R:DSAT Chapter 173: Admonishing a Maternal Uncle

After Sun Li left, Luo Wei had Wei Lan enter the room and collect the ten banknotes. He himself sat behind the study desk. Beginning from when he read Sima Qingsha’s letter, his mind was filled with only the three words “Black Frost City.” 

Black Frost City was a road one must pass through to go south from Northern Yan to Greater Zhou. One hundred years ago, it was a strategic defensive position on the frontier of Greater Zhou. After the battle between Yan and Zhou that occurred a century ago, Black Frost City became Northern Yan’s primary southern stronghold. In the intervening years, in order to retake Black Frost City, how many Greater Zhou generals and soldiers had their corpses lost beneath the yellow sands of that city? In the previous life, that place was where Yun Guan’s cavalry was annihilated, and where big brother Luo Qi perished. After Long Xuan ascended to the throne, even with Ning Fei as commander in chief and paying the price of tens of thousands of human bones buried within Black Frost City, that city only returned for just one month. Afterwards, because the Zhou army did not have the power to defend, that city was seized again by the Black Frost Cavalry. 

Luo Wei once did not understand why, in these one hundred years, generation after generation of Greater Zhou monarchs and ministers all wanted to wrest control of Black Frost City. In this life, he had seen the map of Black Frost City on the imperial writing desk of Emperor Xing Wu. Only then did he discover that with only a city wall as barricade, the interior of the city was a tree-lined, vast fertile land. Outside the city lay boundless yellow sand. 

“It’s this river.” Emperor Xing Wu pointed to the long Tian Shui river and told Luo Wei, “This river is blocked by Black Frost City and there’s no way to come south. It’s such that the fruitful area we had created in that desolate environment a hundred years ago has become the uninhabited desert of today.” 

As long as Greater Zhou recaptured Black Frost City and destroyed the long embankment built by Northern Yan, changing the course of the Tian Shui River, the Zhou people’s paradise of a hundred years ago could return. Luo Wei’s mood would not calm, and he spread out a map on the study desk. If Black Frost City returned, Greater Zhou’s army could move as it liked over the Black Mountain. At that time, Greater Zhou could trade with nations to the north and beyond of the Black Mountain without paying Northern Yan any tax. Caravans would no longer have to pass through uninhabited vast deserts, and the ancient road through the Black Mountain that had been buried in yellow sand could again become a thoroughfare. 

Wasn’t this bout of civil unrest in Northern Yan an opportunity for Greater Zhou to retake Black Frost City? Luo Wei looked at the symbol on the map representing Black Frost City. The seemingly small marking on the map marked the resting place for the white bones of successive generations of Greater Zhou soldiers. Perhaps soon, when Black Frost City returned, the souls of the departed could also return to their homeland. 

Luo Wei folded the map neatly and stood up. 

Wei Lan placed the banknotes elsewhere and then entered the room. Seeing Luo Wei adjusting his clothes at that moment, he asked, “Young master wants to go out again?”

“I want to enter the palace to seek an audience with the emperor,” Luo Wei replied. “Lan, have Qi Zi tell the steward to prepare a carriage for me.” 

“Okay,” Wei Lan affirmed and then left. 

Fu Hua and Fu Jing Zong walked to the outside of Luo Wei’s study at this time. Seeing Wei Lan exit, Fu Hua inquired, “Lan, is your young master inside?” 

Wei Lan hurriedly pushed open the study door for Fu Hua and Provincial Governor Fu, and reported to Luo Wei inside the study, “Young master, the madam and eldest uncle have arrived.” 

Luo Wei rose in greeting, impatient at heart. However, a smile still hung from his lips as he gave Fu Hua and Fu Jing Zong the proper salutations. 

After Fu Hua sat, she asked Luo Wei, “You left your sixth cousin at Zi Zhou’s?” 

Luo Wei confirmed, “Yes, sixth cousin and Lady Wang get along well.” 

The eldest uncle of the Fu family said, “Wei Er, even if my family’s Wei Er cannot go to the lady’s selection of the palace, you don’t need to drag her and that little deputy general together right?“

“Big brother!” Fu Hua yelled at the Eldest Uncle Fu. After making her older brother shut up, she continued to speak to Luo Wei: “Wei Er, your eldest uncle just talks like this. He doesn’t mean to blame you.” 

“Ning Fei’s background is too poor!” Fu Jing Zong said. “Wei Er is my first wife’s daughter, what kind of family background does this Ning Fei have?” 

Fu Hua spoke up for Ning Fei: “Zi Zhou is a good kid. Take a closer look and don’t rush to say no.” 

“This matter is impossible,” Fu Jing Zong rebuffed. “It’s fine that he’s a little bastard son, but if I recognize such a son-in-law, won’t I be mocked to death?!” 

This one phrase, “bastard son,” poked at Luo Wei’s sore spot. “Ning Fei is not a person without talent.” He turned to Fu Jing Zong and said, “He’s also a person our Luo family wants to rope in. Eldest uncle says he’s a bastard son? Today even the emperor values him, does uncle think that a person the emperor acknowledges is also no good?” 

“I-” Now that their talk involved the emperor, Fu Jing Zong didn’t dare to speak. He was a vulgar man, true, but he knew Luo Wei was someone who could enter the palace at any time and accompany the monarch. If he made one mistake in his speech before this person, it was hard to say whether there would be a disaster.

“It’s not as if there aren’t beautiful girls in my Luo clan.” Luo Wei was still smiling. “I only saw that sixth cousin and Zi Zhou got along, and thought that a gentleman is always ready to help others attain their aims. If eldest uncle holds such prejudice for family status, then I won’t force it and Zi Zhou even more so won’t bring humiliation to himself. How can a real man suffer from lack of a wife? He will win success and recognition, it’s fine as long as eldest uncle doesn’t regret it.” 

Fu Jing Zong was rendered speechless by Luo Wei. How could this person be his nephew? He was more like a scolding ancestor. 

Luo Wei looked towards Fu Hua and said, “Mother, your son has something to do at the palace. I won’t accompany you further.” 

“Your father was also rushed to the palace,” said Fu Hua. “It’s nothing to do with our family, right? Is your second brother’s matter about to be decided?” 

“Mother doesn’t need to worry.” Luo Wei stood up. “It has nothing to do with our family.” 

“Did you drink your medicine?” Fu Hua also stood up. 

“I can drink it on my way there,” Luo Wei assured her as he began to walk out. He thought a bit and then stopped to say to Fu Jing Zong, “Eldest uncle, I respect Zi Zhou like an older brother. I will pretend that I did not hear you insult him behind his back this time. There cannot be a next time.” 

“What does he mean?!” Luo Wei had left the courtyard, and Fu Jing Zong only then came back to his senses and shouted at Fu Hua, “Does he treat me as an uncle? You still say that this kid became sensible, but why is he just like he used to be, not charming!” 

 “Big brother.” Fu Hua’s headache was ceaseless. Now Luo Wei couldn’t be spoken to, so she could only reason with this big brother who had become used to being the king of the jungle. “Zi Zhou is someone who the prime minister and those two older brothers see as pretty good. Isn’t there a saying, that heroes have sources for their opinions? Would Wei Er harm sixth daughter? Anyway, nothing has happened yet, why are you worried?” 

“Would I not understand my own kid? She even learned how to cook rice, if she hasn’t been bewitched by that Ning Zi Zhou then what else is it? Okay!” Fu Jing Zong indignantly continued, “I sent my daughter here to enjoy riches and honor, now she’s sent cheap to some guy who doesn’t even have a dad, how can I not worry?” 

“You–what can I say to you? What’s so great about the palace?” Fu Hua asked.

 “What’s wrong with the palace?”

“I won’t speak with you anymore,” Fu Hua said. “Are you thinking that our entire family wants to harm you? Don’t disregard Wei Er’s words. He’s now a member of the emperor’s inner ministerial circle. Hundreds of notebooks of yours aren’t as effective as one phrase from him. The prime minister now listens to him most of the time, and the two older ones as well. Wei Er was insensitive as a child, but now he takes responsibility for his family. However, his insensitive nature is the same and has never changed. If big brother thinks he can compete with him, then go ahead.” 

Having been told off by Fu Hua, Fu Jing Zong didn’t keep talking. It seemed that Fu Hua implied that if he offended Ning Fei he’d offend Luo Wei, and if he offended Luo Wei he’d offend the entire Luo family. In the end he might even suffer reprisal from Emperor Xing Wu. Apparently he couldn’t afford to provoke this Ning Fei? 

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ASV Chapter 74: Tang Shayun’s World

Tang Shayun thought she was almost crazy. 

She never thought that she would experience such a terrible thing when she entered this world. After meeting Ziyang Pei in the secret realm, she watched Qin Shi take away her long-awaited Rain-Soaked Bell, and she herself… unfortunately fell into the hands of Ziyang Pei.

Since then, Tang Shayun’s idea that she was the protagonist had been completely broken.

Born with a natural demonic body, she was imprisoned by Ziyang Pei in an extremely cruel way to heal his younger brother. Tang Shayun was in so much pain that she didn’t want to live, and she almost harmed herself. If not for the remaining scraps of conviction left in her heart supporting her, she would have long ago committed suicide. 

That conviction was that she knew the plot, and that she might be able to wait until Shen Feixiao saved her!! After all, she was a member of Shen Feixiao’s harem… maybe…

But this thought was completely destroyed when she was taken away by the human-shaped eggplant. She saw Shen Feixiao coldly discussing conditions with Ziyang Pei, and the gaze he had towards her was like one towards an inanimate object. 

Tang Shayun, who saw this scene, almost mentaly collapsed. At this moment, she finally woke up to reality–the plot of this world had long ago changed!! If not for the plot changing, how could she have such unfortunate encounters, if not for the plot changing, how could Shen Feixiao have no interest in her at all?? Thinking up to here, a person’s figure appeared in Tang Shayun’s brain–without a doubt, the person who saved Shen Feixiao in the secret realm and the changed plot were extremely related, maybe… that person was a second transmigrator! 

With these thoughts, Tang Shayun was unable to return to heaven at all. She was imprisoned by Ziyang Pei and didn’t have the ability to change anything. She could herself walk towards ruin step by step. 

However, at that moment, the despairing Tang Shayun found her opportunity…

Qin Kaiyi didn’t expect that he would be able to see the Tang Shayun who had been taken by Ziyang Pei. 

He wasn’t sure if it was negligence or something else, but Qin Kaiyi, who had been shut in by Shen Feixiao for a whole month, one evening actually opened the wooden door that had been tightly closed.

Qin Kaiyi’s first reaction when he looked at the wide-open door was that it was Shen Feixiao conspiring, but when he returned to the room to think about it carefully, he found that Shen Feixiao didn’t have any reason to do so. 

There really was no reason. Qin Kaiyi was already a prey in Shen Feixiao’s cage, and he could be rubbed flat or pinched round with a single word from Shen Feixiao. He did not need to spend extra effort to test Qin Kaiyi. In front of absolute power, ingenuity was of no importance at all.

Qin Kaiyi, who didn’t know that Shen Feixiao had other plans, walked into the trap.

He ran out along the long corridor. He had bare feet because he had no shoes. The surrounding scenery seemed very familiar. After thinking a little, he remembered that this building appeared in his dream. Of course, there were those scenes that made Qin Kaiyi’s blood run cold when he thought about them, but that fear was useless. Wanting to escape, Qin Kaiyi suppressed his fright into the deepest part of his heart.  

Qin Kaiyi may have never thought of how many eyes Shen Feixiao had cast on him, and he may never know that Shen Feixiao could recall all the actions and words of the masked man. The influence of the masked man, who came and went without a trace, on Shen Feixiao had exceeded a certain limit. It had unwittingly left a deep mark on Shen Feixiao’s soul.

Because of this excessive attention, only the could certain abnormalities be noticed. 

Shen Feixiao saw the strange atmosphere between Qin Kaiyi and Tang Shayun in the secret realm. Although the two had hardly said anything, they all exuded the same kind of aura… they had a secret. 

This secret may explain why Qin Kaiyi would act as the masked person while trying every method to harm him. 

Shen Feixiao sat on a chair without expression. He watched Qin Kaiyi hurry out of the room and walk in a certain direction following the formation he laid out. The eggplant stood behind Shen Feixiao, and there was a longing smile on the corner of his mouth–he firmly believed that after this meeting, Tang Shayun would completely belong to him. 

When Qin Kaiyi walked halfway along the long corridor, he noticed something was wrong. It was too quiet, and there was not a hint of anyone around him. Qin Kaiyi looked around and found that the surrounding scenes were almost always the same–the same rooms, the same lanterns, even… the same angles of light.

A layer of cold sweat formed on Qin Kaiyi’s back. He always felt this kind of scenery… had in it a strange sense of wrongness. After hesitating for a long time, Qin Kaiyi gritted his teeth and turned to go back–he should have known that Shen Feixiao wouldn’t let him go so easily. 

Shen Feixiao didn’t react very much after seeing Qin Kaiyi’s movements. Qin Kaiyi finding his situation abnormal was expected. If he didn’t, Shen Feixiao would find that strange. 

But having walked so far, there was no difference between him discovering this abnormality this or not.  

Qin Kaiyi soon noticed the strangeness after turning around and walking back. He glanced down at the wooden floor under his feet and sighed heavily–sure enough, he fell into a formation. What did that fellow Shen Feixiao want to do? 

This confusion didn’t last long. Qin Kaiyi heard a subtle voice after moving forward a short distance. The voice resembled a woman’s moan, but contained something else.

“What is this…” Hearing that voice, the hairs on Qin Kaiyi’s body stood up… This scene was too much like the prelude to a female ghost’s arrival in a horror film.

“Help… Help…” Qin Kaiyi was frozen in place, but the voice in his ear became louder and louder, as if it were… behind him.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” When his shoulder was clapped, Qin Kaiyi was like a cat whose tail had been stepped on. He sharply screamed and then unhesitatingly aimed a fist towards his back. 

“Ah!” The person who was hit directly in the face cried out, and then retreated several steps at once.

“Scared me to death, scared me to death!” Qin Kaiyi put his hand over his leaping heart: “Don’t you know you can scare people to death, fuck…”

The person who was punched by Qin Kaiyi covered his face for a long time before coming back to himself. After doing so, he said angrily: “You’re crazy, I worked hard to come save you, and you just treat me like this!”

“Yan Gu!” Qin Kaiyi, who heard this familiar voice, immediately calmed down. He looked at the person who had the same appearance as himself and said, “How can it be you?”’

“Why can’t it be me.” Yan Gu didn’t said in a not-so-good tone: “Otherwise, who do you think it is?”

“… Ah.” Qin Kaiyi showed an embarrassed expression, he couldn’t say that he thought it was a female ghost!

“Yo, look at you looking like this, seems you’ve been living all right?” Glancing over Qin Kaiyi’s entire body, Yan Gu’s gaze was mocking: “I don’t know if your Shen Feixiao has been good to you?”

“…” Qin Kaiyi’s face was bitter: “How did you come in without Shen Feixiao finding you?”

“I’m not a human. How can he find me.” Yan Gu said carelessly: “I’ll take you away, do you want to go?”

“Is that it.” Agreement lingered in Qin Kaiyi’s mouht, but there was a suspicious expression in his eyes–Yan Gu appearing was really too coincidental.

“Then let’s go.” After Yan Gu said this, he wanted to pull Qin Kaiyi forward. However, at the moment he reached out, Qin Kaiyi avoided him without hesitation.

“What are you doing!” A trace of anxiety slipped through Yan Gu’s gaze: “Aren’t you leaving?”

“You are not Yan Gu, why should I leave.” Qin Kaiyi snorted: “You think I’m really stupid?”

“You!” Yan Gu saw that Qin Kaiyi wasn’t fooled, and his expression distorted in an instant. His eyes revealed poison: “Since you won’t follow me, don’t blame me for being rude.”

“…” Qin Kaiyi, whose cultivation was sealed, was suddenly under great pressure…

“Give me your body!!!” Seeing that his own plans had been foiled, “Yan Gu” finally flew into a rage. After shouting, he rushed towards Qin Kaiyi and tried to grab his neck with his hand.

“… Didn’t your parents tell you not to announce it when you make a move?” Qin Kaiyi easily escaped this person’s attack: “Also, my body is my own, how can I give it to you. “

“You!” It took a lot of demonic energy to maintain the illusion. Seeing that her disguise was broken, Tang Sha Yun attacked Qin Kaiyi wihtout hesitation–she must quickly find a body to possess, otherwise she would meet with a soul-scattering ending! 

The man in front of her was obviously the best candidate. His natural demonic body currently had no cultivation at all., Tang Shayun gritted her teeth and wanted to take Qin Kaiyi’s body away quickly!

But would Qin Kaiyi make Tang Shayun’s task so easy? Of course not. Although Shen Feixiao imprisoned his cultivation, his body had still practiced until he formed a core. It was more than enough to deal with a Tang Shayun who didn’t even have a body. However, the biggest problem now was not Tang Shayun ’s attack, but… 

“Are you crazy, Tang Shayun!” In fact, Qin Kaiyi felt somewhat of  a kinship when he saw Tang Shayun. After all, they were both  people who had transmigrated. They must have something in common. Tang Shayun suffered in the Hua Lian Sect, and although he had the idea of ​​helping her, he was really weak and he didn’t do anything in the end. However, now it seemed that this girl was far more determined than him…

“Do you know me?” The more Tang Shayun looked at him, the more she felt Qin Kaiyi gave her a strangely familiar feeling: “Who are you? You know me?”

“… I.” Qin Kaiyi didn’t know what to say. He could only temporarily distance himself from Tang Shayun, trying to calm down the person in front of him: “Don’t be impulsive, if you have something to say let’s speak  well.”

“Are you also transmigrating? It’s you who changed the plot!!!” But Tang Shayun, whose soul had left her body, apparently didn’t have the patience for Qin Kaiyi to explain slowly. Her voice was sharp. Her reason affected by Shen Feixiao’s formation, her mind began to become chaotic: “Why do you want to hurt me? Why do you want to hurt me!!! Obviously I am the protagonist, I am the protagonist!!! The one Shen Feixiao should like is me… it’s all your fault, it’s your fault!!!! “

“…” Qin Kaiyi took a cold breath. He didn’t expect that Tang Shayun would spit out this unspeakable matter just like she was spitting out a pea! 

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Turns Out I’m Crazy (TOIC) Chapter 32: The False Appearance in the Mirror


At last, Chen Qianqing held back his fury and got a room with Lu Zhengfei. 

After successfully booking a room, they took the key up. Chen Qianqing directly rushed to the bathroom the moment he entered. That cheap man, Xu Shaoren, actually put such a strong substance into his soup. He hadn’t taken more than a few steps from the restaurant before a certain part of his body reacted. 

In this room, frosted glass separated the bathroom and the bed. Chen Qianqing locked the door of the bathroom, then took off his clothes and turned on the hot water. 

He lowered the temperature of the water, wanting to suppress the fire in his body. 

Wisps of water vapor quickly enveloped the entire narrow space. Chen Qianqing only felt that breathing gradually became difficult. His hand involuntarily touched a certain place, attempting to rub along that part. The bathroom had a few mirrors. Chen Qianqing breathed heavily, staggering to the front of one. He reached out a hand to wipe condensation clean from the surface of the mirror. 

Within that mirror, the face that belonged to Chen Qianqing appeared. 

Those thin lips pursed into a straight line, and water droplets clung to a tall nose bridge. Chen Qianqing stared at the countenance held within the mirror, suddenly becoming somewhat absent-minded. 

Within that mirror, that was his beloved. 

The effects of the drugs made Chen Qianqing’s mind descend further into chaos. He felt as if he had transmigrated back to the past, to a point in time when the person he loved was still there. Furthermore, that very person stood before him, silently looking at him. 

“Qianqing,” Chen Qianqing called out lowly. He already could not control that org*n that had h*rdened until it radiated pain. He murmured, “I miss you so much… Qianqing.” 

I miss you desperately, but I’ve discovered there will not be another opportunity to see you again… I am on the verge of becoming you, but I will never be you. 

“Qianqing.” Tears gathered at the rims of his eyes as he said, “What do I do… what do I do…” 

No one gave him an answer. The person in the mirror had an expression identical to his at that time, his eyes brimming with tears just the same. That gaze was filled with a desperation and suffering that could drive another’s heart to palpitations. 

Chen Qianqing vaguely realized that his current state was not quite right. However, he found he had no strength to correct it. From the time he arrived in this world, he had been suppressing himself. This kind of pressure had reached a boundary point. With the addition of a catalyst, everything exploded. 

Because the mirror again fogged up due to water vapor, Chen Qianqing trembled and slowly wiped it clean. The face that he deeply loved became clear again before his eyes. 

“Qianqing.” He called the name that had ensnared him for a lifetime, and would soon continue to ensnare him. He slowly, carefully leaned towards the mirror, and then softly, softly pressed his lips on its surface. 

The mirror was ice cold and hard. It had not a trace of the softness of lips, but he kissed with such concentration that it was as if the mirror displayed the real Chen Qianqing. 

Chen Qianqing’s mind was muddled, so he did not notice that as he kissed the mirror, the originally frosted glass became clear. This hotel’s bathroom was not of frosted glass; it was switchable glass that could convert between clear and frosted. 

Lu Zhengfei originally thought he could witness the alluring scene of Chen Qianqing’s “self-study.” He did not expect that he would see an entirely different picture. 

Chen Qianqing was definitely comforting himself, but at the same time that he did, he was also kissing the mirror. At this juncture, he looked bewitched. Brilliant red lips softly kissed the mirror, as if Chen Qianqing was kissing himself. This image was captivating, but… it gave off an unspeakably strange feeling. Lu Zhengfei suddenly recalled Chen Qianqing’s words. Chen Qianqing had said to him that in this world, as long as it wasn’t Lu Zhengfei, he could even get h*rd facing himself in the mirror. 

Lu Zhengfei originally thought Chen Qianqing was joking. Now that he’d seen such a scene, he actually discovered that not only was Chen Qianqing not joking, he was extremely serious. 

Chen Qianqing’s back was very beautiful. Spotlessly white skin, slightly swelling scapula bones, the lovely lines of his buttocks and his two slender legs–everything was perfectly beautiful. 

(T/N: scapula bones are referred to as butterfly bones in Chinese. Sounds much prettier.) 

Lu Zhengfei stood before the glass and looked at Chen Qianqing, who was engrossed in kissing the mirror. He wanted to laugh, but he could not. Chen Qianqing and Lu Zhengfei were both people who could be coaxed but not coerced. In order for them to interact peacefully, one side had to compromise. Now, Chen Qianqing became the one who compromised, so the atmosphere they shared was much better than before. However, if this kind of compromise was only a false pretense, that was another kind of great blow to Lu Zhengfei. 

Chen Qianqing gasped softly in the bathroom. The movement of his hand gradually quickened. Looking at Chen Qianqing, Lu Zhengfei also had a bodily reaction. However, his heart was cold. Now that he’d reached this point, he could definitively conclude that Xu Shaoren did not give him a drug that was as simple as “something to liven things up.” 

Chen Qianqing’s legs practically turned soft. His hand continuously softly rubbed at the him in the mirror, while his expression was wholly entranced. From his mouth, he called only one name: “Qianqing.” 

Lu Zhengfei did not know what had happened, but when he heard these two syllables, that feeling of strangeness worsened. He heavily patted the glass, “Chen Qianqing, wake up!” 

Chen Qianqing could not hear him. He slowly slid to the floor, his gaze somewhat slackened while a soft smile still hung from the corners of his lips. He said, “Qianqing, Chen Qianqing…” 

Everything returned to chaos; he sunk into darkness. 

After he woke up again, Chen Qianqing was already in the hospital. He did not feel discomfort, and actually thought that his body had become very relaxed. 

Lu Zhengfei had been sitting by his side the entire time. Seeing him wake up, he hastily asked, “Qianqing, are you all right?” 

Chen Qianqing’s thoughts were in somewhat of a disarray. He only remembered that he and Lu Zhengfei had gone to a hotel together. His recollection of the events following his entry into the bathroom was fuzzy. He replied, “Why am I in the hospital?” 

Lu Zhengfei’s expression was odd. “You… don’t remember?” 

Chen Qianqing answered, “What don’t I remember?” 

After a moment of silence, Lu Zhengfei said, “It doesn’t matter, it’s nothing much. Are you uncomfortable anywhere?” 

Chen Qianqing shook his head. “I’m fine. I’m very well.” 

Lu Zhengfei continued, “En, then that’s good. I’m going out to make a call.” He picked up his cellphone and left, dialing a certain main culprit’s number. 

Once the call connected, Lu Zhengfei spoke: “Xu Shaoren, you better give me a perfect explanation.” 

Xu Shaoren inquired, “Explanation? Where are you? You didn’t get on the bed?” 

Lu Zhengfei scolded, “Get on the bed my ass! He directly fainted! Xu Shaoren, what on earth did you give him!” 

Xu Shaoren hesitated for a moment. “That’s not right… how could this kind of drug have such a heavy effect. Tell me, what exactly did he do?” 

Once the topic of what Chen Qianqing had done was brought up, Lu Zhengfei’s expression darkened. He said, “Don’t worry about what he did. What exactly does that drug of yours do.” 

Hearing Lu Zhengfei’s tone, Xu Shaoren knew he was about to lose his temper. He had no choice but to say, “I swear that this drug’s main purpose is to liven things up. There’s also a small side effect that makes a person’s mind relax. I’m a doctor and have also used this drug for a long time. The circumstances you’re talking about have definitely never happened before! Lu Zhengfei, let me put it like this. I suspect Chen Qianqing has serious mental problems.” 

Lu Zhengfei questioned, “Mental problems? What mental problems?” 

Xu Shaoren replied, “Last time you called me to treat him. I suspect he already prepared… you haven’t thought that his change is too strange?” 

The devil must be at work if the situation was abnormal. As a psychiatrist, Xu Shaoren did not believe that the changes Chen Qianqing underwent were normal. 

“What do you mean? Speak clearly!” Lu Zhengfei demanded. 

Xu Shaoren clarified, “I suspect… he tends towards split personality disorder.” 

Lu Zhengfei’s grip on the phone tightened. “You’re sure?” 

Xu Shaoren replied, “I’m not sure. When you have time, get him a professional evaluation. Also, even if he doesn’t have split personality disorder, he definitely has a serious mental illness. Otherwise he definitely would not have such an outsized reaction to the drug.” 

Split personality disorder. The moment he heard these words, the scene of Chen Qianqing m*sturb*ting in front of the mirror appeared in Lu Zheng Fei’s mind, as well as that strange soliloquy–”Qianqing.” Lu Zhengfei felt that in an instant, even breathing became difficult. 

Xu Shaoren’s voice emitted from the phone, “Lu Zhengfei, did he have any other behaviors at that time? Tell me about it. I’ll see if there are any problems.” 

Lu Zhengfei hesitated for quite a while, but still could not speak of what he had seen. He sighed, “Forget it. Let’s talk later.” 

Xu Shaoren could discern from Lu Zhengfei’s tone that he was still hiding something, but he didn’t question him further. “If anything happens, give me a call.” 

Lu Zhengfei let out an “en.” 

Chen Qianqing sat in a daze on the bed. Seeing Lu Zhengfei return, he opened his mouth: “What’s wrong with me?”

Lu Zhengfei replied, “You bathed for too long and fainted.” He didn’t know why, but he did not want to tell anyone about what happened to Chen Qianqing. It was as if subconsciously, he knew that if he spoke it out loud he would engender some change. 

Chen Qianqing gave an “en,” saying, “Don’t give me those drugs in the future.” Lu Zhengfei nodded. His mood was very complicated right now. Chen Qianqing definitely had problems, but Lu Zhengfei did not want other people to know about these problems. 

Though Lu Zhengfei did not speak, Chen Qianqing discovered clues from looking at his face. He asked, “Lu Zhengfei, are you hiding something from me?” 

(T/N: “clues”: literal translation would be “spider’s threads and horse’s tracks.”)

Lu Zhengfei shook his head.

Chen Qianqing continued, “What did I do? Did I really faint from bathing too long?” 

Lu Zhengfei confirmed, “That’s right, you fainted from bathing.” 

Chen Qianqing fell silent for a while. He wanted to recall what happened, but could not no matter how he tried. His memory of that incident was practically a sheet of white. But seeing Lu Zhengfei’s appearance, it did not seem as if nothing had happened. Chen Qianqing said, “Since I don’t have any problems, then I’ll first leave the hospital.” 

Lu Zhengfei hesitated, but still agreed. He believed that what Xu Shaoren had speculated was correct. Chen Qianqing had an illness, but it was actually a mental illness. Furthermore, looking at the context, this illness was extremely serious. 

Seeing that Chen Qianqing’s gaze was somewhat distracted, Lu Zhengfei decided to find time to give Chen Qianqing a full psychological evaluation. 

Lu Zhengfei said, “Let’s go home first.” 

Chen Qianqing dressed and then followed behind Lu Zhengfei. The two of them directly travelled home, silent the entire way. 

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ASV Chapter 73: Thick Nerves

(T/N: warnings at end of chapter) 

Qin Kaiyi spent the following days happily as a rice worm. 

Shen Feixiao didn’t try to force him again, so Qin Kaiyi did nothing but eat and sleep until his face became round. 

To a certain extent, Qin Kaiyi had really tough nerves. Normal people in his situation, though maybe they wouldn’t go crazy, their mood would definitely fall. But Qin Kaiyi… 

“I want to eat shredded pork with garlic sauce.” A certain person stuffing food in his mouth was very dissatisfied with today’s meal. “Why are all these dishes vegetarian?”

“…” The man holding the fish meat in his chopsticks paused when he heard these words, and then nodded slightly.

“It would be even better with some wine.” Gaining an inch and wanting a foot, Qin Kaiyi saw that Shen Feixiao practically unconditionally acceded to all his requests, so he thickened his face to say, “I want it older than a hundred years.” 

“…” Shen Feixiao slowly raised his head and looked at Qin Kaiyi without expression. He actually felt like he didn’t know what to say… Since that day he forced Qin Kaiyi to eat a pastry, Qin Kaiyi, who should have fiercely resisted, suddenly had an attitude as if he might as well make himself at home… 

Of course, it turned out that Shen Feixiao was too naive. He would never know that Qin Kaiyi’s method to comfort himself was to repeat one sentence: life is like being r*ped, since you can’t resist then you might as well enjoy.

Qin Kaiyi still had 25% of return value left to collect. According to the previous rules, he probably would be able to complete his return value with one more task. As the system had not given him any tasks and he had no good way to escape Shen Feixiao, he might as well eat and drink well. After all, the body is the revolution’s capital (T/N: Mao Zedong saying, basically you have to be in good health to work)… As for the terrifying experience of Shen Feixiao forcing him, Qin Kaiyi has already pressed it into the deepest part of his mind; he no longer tried to recall those memories, but regarded them as fading nightmares. 

“Shixiong.” Looking at Qin Kaiyi seeming like a dead pig unafraid of boiling water (T/N: fig.: undaunted), Shen Feixiao’s tone changed as he said, “Is your injury better?”

“What do you want to do?” Qin Kaiyi, who heard this sentence, instantly became alert–this fellow Shen Feixiao wasn’t still thinking to do something to him?

“Just concerned about you for a bit.” Putting down the chopsticks, Shen Feixiao said, “I have some ointment here, you remember to use it.”

“En.” Qin Kaiyi gave a half-hearted and pithy agreement–although he didn’t show timidity in front of Shen Feixiao now, the fear deep in his heart could not be eliminated.

He could hardly imagine that him firmly pretending to be calm was like a little beast who was scared stiff, but tremblingly baring his fangs to show that he was not afraid at all. A glimmer of a smile flashed through Shen Feixiao’s gaze. “Relax, I won’t touch you now.” —Doing that kind of thing was just to finish claiming ownership. Now that you are a canary in my cage, how could I intentionally hurt you?

“Thank you.” He obtained Shen Feixiao’s guarantee, but Qin Kaiyi’s expression wasn’t too good. He looked at the plentiful dishes on the table and somewhat felt that he was eating without tasting the food (T/N: common figurative meaning = worried or downhearted). 

Then there was silence between the two. This atmosphere might be hard to endure for Qin Kaiyi, but it was a wonderful time for Shen Feixiao.

From his childhood to his adulthood, before falling down the cliff and meeting Yu Hong, he rarely had the opportunity to eat a proper full meal. Therefore, the status of food in his eyes was very important.

And after being taken care of by Yu Hong, he with his heart demons had a more important goal.

Shen Feixiao ate the food in front of him bit by bit with his chopsticks. His gaze was calm and serene… After completing this goal, he finally had the opportunity to happily sit down and eat a hot meal.

No one could see the foreboding signs of heart demons from the tranquil man in front of Qin Kaiyi. Qin Kaiyi snuck a confused glance at Shen Feixiao. He knew that Shen Feixiao’s heart demons were quite related to himself, but as a participant in this affair, no matter how he thought about it he couldn’t understand why Shen Feixiao would have heart demons because of him. 

“I know shixiong is very puzzled.” Not missing any of Qin Kaiyi’s minute expressions, Shen Feixiao calmly smiled: “Why am I doing this to you.”

“…” Qin Kaiyi lowered his head and averted his gaze from Shen Feixiao’s.

“It doesn’t matter. Even if I don’t explain it, shixiong will understand one day.” Looking at Qin Kaiyi’s evasive gaze, Shen Feixiao didn’t react very much. He stopped eating and pinched a long strand of Qin Kaiyi’s hair. “I’m not in a hurry.”

Qin Kaiyi’s body momentarily shrunk into itself because of Shen Feixiao’s action.

“Shixiong needn’t be so afraid of me.” Letting go of the strand of hair in his hand, Shen Feixiao looked at Qin Kaiyi with a smile, “Before shixiong’s injury heals, I won’t do anything to you–of course, on the condition that shixiong takes good care of his injury.”

“I’m full.” Unwilling to talk to Shen Feixiao anymore, Qin Kaiyi got up and walked to the side of the bed. 

“…” Shen Feixiao also didn’t speak anymore. After eating all the dishes clean, he tidied up the table and walked towards the door carrying the basket.

“Shen Feixiao…” Qin Kaiyi saw Shen Feixiao about to leave, and hurriedly stopped him.

“En?” Shen Feixiao turned his head and looked at Qin Kaiyi. 

“… How’s shifu?” Qin Kaiyi choked these words back for a long time but didn’t succeed in the end. He vaguely remembered that Qing Xuzi was about to reach the Ascension stage. 

“Shifu? He is very good.” Shen Feixiao gave Qin Kaiyi a pensive look. 

“Oh.” Dully replying, Qin Kaiyi didn’t know what to say again.

“Then I’ll go first.” Shen Feixiao walked out of the room with the basket, leaving Qin Kaiyi stupidly staring at the wall in a daze. In actuality, if Shen Feixiao didn’t have those inclinations for him, and didn’t keep him here… he would have a favorable impression of Shen Feixiao… after all, this was a child he watched grow up with his own eyes. 


“Yo (T/N: indicates slight surprise, flat-toned yo), just coming out like this?” Shen Feixiao exited the door and immediately heard a crisp, clear voice. He didn’t look back, and his tone was indifferent: “How is your investigation of the things I asked you to check?” 

“Ah, that woman named Tang Shayun?” A man in purple clothes slowly followed Shen Feixiao, and his utterances held deceptive overtones, “Master, she has a natural demonic body. Isn’t it a pity to ruin it like this?”

“Why?” Shen Feixiao paused his steps when he heard this. He turned to look at the sable behind him which had turned into a human form. “I haven’t given you enough lessons?”

“Hehe… Master, I’m just kidding.” The sable who had been called an eggplant had now turned into a handsome young man dressed in gorgeous purple clothes. He glanced at Shen Feixiao again and a flash of fear flitted in his gaze, “No… I mean such a good ingredient, why ruin it?”  He couldn’t eat Qin Shi; it couldn’t be that he couldn’t bite into that Tang Shayun woman either? 

“Do you want it?” Shen Feixiao smiled in a way that seemed unlike a smile. “Okay, as long as you help me check what I want, how you take care of that woman is up to you.”

“Is that true?” The eggplant lit up.

“Of course it is true,” Shen Feixiao affirmed lightly.

“Great!!!” The eggplant received Shen Feixiao’s promise and almost jumped with joy. He spent most of his strength to transform. With the supplement of a natural demonic body, his power could increase further. 

“What did you see when you entered his dream?” Shen Feixiao asked, suddenly remembering something.

“Ah?” Suddenly asked this question, the eggplant paused a moment and then frowningly said, “In his dream I… saw something I had never seen…”

“What do you mean?” Shen Feixiao’s brows frowned as he listened to the eggplant’s unclear description.

“I can’t describe it.” Eggplant scratched his head in distress, “I’ve never seen those weird things, that iron box with four wheels, you could see the wall outside and…”

“Okay.” After interrupting the eggplant, Shen Feixiao’s eyes gradually darkened. It wasn’t clear what came to his mind. “Where is Tang Shayun?”

“Her ah.” Eggplant carelessly replied, “When Ziyang Pei delivered her, she was almost crazy. I didn’t dare to forcefully enter her dream. I was afraid she would become completely mentally disabled as soon as I entered.”

“… Arrange for her to meet Qin Shi.” Shen Feixiao swept his gaze over the bamboo basket he was carrying and said softly, “You know what to do.”

“Yes.” Eggplant got the answer from Shen Feixiao’s eyes–that delicious food called Tang Shayun would definitely be his.

Shen Feixiao finished talking, while Qin Kaiyi started staring at the wooden door like he was the Amah Rock. (T/N: stone in Hong Kong that appears like a woman gazing out for her husband while carrying a baby. Legend has it that the faithful wife of a fisherman climbed the hills every day while carrying her son to watch for her husband’s return. The Goddess of the Sea turned her into a rock so that her spirit could reunite with her husband). 

Although he was a homebody otaku in his original world, those were modern times. Computers and phones were enough to support his simple interpersonal network. He also didn’t have to worry about eating, he could order takeout. Coming to this world… don’t mention computers and phones, it would have to be enough just for Shen Feixiao to replace the takeaway brother’s job and deliver food to him every day.

He didn’t feel it when he was in seclusion cultivating, but now that his power was sealed, Qin Kaiyi’s entire person felt not good. He lay bored on the bed in every position, and his imagination began to run wild again. Of course, he absolutely would not admit that he was fantasizing what he would do to Shen Feixiao if he were the protagonist… 

“It’s too malicious, too malicious.” Qin Kaiyi buried his head in the pillow like an ostrich and murmured, “Shen Feixiao do you want to suffocate me to death… mother’s eggs. The moe little kid from back then, what happened? (T/N: he pronounces what happened = ze me le as zhong me le, facetious internet speak). I thought we agreed to raise you properly (T/N: he refers to the raising of your game character in an online game, or watching your favorite idol develop), I thought we agreed to turn you into an outstanding character of the world, agreed to see each other again as fellow villagers from the same hometown with tears in our eyes… according to standard novel plots, when he found out the truth shouldn’t he have been deeply grateful and recognized me as his daddy… fine, even if you don’t thank me, ignoring me would have been good too…” *crying noises* Already beginning to talk nonsense, Qin Kaiyi tiredly closed his eyes… and finally dizzily fell asleep. 

Sometimes, having thick nerves could really be an unequalled skill. Qin Kaiyi smacked his lips and began to snore quietly. 

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R:DSAT Chapter 171: Patricide

The stormy seas of the Jiang Hu resurged but did not affect the merriment pervading all levels of society in the week of the New Year. The days of eating, drinking, and visiting friends and relatives passed so quickly that in the blink of an eye, most of the New Year had already come and gone. 

After the third day of the Lunar New Year, an endless stream of people visited the Luo Senior Official’s residence to give New Year’s well wishes. While the Luo residence busily welcomed and sent off visitors, it also busily watched over Sixth Young Lady Fu’s “antics.” A girl who had been taken care of by others since childhood had set her heart on learning housework. This could only result in her tiring herself out, troubling others, and inviting laughter at her attempts. 

After Luo Wei’s sickness, his first trip outside of the residence came about because the Sixth Young Lady Fu dragged him to leave. They arrived at the temporary official’s residence that Ning Fei’s family was staying at. This official’s residence was one that Luo Zhi Qiu ordered his steward to find for Ning Fei, and it was only a street apart from the Senior Official’s residence. 

Lady Wang, Ning Yuan, and Ning Li were happy to see Luo Wei bring someone over. Only Ning Fei became alarmed at the sight of Fu Wei following behind Luo Wei, but for no reason at all he also felt a bit happy. 

“This is my sixth cousin,” Luo Wei introduced Fu Wei to Lady Wang. 

“Hello auntie.” Fu Wei gave a crooked curtsy to Lady Wang. 

Wei Lan had been dragged away by Ning Yuan to mess around with spears and clubs. Ning Li brought Xiao Xiao to look at some snacks Lady Wang had made. Qi Zi and the guards from the official’s residence walked around to see if there was any work to do, such as sweeping floors or carrying buckets of water. Even if there wasn’t work they’d find something to do. 

Luo Wei and Ning Fei sat in the main hall, watching Fu Wei awkwardly but sincerely conversing with Lady Wang. 

“Women who are a bit naive won’t have bad intentions,” Luo Wei whispered to Ning Fei. 

Ning Fei didn’t reply, but the corners of his mouth turned up. 

Playing around like this, half a day passed. Lady Wang looked at the sky. Seeing that it wasn’t early anymore, she wanted Luo Wei to stay for dinner. Fu Wei didn’t wait for Luo Wei to answer before agreeing. It wasn’t clear if it was because Fu Wei’s love for a person would extend to all those involved with him, but her heart was full of good opinions about Lady Wang. 

Luo Wei looked at Fu Wei nodding her head. He had just wanted to open his mouth and agree when he saw one of Luo Zhi Qiu’s stewards enter from outside. 

“Young master.” The steward walked to the front of Luo Wei, and then bowed as he spoke. “His Majesty urgently called for the Prime Minister to enter the palace. The madam doesn’t know what happened, and wants the young master to hurry back to the official’s residence.” 

After hearing the steward’s message, Luo Wei did not bat an eyelid before saying, “It’s just a feast at the palace. Really, mother is using such an excuse to have me go back. What would happen if I miss eating medicine for just one day?” 

Lady Wang heard Luo Wei mention medicine, and recalled that this young master maintained himself through these herbs every day. She hurriedly said, “Young master should still hurry back to the official’s residence. The medicine can’t be missed for even a single day.” 

“It seems my cousin and auntie have hit it off.” Luo Wei stood up. “So have her help out auntie here. These past few days she’s tormented the cooks at our residence. It just so happens that auntie can observe the results of her couple days’ practice.” 

Lady Wang felt slight hesitation. Was it fine to leave a young unmarried lady here like this? 

Luo Wei saw through Lady Wang’s misgivings. “Maiden Fu is from a general’s family and doesn’t pay particular attention to those sorts of things.” 

“Then Miss Fu, would you like to stay?” Lady Wang asked Fu Wei, who had already secretly cupped her fists in thanks in Luo Wei’s direction. 

“Yes,” Fu Wei immediately affirmed. “I have nothing to do if I go back anyway.” 

“Then you just stay here and accompany Auntie,” Luo Wei said. He paid his respects to Lady Wang and then Ning Fei escorted him in leaving. 

After exiting the main hall, Ning Fei whispered to Luo Wei, “Yun Qi, I want to ask you something.” 

“What’s the matter?” Luo Wei stopped and asked.

Wei Lan was waiting and saw Luo Wei and Ning Fei speaking. He stepped back a few paces and stood down. 

Ning Fei said, “Have you already done something to Ming Jian Villa?”

Luo Wei glanced at Ning Fei, and then spoke with some astonishment: “You still contact Ming Jian Villa?” 

Ning Fei shook his head. “Two days ago, Ming Jian Villa’s eldest young master came to find me.” 

“Eldest young master?” Luo Wei continued in low tones, “Zi Zhou should say that his big brother came to find him.” 

“Ming Jian Villa and I have nothing to do with each other,” Ning Fei clarified. “Us three siblings have never been registered on the Ning family tree. Yun Qi should know this.” 

“Then what did that eldest young master come to find you for?” 

“He wanted to ask Yun Qi’s men to show mercy.” 

“Did he beseech you?”

Ning Fei smiled disdainfully. “It turns out that when that person bows his head, he’s no different from an ordinary person.” 

“Ning Shu Ying is your father. Even if it’s for Zi Zhou, Yuan Er, and Li Er, I also won’t go too far.” 

“Yun Qi, Ming Jian Villa has operated in the Jiang Hu for a hundred years. One Qi Lin Villa cannot deal with Ning Shu Ying. If you show mercy, it will be even harder to deal with him.”

Luo Wei tried to distinguish the genuine and the fake from Ning Fei’s words. “Zi Zhou, that is your biological father.” 

Ning Fei faced Luo Wei and suddenly let loose a laugh in self-mockery. “Yes ah, that’s my biological father. Am I wicked beyond redemption to say what I said?” 

Luo Wei gave Ning Fei’s shoulders a pat. “Just take it as something you don’t know about, as something that has nothing to do with you.” 

“Yun Qi. If you lose, what will Ning Shu Ying do to our family?” Ning Fei asked seriously. 

“That eldest young master came without promising you benefits?” 

“I’ve never believed Ning Shu Ying’s words. I only want my family to live. So Yun Qi, you don’t need to have misgivings about me. Just don’t let my mother know. Her days now are peaceful. I don’t want her to hear about Ming Jian Villa’s matters again.”

“Then Yuan Er and Lin Er?”

“They only know that Ning Shu Ying is the villa master, and that’s all.” 

Luo Wei looked at the two rascals standing together with Wei Lan. “Zi Zhou, just go to Yun Guan with peace of mind. That’s a border station. As long as you fight together with them, you have the opportunity to distinguish yourself. Being bestowed a wife and sprouting an offspring is no vain delusion. If you can forget Ming Jian Villa, then forget it. I know what should be done.” 

“Many thanks,” Ning Fei replied. 

Luo Wei laughed and shook his head, then called out to the two little rascals behind him: “Yuan Er, Lin Er, I’m leaving. Come and see me out.” 

Ning Fei stood at the main gate, his brother and sister each hugging one leg of his. Luo Wei’s sedan chair turned into the lane in front, and Ning Fei only then picked his little sister up and brought his little brother Ning Yuan back into the residence. Ning Shu Ying. Thinking of this name, Ning Fei would wonder why he was Ning Shu Ying’s son. He had always served as a slave or servant in the Ming Jian Villa, and he submitted to suffering supercilious looks. But why, at last, did he have to know that he is Ning Shu Ying’s son?

“Father will formally marry Lady Wang and bring her into the household. The courtyard has already been prepared for her. At that time, you will be the impressive sixth young master of the Ming Jian Villa. Ning Yuan and Ning Li will also be a young master and lady of the villa, respectively. No one will dare criticize you again.” 

Ning Fei thought of what the eldest young master of the Ming Jian Villa said to him two days ago and laughed grimly and incessantly. The supposed benefit Ning Shu Ying extended to their family was the status of a concubine. Ning Fei had already perceived the emperor, could enter and exit the Senior Official’s residence at will, and had witnessed true power, majesty, riches, honor, and luxury. After setting upon a real battlefield, how could Ning Fei still have the Ming Jian Villa’s existence in his eyes? If Ning Shu Ying could only be a passing nightmare to their family, then it was fine to let Luo Wei do as he wished. 


Ning Fei looked at Ning Yuan at his side and Ning Li in his arms. He looked at the lovable and silly girl supporting the beautiful woman, figure faintly visible in the distance as they headed towards the kitchen. This criminal charge could well be borne by him, Ning Zi Zhou, alone. 

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R:DSAT Chapter 172: Civil Strife in Northern Yan

After Luo Wei alighted from the palanquin before the gates of the official’s residence, a man of medium build came up to them from behind. 

“Who are you?” A guard immediately asked.

Wei Lan stood in front of Luo Wei. 

“Third young master.” The man stopped far away and cupped his hands in respectful salute towards Luo Wei. “This humble one is paying a visit to the young master on orders from this humble one’s master.” 

Luo Wei looked at the man and did not recognize him. “Who is the master of your house?” 

The man held out a set of winter clothes and replied, “The master said that the young master would know who he is as long as he looks at these winter clothes.” 

Luo Wei gestured at Qi Zi.

Qi Zi ran over and brought the clothes to Luo Wei. 

“Young master.” Wei Lan saw Luo Wei reach out to touch these clothes and hurriedly blocked him. 

Luo Wei withdrew his hand, looking at the clothes with concentration. 

Wei Lan also looked at these clothes, finding them familiar. 

Luo Wei identified them. These were the winter clothes he’d given to the third prince of Northern Yan, Sima Qingsha, in Yejia City. “It turned out to be a noble master.” After recognizing the clothes, Luo Wei smilingly spoke to the man, “Follow me into the residence.” 

Fu Hua’s maid had already been waiting for Luo Wei at the gate for a long time. When she saw Luo Wei bringing a guest, she did not dare to come forward and speak with Luo Wei. Seeing Luo Wei bringing the guest in the direction of his own courtyard, the maid rushed off to report to Fu Hua. 

Luo Wei and the man entered his study. Luo Wei only allowed Wei Lan to stand guard outside. 

“This humble one Sun Li has met with the young master.” After entering the room, the man immediately knelt, paid his respects, and introduced himself. “This humble one is the commander of the imperial bodyguards within the Northern Yan Crown Prince’s residence.” 

“Please rise,” Luo Wei smiled and gestured for Sun Li to sit. He then continued, “I didn’t expect Prince Qingsha, no, I should call him Crown Prince Qingsha now, to keep these clothes. Commander Sun, has Crown Prince Qingsha been well?” 

Sun Li cupped his hands as he spoke: “My family’s master has been in good health, but it’s just that he heard in Northern Yan that the young master’s health is subpar. My family’s master is truly concerned.” 

“My health is fine now,” Luo Wei clarified. “Many thanks for Crown Prince Qingsha’s concern. Then is Commander Sun visiting a patient on behalf of Crown Prince Qingsha?” 

Sun Li rose and walked to Luo Wei’s front, handing him a letter. “This letter was personally handwritten by my family’s master. Young master, please read it.”

Suspicion rose in Luo Wei’s heart, but his expression was relaxed as he opened Sima Qingsha’s letter. He also didn’t forget to say to Sun Li, “Commander Sun, sit, you don’t have to stand.” 

The strokes of Sima Qingsha’s writing were vigorous and powerful, but Luo Wei was not in the mood to appreciate calligraphy. The contents of the letter struck fear in his heart, and his expression turned serious. 

Sun Li sat opposite Luo Wei. He had been in the capital for a few days, but when he came seeking Luo Wei, he was only told that Luo Wei was critically ill. This time, with great difficulty, he’d seen Luo Wei leaving the official’s residence. He’d followed him the entire way from the official’s residence to Ning Fei’s abode, then from Ning Fei’s back to the official’s residence. Only then did he have the opportunity to speak with Luo Wei. Sun Li was burning with anxiety, but he could only wait for Luo Wei to finish reading the letter and give a reply. 

After reading Sima Qingsha’s letter, Luo Wei only then knew that in these two months Northern Yan was experiencing civil strife. The Vermilion Bird General Mo Huan Sang had rescued the deposed Crown Prince Sima Zhuxie from his imprisonment in the Cold Palace, rebelling against Northern Yan’s capital, Hefang City. Now the country of Northern Yan had lit fire beacons in all four directions, awash in the confusion of war. Mo Huan Sang’s Black Frost Cavalry galloped north by way of Black Frost City, heading straight for Hefang City. Sima Qingsha’s letter did not provide specifics on Northern Yan’s battlefield situation, but he had written an appeal for help. Borrowing troops from Greater Zhou–one could see how invincible Great General Mo’s Black Frost Cavalry was as it swept everything before it, carving a path north. 

“Third young master,” Sun Li noticed Luo Wei’s lengthy silence and asked, “Do you have a reply for my family’s master?” 

Luo Wei said, “Commander Sun, sit with me and talk. What is the current situation in Northern Yan country? Even if my Greater Zhou sends troops to help, is there still time?” 

Sun Li truly thought for a while before realizing what Luo Wei was asking him. At once he stood up. “Don’t worry young master. My family’s master will definitely guard Hefang City to the death!” 

“Sit,” Luo Wei lifted a hand. “Hearing Commander Sun’s meaning, General Mo Huan Sang’s army is already close to Hefang City?” 

Sun Li immediately reacted. Luo Wei was parsing his words. Sun Li regretted that he did not think more thoroughly before speaking. He’d revealed the background to Luo Wei all at once. Before he left, Sima Qingsha had specially exhorted him to understand that, though Luo Wei was a young man, his thinking was profound and his conduct cunning. He’d cautioned Sun Li to be extremely cautious. Sun Li previously saw Luo Wei’s appearance as a sickly youth with gentle behaviors and so reasoned to himself that Sima Qingsha was overly careful. Now Luo Wei had excavated the truth from a single sentence, and Sun Li did not dare to underestimate Luo Wei. 

“It’s difficult for Commander Sun to say, so it’s the truth?” Luo Wei did not wait for Sun Li’s reply, his countenance worried. “This is troublesome. How could Crown Prince Sima let Prince Zhuxie escape from Hefang City? This shouldn’t be the case.” 

Sun Li carefully replied, “That day was my Imperial Majesty’s birthday. Mo Huan Sang took the celebratory opportunity to enter the palace and take away Zhuxie.”

“Only calling him Zhuxie? Mo Huan Sang already supports Zhuxie as the emperor?” 

Sun Li didn’t expect that after taking more care, Luo Wei still caught on to a fault. His body shook with unease as he sat. 

“Crown Prince Qingsha is too careful.” Luo Wei threw Sima Qingsha’s letter into the furnace at his feet. “I was the one who hurt Zhuxie’s two eyes. How could I allow him to become the emperor and take vengeance against me? Commander Sun can return. Please let Crown Prince Qingsha be at ease. The alliance between him and Luo Yun Qi in Yejia is one that I, Luo Yun Qi, have remembered.” 

Sun Li’s frantically beating heart only then settled, and he hurriedly rose to thank Luo Wei.

“No need to be too polite.” Luo Wei waved a hand. “It’s just that Northern Yan has had such an important event, but unexpectedly our Greater Zhou hardly knows the facts. This is a bit difficult for me to understand.” 

Sun Li explained, “Mo Huan Sang closed the four gates of Black Frost City. Northern Yan’s news cannot reach Greater Zhou.”

“Then how did you get out of the city?” 

“This humble one expended great effort and trouble to leave Black Frost City, continually heading south.” Su Li did not want to speak further with Luo Wei about how he spent large sums of money to bribe the guards at the gate, and then lay with a rotting corpse in a coffin to muddle his way out of Black Frost City. “Young master, this morning I saw a messenger from Yun Guan galloping into the capital. Your elder brother must already know about Northern Yan’s civil strife.” 

Luo Wei let out an “oh.” It seemed that this was why Emperor Xing Wu hurriedly called his father into the palace. 

“This humble one would be so bold as to earnestly request for the young master to deal with this as soon as possible.”

“Where are you living now?” 

Sun Li reported the name of his inn.

Luo Wei had no impression of the inn; it seemed not to be a well-known establishment. “Okay, I will enter the palace as soon as possible. You go to the inn and wait for my news,” he said to Sun Li. “Within two days, I will give you a reply.”

Sun Li hurriedly knelt down to thank Luo Wei.

“Do you have enough silver to use?” Luo Wei asked Sun Li again to show his concern. 

Sun Li hastily took out ten banknotes from his body and placed them in front of Luo Wei. Each note represented ten thousand taels, totalling a hundred thousand taels of snowflake silver.

Luo Wei asked, “What is this?” He glanced at the seal on the banknotes. They were all banknotes from Greater Zhou private banks. Each note fell under a particular private bank. Sima Qingsha had expended quite some consideration to send him this wealth. 

   Sun Li said, “My master stated that as long as the young master helps him through this difficult situation, he will certainly thank him again.”

   “Okay.” Luo Wei didn’t refuse, and smiled. “Commander Sun will wait for my good news at the inn.”

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R:DSAT Chapter 170: Words of Love

Wei Lan carried the wooden box out of the official’s residence, walking slowly and aimlessly. What was considered far enough? Should he take the box out of the capital? Wei Lan felt that if Ku Liu had never lived at all, that would be best. The streets were filled with those visiting friends and relatives, crowds bustling with the liveliness of the New Year. Wei Lan did not know how long he walked for before he heard the striking sounds of iron from the roadside. 

Before the new year, the proprietor of the iron shop had received a business deal. However, unexpectedly, two of his ironworkers fell ill at once. Another left for his hometown to get married. As the delivery due date of the goods drew near, unfinished tasks still remained. Businesspeople all valued word of mouth. If the shop neglected a customer’s orders, the boss would have difficulty running his business. Therefore, he started off the new year opening his furnace and working against the clock. 

Wei Lan entered the blacksmith’s shop with his wooden box.

The boss saw a customer and hurriedly dropped what he was working on, coming up to greet Wei Lan: “Guest, I am still not accepting new orders. Come back in fifteen.” 

Wei Lan said, “I want to burn something.” 

The boss looked at the box in Wei Lan’s hands and asked, “Guest wants to burn this?” 

“Yes.” Wei Lan nodded. 

The boss had been smithing iron for a living all these years, but had never come across someone looking for him to burn items. “Guest,” the boss looked at Wei Lan, then looked again, saying, “you can go anywhere to burn this wooden box!” 

Wei Lan glanced at the raging blazes of the furnace. “It would burn clean away here.” 

“What’s in your box?” The boss inquired. He didn’t think Wei Lan looked right.

Wei Lan didn’t ask the boss any further. He lifted a hand and threw the wooden box with Ku Liu’s head in it into the furnace. 

“Guest, what are you-” The boss began to shout. Burning items wasn’t a big deal, but they couldn’t be thrown in just like that right? If others began to do the same, what iron could the furnace smelt anymore? 

Wei Lan handed a piece of silver to the boss. “I want to stay here and watch.” 

“Then please go ahead.” The boss didn’t talk anymore. The purpose of a business is to make money. Since he received payment, the boss wouldn’t ask so many questions. Whatever made the customer happy was fine. 

Wei Lan stood beside the flames, witnessing the wooden box become ashes along with Ku Liu’s head. 

The boss and his employees waited until Wei Lan left before closing the door of the furnace. They raked at the thick layer of ash within the furnace, wanting to see what Wei Lan had burnt. As a result, they only discovered slightly white, ashen dregs within. 

“This wouldn’t be bone ash, right?” One employee asked. 

“Don’t talk nonsense!” The boss scolded the little guy, “Speaking of the dead during the New Year, you’ll have bad luck the whole year!” 

“Then what is this?” The employee asked. 

“Doesn’t matter.” The boss wiped at the sweat on his face. From the looks of Wei Lan, he didn’t seem to be an ordinary civilian. It would be best if a businessman didn’t involve himself in the matters of those great families. “Open the furnace, keep working!”

The blacksmithery busied itself again, and those within the shop threw Wei Lan to the back of their minds. 

Wei Lan returned to the official’s residence. Upon hearing from Qi Zi that Luo Wei had had his ginseng soup and then fallen asleep, he wanted to go to Luo Wei’s bedroom to see him. 

“Big bro Wei Lan,” Qi Zi called from behind him, “check if the charcoal in the young master’s room is almost burnt out.” 

“Okay,” Wei Lan agreed and entered Luo Wei’s bedroom.

When Wei Lan stood at the bedside and reached out a hand to touch Luo Wei’s forehead, Luo Wei opened his eyes. “You’re back?” 

“The young master is awake?” 

“I haven’t slept,” Luo Wei corrected. “Where did you go? It takes this long to throw away a human head?” 

Wei Lan sat on the edge of the bed and replied, “I burnt that thing to ashes.” 

Luo Wei let out an “ah,” and then, “You could just throw it, but you also ran off to burn it?” 

Wei Lan nodded. 

“That’s good too,” Luo Wei laughed twice, then continued, “this way it’s clean.” 

“Don’t talk about this anymore in the future,” Wei Lan lowered his body and spoke softly to Luo Wei, “just take it as if this person never existed.” 

“All right,” Luo Wei agreed. “I forgot it.”

At this, Wei Lan’s face finally let slip a smile as he said, “Young master must put words into action ah.” 

“Where did you go to destroy the corpse and its traces?” Luo Wei pulled Wei Lan down again. “Even the top of your head has ash.” He brushed away the dust on Wei Lan’s hair, “I want to take a bath tonight. Lan, you wash too.” 

Wei Lan demurred, “The Madam said one cannot take a bath during these three days of the New Year. She said it would wash away all the good fortune for this year.” 

“You believe that?” Luo Wei jokingly replied, “I’ve lain here for so many days that my body stinks.” 

“How could the young master stink? I’ve wiped his body for him.”

“It really smells,” Luo Wei placed his hand under Wei Lan’s nose. “Smell it ah.” 

Wei Lan really took a sniff, and said, “It’s the smell of toilet soap.” 

Luo Wei sat up and explained, “I used it to wash my hands, so naturally my hands would smell like soap. I won’t believe that your hands don’t smell like that.” 

“Don’t get up,” Wei Lan pressed Luo Wei down. “Don’t catch cold.” 

Luo Wei captured Wei Lan’s hand, examining the thick calluses formed from years of constant martial arts training. “Lan’s hands are the same as my older brothers’. Martial arts training must be bitterly difficult, right?” 

“Not bitter,” Wei Lan denied. 

“But I feel bitter,” Luo Wei’s expression darkened a moment as he said this. 


“I just drank medicine, and it’s even more bitter than before. Is that Imperial Physician Wei doing it on purpose? Even now there’s a bitter taste in my mouth.” 

Wei Lan’s finger tapped against Luo Wei’s lips. In these two days, these lips had regained their red color. 

Luo Wei began to feel playful. At the moment when Wei Lan’s finger touched his lips, he opened his mouth and lightly bit down. 

Wei Lan was amused. He was engrossed in staring at Luo Wei for a while, noticing his much improved complexion. 

“You don’t recognize me anymore?” Luo Wei laughingly asked. In these two days, he himself also felt that his health had improved a bit. At the very least, he wouldn’t be constantly dizzy and he also had the strength to walk. 

Wei Lan lowered himself onto Luo Wei, pecking at his lips. Luo Wei opened his mouth, and the two of them embraced each other as they kissed.

The kiss was prolonged, delicate, and careful. Both lips and tongues intertwined as the two of them listened to each other’s heartbeats, both impassioned. 

Wei Lan finally lay on his side next to Luo Wei, his breathing urgent as he said, “The young master’s body hasn’t recovered yet.” 

Luo Wei knew what Wei Lan meant. This person clearly couldn’t bear it anymore, but still felt apprehension on Luo Wei’s behalf. “Lan,” Luo Wei softly called out to Wei Lan, his hand reaching into Wei Lan’s lower garments. 

“Young master?” Wei Lan hurriedly grabbed Luo Wei’s hand. 

“Shh.” Luo Wei laughed lightly. “Isn’t it hard to bear?” Harboring evil designs, he began to move his hand. 

Wei Lan wanted to shout, but he held back. It was still daylight, and there were people standing in the courtyard. 

“Lie back.” The quilt on Luo Wei covered the two of them. “I’ll take care of you once. En?” Luo Wei’s mouth swept against Wei Lan’s ear and spoke bantering words of love.

These words seemed frivolous, and clearly shouldn’t be spoken by a person like Luo Wei. However, when this person whispered these words that could redden faces and quicken heartbeats against Wei Lan’s ear, Wei Lan felt that these were the best-sounding terms of endearment in the world, making it difficult for him to contain the desires in his heart. 

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R:DSAT Chapter 169: Villa Master Luo’s Congratulatory Gift

(T/N: The Luo here is a different surname from Luo Wei’s. It’s the Qi Lin Mountain Villa master, Luo Ting Chao’s, surname). 

Xie Wang Bei and his wife arrived in the capital on the third day of the Lunar New Year. Once they heard the news that Xie Yu had headed for Yue Zhou, they were anxious to follow. 

Luo Zhi Qiu prepared a small feast in the reception pavilion. Only Fu Hua, Luo Zhi Qiu, and Xie Wang Bei and his wife sat together around a small round table. Both hosts and guests enjoyed themselves while having a familial meal. 

Luo Wei brought the five people headed by Nineteen over to see Xie Wang Bei so that Xie Wang Bei could bring them with him to Yue Zhou. 

An outpouring of gratitude towards Luo Wei flowed from Xie Wang Bei’s lips. 

Luo Wei only said with a smile, “This little nephew just now saw Uncle Xie’s family all looking tired. They’ve suffered on the road here. I’m thinking that it might be better for Uncle Xie to bring two useful subordinates. The others you brought you can let them stay here at the official’s residence to rest. When Uncle Xie returns from Yue Zhou, then he can bring them back.” 

Xie Wang Bei protested, “This is too much trouble for the Prime Minister and the Third Young Master.” 

Luo Wei replied, “Uncle Xie shouldn’t regard himself as an outsider. This small nephew is making considerations for Uncle Xie. Uncle Xie’s time is originally limited. If his trip is delayed due to his underlings’ exhaustion I’m afraid that when you meet Brother Xie Yu, you won’t have time to spend as a family.” 

Luo Wei’s words moved Xie Wang Bei. He brought two old stewards, the five Shadow Guards, and fifteen imperial bodyguards from the official’s residence. This group of people left the capital the next day towards Yue Zhou. 

The letter Xie Yu sent from Yue Zhou rested upon the desk in Luo Zhi Qiu’s study. It only stated that Long Xuan had arrived at Yue Zhou but hadn’t made any movements. After Luo Zhi Qiu gave this letter to Luo Wei to read, Luo Wei declined to comment. Whether Long Xuan really made no movements, or he had but Xie Yu did not discover them, or Xie Yu had discovered them but did not disclose, all would be clear after Xie Wang Bei arrived at Yue Zhou. 

One day later, news came from the Qi Lin Villa. Ning Shu Ying had left Ming Jian Villa one month ago, bringing his people with him. 

“Young master, this is the gift that our villa’s master ordered this humble one to deliver to the young master. The villa’s master said to consider it his New Year’s gift.” At the same time that he offered the letter, the messenger also presented a black, lacquered wooden box. 

Luo Wei personally opened the wooden box. The moment he did, he choked on the stench of lime and coughed a few times. Half the box was filled with lime, and within the lime rested a human head. Luo Wei clutched at his nose and mouth, carefully considering the head for a while before he recognized it as Ku Liu’s. 

“Young master,” the messenger continued, “our villa’s master wanted this humble one to inform the young master that he did not allow this person an easy death.” 

Luo Wei gently shut the lid of the box. “Go back and thank your villa’s master for me.” 

“Yes,” the messenger agreed. He then asked, “Young master, then Ning Shu Ying?” 

“Kill.” Luo Wei only said this one word to the messenger. 

Wei Lan had been guarding outside the whole time. When the messenger left Luo Wei’s study, he and Wei Lan regarded each other. Wei Lan recognized this messenger. This person was one of Luo Ting Chao’s capable subordinates. The messenger also recognized Wei Lan. Wei Lan had grown to be beautiful within the Qi Lin Shadow Guards. Luo Ting Chao had truly shown “special favor” towards Twenty-Nine for a spell. 

Wei Lan stepped to the side. He knew Luo Wei wanted to use the Qi Lin Mountain Villa, but he himself did not wish to associate with the Qi Lin Mountain Villa’s people. 

The messenger noticed that Wei Lan’s clothing was much higher quality than that of the other ordinary servants in the official’s residence. He also saw that Wei Lan alone stood guard outside Luo Wei’s study. With this, he understood Wei Lan’s current position. The messenger dipped his head at Wei Lan in greeting. It seemed that this shadow guard was the Third Young Master’s trusted aide. The messenger did not expect that a minor shadow guard supplied for pleasure could actually enter the Third Young Master’s eye. 

Wei Lan lowered his head as he stood. The messenger’s gaze left him very uncomfortable. 

“Please, this way,” Qi Zi arrived to send the messenger out. 

The messenger left the courtyard entrance, and only then realized that Twenty-Nine was the shadow guard that the Third Young Master Luo had taken away from the Qi Lin Mountain Villa. The messenger thought that he should convey this matter to the villa master. Even if Twenty-Nine had not climbed into the Third Young Master’s bed, in any case he had become his trusted aide. The villa master had to make new considerations for Twenty-Nine, and he definitely had to coax him. 

In those joyous days ushering the old year out and the new year in, the messenger still dragged the fierce contests of the Jiang Hu to their start. 

Wei Lan entered the study and saw Luo Wei staring at a wooden box. “That’s what Steward Song just sent over?” Wei Lan asked. He had seen the messenger bring the wooden box in to meet Luo Wei. 

“En,” Luo Wei replied. “Luo Ting Chao sent me a great gift, open it and see.” 

Wei Lan opened the box. He was someone who had seen his fair share of the dead. When he saw the human head, Wei Lan reacted just as Luo Wei did. He had no extreme reaction. 

“Do you recognize who this is?” 

Wei Lan identified the corpse faster than Luo Wei did. “This person, isn’t it that Ku Liu’s head?” 

“It’s him,” Luo Wei confirmed as he looked at the head in the box. “Luo Ting Chao did not allow him an easy death. Lan, looks like he’s settled the debt he owes me.” 

With one wave of his hand, Wei Lan closed the lid of the box. “Damn this man. Young master, don’t think anymore about the past.” 

Luo Wei said, “Go throw this man’s head a bit further away. Let him stay further away from me.” 

Wei Lan carried the box and left. 

Luo Wei left the study and entered his bedroom. Just as he wanted to lie down, he heard Xiao Xiao shout, “Young miss, please you cannot force yourself in ah!” 

“Luo Yun Qi,” Fu Wei’s voice was very loud, “little cousin, I have something to ask you ah.” 

Luo Wei rebuttoned the collar of his clothes and exited to the outer room. 

The moment Fu Wei saw Luo Wei come out, she pushed Xiao Xiao to the side and ran in front of Luo Wei in the span of a few steps, “Cousin, I haven’t disturbed you have I?” 

Luo Wei waved his hand to bid Xiao Xiao leave, then sat down to ask Fu Wei, “Sixth cousin is here to ask about Ning Fei?” 

Fu Wei’s face reddened. 

“Sit ah,” Luo Wei said with good humor. “Could it be that I guessed wrong?” 

“No, no it isn’t,” Fu Wei denied. “It’s just that I heard General Ning will go to Yun Guan after finishing the year.” 

“That is the case,” Luo Wei confirmed. “Zi Zhou works for my older brother. This time he’s bringing his family back with him.” 

“That fast ah,” Fu Wei muttered softly. 

“Cousin likes Zi Zhou?” 

This question was too straightforward. Though Fu Wei was a carefree young woman, her face still turned scarlet. 

“Cousin,” Luo Wei seemed to not notice as he continued, “I’m thinking I should inform you of certain things. Zi Zhou’s mother originally was a dancing girl at the Ming Jian Villa, he…” 

“Then who is his father?” Fu Wei interrupted. 

“His father is Ming Jian Villa’s villa master Ning Shu Ying,” Luo Wei replied. “But I’m afraid there hasn’t ever been much of a father-son relationship between Zi Zhou and Villa Master Ning. The four of them, including mother and son, already don’t have any relation with Ming Jian Villa. Cousin must remember these words of mine.” 

“Okay,” Fu Wei said, “I’ll remember. I won’t ask about General Ning’s past, shouldn’t people look to the future?” 

“Zi Zhou also has younger brothers and sisters. His wife must be able to manage the household for him. Sixth cousin, what can you do? Zi Zhou doesn’t need a wife who will accompany him to the battlefield to fight his enemies.” 

“Younger cousin, make it a bit clearer. I don’t really understand.” 

“To put it simply, can you cook and wash clothes? Can you get along well with the older madam?” 

Fu Wei thought for a bit. She truly did not know how to do that work. “Isn’t it enough for servants to do it?” 

“Servants will do it, but as the mistress of the household you also have to understand it no?” 

“I’ll learn what I don’t know.” Fu Wei suddenly stood up. “There isn’t anything I can’t learn.” 

“Then how about the older madam?” 

“Who wouldn’t pay filial respect to her own mother?”

Luo Wei looked up at Fu Wei. 

“I’m saying that a mother-in-law is also a mother!” 

Luo Wei let out a “pfft” and began to laugh. 

Fu Wei only then realized what she had just said. “Don’t tell anyone else!” Sixth cousin Fu fled, leaving behind this sentence. 

R:DSAT Chapter 168: No Place to Escape

“I’m going too,” Fu Wei said. Seeing Ning Fei quickly escaping like this, Fu Wei became even more upset. She thought that her old dad was just a big ruffian, even scaring a general such as Ning Fei away. 

The door to the room shut with a “bang”; Fu Wei had slammed it from the outside. 

Fu Jing Zong looked at Luo Wei and laughed, saying, “Wei Er’s body looks much better now. Your dad was so scared that your uncles would make too much noise and wouldn’t let us see you.” 

“Speaking nonsense again,” Fu Hua cut in. “When did our family’s prime minister say you couldn’t see Xiao Wei? It’s just that Xiao Wei needs to quietly recuperate now, and didn’t you and the sixth child just make a racket in front of Xiao Wei?” 

Fu Jing Zong had always been lenient with Fu Hua, who was the only great aunt of their generation in the Fu family, since childhood. Even though Fu Hua already belonged to the Luo family, he was used to indulging her. After Fu Hua’s lecture, Provincial Governor Elder Fu did not open his mouth again. 

Luo Wei spoke one sentence to Wei Lan: “Lan, go and see if my congee is ready.” 

Wei Lan, like Ning Fei, had wanted an out since long ago. Ning Fei could say his house had some matters, but this official’s residence was Wei Lan’s house. He couldn’t use such an excuse. After Luo Wei spoke, Wei Lan quickly paid his respects to Luo Zhi Qiu and three others, then left.

“Is he the Qi Lin shadow guard you spoke of?” Fu Jing Zong asked Fu Hua. 

Luo Wei heard Fu Jing Zong’s disgusted tone which also carried dislike, and spoke before Fu Hua did, “Uncle, we haven’t seen each other in a long time.” 

Fu Jing Zong replied, “That’s right ah. I still remember when you were a little fatty, now that I see you again you’ve become a little sickly beauty…”

“Big brother!” Fu Hua shouted. Sickly beauty? This older brother really spoke of any taboos he could! 

“I’m saying that Wei Er is even better-looking than those little ladies! I see he’s like,” Fu Jing Zong stared at Luo Wei for a while, then paired his two fists together and continued, “I say, the more I look at Wei Er the more familiar he seems. Isn’t Wei Er’s face the same as the official residence’s third young lady’s?” 

“Mother,” Xu Yue Miao spoke up, “You Er is also tired, I’ll take him back to sleep.” 

“I’m not sleepy!” Luo You yelled.

“Be good!” Xu Yue Miao had experienced Fu Jing Zong’s thoughtless disposition firsthand. They were celebrating the Lunar New Year. Not mentioning whether it was appropriate or not to speak of the deceased, Luo Wei’s body could fail him at any time. He’d just regained some color and had been spoken of as if he’d already passed away. This great lord uncle even used such a loud voice for such inauspicious talk. Xu Yue Miao was his junior, and could hardly speak words of blame towards her senior, Fu Jing Zong. She could only take Luo You away–out of sight out of mind. 

Luo Wei also spoke to Luo You: “Be obedient and come back to your youngest uncle’s residence tomorrow. I’ll teach you to paint.” 

Luo You currently had an interest in painting. Hearing Luo Wei’s words, he became docile in Xu Yue Miao’s arms. His mother left with him in her embrace. 

Luo Zhi Qiu and Luo Wei’s faces could still muster smiles, but Fu Hua’s could not. Luo Zhi Jin was a sore spot for Fu Hua. Hearing Fu Jing Zong bring her up today, Fu Hua was really about to become impatient with this big brother of hers. 

At this time, Luo Wei smilingly said, “Eldest uncle, I also haven’t seen sixth cousin in a long time. Have you brought her to the capital to play?” 

“Yes ah,” Luo Zhi Qiu did not wait for the great Provincial Governor Fu to reply and interjected, “these days the sixth child has been to a few places in the capital.” 

“That’s good,” Luo Wei said. “I had thought that since the selection of ladies is about to start, sixth cousin would attend.” 

Fu Hua asked, “Can your sixth cousin not attend?” 

Luo Wei replied, “Sixth cousin’s appearance is not a problem, but I’ve seen her temperament. Do the depths of the palace suit her? After entering the palace, would she still be allowed to have martial arts matches with others?” 

Fu Jing Zong said, “After entering the palace she would not dare.” 

“Uncle has said that she has stayed in the barracks since childhood. Her fundamental disposition is already like this, can it be changed? This time Maiden Xu died at the Western Mountain hunting grounds. The Xu clan of Shanghang also sent their daughter in and ended up like this. Uncle can’t act as if he can’t see that right?” 

Fu Jing Zong looked at his little sister. What was going on? Was Luo Wei lecturing his uncle? Of course he knew of the matters involving the Xu clan’s daughter. Did Luo Wei mean that Fu Wei would have the same fate as the Xu clan’s daughter if she entered the palace?

“Big brother,” Fu Hua said to Fu Jing Zong, “I’ll accompany you to the front courtyard all right? 

Wei Er also should rest.” 

“No,” Fu Jing Zong declined. “Why did his words just now sound strange to me? Wei Er, speak more clearly.” 

Fu Hua continued, “Let’s go. Anything you don’t understand our family’s prime minister can discuss with you in a bit. Don’t talk anymore in Xiao Wei’s place, his health hasn’t recovered yet.” 

Fu Hua dragged Fu Jing Zong away. 

“You think your sixth cousin shouldn’t attend the selections?” Luo Zhi Qiu asked Luo Wei. “Your mother’s suggestion that she not enter the palace and instead accompany the prince–this too is inadequate?” 

Luo Wei’s expression cooled and he said, “The Fu family wants to become imperial family relatives?” 

Luo Zhi Qiu froze for a moment before replying, “It isn’t wrong for your maternal uncle’s family to want to rise up.” 

“With her temperament, can Fu Wei be a royal daughter-in-law? The Fu family has soldiers; accompanying a prince? Other than the Crown Prince, who else’s side can she stay by? The third prince? Brothers with the same mother don’t count as those born in the imperial family?” Luo Wei said. 

“Wei Er!” Luo Zhi Qiu glanced at the tightly shut door, and only then calmed slightly. After the Liu clan’s extermination, Luo Zhi Qiu hadn’t slept soundly for many nights. The Liu clan of today could be the Luo clan of tomorrow. Furthermore, unlike the Lius, their Luo family was raising a descendant of dragons. None could be certain of what would happen. Sometimes, when Luo Zhi Qiu stood at court, he would feel as if he was treading on thin ice. Luo Zhi Qiu’s aspirations lay with assisting the emperor in his rule. This Senior Official Luo Zhi Qiu’s involvement in the matters of seizing the position as the first wife’s son was involuntary. He was mired in a swamp, trapped without hope of rescue. 

Luo Wei inhaled a breath. It was not that he didn’t see Luo Zhi Qiu’s haggard state. However, unless their family abandoned governmental posts and resigned from the nobility, travelling to distant lands without ever asking after worldly affairs again, they could only continue to struggle. The Luo clan did not include only their immediate family, but it still relied on this family’s protection. In his previous life when the official residence of the Luo family fell, in the same way the distant Yan city shed rivers of blood. Half the city emptied. Even if their family wished to run, they could not. 

Within the room, father and son looked at each other and simultaneously sighed. 

At this time, firecrackers set off in the front courtyard. Luo Wei and Luo Zhi Qiu both turned to the window. The fireworks in midair projected red light on the snow-white paper of the windows. No matter what transpired this year, time stepped forward without stilling. The sound of manmade firecrackers ushered in the new year. 

There are still six years, Luo Wei said to himself. It’s good that there are still six years, so that this intrigue and deception can all be finished. 

“Let your mother talk about those things.” Luo Zhi Qiu no longer looked at the framed windows whose paper, washed by splashes of color from the fireworks, became ever more varying and rich in appearance. He faced Luo Wei and said, “You are a junior. Even if you understand what you see, it does not follow that you should speak.” 

“It would be best if father makes one thing clear to mother.” Luo Wei’s voice was very cold and clear. “As long as my Luo family remains wealthy and honored for a day, so too can the Fu family. The Emperor’s ministerial circle and the frontier officials, though they all count as court councilors, they are still not the same. Only if mother understands this concept, then the uncles and theirs will understand.” 

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R:DSAT Chapter 167: The Lady of the Fu Family

Ning Fei felt that he shouldn’t have left his house today. If he wanted to see Luo Wei, as long as he was in the capital he could find him on any ordinary day. Ning Fei couldn’t understand why he had to listen to his mother and run off to find Luo Wei after his family had finished their reunion meal. 

“General Ning, then I won’t be polite!” Fu Wei was very particular about the customs of the Jianghu. She cupped one fist in the other hand towards Ning Fei as she spoke. 

Ning Fei glanced at Luo Wei, who was sitting leaning against the warm furnace in the veranda. The smile on that person’s face at this time seemed very vile to Ning Fei. It wasn’t only Luo Wei–Qi Zi eating peanuts as he watched the excitement, Xiao Xiao and the rest, they all provoked anxiety in Ning Fei’s heart. Only Wei Lan seemed a little worried. But do you have to eat the peanuts that Xiao Xiao gives you? Ning Fei roared in his heart. 

“Careful ah!” Fu Wei slashed her sword.

Ning Fei only made one move sideways and dodged. “Matching skills” with this sixth young lady Fu in Ning Fei’s view was truly a trifle! 

“How’s her martial arts?” Luo Wei watched for a while and then turned his head to ask Wei Lan.

“Is sixth cousin dancing or using martial arts?” Xu Yue Miao actually asked Wei Lan this question. 

Wei Lan was a polite person, and directly replied, “General Ning is going easy on the sixth young lady.”  

Xu Yue Miao felt a bit embarrassed. She didn’t know what Luo Wei meant by letting an unmarried young lady have a match with a man she just met. If this got out how could Fu Wei still be selected to enter the palace as a well-bred lady? The more Xu Yue Miao thought, the more she felt something wasn’t right, and she spoke up: “Youngest uncle, it’s better if you make them stop. It’s not proper for them to keep fighting like this!” 

Luo Wei answered, “It’s only our own people here. No one will go outside and talk nonsense. Second sister-in-law shouldn’t worry.”

In the center of the courtyard, Ning Fei quietly said to Fu Wei, “Young lady should stop, this subordinate admits defeat.”

“Wei, you punk!” The roaring voice of the eldest uncle Jing Zong, provincial governor of Ling Chuan, resounded from the entrance to the courtyard. 

The rarity of hearing this sound from her father caused Fu Wei to be scared stiff. One of her feet slipped, the narrow sword in her hand clattered to the floor, and the person herself also fell. 

Ning Fei reflexively reached out his hand. 

Fu Wei fell into Ning Fei’s arms. They were so close that she could faintly smell Chinese honey locust on his clothing. So this person used honey locust to wash his clothes, Fu Wei suddenly thought. 

Ning Fei’s arms were stuffed full with Fu Wei. Soon after, he reacted. He loosened his hold in a hurry and retreated several steps back. 

Fu Wei stared at Ning Fei in a daze, only just realizing that Ning Fei’s appearance was so handsome. She let out a small “ya,” and her whole face turned red. 

“Who are you?!” The eldest Fu walked forward, blocked his daughter behind his back, and shot out a sharp-toned question. 

“Uncle,” Luo Wei stood up and walked to the center of the courtyard, coming in front of Ning Fei. He paid his respects to Fu Jing Zong. 

Luo Zhi Qiu and Fu Hua came over with Fu Jing Zong. Seeing Luo Wei come out to speak, Luo Zhi Qiu hurriedly asked, “Wei Er, what’s going on?” 

Luo Wei replied, “It’s not a big deal. Zi Zhou came to see me just as sixth cousin was practicing her sword. I’m not sure what sixth cousin was thinking, but she slashed at Zi Zhou and Zi Zhou avoided her. Perhaps this sparked sixth cousin’s interest, and she chased Zi Zhou to my place.” 

“I found him to have a match with,” Fu Wei walked out from behind her old dad, “It has nothing to do with General Ning.” 

Fu Wei’s words were clearly in defense of Ning Fei, and caused Luo Wei’s mind to begin turning. He looked at his sixth cousin and did not fail to notice that Fu Wei’s face had not shed that shade of blushing red. 

“Let’s enter a room to talk,” Luo Zhi Qiu said. Luo Zhi Qiu’s observational skills were also sharp. He saw Fu Wei sneaking glances at Ning Fei. This reminded him how Fu Hua, back then still the eldest young lady of the Fu family, looked at him when he was a young man and saw her for the first time. Sure enough, the daughters of the Fu family were all exactly the same. 

Ning Fei wanted to leave, thinking that something seemed off about today. A beautiful, fragrant, and soft woman had fallen into his arms. Ning Fei, who’d never come that close to a girl before, blushed profusely. The only reason none had discovered his abnormal state was that he stood in a darkly lit area.

Several people sat inside Luo Wei’s study. 

Imperial Physician Wei personally carried in the snow ginseng soup to give to Luo Wei.

Luo Wei had a sip and said, “Why is the taste of the ginseng soup this time different?”

Imperial Physician Wei replied, “Young master, there is some other medicines added to this ginseng soup.” 

“What medicine?”

Imperial Physician Wei looked at Luo Zhi Qiu. He knew Luo Wei also had a bit of medical knowledge. If he continued to fabricate, he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to conceal the truth.

“Just drink it while it’s hot,” Luo Zhi Qiu said. “Would Imperial Physician Wei fail to harm you if he really wanted to?”

“This subordinate official doesn’t dare,” Imperial Physician Wei hurriedly denied, “this subordinate official cannot afford such jokes from the prime minister.” 

Luo Wei drank the ginseng soup and then took the tea from Wei Lan’s hand to wash it down. 

Imperial Physician Wei asked, “Young Master, how do you feel?” 

“Nothing special,” Luo Wei replied. “How should I be feeling?” 

Luo Zhi Qiu waved a hand at Imperial Physician Wei, signalling for him to retreat first. If Luo Wei continued to question this doctor, he couldn’t guarantee that Long Xuan’s name wouldn’t be revealed.

Fu Jing Zong waited for Imperial Physician Wei to exit before saying to his daughter, “You have really been spoiled by your mom. You don’t have a lick of discipline!” 

Fu Wei pouted, looking entirely unconvinced.

Ning Fei wanted to speak, but Luo Wei patted his hand and stopped him.

“How old are you? You still aren’t ladylike at all!” Fu Jing Zong continued to give his daughter a lesson. 

“I’ve always been this way, how come dad can’t accept it now? What did I do?” Fu Wei still talked back. 

“You’re still talking?” Fu Jing Zong smacked the table, “For when you leave your home to get married, how did your mom instruct you?!” 

Ning Fei became more and more restless. Compared to everyone else in the room besides Wei Lan, he was the only outsider. Even so, he was sitting here listening to a father and daughter quarrel to the point that they even argued about her prospects for marriage. 

“Why wouldn’t I be able to get married?” Hearing her own old dad talking about her like this, Fu Wei became excitable, “Am I uglier than others, or am I incapable of bearing children?! Dad, explain yourself clearly today!” 

Ning Fei began to sweat. He wanted to leave, but needed a decent excuse. What kind of excuse? Ning Fei racked his brains. 

“Big brother, little six,” Fu Hua finally couldn’t stand it anymore and spoke: “You are not allowed to speak anymore! What kind of scene is this? Are you acting out a play for us to watch?” 

Fu Jing Zong followed Fu Hua’s line of sight to Luo Wei, Ning Fei, and Wei Lan in succession, and at this his old face finally couldn’t hold on anymore. He tried to explain to these three, “This punk grew up with me in the barracks since she was young, so she’s used to being wild. It’s hard to change.”

Now even Luo Zhi Qiu felt embarrassed. Even a military man couldn’t speak about his own daughter like this to outsiders, right? 

Ning Fei stood up and saluted to all those sitting, saying, “Zi Zhou just remembered that he has matters to deal with at him, so won’t stay any longer.” 

“Since you have matters at home, then leave quickly.” Luo Zhi Qiu hurriedly took advantage of a sudden slope to ride his donkey down, “be careful on the road.”

“Yun Qi,” Ning Fei faced Luo Wei again and said, “I’ll come see you on another day.” 

“All right,” Luo Wei replied while suppressing his laughter.

Ning Fei escaped in a somewhat miserable state. However, he was certain that this New Year’s Eve night would be hard for him to forget in this lifetime.

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