you wish to betray us then don’t blame me for being ruthless. I would rather send you on the road than see you used by Long Xuan, Luo Wei thought. 

    In the outer room, Imperial Physician Wei saw Nineteen exit and truly wanted to rush in and scold Luo Wei. Being this person’s doctor was too difficult. It wasn’t that this Third Young Master Luo was more difficult to wait upon than the royals in the palace. It was that he would not listen to his doctor’s advice! He had just circled back from the doorway between life and death, and then immediately began handling matters. Imperial Physician Wei didn’t believe that Luo Wei found these shadow guards to have an idle chat. After interacting with Luo Wei for so many days, Imperial Physician Wei discovered that the only person Luo Wei would carry casual conversation with was Wei Lan. 

    “Relax,” the colleague next to him looked at Imperial Physician Wei’s fretting expression and couldn’t help but console, “You can’t stop the third young master from speaking with his subordinates. Staying in his room by himself must be unbearably stuffy.” 

    What do you know? Imperial Physician Wei replied in his heart. This Luo Yun Qi and the Second Highness in the palace were of the same breed! They would show a bit of a smile and make themselves seem more gentle and easy to get along with, but they were actually both cold people. Thinking that these two were at odds with each other, Imperial Physician Wei’s entire body shuddered. He didn’t know what would happen in the future. 

    Nineteen left Luo Wei’s bedroom and saw Wei Lan standing in the corridor, looking at a furnace that had just had its charcoal replaced. 

    “Why didn’t you go in?” Nineteen approached Wei Lan and asked.

    Wei Lan whispered, “The young master was discussing matters with all of you, it wouldn’t be good for me to enter.” 

    Nineteen said, “When the young master usually talks things over, he doesn’t let you stay at his side?” 

    “No.” As if afraid that Nineteen would misunderstand Luo Wei, Wei Lan hurriedly continued, “Young master never said this, I myself didn’t want to go listen. I just think that it wouldn’t be good.” 

    “It’s good to know one’s duty,” Nineteen sighed.

    “Big brother Nineteen, the young master has always been good to his subordinates,” Wei Lan said. “You’ll know when you stay with him for a longer time.” 

    “Is the young master very good to you?” Nineteen asked.

    “Very good,” Wei Lan nodded his head with full certainty. 

    Nineteen did not say anything more, but began to worry about Wei Lan. Luo Wei’s killing like this made him a changeable person. Would he truly treat a person well with all his heart and soul? 

R:DSAT Chapter 164: The Official’s Concealment

    Luo Zhi Qiu had only heard of the century-old snow mountain ginseng from books, and had never seen it before in person. Luo Zhi Qiu didn’t think about how Long Xuan could obtain such a precious item for now. What surprised him was that Long Xuan would unexpectedly send this to Luo Wei.  Zhao Fu’s words were clear–Emperor Xing Wu had already found people to examine the ginseng, and they had declared that it had no problems and was safe for Luo Wei to use. 

    “Prime minister, take it ba.” Zhao Fu watched Luo Zhi Qiu standing there slow and motionless, so he handed the brocade box in his hand to Luo Zhi Qiu. 

    “Official thanks His Majesty and His Second Highness on behalf of his child,” Luo Zhi Qiu took the box and said. Because this was sent by Long Xuan, Luo Zhi Qiu didn’t have to knock his head on the floor as he expressed thanks like he did when receiving Emperor Xing Wu’s rewards. 

    Imperial Physician Wei had written the medical record and sent it to Zhao Fu. Emperor Xing Wu was still waiting for news in the palace, so Zhao Fu did not dare to stay long. He said a few auspicious words to Luo Zhi Qiu for the New Year, and after receiving Luo Zhi Qiu’s reward, he and the people he brought went back to the palace.

    Luo Zhiqiu showed the snow mountain ginseng to Imperial Physician Wei and asked him, “Can my son use this ginseng?”

    After seeing the snow mountain ginseng lying in the brocade box, Imperial Physician Wei’s eyes lit up as he said, “Prime minister, this is snow mountain ginseng ah!” 

    Luo Zhi Qiu confirmed, “Yes, it was obtained by the Second Highness. It’s said to be a hundred years old.”

    Upon hearing that this item was a century-old snow mountain ginseng, Imperial Physician Wei was unable to sit still. He had his young manservant call over the other imperial physicians. Several people surrounding this snow mountain ginseng as if in worship. 

    Luo Zhi Qiu had to ask again, “Can Luo Wei use this ginseng?”

    “Yes,” Imperial Physician Wei answered, “Although this item is not as it is in folklore, bringing the dead back to life, it really is a superior item that supplements and strengthens the core. The third young master cannot use anything better than this.”

    Several imperial physicians nodded and agreed.

    Luo Zhi Qiu handed over the snow mountain ginseng to Imperial Physician Wei and then hesitated for a long time, but still expressed his concerns with Imperial Physician Wei alone. “Master Wei also knows that there is discord between my son and His Second Highness. This time, His Second Highness disregarded former hatred and bestowed this panacea. Originally I could not thank him enough, but it’s only that Luo Wei is still young. I fear that he won’t know right from wrong, so I hope Master Wei won’t tell my son where this ginseng came from.” 

    Imperial Physician Wei readily agreed. As long as he healed Luo Wei, according to Emperor Xing Wu’s pampering love for Luo Wei, Imperial Physician Wei should be able to receive countless rewards. Perhaps he could even be promoted to nobility. The internal strife between these imperial relatives and people with powerful connections, he would treat as invisible. 

    Luo Wei slept until the sun set and evening fell, and when he opened his eyes, he saw that Wei Lan was still keeping watch at his bedside. 

    “You woke up?” Wei Lan’s hand covered Luo Wei’s forehead. There was none of the heat from a fever, which was a good thing. 

    “I want to eat something,” Luo Wei said.

    “What does the young master want to eat?” Wei Lan asked. “I’ll go to the kitchen and have them cook.”

    “That egg custard is not bad, let them make that,” Luo Wei replied.

    “Okay, wait a minute.” Wei Lan got up to leave. 

    “Let Nineteen and the rest come in to see me,” Luo Wei stopped Wei Lan and said. 

    Wei Lan asked, “Is there something the young master wants them to do?” 

    “I only said half of what I meant to the last time,” Luo Wei said.”Didn’t you say I scared them that time? Let them come and accompany me to talk a bit.” 

    “Just talking? Young master, the prime minister and imperial physicians all said you can’t be troubled.” 

    “I have something to make them do,” Luo Wei saw Wei Lan looking awkward, and decided to speak frankly. “Lan, I’m already awake. How can I not think? Someone who doesn’t think is a fool.”

    Wei Lan compromised. Luo Wei had already thought about what to do, so what else could he say? He went out and asked Nineteen and the rest, this group of five, to enter the inner room and see Luo Wei. He himself left for the kitchen, asking the chefs to make that tasteless egg custard for Luo Wei. 

    In the inner room, Luo Wei dressed himself, got out of bed, and sat on the ornamented chair beside the round table. His head was still dizzy, and after only putting on his clothes, he began to pant. Luo Wei frowned–how could this body reach this level of inadequacy? 

    Nineteen and the four others came in and saw Luo Wei sitting there waiting for them. They hurriedly began to kneel and pay respects. 

    “No need,” Luo Wei immediately said, “I just counted. There are exactly five empty stools in this room. Please sit down.”

    “These subordinates dare not,” Nineteen bowed his head and demurred.

    “Sit down,” Luo Wei insisted. “I can’t even successfully invite you to sit? The lot of you don’t have to be so humble and proper in front of me.” 

    Among the five people, Forty-two was the youngest. Hearing Luo Wei smilingly speaking thusly, Forty-two really sat his butt down and even asked Luo Wei, “Young master, is your health better now?” 

    “Much better,” Luo Wei smiled and looked at Nineteen. Even Wei Lan called him big brother Nineteen. This person’s words must carry the most weight among these five shadow guards. 

    “Thank you young master,” Nineteen thanked Luo Wei and then sat on the round stool opposite Luo Wei.

    Once Nineteen sat, the three still standing all sat down. 

    “Wei Lan has already spoken with me about Nineteen’s matters,” Luo Wei wanted to finish what he was going to say before Wei Lan returned, so he cut to the chase and looked at Nineteen as he spoke. 

    Nineteen sat stiffly. He saw Luo Wei’s face held a gentle smile, without a trace of anger. 

    “Nineteen doesn’t have to care too much,” Luo Wei continued. “Your brothers are all here, each with good martial arts. They all need you to take care of them. With damaged internal force, it’s fine if you slowly practice.” 

    “Big brother Nineteen, your internal strength is damaged?” cried Forty-two.

    “What is it?” Luo Wei asked Forty-two. “Your big brother Nineteen may not be able to beat you anymore, so you won’t listen to him?” 

    “I’ll listen,” Forty-two was a rarity among the shadow guards; he still had a bit of a child’s temperament. He said, “I listen to big brother Nineteen,” looked at Luo Wei, and then said, “I also listen to the young master.” 

    “Don’t talk nonsense!” Nineteen scolded Forty-two, “You naturally should listen to the young master!”

    Luo Wei coughed a few times from laughter, “Listen to me, and listen to big brother Nineteen,” he said to the other shadow guards. “Big brother is big brother, he wouldn’t hurt you.” 

    All four nodded. Among their surviving shadow guards, Nineteen was the one with highest seniority and the oldest. Qi Lin Shadow Guards operated by having the older ones teach the younger ones. To the shadow guards, the words of their seniors were not much different from an imperial edict. Even if the substance in them sometimes acted up such that they had no way to reduce the effects and would engage in intercourse to release it, the shadow guards still regarded each other more as family. Their relations were not as filthy as outsiders guessed. 

    “My father’s disciple Xie Yu, young master Xie went to Yue Zhou,” Luo Wei said to the shadow guards. “Do you all know this?”

    “Twenty-nine has mentioned,” Nineteen replied, and then realized that Twenty-nine was now called Wei Lan. He hurriedly corrected himself, “I mean Wei Lan said this to us.” 

    Luo Wei didn’t think too much of it and smiled, “Young Master Xie’s parents will come back to the capital in these few days. I want you to protect them on their way to Yue Zhou.” 

R:DSAT Chapter 163: Thank You

    “Maybe I dreamt of something,” Luo Wei told Wei Lan. “I seemed to be dreaming at the time.”

    “In young master’s dream, there was a man named A-Chou?”

    “Maybe, otherwise why would I shout that?” Luo Wei spread out his hands. “If I called out a girl’s name, Lan should ask me carefully. What’s there to ask about this A-Chou?”

    “Young master also dreamt of a girl?”

    “How could that be?” Luo Wei looked at Wei Lan’s serious expression, and felt that lying to an honest person indeed made him feel very apologetic. “Don’t I have Lan?” 

    Wei Lan laughed and touched Luo Wei’s hand that was outside of the quilt. Feeling that the hand was still warm, he was relieved. Wei Lan would believe most of what Luo Wei told him. After hearing Luo Wei’s explanation that this A-Chou was an irrelevant person in his dream, Wei Lan did not ask again from then on. 

    Qi Zi sent in the medicine, and after entering the room, he directly put the medicine bowl in Wei Lan’s hand. Then, as if he was afraid that Luo Wei would speak to him, he yelled “young master” at Luo Wei and then ran off like he was escaping. 

    “I’ll do it myself.” Luo Wei took the medicine bowl from Wei Lan and drank it in a few gulps. 

    Wei Lan only smelled the medicine and yet tasted bitterness in his mouth. He didn’t know how Luo Wei could down this bowl of bitter medicine without changing his expression. 

    Luo Wei saw Wei Lan place the medicine bowl on the table and then open the door to leave. He hurriedly asked, “Where are you going?” 

    “I’m going to get some sweet preserves,” Wei Lan answered, “there are none left in the room.”

    “I’m not a child,” Luo Wei said. “I don’t like sweets.”

    Wei Lan had to just pour a glass of water to let Luo Wei rinse out the taste. He asked, “Young master, isn’t the medicine bitter?”

    “It’s bitter,” Luo Wei replied. “But I also want to get better soon.”

    “If young master thinks like this then that’s good,” Wei Lan sat down and continued, “The lady  said that if she invited masters to perform Buddhist rites, the young master’s luck would take a turn for the better. It seems she was right.” 

    “Why do you say that?”

    “The young master woke up looking happier than he did before.”

    Luo Wei patted the empty space beside him and said to Wei Lan, “Lie down with me for a while.”

    “My body is cold,” Wei Lan replied quickly, “The young master can’t bear cold.”

    “Let me hug for a bit,” Luo Wei whispered.

    Wei Lan lay on his side next to Luo Wei, but did not allow Luo Wei to stretch his hand out from beneath the blankets.

    “How do I hug like this?” Luo Wei asked.

    Wei Lan held both Luo Wei and the blankets covering him in his embrace. “Young master should quickly recuperate, don’t scare Wei Lan again.” 

    Luo Wei gave a soft “en.” An A-Chou who was alive, an A-Chou who had not neared the end of his life, an A-Chou who had not suffered every kind of misery yet, was truly something fortunate beyond all else. Luo Wei rejoiced that, in coming back to life, he would think to go to the Qi Lin Villa. He rejoiced because Wei Lan had stretched out his hand to him then and he had not walked away. He rejoiced that he could heal Wei Lan’s wounds and break his dependency on the substance. He rejoiced that he had been good to Wei Lan all along, without any false shows of affection. “Thank you,” Luo Wei said softly to Wei Lan. 

    “Why is the young master thanking me?” Wei Lan asked.

    “Thank you for being willing to stay with me.”

    “Even if there was no Wei Lan,” Wei Lan said with amusement, “There would be many people who would accompany the young master.”

    Luo Wei buried his head in Wei Lan’s chest. The scent of Wei Lan’s body was suffused with the medicinal odor of this room. The odor no longer held the sweet scent of herbal medicine, but instead comprised only the astringent, pungent bitterness of medicinal soup. 

    What he really wanted to thank Wei Lan for was for stretching out a hand, so that the two of them did not miss each other. Wei Lan would not suffer from poison again, nor be driven out of the Qi Lin Villa. He would not beg along his entire journey to Xuan Zhou. Luo Wei only thought that dead leaves could somehow return to their branches, so that there would never again be an A-Chou in this world, just as there would never again be that criminal slave of the past. 

    “Nineteen and the rest are also very grateful to the young master,” Wei Lan’s chin rubbed against Luo Wei’s hair. “The young master also scared them that day.”

    “Are they still in the house?”

    “Without the young master’s say-so, they dare not leave the house.”

    “Am I so scary?” Luo Wei laughed a few times. “I want to keep them by my side. Does Lan thank it’s okay?”

    Wei Lan said seriously, “Nineteen’s martial arts are the best, but his age is also the oldest of us. No matter how the body is nourished, old afflictions will linger.”

    “Xiao Yi Apothecary said that they were all cured. Why isn’t Nineteen’s illness better?” Luo Wei wondered. 

    “It’s better, it’s just that big brother Nineteen’s martial arts will not be as good as before,” Wei Lan said carefully. “I’m thinking that big brother Nineteen is also afraid that young master won’t use him.” 

    “Are you pleading on his behalf?” Luo Wei asked. Wei Lan had blown so much wind on the pillow that there was not a bit of moisture left. (T/N: blowing wind on the pillow refers to a mistress or wife egging on the husband while they’re on the pillow. Ie. pillowtalk with the purpose of interfering with the husband’s work/affairs). 

    “Big brother Nineteen may have employed some tricks at Xiao Yi Apothecary so that the people there would think he was all better.” 

    “He didn’t get rid of his reliance on the substance?” Luo Wei asked immediately.

    “No,” Wei Lan hurriedly clarified, “It’s just that his internal force has declined greatly.”

    “Then it’s fine,” Luo Wei sighed with relief. He continued, “Since it’s your big brother Nineteen, just let him stay in the residence and casually help out. If it makes him happy, he can do nothing.” 

    “Then big brother Nineteen will not be content at heart.”

    “Then I’ll ask him to copy books for me.” Luo Wei thought for a long time before saying this.

    This time it was Wei Lan’s turn to stay silent for a long while.

    “How is it?” Luo Wei asked.

    “Then let him do nothing,” Wei Lan could not imagine Nineteen lifting a pen and writing. 

    “Relax,” Luo Wei said to Wei Lan, “Everything will be fine.”

    Luo Wei spoke in Wei Lan’s arms, and then felt tired and slept again. Him falling asleep caused Wei Lan to feel anxious again. He yelled for Imperial Physician Wei and a few others to come in. 

    Imperial Physician Wei saw to Luo Wei and then said to Wei Lan, “No problems. Young master just drank medicine, and now the medicine is taking effect.” 

    Qi Zi said, “My family’s young master has slept for so long, and now you want him to sleep again?”

    “People with weak constitutions should sleep.” Imperial Physician Wei almost lost his poise and rolled his eyes at Qi Zi, this little servant. 

    “Speak quietly!” Xiao Xiao made Qi Zi shut his mouth. “What would we do if you woke up the young master?”

    “Let’s go out,” Imperial Physician Wei rushed everyone out. Xiao Xiao’s volume was no lower than Qi Zi’s. 

    After the clamor in the room passed, Wei Lan was finally alone with Luo Wei. Wei Lan sat down on the side of the bed and leaned over, his hands following along the sleep-mussed length of Luo Wei’s hair. Luo Wei even thanked him. But even if Wei Lan accompanied this person for a whole lifetime, he might not be satisfied. 

    Zhao Fu, the chief eunuch of the Hall of Eternal Light, ran to see Luo Wei at the behest of Emperor Xing Wu. He heard from Imperial Physician Wei that Luo Wei fell asleep again, and did not enter the inner room. He only stood in the outer room and asked Imperial Physician Wei to write a medical case record for him to take to Emperor Xing Wu.

    Imperial Physician Wei received this imperial decree and bent over a desk to write the record. The other imperial physicians stood by and watched, occasionally piping out for Imperial Physician Wei to include some of their assessments. Imperial Physician Wei felt tired even writing this record, thinking that if he kept on like this, Luo Wei might get better but he himself would live a few years less. 

    Zhao Fu and Luo Zhi Qiu went to a side room in Luo Wei’s courtyard again. Zhao Fu took a long, small brocade case from the hands of a eunuch behind him, and said to Luo Zhi Qiu, “Prime minister, today the second prince sent a messenger to see His Majesty. The second prince already arrived at Yue Zhou. This is the hundred-year old snow mountain ginseng that the second prince found on the road; it’s for the third young master to use as a supplement. After His Majesty had the imperial physicians examine it, he ordered this humble slave to bring it here to give to the third young master to eat.” 

R:DSAT Chapter 162: Young Master, Who is A-Chou?

    Only Luo Wei and Wei Lan were left in the bedroom.

    “Hungry?” Wei Lan asked.

    Luo Wei shook his head.

    “No matter how much, you should still eat something. If you don’t eat how will you get better?” Wei Lan said. 

    “Okay,” Luo Wei agreed, “I’ll eat.”

    Wei Lan saw Luo Wei agree to eat so easily this time, and actually couldn’t believe it. “Will you really eat?”

    “Actually I am not hungry,” Luo Wei replied. 

    “Young master, wait a minute, I’ll go see if the congee is ready?” Wei Lan hurriedly got up and walked away, fearing that Luo Wei would back out in this short amount of time. After trying to get Luo Wei to eat once, Wei Lan knew how difficult it could be. 

    Luo Wei watched Wei Lan run out and then quickly come back carrying a bowl of egg custard

    “The kitchen is still boiling the congee,” Wei Lan sat down beside Luo Wei. “Xiao Xiao is watching it over there, eat some egg custard first.” 

    Luo Wei opened his mouth obediently, letting Wei Lan feed him. The custard didn’t have any condiments. Wei Lan tried a bit to test its temperature, and didn’t find it tasty at all. However, when he saw Luo Wei eating this bland, tasteless egg custard with gusto, he found Luo Wei’s tastes even harder to guess at. 

    What Wei Lan didn’t know was that Luo Wei’s thoughts were not on the custard in his mouth at all. Looking at Wei Lan, Luo Wei began to feel that this world held wonders. He originally thought that this was someone who had no relationship with him in the previous world, but who knew Wei Lan was actually A-Chou.

    “The food is tasty?” Wei Lan asked. If Luo Wei loved to eat bland food, then he would tell the kitchen to make these unseasoned dishes in the future. If Luo Wei could obediently eat every meal like this, Wei Lan would be happy. 

    Luo Wei unexpectedly responded with: “Lan, when the poison finally acts in the Qi Lin Shadow Guards, does the entire body fester?” 

    “Yes,” Wei Lan said. He had seen the appearance of his poisoned predecessors. They would become unrecognizable and rot to death. 

    “How would the Qi Lin Villa deal with poisoned shadow guards?”

    “If the poison acts, the person would be useless,” Wei Lan said. “Let him leave the villa and run the course of his life on his own.”

    Luo Wei asked, “Just like that?”

    Wei Lan nodded his head. This was the best ending. The shadow guard would be allowed to find a place he liked to be buried, which was better than being buried alive or being dragged away to test drugs for medicine men. Wei Lan stuffed a spoonful of egg custard in Luo Wei’s mouth. He didn’t want to talk too much about the Qi Lin Villa with Luo Wei. If he could forget, Wei Lan would rather he never recall those memories of his past. 

    Looking at Wei Lan’s appearance, Luo Wei knew that the man was hiding something from him. The Qi Lin Shadow Guards had powerful martial arts. Back then he could not figure out why these people would not rebel when humiliated. In the end it was Imperial Physician Wei, who had treated Long Shi and Wei Lan, who told him. Qi Lin Shadow Guards took a substance from an early age. If one day they did not intake Qi Lin Villa’s secret substance, then their whole bodies would be in so much pain that living would be worse than death. If not for Luo Ting Chao tactfully handing over the formula for the secret substance, Imperial Physician Wei admitted that he would not be able to resolve Wei Lan’s reliance on the substance. Only after discussing at length with Imperial Physician Wei did Luo Wei recall that Wei Lan would take a soybean-sized pill every day on the road to Yu Zhou and back to the capital. At the time, he thought it was medicine prescribed by a doctor, and did not inquire further.   

    “Young master,” Xiao Xiao shouted from outside the door.

    Luo Wei looked at the entrance.

    “Come in,” Wei Lan said.

    Xiao Xiao carried congee in and said, “Young master, have some congee. Fresh off the stove.” 

    Luo Wei sniffed the fragrance of the congee and was relieved to discover that it did not carry a hint of medicine. It seemed Imperial Physician Wei and the rest spared him this once and didn’t prescribe him any medicinal meals. 

    “Big brother Wei is better at feeding,” Xiao Xiao glanced at the mostly-empty bowl of egg custard and applauded Wei Lan, “The young master ate the whole bowl of egg custard ah!” 

    Luo Wei glanced at Xiao Xiao and said, “Are the people in our courtyard all right these days?”

    “There’s still medicine boiling on my stove.” Xiao Xiao heard Luo Wei’s question and immediately wanted to run, saying, “Qi Zi can’t watch it on his own, young master I’m going to go see to the medicine. Let big brother Wei continue to feed you the congee.” 

    Luo Wei asked Wei Lan, “Did I say something? I only asked him a question, why did he run away?” 

    “The prime minister ordered that no one is allowed to discuss outside matters with the young master. The young master is not allowed any troubles,” Wei Lan replied.

    Luo Wei said, “Then does that mean something happened outside?”

    Wei Lan quickly glanced at Luo Wei and said, “The second prince has gone to Yue Zhou and Young Master Xie has followed him there.” 

    The clear congee in Luo Wei’s mouth suddenly felt like a lump in his throat. “Xie Yu went together with the second prince?” 

    “No,” Wei Lan replied, “The second prince left with General Chen.”

    Luo Wei’s interest was stoked upon hearing that Xie Yu went to Yue Zhou. He really wanted to see who could subdue whom among these two who formed a pair as monarch and minister in another world. “Have they arrived at Yue Zhou?” 

    “Young Master Xie hasn’t written back yet,” Wei Lan said. “Also, all the maternal uncles have arrived at the residence.”


    Wei Lan reiterated, “The four elder brothers of the Lady.”

    Luo Wei curled his lip, saying, “It’s them ah, they’ve come to the capital to make their reports.” He was not close to these four uncles in his past life. After the Luo family met with misfortune, the Fu family cut off their relations with them. They wisely looked after their own hides and were not wrong in doing so. However, asking Luo Wei to have any genuine good opinions of the Fu family was impossible. Looking at his half-eaten bowl of clear congee, Luo Wei discussed with Wei Lan, “I’ll eat the rest later, I can’t eat anymore.”  

    Imperial Physician Wei had just repeatedly warned Wei Lan in the outer room that since Luo Wei had just woken up, small and frequent meals were better, and if he didn’t want to eat, then he should not be forced to. Wei Lan said to Luo Wei, “The kitchen has made a lot of congee. If the young master wants to eat later, Wei Lan will go get it.” Wei Lan finished speaking and then downed the remaining congee himself. 

    “Truly good,” Luo Wei’s hand stretched out of the quilt, and he wiped Wei Lan’s mouth for him.

    Luo Wei’s hand was warm from having been in the blanket, in turn warming Wei Lan’s heart. Wei Lan said, “What does the young master think is truly good?” 

    Luo Wei replied, “The way things are now. Has Lan been keeping watch here the whole time?” 

    Wei Lan put down the soup spoon and said, “How can Wei Lan leave when the young master is in trouble? I just beg the young master to not scare people like that anymore.” 

    “Okay,” Luo Wei promised Wei Lan, “I won’t scare you anymore.”

    “Young master, why did you faint when you saw my painting? And who is A-Chou?” Wei Lan asked. This question had been suppressed in his heart for many days. Now that they had spoken of other matters, Wei Lan voiced his inquiry and forgot what Imperial Physician Wei had told them: don’t let Luo Wei say or think too much. 

    “It’s not because of that meat bun.” Luo Wei smiled. “I just happened to feel unwell at that time.”


    “Yeah, can I be scared by a meat bun?”

    “Then who is A-Chou?”

    “What A-Chou?”

    “The young master would yell this name when he was unconscious.”

    “I don’t know ah.” Luo Wei pretended to be at a loss. “I yelled these two words?”

R:DSAT Chapter 161: Awakening

    Luo Wei woke up on Lunar New Year’s Eve. The official’s residence happened to be conducting a ritual and chanting sutras. 

    “Young master?” Wei Lan, who had been staying by the bed all this time, saw Luo Wei open his eyes. He thought that, like all the times before, Luo Wei was only opening his eyes without conscious thought and would soon sink into sleep again. 

    Luo Wei looked at Wei Lan for a while. “Lan?” He called out to Wei Lan in a voice so low it almost couldn’t be heard.

    “Young master?!” Wei Lan cried out, his voice hoarse. 

    Luo Wei wrinkled his whole face into a ball. “What’s wrong with you?” He asked Wei Lan.

    “Young master, you’re awake?” Wei Lan was afraid that Luo Wei would sleep again. He reached a hand into Luo Wei’s blankets and shook Luo Wei’s shoulder as he spoke, “Are you really awake?” 

    “I just fell asleep.” Luo Wei opened his lips to try for a smile, only then finding out that his face seemed stiff, unable to move, “Why do you look like you want to cry?” He asked Wei Lan. 

    “Master Wei!” Wei Lan unexpectedly ran to the door and shouted for Imperial Physician Wei and the others who kept watch outside the room, “The young master is awake, this time it’s for real!” 

    After a moment, the imperial physicians all ran in.

    Imperial Physician Wei asked Wei Lan as he ran to Luo Wei’s bed, “The young master didn’t fall asleep again?”

    Wei Lan followed behind Imperial Physician Wei Taiyi and replied, “Young master just spoke with me!” 

    When Imperial Physician Wei reached the bed, he extended his head to look. He saw Luo Wei’s pair of open eyes. This time, this pair of eyes clearly held spirit. Speaking frankly, these eyes finally looked like those of a living person’s. 

    The news that Luo Wei woke up quickly spread throughout the whole household. While Luo Zhi Qiu hurried to Luo Wei’s courtyard, he also ordered people to send letters to the palace so that Emperor Xing Wu could also celebrate a peaceful Lunar New Year.

    Luo Wei didn’t have a clue about what happened. All at once, many people entered his room. His second brother couldn’t walk by himself and was carried in by someone. Little Luo You cried when he saw him, but had his mouth firmly blocked by Xu Yue Miao’s hand as she kept telling him he shouldn’t cry. Mother Fu Hua unceasingly chanted prayers under her breath, and the imperial physicians hurriedly congratulated his father, Luo Zhi Qiu. Luo Wei thought, where is this congratulations coming from? 

    “Xiao Wei.” Luo Ze asked people to place him on the edge of Luo Wei’s bed, and he shouted at Luo Wei, “Are you still uncomfortable anywhere?!” 

    “Second brother,” Luo Wei said, “your legs?”

    “Even if the elder brother’s leg is lame, he can’t die,” Luo Ze replied. “Don’t worry about me, are you still uncomfortable anywhere? Tell the imperial physician quickly.”

    “I,” Luo Wei licked his lips and then answered, “I want to drink water.”

    Wei Lan rushe out to pour a glass of water. He brought it to the side of Luo Wei’s mouth, giving Luo Wei mouthful after mouthful of water.

    Luo Wei looked at Wei Lan in front of him, and the memories from before he fell unconscious rose to the surface. 

    “Young master?” Wei Lan’s hand was wet. He saw tears falling from Luo Wei’s eyes and asked in a panic, “Is the young master uncomfortable again?”

    Wei Lan’s one sentence caused everyone in the room to rush over. 

    Imperial Physician Wei took Luo Wei’s pulse with a face filled with anxiety, fearing that in this short time Luo Wei’s illness would again rear its head. 

    “I’m fine,” Luo Wei hurriedly reassured all these people who had become anxious at a moment’s notice. “It’s just that my eyes are a little itchy.”

    Everyone ignored Luo Wei and only looked at Imperial Physician Wei.

    “I’m really okay,” Luo Wei emphasized. He just felt a strange pressure in his mouth, breathing was a bit difficult, and he was slightly dizzy. He didn’t feel any other discomfort. 

    “Third young master’s pulse is stable,” Imperial Physician Wei’s fingers left Luo Wei’s wrist.

    “Xiao Wei,” Luo Ze called out loudly, “You almost scared me to death!”

    Luo Wei said, “Was I very sick?”

    “Do you know what day it is today?” Luo Ze asked.

    “The third young master can’t be bothered.” Imperial Physician Wei saw that Luo Wei wanted to stew in his thoughts again and hurriedly implored, “Just quietly recover.” 

    “Today is New Year’s Eve,” Wei Lan told Luo Wei.

    “New Year’s Eve?” Luo Wei couldn’t believe it. When he woke up from his sleep, it became New Year’s Eve?

    Wei Lan saw Luo Wei begin to get up and he pressed him down again, asking, “What are you doing?” 

    “I’ll look at the sky outside,” Luo Wei answered. “You’re not all playing a prank on me?”

    It turned out that Luo Wei also had his foolish moments. If he looked at the sky outside, could he confirm the date? Everyone in the room wanted to laugh, but feared that Luo Wei would think too much again and bore the urge. 

    “Would Wei Lan trick you?” Luo Zhi Qiu said. “You’ve slept all these days. If you still feel discomfort anywhere, tell the imperial physicians.”

    “No discomfort,” Luo Wei replied.

    “Young master’s chest doesn’t feel stifled?” Imperial Physician Wei asked.

    “It’s fine.”

    Does “it’s fine” mean it’s still stifled? Imperial Physician Wei nodded his head to indicate he understood. 

    “Why are there still people reciting Buddhist scriptures?” Luo Wei listened carefully and then asked again, “We’re doing Buddhist rituals at home?”

    The people in the room were all helpless to deal with this kind of natural worrywart, who had just turned back around from the gates of hell and wanted to ask about every little thing. 

    “They were invited by mother,” Fu Hua answered. “We have to rid the house of misfortune, so that you three brothers can live this next year without illness or disaster.” 

    “Thank you mother,” Luo Wei thanked Fu Hua. It was rare that this mother would also think of him along with his second brother and eldest one. This improvement in his relationship with his mother should be the result of his success in resolving some major events after rebirth, right? 

    “This kid.” Fu Hua felt unwell again.”You’re still so polite with your mom? Is mom an outsider?” 

    “Okay,” Luo Zhi Qiu heard something amiss in Fu Hua’s words and was afraid that Luo Wei would think a few layers too deep again. He hurriedly interjected, “Let’s let Wei Er rest. Lan, you watch over him.” 

    Imperial Physician Wei and the rest exited to discuss Luo Wei’s prescription. 

    Luo Ze and Luo You didn’t want to leave, but Xu Yue Miao was afraid that Luo Wei would want to ask Luo Ze about outside matters again. She firmly dragged these two old gentlemen out. 

    “I haven’t told Xiao Wei that his uncles and the rest of them are here.” After leaving Luo Wei’s bedroom, Fu Hua only just remembered that her four elder brothers had all come to the capital to celebrate the new year, and she still hadn’t told Luo Wei. 

    “There’s no harm in saying it later.” Luo Zhi Qiu pulled Fu Hua as she left to enter the room again, “Wei Er just woke up, let’s not talk to him about anything.” 

    Fu Hua followed Luo Zhi Qiu away. Her brothers came together this time for a few reasons. The first reason was that they all had to come to the capital to report on their provinces. The second was that they had heard about Luo Wei’s dangerous illness. These four governors of frontier trading centers all rushed the entire way to the capital, fearing that they would be one step too late and miss seeing Luo Wei one last time. 

    Sure enough, when Luo Zhi Qiu and his wife returned to the lobby of the main courtyard, Luo Zhi Qiu’s four elder brothers by marriage were already waiting there. Seeing the couple enter, the Fu family’s eldest lord Fu Jing Zong asked, “Wei Er woke up?”  

    “He woke up,” Luo Zhi Qiu answered, “It’s just that his body is still very weak.”

    “If he woke up then it’s good!” said the third eldest, Fu Jing Zu. “Didn’t I say that Wei Er had only just grown up a little bit? How could he be gone just because they say so?” 

    The four brothers of the Fu family still only had an impression of the past Luo Wei, and their opinion of Luo Wei wasn’t very high. However, this was their little sister’s youngest son. After arriving at the capital and seeing the endless rewards for service bestowed on Luo Wei, the four Fu brothers did not feel even a shred of contempt for Luo Wei. 

    “Let’s drink up today,” said Fu Jing Zhi, the second eldest. “Xiao Wei passed this trial. We have to properly celebrate.” 

    Luo Zhi Qiu nodded and asked the steward to lay a feast upon the table. Luo Zhi Qiu did not enjoy liquor or wine, but today he wanted to have a good drink. 

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R:DSAT Chapter 160: Leaving the Capital

    After Grand Master Fu Yi left, Luo Wei’s condition vacillated between good and bad. He had momentary bouts of wakefulness, and Imperial Physician Wei no longer said that Luo Wei seemed “not good.” 

    Long Xuan left Beijing, and was “defended” by General Chen Tu Ye as he travelled to Yue Zhou to wash himself of misfortune. 

    On the day of departure, Long Xiang came to send him off. Long Xuan specially ordered, “If something happens to Luo Wei, remember to have someone quickly ride to Yue Zhou to tell me.” 

    Long Xiang replied, “Big brother, rest easy and go to wash yourself of misfortune. Luo Wei has people to care for him, he won’t be lacking without you.” 

    “You remember my words, and you don’t need to ask about anything else.”

    “Big brother,” Long Xiang was now too lazy to guess Long Xuan’s thoughts, “Is it that you care about Luo Wei? Would he accept your feelings? Or is it that if he knows, he will harm you a few times less?” 

    Long Xuan glanced at Long Xiang, “You and Luo Wei have always been good friends.”

    “That’s long ago ended.”

    “Don’t care about my affairs with Luo Wei,” Long Xuan said. “I also won’t care about your affairs with Luo Wei, but you think about it yourself. If you become enemies with this person, are you his opponent?” 

    Long Xiang asked, “What do you mean? Are you looking down on me? He is almost dead…”

    “Shut up!” Long Xuan’s expression changed the moment he heard the word “dead.” “Don’t speak nonsense, just do what I say.” 

    Long Xiang let out an “oh.” In his heart he did not accept this, but he didn’t dare to say any more in front of Long Xuan. 

    Chen Tu Ye was impatiently waiting on the side. After seeing that the two brothers had finally finished speaking, he asked Long Xuan, “Your Second Highness, is it not possible to get on the road?”

    Zhao Jun Bo rushed over with a team of military officers on horseback. After Luo Ze was injured, Emperor Xing Wu decreed that Zhao Jun Bo would temporarily assume command. 

    “General Zhao,” Chen Tu Ye saw Zhao Jun Bo coming and greeted, “Are you also here to send His Second Highness off?”

    Everyone knew that Luo Ze and Luo Wei were injured because of this second prince. One could not walk and the other toed the line between life and death. Once Chen Tu Ye spoke, the military officers rolled their eyes. 

    Long Xiang wanted to step forward to teach Chen Tu Ye a lesson. This man was clearly making trouble and causing his brother discomfort. 

    Long Xuan reached out, blocking Long Xiang.

    Zhao Jun Bo just smiled, dismounted, and paid the proper respects to Long Xuan and Long Xiang. “This humble general is only bringing the soldiers back to the camp, and did not know that today was the day that His Second Highness would depart from the capital. This humble general has been impolite. Wishing His Second Highness a safe trip and an early return.” 

    “All right,” Long Xuan said, looking at the young general behind Zhao Jun Bo.

    Ning Fei saw Long Xuan looking at him and hurriedly paid his respects: “This humble general Ning Fei greets His Second Highness.”

    It turned out that this was Ning Fei. Long Xuan looked Ning Fei up and down. Luo Qi praised this person to high heaven. If that was not the case, Emperor Xing Wu would not have brought this Ning Fei to the capital. The handsome and clean youth held a silver spear and donned white clothes. This person was good–Long Xuan thought it was a pity that he could not use him. 

    Ning Fei had also known of Long Xuan for a long time. When he was still in the Ming Jian Villa, he knew that he would serve this man in the future. He only did not anticipate that he would come to know Luo Wei. Ning Fei observed Long Xuan. If the crown prince could be said to be like jade, this second prince was like a sharp sword. This man seemed innately distanced from others, as if he could not be approached. 

    “Your Highness.” Chen Tu Ye saw that Zhao Jun Bo did not react to his provocation and lost interest in staying. He asked Long Xuan, “Shall we leave?” 

    “Ning Fei,” Long Xuan ignored Chen Tu Ye and said to Ning Fei, “I have heard of your name since long ago, and I’ve finally seen you in person today.”

    “The humble general is of lowly rank,” Ning Fei replied, neither servile nor overbearing. “I dare not have the greedy thought to seek an audience with a prince.”

    “Let’s go,” Long Xuan said to Chen Tu Ye as he looked at Ning Fei, and then turned and mounted his horse. “I don’t mind if you come to see me more,” Long Xuan said to Ning Fei after alighting on his horse.

    Ning Fei just bowed his head and cupped a fist in the other hand, paying respect. 

    “Begin leaving!” Chen Tu Ye shouted to his subordinate. 

    “Big brother, be careful on the road,” Long Xiang called out to Long Xuan.

    Long Xuan travelled in the middle of the departing team without looking back, only waving at Long Xiang.

    A group of people stood and watched Long Xuan depart, riding far into the distance. Long Xiang didn’t even glance at Zhao Jun Bo, Ning Fei, and the rest before taking his bodyguards back into the city with him. 

    “His Highness knew you before?” Zhao Jun Bo asked Ning Fei.

    “I was originally from the Ming Jian Villa.” Ning Fei did not conceal anything from Zhao Jun Bo and whispered, “The relationship between his Second Highness and the Ming Jian Villa is deep. His Second Highness knowing me is also not strange.” 

    “Do you still think of the Ming Jian Villa?” Zhao Jun Bo continued his inquiries. He had to make this clear. The Luo Family’s relationship with Ning Fei was not superficial. He could not allow for the eventuality that the chicken would fly from the coop and break the eggs in passing. 

    “I’ve had no relationship with them since a long time ago,” Ning Fei replied. “The third young master said one thing to Zi Zhou that Zi Zhou still thinks is right today. ‘The lands under heaven are so vast. The Ming Jian Villa isn’t a big deal.’” (T/N: Ning Zi Zhou is Ning Fei’s courtesy name.)

    “It’s good as long as you can think like this,” Zhao Jun Bo laughingly said. “Xiao Wei was a fool when he was a kid, but now he’s become a different person.” 

    Ning Fei mentioned Luo Wei, and couldn’t help but worry: “I hope that third young master can receive heaven’s blessings this time.” 

    Zhao Jun Bo didn’t talk anymore. They were all people close to the Luo family. Who among them wouldn’t be worried thinking of Luo Wei? 

    Long Xuan had just left, and Xie Yu also led people to stand in front of the gate of the Senior Official’s Residence. 

    “Your health also just got better. After going to Yue Zhou, be careful about everything,” Luo Zhi Qiu said to Xie Yu. 

    “Be at ease teacher,” Xie Yu replied in a low voice. “Ming Yuan will go this time. If the second prince does not make any moves, Ming Yuan will treat it as sightseeing in Yue Zhou.” 

    “Your parents had just wanted to come to the capital to see you,” Luo Zhi Qiu said with a twinge of guilt. “But you have to go again.”

    “Teacher doesn’t have to worry about this.” Xie Yu smiled. “If my father is not in a hurry to go back, please ask him and this student’s mother to go to Yue Zhou. We can always meet.”

    “I’ll remember,” Luo Zhi Qiu promised. “Bu Qiutong, the governor of Yue Zhou, is a smooth and sly man. I’ll repeat myself again–you can’t trust what he says.”

    Xie Yu replied, “Such a person, this student has never thought would act in good faith. If the Second Prince wants to get something from him, that would also not be an easy task.” 

    Luo Zhi Qiu nodded. Xie Yu being willing to go to Yue Zhou was a great help to him. On account of Luo Wei’s illness, his own official affairs at court, as well as the open fights and covert maneuvers between him and Qiu Che, he had no way to work out a strategy to guard against Long Xuan’s activities in Yue Zhou. After Xie Yu helped Chen Yu handle the salt case in Yi Zhou, he already proved that his capabilities were not worse than Luo Wei’s. Xie Yu still had not achieved glory for himself, making it easier for him to act in Yue Zhou. Even if something did happen, it would be easy for Luo Zhi Qiu to escape without bringing the heat into the official’s court or above. Therefore, Xie Yu was the best candidate for Luo Zhi Qiu to send to Yue Zhou. It was only that Luo Zhi Qiu could not do away with his face to request this. Xie Yu had just suffered serious injuries, and Xie Wang Bei and his wife were already on the road to the capital. Asking Xie Yu to depart at this time would be too unreasonable. 

    “Teacher, no need to see me out,” Xie Yu smiled and saluted with one fist cupped in the other hand. “Yun Qi is all right, so this student can leave at ease. Hopefully when Ming Yuan returns, Yun Qi will have returned to normal.” 

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R:DSAT Chapter 159: Human Life is Determined by the Heavens

    That night, Luo Wei’s condition continued to deteriorate. Phlegm obstructed his throat, and his hands wildly clutched at his neck while his eyes rolled. He couldn’t take a single breath. 

    Imperial Physician Wei hurriedly pricked him with needles while another imperial physician hit Luo Wei’s back, the lot of them falling into disorder.

    Wei Lan couldn’t stand to look anymore. He pushed away Imperial Physician Wei, who had perforated Luo Wei’s hands to the point of bleeding, and covered Luo Wei’s mouth with a handkerchief. His lips met with Luo Wei’s through the cloth, and he vigorously sucked until the phlegm exited. 

    Imperial Physician Wei originally wanted to scold Wei Lan, but then saw the phlegm had been sucked out. He instead became grateful towards Wei Lan, only barely stopping himself from bowing to Wei Lan. (T/N: bowing with his  hands held in front, very respectful gesture). If something happened to Luo Wei, even if the imperial physicians were innocent, who could bear the wrath of the Son of Heaven? 

    That night, the entire Luo family stayed by Luo Wei’s bedside. Even Luo Ze, who could not walk, was present. None dared to take a single step away, fearing that in the blink of an eye Luo Wei would be gone. 

    They reached the dawn of the next day and Luo Wei’s phlegm issue did not recur. The doctors were relieved. Seeing the doctors’ expressions relax, the nerves of the others in the room followed suit.

    “The young master has passed this stage,” Imperial Physician Wei said to Luo Zhi Qiu and Fu Hua after checking Luo Wei’s pulse. 

    “Lan,” Luo Ze grabbed Wei Lan’s hand and said, “This time Xiao Wei’s life was saved by you!”

    Luo Zhi Qiu got up and actually cupped his hands in salute to Wei Lan, saying, “Lan, this old man gives many thanks for your grace in saving Luo Wei’s life.” 

    Wei Lan wanted to kneel, but Luo Ze grabbed both his hands. He could not kneel, so he only shook his head again and again. “Young master saved my life. Wei Lan is willing to do anything for the young master. Prime minister and second young master, don’t overwhelm Wei Lan with favor, I cannot afford it.”

    Luo Ze said, “Lan, I’m truly thanking you. How did you think of that method?” If Luo Ze thought up sucking out the phlegm mouth-to-mouth, he would have done it himself for Luo Wei. However, he had been out of his wits at that time and did not know such a method existed.

    Wei Lan replied, “I have seen a doctor do this to rescue a patient choking on phlegm, so I learned.”

    Luo Ze and everyone present, including Luo Zhi Qiu and Xie Yu, believed Wei Lan.

    Wei Lan stared at Luo Wei again. In fact, Qi Lin Shadow Guards would all die plagued with serious illness. After the poison spread their entire bodies would rot and they would become sick. Whatever illnesses one could have, the Qi Lin Shadow Guards would all experience at the end of their lives. The Qi Lin Shadow Guards often would choke on their phlegm, and they didn’t have doctors, so they could only rely on each other for help. Wei Lan had already sucked out phlegm many times before. 

    “Prime minister.” The doorman to the residence ran into Luo Wei’s courtyard. He didn’t dare to enter the room, and only stood below the steps to the veranda. He shouted somewhat incoherently at Luo Zhi Qiu, “Grand Master Fu Yi, no, this humble one means, the teacher of the state, State Teacher Fu Yi, he, he came to our residence.” Seeing Emperor Xing Wu did not even cause him to be so excited–this was a Daoist immortal in the flesh. It was said that seeing this state teacher once could lengthen one’s life. The doorman thought to himself that not only could he add a few years to his life, but the third young master also had hope. The state’s teacher came. Which demon dared to enter the official’s residence to collect the third young master’s soul? 

    Luo Zhi Qiu was also taken aback. Ddi this State Teacher Fu Yi ever interact with court councilors such as them? Even if they begged to meet with him, the State Teacher would not do so. 

    “Wei Er is saved!” Fu Hua forgot her manners and cried out. Back then she had only cared for the injured Luo Ze, and did not go out of her way to ask after Luo Wei. Thinking of that today, Fu Hu felt it was too late to repent. She even felt that if she had cared for Luo Wei more on that fateful day, Luo Wei would not be in his near-death state today. 

    “Dad, hurry to welcome the State Teacher,” Luo Ze yelled to Luo Zhi Qiu. He didn’t believe much believe in gods and ghosts, but as long as he could save Luo Wei he would even be willing to leave his home and become a monk himself. 

    Luo Zhi Qiu and Fu Hua personally went to the gate to meet Grand Master Fu Yi.

    Grand Master Fu Yi only brought a little novice Buddhist monk to the door of the Senior Official’s residence. Early in the morning, there were already quite a few pedestrians walking on the street in front of the Senior Official’s residence. However, none recognized the gray-robed old monk as State Teacher Fu Yi. Otherwise, there would be a great gathering of kneeling Buddhist worshippers before the gate of the official’s residence.

    Grand Master Fu Yi met with Luo Zhi Qiu, and after both paid respects, Grand Master Fu Yi said, “His Majesty ordered people to come to find this humble monk. He said that the third young master of the official’s residence is in critical condition. This humble monk will come and take a look.” 

    “Grand Master, after you.” Luo Zhi Qiu hurriedly brought Grand Master Fuyi into his home while he spoke: “My son’s illness does not look good. If Grand Master can come, then my son has hope.” 

    Grand Master Fu Yi replied, “This humble monk also has some medical skills, but compared to the Imperial Physician Wei in the residence, this humble monk himself acknowledges that he is not his equal.” 

    Fu Hua anxiously said, “Grand Master, I beg you to save my family’s Wei Er. You are a Living Buddha, if you have no way then our Wei Er really has no hope to be saved!” 

    Seeing that Fu Hua was about to kneel and beg, Grand Master Fu Yi modestly supported Fu Hua. “Lady Luo, human life is determined by the heavens. This humble monk is a person who studies Buddhism. The title of Living Buddha this humble monk dares not bear.” 

    “Grand Master…”

    “Grand Master after you,” Luo Zhi Qiu pulled on Fu Hua’s sleeves and didn’t let Fu Hua continue. He stretched his hand in the direction of Luo Wei’s courtyard, inviting Grand Master Fu Yi to enter. Emperor Xing Wu must have known about the events of last night. His invitation of the State Teacher seemed to be his last effort. 

    Xie Yu led all irrelevant people away from Luo Wei’s courtyard. 

    Luo Ze left Wei Lan there. Now he did not regard Wei Lan as an outsider. Luo Ze himself could not say why, but he could only feel a bit more at peace seeing Wei Lan keeping watch by Luo Wei’s bedside. 

    After Grand Master Fu Yi walked in, he walked straight to Luo Wei’s sickbed. He glanced at Luo Wei and then at Wei Lan who was standing beside him.

    “Grand Master,” Luo Zhi Qiu asked, “Can my son’s illness be cured?”

    Grand Master Fu Yi touched Luo Wei’s forehead. “It turns out that his head is also injured.  Third young master is not someone who cherishes himself.” 

    “Grand Master, how is my little brother?” Luo Ze anxiously asked.

    “Looking at the third young master’s fate, his life should not cut short here,” Grand Master Fu Yi replied. “Perhaps he has not finished enjoying his happiness; perhaps he has not had his fill of suffering.” 

   “Naturally my little brother hasn’t finished enjoying his happiness,” Luo Ze hurriedly said. How could his, Luo Ze’s, little brother come to this earth to suffer?! 

    “Yes.” Grand Master Fu Yi smiled and placed a string of black jade and colored glass prayer beads at the side of Luo Wei’s pillow. He said to the sleeping Luo Wei, “Since you still have someone you cannot let go of, wake up as soon as possible. How can you bear to let him worry?” 

    The people in the room listened to Grand Master Fu Yi’s words, mystified (lit.: amidst the clouds and mist). However, they all heard “his life should not cut short here” and felt happy in their hearts, each person’s face revealing delight. 

    After speaking these few sentences, Grand Master Fu Yi bid Luo Zhi Qiu goodbye. He did not even drink a single cup of tea, only saying that he still had to enter the palace to see Emperor Xing Wu.

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ASV Chapter 72: Heartless

(T/N: Chapter title can also mean “cruel, or “to no longer feel any tenderness and love toward someone”) 

Qin Kaiyi had a long dream.

In the dream, he was just sitting at the table and having lunch, when he saw a man who looked exactly like Wei He walk in from the door. The man smiled and said to him, “The wedding is at two o’clock. Why are you still eating now?”

“Wedding?” Qin Kaiyi had food stuffed in his mouth and his voice was muffled. “Whose?”

“Yours.” Wei He looked at Qin Kaiyi in surprise, “Come on, you will be late if you don’t go.”

“Okay.” Miraculously, the dream Qin Kaiyi did not express any opinion on or protest this matter. He looked at his watch which read 1:45, then happily followed Wei He to his own wedding. 

Although it was a dream, Qin Kaiyi was able to clearly see the surrounding scene and characters. He saw his parents supporting each other with tears in their eyes, gazing at him with both sadness and happiness as if he were a daughter being married off.

“Dad, mom.” Qin Kaiyi thought this situation was very strange, but he couldn’t put his finger on why. He scratched his head and asked with doubt, “Who am I marrying?”

“Of course it’s your shidi, silly child.” Mother Qin wiped her tears and looked gratified. “Finally married you out.”

“…” Qin Kaiyi had no expression, but his mouth twitched.

“Go ahead, he has been waiting for you, don’t be late.” Mother Qin patted her son’s shoulder, and said gently, “Being late for your first time getting married will make people have a bad impression of you.”

… what does first time getting married mean? Would there be a second and third time in the future?? Qin Kaiyi thought very calmly. But being late for one’s marriage really wasn’t too good. Of course, Qin Kaiyi at this time didn’t seem to notice which person the shidi his mother spoke of was…

Qin Kaiyi, who walked into the church, changed into a suit miraculously. He looked at the empty church and felt an indescribable panic.

But this is what happens in human dreams, even if you are scared… you have to continue.

After walking a long way, Qin Kaiyi finally saw a figure with its back to him in the first row of seats. The figure wore a white wedding dress, and it looked so slim and graceful from the back that hot tears almost gathered at the rims of Qin Kaiyi’s eyes–finally getting married, finally not a wizard (T/N: Chinese people believed that if a man stayed a virgin until around 30, he would develop magic powers), and finally… yi? Something seems not quite right?

The marriage partner in a white wedding dress slowly turned around, and Qin Kaiyi immediately issued a sharp, miserable shriek when he saw that face-aaaaahhhhhhh, why would Shen Feixiao wear a wedding dress and look at him with such a solemn expression, ahhhhh!!!

Then Qin Kaiyi woke up. After waking up, he realized that he was already covered in cold sweat, and his head seemed to be on the verge of exploding from severe pain.

“Wu…” Supporting his head, Qin Kaiyi felt that his entire person was in chaos. Feeling somewhat like how he had when he experienced a fever in the past, Qin Kaiyi focused with difficulty and began to observe his surroundings. 

… He was no longer in that cold wasteland. Qin Kaiyi leaned back on the head of the bead and found himself lying on a somewhat familiar decoratively carved bed. The bed emitted a strong fragrance that made Qin Kaiyi, already in a confused state, even less sober.

Although the state of his entire person was very bad, Qin Kaiyi still stiffened when he recalled what happened before. A private part of his body still felt a sort of burning pain, incessantly reminding him–he had been taken by that dog child Shen Feixiao. 

“Fuck.” Qin Kaiyi held back for a long time, then choked out one word from his mouth. A man was forced by someone else; he shouldn’t cry like a woman, but his heart held a depression that he couldn’t take. Qin Kaiyi ground his teeth and slowly crawled up from the bed. 

The room where Qin Kaiyi was located was very spacious and empty. A screen blocked the space between the door and the bed, and a thick wool rug covered the floor. Aside from the bed, there was only a not-so-large table and chair, which seemed to be of a set with the bed from the looks of the carved patterns. 

The demonic energy in Qin Kaiyi’s dantian was still firmly suppressed by unknown forces. Without the help of demonic energy, the wounds on his body healed very slowly, so now Qin Kaiyi felt like a skeleton about to scatter. Just getting up from the bed almost consumed all his strength. 

After getting up from the bed, Qin Kaiyi found out that he had been changed into another set of clothes. The tattered red changshan became a white one with hardly any patterns or decorations on it. 

Qin Kaiyi frowned slowly and moved to the door. He reached out and tried to open the seemingly flimsy wooden door, but he found himself helpless, unable to push open this carved door that didn’t seem firm or secure. 

After realizing that he didn’t have the ability to escape, Qin Kaiyi swayed back to the bed in despair. He sat cross-legged on the large carved bed, and he looked at the similarly beautiful roof beams with a blank whiteness in his mind–in fact he really did want to seriously consider what he should do, but the pain of his wounds rendered him incapable of calming down. Even if he closed his eyes, things that would cause him pain would clearly flash before his gaze. 

“Shixiong.” A voice that Qin Kaiyi didn’t want to hear sounded outside the door. Qin Kaiyi froze, and his breath sped up instantly.

Shen Feixiao called to Qin Kaiyi and then pushed open the door and walked in. He held a basket in his hand. The basket was covered with a cloth, and judging from the aroma emitted, it contained food. 

The moment Qin Kaiyi saw Shen Feixiao, he wanted to shrink against the wall as far away as possible from him, but the remaining bit of pride in his heart prevented him from retreating.

As soon as Shen Feixiao entered the room, he saw Qin Kaiyi’s wan face that was paler than paper. He didn’t say anything, but instead gently smiled. “Shixiong, are you hungry?”

“…” Qin Kaiyi didn’t want to talk to Shen Feixiao. He would never admit that… he was really scared of the seemingly harmless shidi in front of him now.

“I brought you something to eat.” Shen Feixiao came forward a few steps, put the basket on the wooden table, and then turned to stare at Qin Kaiyi. “Won’t you eat a bit?”

“Shen Feixiao!” Qin Kaiyi knew that Shen Feixiao was asking him this on purpose. He had long passed the fasting period, why would he still need to eat? 

“You should eat.” Shen Feixiao seemed to know what Qin Kaiyi was thinking, and softly explained, “Shixiong is now no different from ordinary people. If you don’t eat, you will starve to death.”

His tone was clearly gentle, but his words were so vicious. When Qin Kaiyi heard what Shen Feixiao said, his eyes revealed that he didn’t dare to believe him. “What did you do to me?”

“Nothing.” Shen Feixiao didn’t want to entangle further with Qin Kaiyi on this issue. “Eat a bit.”

“I won’t eat!!!” Qin Kaiyi gritted his teeth and said, “Shen Feixiao, what do you actually want?? I don’t owe you anything… you, you!”

“Shixiong doesn’t owe me.” Shen Feixiao saw Qin Kaiyi unhesitatingly reject him, but wasn’t annoyed. Instead, he showed a smile that gave Qin Kaiyi chills all over–every time Shen Feixiao smiled like that Qin Kaiyi would meet with misfortune. “It’s me who owes shixiong.”

“… You let me go!” After that, Qin Kaiyi was easily suppressed by one of Shen Feixiao’s hands on the bed. He wished badly to bite Shen Feixiao’s hand. “Shen Feixiao, you let me go, wu!!! “

“Sometimes my mood is very bad.” The other hand stuffed the cakes from the basket into Qin Kaiyi’s mouth. Shen Feixiao’s pupils were a gloomy purple. “When my mood is bad, shixiong must not provoke me, because I also won’t be able to control myself… understand?”

“You, wu…” Qin Kaiyi, whose mouth was stuffed with pastries, struggled uselessly. In order not to be suffocated to death, he had to swallow down what Shen Feixiao had shoved into his mouth.

Forcing Qin Kaiyi to eat like this little by little, Shen Feixiao only stopped when he felt that it was enough. At this time, Qin Kaiyi already completely lost the strength to struggle. 

“Shixiong, you have a fever.” Looking at the abnormal red of Qin Kaiyi’s face, Shen Feixiao reached out and checked the temperature of his forehead. He then used a handkerchief to clean up the crumbs from Qin Kaiyi’s mouth. “I’ll get the medicine for shixiong.”

“…” Pulling on the corners of Shen Feixiao’s clothes just as he prepared to leave, Qin Kaiyi’s voice was acerbic,  “What do you actually want, Shen Feixiao, do you want to kill me?”

“How could I be willing to let shixiong die?” Shen Feixiao looked at Qin Kaiyi with indifferent eyes. “Did you see this room? I specially prepared it for shixiong. Shixiong will accompany me for a lifetime, okay? Don’t go anywhere… only accompany Feixiao.”

“You are mad,” Qin Kaiyi said despairingly.

“En, shixiong be obedient, I will be back in a moment.” Shen Feixiao didn’t care about what Qin Kaiyi said. He pulled Qin Kaiyi’s hand away and took the basket out, and of course, he didn’t forget to close the wooden door. 

Qin Kaiyi lay alone on the bed with a dull expression. When he first woke up, he still had some hopes about his situation, but Shen Feixiao… using his actions, unhesitatingly shattered Qin Kaiyi’s thought processes and used the cruelest method to tell Qin Kaiyi that he couldn’t go anywhere. 

Where were things not right? What went wrong?? The motionless Qin Kaiyi raised his head, only to find that his storage ring and the bracelet given by Qing Xuzi were all gone. Except for the piece of clothing that covered him, Shen Feixiao left him nothing…

“There’s still twenty-five percent,” Qin Kaiyi murmured. “What can I do to return home?” … How can I leave this place?

Qin Kaiyi talked to himself and didn’t notice that Shen Feixiao had exited but hadn’t gone far, instead leaning against the wall. He listened carefully to Qin Kaiyi’s mumbles through the wall. When he heard “return home” and “twenty-five percent,” a flash of doubt slid past in his gaze, and then he narrowed his eyes slightly… his shixiong, what exactly was he hiding from him? 

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ASV Chapter 71: Chaos


Qin Kaiyi was cold all over. He lay on the hard and rough wasteland, with both his hands tightly gripped above his head by one of Shen Feixiao’s. It was difficult to even breathe.

The winter snow became heavier and heavier. Shen Feixiao didn’t erect the formation, and let large flakes of snow fall on him and Qin Kaiyi, wetting their outer clothes and the tips of their hair. 

Qin Kaiyi seemed to have given up struggling. At this time, he was lying motionless under Shen Feixiao. A large portion of his red clothes had been pulled apart by Shen Feixiao, and his white jade-like chest was spotted with kiss marks.  

“Shixiong.” Shen Feixiao’s movements were very gentle. Although when he started to restrain Qin Kaiyi he was slightly rough, he now regained his usual calmness and elegance.

“Shixiong?” A sliver of doubt flashed in Shen Feixiao’s eyes–Qin Kaiyi’s struggles just now were really quite serious, and it even felt like he would not rest until death. However, after being completely restrained, Qin Kaiyi fell into a kind of strange quiet. 

“Shen Feixiao.” Qin Kaiyi’s entire body felt very pained. Shen Feixiao’s movements were of uncontrolled strength, which also made him quickly understand the difference between him and Shen Feixiao. He lay on the ground in despair and endured as Shen Feixiao pushed aside his clothing bit by bit. “Can you stop being like this.”

“Cannot.” Shen Feixiao’s voice was very soft, but the determination contained within it made Qin Kaiyi’s heart sink. He looked at Qin Kaiyi’s naked body gradually exposing, and an infatuation difficult to put into words revealed itself in his expression. “Cannot.”

Shen Feixiao’s fingers went down Qin Kaiyi’s neck little by little, lingering on his jade-like chest, then slipping over Qin Kaiyi’s firm abdomen, and then finally moving to a place that made Qin Kaiyi’s entire body go rigid.

“… Help.” (T/N: lit. = save my life). At the moment when Shen Feixiao’s fingers caressed his body, Qin Kaiyi shuddered once. His voice carried a sobbing tone, “I’m begging you Shen Feixiao…” 

“Don’t beg me.” Shen Feixiao gave a low laugh, and his tone was as gentle as water. “If you want to beg, wait a while before begging.”

“… Shen Feixiao you pervert, madman, scram and stay away from me.” Qin Kaiyi’s tone was angry and mournful to the extreme; he was so cold and afraid. He completely didn’t dare to imagine the terrifying things Shen Feixiao planned to do to him.

“Hahahaha.” Laughing happily, Shen Feixiao planted a kiss on Qin Kaiyi’s lips. “Whether or not I’m a madman, shixiong doesn’t know?”

“Why is this happening, why is this happening?” Qin Kaiyi stared soullessly at the sky. He felt Shen Feixiao’s agile fingers gradually provoke his own desire under the cover of his clothes, and the heat that spread from that place laying below his belly stoked his despair. 

The intense contrast between the coldness he felt on his skin and the fiery heat inside of him quickened Qin Kaiyi’s breath. He continuously twisted his body under Shen Feixiao, trying to avoid Shen Feixiao’s teasing, but how could Shen Feixiao allow Qin Kaiyi to escape so easily…

Although his lovely shixiong was resisting his actions, Shen Feixiao’s mood was very good. The reason was actually very simple–Shen Feixiao found that Qin Kaiyi, who was struggling under him, was inexperienced in the matter of lovemaking. (T/N: translated 生涩 as inexperienced. It can mean unripe.) 

He was so inexperienced that he was like an unripened fruit, and it was clear that no one had touched him. 

Shen Feixiao knew from the beginning that his desire to monopolize was strong. His first reaction when he saw Qin Kaiyi and Wei He together was to kill that damned flower thief, and now…

Shen Feixiao examined the perfect slender body beneath him, revealing a satisfied smile.

“Let me go, Shen Feixiao, you fucking let me go!!!” Desire once again aroused indescribable dread in his heart. Qin Kaiyi shouted himself hoarse; this was the first time that he felt that he could be so powerless, so… useless. 

“En,” Shen Feixiao softly responded. He actually let go of that imprisoned hand, and let go of Qin Kaiyi, who had nearly lost all hope. 

“You…” Having been released, Qin Kaiyi was momentarily dazed. Then he twisted his body and madly crawled away, trying to widen the distance between him and Shen Feixiao. 

What a great view. Shen Feixiao didn’t rush to stop Qin Kaiyi from trying to leave him. He observed Qin Kaiyi with a kind of examining scrutiny, and then gave a soft, deep sigh–he didn’t expect that his always proper shixiong could be seductive in this way. 

The almost fully shed clothes scattered on the side, showing most of those shoulders and those pure white thighs. Because of his panic, Qin Kaiyi didn’t seem to realize that he was close to completely naked. With just this kind of a body constantly moving in an ambiguous posture, it was like the dance of an alluring evil spirit leading astray all who viewed it. 

The ground was covered with sharp sand and stone. Qin Kaiyi didn’t crawl for long before his hands and feet became badly mangled, but he didn’t dare to stop. He didn’t know what Shen Feixiao meant by letting him go, but he knew that this was his only chance to leave…

Qin Kaiyi’s crawling speed was not fast, and Shen Feixiao followed behind him peacefully. It was only when Qin Kaiyi lost his strength and lay on the ground gasping weakly that he slowly walked in front of him and squatted down. 

“… Shen Feixiao, Shen Feixiao.” The moment he saw Shen Feixiao again, Qin Kaiyi finally broke down and cried–at this moment he suddenly understood Shen Feixiao’s intention. The expressionless man in front of him was using a cruel method to tell him that there was nowhere he could go. 

“Aha, hah, hah…” Qin Kaiyi lay on the ground gasping, tears streaming down his cheeks drop by drop. Excessive fear and physical exhaustion made him almost faint, but he didn’t dare, because Shen Feixiao began to smile again. 

“Shixiong, why aren’t you leaving?” Shen Feixiao pinched a strand of Qin Kaiyi’s hair. He smiled and looked at Qin Kaiyi’s miserable appearance. “Tired?”

“…” Qin Kaiyi closed his eyes as if giving up, his voice mournful and helpless, “What the hell do you want?”

“…” Shen Feixiao didn’t answer, and just stared at Qin Kaiyi with a gentle gaze until Qin Kaiyi closed his eyes weakly.

“It was never about what I wanted to do, but what I could do.” Shen Feixiao’s eyes were a deep purple. He gently opened Qin Kaiyi’s remaining clothes, and then used that same examining gaze to look at Qin Kaiyi’s already completely naked body. 

“…” Qin Kaiyi suddenly woke up to reality at this time. No matter what he did, there was no way to escape from Shen Feixiao’s palms. This child who was twisted by the world finally avenged himself on it in his own way. Because of the cold, Qin Kaiyi slowly curled up into a ball.

Shen Feixiao looked at Qin Kaiyi’s movements, his eyes calm and serene. He stretched out his hands, forcefully unfolded Qin Kaiyi’s curled up body, then overturned him and held him up as if to offer him as a sacrifice. 

There was only pain.

When he was entered, Qin Kaiyi’s tears were like pearls falling from their broken chain, each bead falling in succession. He didn’t try to wail anymore, but numbly looked at the sky from which floating snowflakes still fell. 

A cold snowflake fell on his eyelashes, and was gently wiped off with a warm and moist kiss.

Shen Feixiao’s movements could not be considered gentle. Although he had experienced pleasure houses, this was his first time doing something like this to another’s body. For Shen Feixiao, this kind of secret and ambiguous movement was very sacred. 

Qin Kaiyi’s pair of feet were forcefully separated, and his slender body swayed with the unceasing rhythm of something drawing out of him and then piercing in again, like a wild flower drifting without a home in the wind, frail and provoking others to trample him. 

His body was covered with small wounds, some of which were created from his crawling, while others were ambiguous bite marks.

Shen Feixiao, who had the general intuition of a wild beast, devoutly printed a trace of himself on every corner of Qin Kaiyi’s body. Anyone who saw his expression would not believe that he was doing such a thing, because Shen Feixiao’s expression was like that of a religious follower making a pilgrimage, full of a holy feeling. 

“Ahhhhh…” The violent ramming made Qin Kaiyi groan ambiguously from his mouth. He experienced the organ within him wrapped by his own body. He felt that he was having an incredibly frightening dream. His black hair was messily scattered under his body like a piece of satin, but the contrast even more so lended a kind of lascivious forbearance. 

“Shixiong, you are so beautiful.” Shen Feixiao’s hair was also very long. When he hung his head slightly, the ends of his hair would touch Qin Kaiyi’s face. He looked at Qin Kaiyi’s desperate and confused expression. After taking a few slight breaths, he repeated, “Shixiong, you are so beautiful.”

“…” Qin Kaiyi didn’t answer. He extended his hand to cover his own face, more to cover Shen Feixiao’s gaze towards him. 

Shen Feixiao ruthlessly rejected Qin Kaiyi’s escape. He used his hands to pry apart Qin Kaiyi’s arms, forcing him to look at himself. “Shixiong, why don’t you look at me? Shixiong… you don’t want to see us becoming one?”

His body was forcibly turned. Qin Kaiyi let out an “ah” only to find that he had been placed into a different position. He went from lying on his back to being embraced in Shen Feixiao’s arms.

“Shixiong, why don’t you open your eyes.” Shen Feixiao whispered softly in Qin Kaiyi’s ear. He used one hand to maintain Qin Kaiyi’s position, and the other arrived at the place where they joined in copulation. “Look… now, we have combined into one.”

“…” Qin Kaiyi still closed his eyes and experienced the feeling of his insides being invaded. Due to the excessively intense thrusting, he had the illusion that he had been run through. This illusion made him unable to refrain from letting out a sob that sounded like weeping, and from within his mouth the small sounds of him begging for mercy began. (T/N: 求饶 = begging for mercy, but also begging for forgiveness). 

But Shen Feixiao didn’t stop. When an extremely hungry person suddenly ate the food that he had been thinking about for a long time, he didn’t need to think to know… unless he ate himself full, it would be absolutely impossible to stop.

“Shen Feixiao… stop, I don’t want it… Shen Feixiao!” Qin Kaiyi screamed miserably.

“En, don’t be afraid.” Shen Feixiao smiled softly like a shy child. “I’ll always be here; shixiong, I have been here.”

——When I was scared, if I heard you say this, I wouldn’t be afraid. Now that you are scared, if you hear this sentence, will you be like me and be unafraid of everything?

——When I was scared, if I heard you say this, I wouldn’t be afraid. Now that you are scared, if you hear this sentence, will you be like me and be unafraid of everything?

Author’s Note: In fact, Shen Feixiao is still very pitiful. Seeing this sentence, my heart is so sour. So, little stone, devote yourself to accompanying him at his side~

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Warnings: noncon, confinement, violence in the context of noncon

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I’m assuming the last sentence is an author’s note, it appeared at the end of the chapter without labeling.