ASV Chapter 31: The Sword Forest Changes

Tang Shayun was not entirely at peace with her own decision to bring Yan Buxuan into the Sword Forest. She carried the Kuisha on her body and was naturally not afraid that any harm would befall her, but the disciples of the Lingshan Sect behind Yan Buxuan were different. The moment they entered the Sword Forest, they etched their bloody fate in stone. 

Qin Kaiyi’s hand was still attached to the black brick, and the demonic energy in his body surged along his arm towards it. However, he currently didn’t pay attention to that, instead turning his head to gaze at the wall which displayed Tang Shayun and the team.

Not knowing that someone was spying on her, Tang Shayun showed a frightening, chilly sneer after entering the Sword Forest. She said towards Yan Buxuan: “Yang Gongzi, I am very grateful that you helped me before, but I also have repaid you. Since you have already entered the inside of the secret realm, then let us rely on our own skills from now on. How about we take different roads and ride forth our horses (T/N: idiom meaning “part ways”), what do you think?”

Not expecting Tang Shayun to make this kind of statement, Yan Buxuan frowned, showing an expression of disapproval: “Why does Miss Tang say this?”

“Well, of course, if you don’t die here, I don’t mind continuing to walk with you.” Tang Shayun’s smiling countenance was like a flower, but that smile on her beautiful face was vicious: “Then Yan gongzi, after this, you should be careful in this Sword Forest.”

After finishing her speech, she raised her hand and flicked at the sword closest to her that was suspended in midair, triggering the Sword Forest’s formation.

Qin Kaiyi felt shocked at the scene in front of him even when he was just watching a projection. The Sword Forest, which was originally still, had been triggered by Tang Shayun’s motions. Undulating layers of swords came together to strike, filling the air with crisp, ringing sounds. Those countless swords overflowing with killing intent and strikingly sharp sword qi could easily slice apart regular blades, killing those who had mistakenly entered forbidden grounds.

Qin Kaiyi couldn’t see that sword qi through the wall, but he could clearly see the people killed by that qi. Just like ling chi (T/N: ancient Chinese execution method where one dies by a thousand cuts), skin and flesh peeled off bit by bit, muscles and bone ground away, until finally blood drenched and dripped as if from a skinned rabbit. The sword forest burst out with innumerable sword qis, and easily broke Yan Buxuan’s team apart.

Qin Kaiyi looked at the already scattered team and sighed slightly. From the moment Tang Shayun led these people into the Sword Forest, he should have understood that no one could escape alive… These sword qis were just the beginning. 

Sure enough, when the fierce sword qi exhausted the spiritual energy of those present, the next mechanism activated. Those swords that were originally suspended in the air and had no life, like evil wolves that smelled blood, swarmed toward those who were not yet fatally wounded by sword qi. 

Thousands of swords pierced hearts. Seeing countless sharp blades piercing the bones and flesh of the dying cultivators, Qin Kaiyi’s hands shook slightly. He had never seen such a bloody scene before, and to accept it peacefully was too difficult.  Looking at those bodies become indistinct red messes of flesh, he fiercely resisted the urge to vomit.

“Can’t take it anymore?” Yan Gu’s face was full of smiles in his sea of knowledge: “Is it pretty? This scene?”

“…” Qin Kaiyi gritted his teeth, ignoring Yan Gu’s ridicule. He turned his head to look at Shen Feixiao standing beside him, and found that the twelve-year-old kid didn’t react in any way.

Sure enough, he was the protagonist… With a long sigh in his heart, Qin Kaiyi hung a bitter smile on his mouth. If he could, he really wanted to leave here immediately and return to his original world.

“Hey, there seems to be something wrong,” Yan Gu suddenly said: “… how is that person so familiar.”

“Which one?” Qin Kaiyi looked back to the wall: “What do you mean?”

“That one called Yan Buxuan… Um, I always feel something isn’t right.” Yan Gu touched his chin with his hand thoughtfully: “His reaction… why does it feel so familiar…”

“Yan Buxuan?” Qin Kaiyi looked at the frowning man in the Sword Forest, and didn’t quite understand Yan Gu’s meaning: “What are you talking about?”

“I mean… ai?” Yan Gu was about to say something, but then suddenly his tone rose: “I’ll just say, how is Yan Buxuan a righteous cultivator? He is actually the same as Tang Shayun. They are demonic cultivators! “

“What?” Qin Kaiyi was surprised, but found that the Sword Forest suddenly changed at this time!

Yan Buxuan, who was originally struggling to resist the Sword Forest’s attack, suddenly smiled coldly. That smile felt a bit familiar to Qin Kaiyi.  Soon after, Yan Buxuan made a seal with his right hand–unexpectedly, Tan Shayuan, who was originally standing safely to the side with an expression full of schadenfreude, was caught by him!

“This…” Qin Kaiyi’s eyes widened in surprise. He really didn’t expect Yan Buxuan to retain so much strength!

Like Qin Kaiyi, Tang Shayun also didn’t expect this development. According to her plan, she should have exterminated Yan Buxuan’s entire team. Instead, she somehow fell into Yan Buxuan’s hands. Tang Shayun opened her beautiful eyes in horror. She shouted with fright: “What do you want to do??”

“Don’t yell.” Displaying a gentle smile, Yan Buxuan whispered softly: “If you don’t want to lose your tongue.”

“…” Tang Shayun’s pale face was wan as she fell silent, and she greatly regretted miscalculating Yan Buxuan’s strength. She thought that this Sword Forest could destroy him!

“I thought you could bear it, I didn’t expect you to lose your cool, ai… It seems that each generation of the Tang family is not as good as the previous one. Tsk, it’s a pity for the Tang family’s martial arts.” Yan Buxuan shook his head, his tone like that of a senior criticizing his juniors.

“You–who are you?” She finally noticed what was wrong, and Tang Shayun shouted herself hoarse: “This isn’t right, you are not Yan Buxuan!!!” She had seriously researched Yan Buxuan’s information, and knew that this elder of the Ice and Fire Sect absolutely did not have the strength to survive the Sword Forest’s attack!

“Of course I am not Yan Buxuan.” The man with a gradually changing face smiled casually: “If I were Yan Buxuan, I would have long ago stabbed your unrighteous demonic cultivator self.”

When Yan Buxuan’s face changed into another’s, Qin Kaiyi finally couldn’t help but scream out: “Zi Yangpei!!!”

“Old monster!” At the same time, Yan Gu shouted too. He and Qin Kaiyi had the same expression, both not daring to believe what they saw. Yan Gu muttered to himself: “How is it possible, how could he be all right… this… “

“Do you know him?” Qin Kaiyi immediately noticed Yan Gu’s change: “What is going on?”

“He is…” Yan Gu tried to hold back what he wanted to say, and only said after a while: “Let’s leave here first, Zi Yangpei appeared, that is not a good sign.”

“… Hey, Yan Gu, what’s your relationship with Zi Yangpei?” Qin Kaiyi frowned, thinking of the lotuses on the mask: “Are you from the Hua Lian sect?”

“Me?” Yan Gu smiled self-deprecatingly: “I am only a dog taught by Hua Lian.”

“…” Qin Kaiyi was speechless at Yan Gu’s self-abasement.

“Let’s go first, if later it’ll be too late. This place is very close to the Sword Forest. If he comes, we all have to die… Well, no, you have a natural demonic body, you won’t die… right?” Yan Gu hesitated.

Seeing that the person who had just been talking on the wall’s projection was already nowhere to be seen, Qin Kaiyi hurriedly withdrew his hand and said to Yan Gu: “Then hurry, tell me how to leave.”

“Go to the middle of the room, find a chair, sit on it, hurry up!” Yan Gu didn’t seem to be joking.

“Feixiao, come here.” Qin Kaiyi did not delay. He knew how strong Zi Yangpei was. If they were really caught by Zi Yangpei, then he and Shen Feixiao might have only one ending–death.

“Sit up, turn the golden lion on the right armrest of the chair three times to the left, then five times to the right, and finally press down.” Yan Gu said: “You hug your little shidi, this way is quicker.”

“Okay.” Qin Kaiyi nodded, then embraced Shen Feixiao into his arms.

“What are you doing!” Frightened by Qin Kaiyi’s movements, Shen Feixiao said angrily: “Let me down.”

“Don’t make trouble.” Qin Kaiyi frowned. He didn’t expect that Shen Feixiao would be so light, and that bony frame held in his hands actually chafed. Well, it seemed that he should help to take care of his diet in the future. As Shen Feixiao’s dear father he really had been too irresponsible. 

“…” Shen Feixiao clenched his teeth and didn’t want to say anything. He was influenced by Qin Kaiyi’s serious expression, and finally rested on his stomach and allowed Qin Kaiyi to carry him.

“Good (T/N: 乖 = guāi. Usually said to a child, means well-behaved, connotes affection),  obedient.” Qin Kaiyi had no time to coax Shen Feixiao. He sat on the chair as Yan Gu ordered, and then put his hand on the golden lion… But the moment he did, he had the urge to cry. He was so stupid; he actually believed that asshole Yan Gu could be reliable for once. 

“… My demonic energy is about to completely sucked away.” Qin Kaiyi looked dead inside. Not only could he not move the lion, but he couldn’t take off the hand he had attached to the lion. 

“… Eh, what’s that.” Yan Gu gave a hollow laugh. He didn’t expect that the energy shortage of the Hidden Treasure Pavilion was so severe that even escaping required giving up demonic energy… 

“Even if I die I won’t forgive you, Yan Gu…” Qin Kaiyi’s tone was full of deep resentment.

“Calm down, he hasn’t come yet, right… grab it harder, maybe we just…” The words that followed didn’t make it out, and Yan Gu’s voice disappeared at once.

Qin Kaiyi’s body stiffened. He heard the sound of something heavy falling behind him, okay, if he guessed right… Zi Yangpei brought Tang Shayun… and came.

“Yo, I didn’t expect there were people here.” The familiar voice, as before, carried teasing laughter. Zi Yangpei walked to Qin Kaiyi while carrying Tang Shayun like a rice bag, with a smile on his handsome face. Qin Kaiyi’s gaze was not quite as friendly as Zi Yangpei’s.

“Huh? Another acquaintance.” Recognizing Qin Kaiyi, Zi Yangpei threw the scared and wan Tang Shayun aside. Looking at Qin Kaiyi and Shen Feixiao sitting in Qin Kaiyi’s arms, he smiled: “You are in a world with only two people?” (T/N: Usually refers to a romantic couple. Meaning they’re in a romantic couple’s world.) 

“…” Big brother, this joke is not funny at all, really. The corners of Qin Kaiyi’s lips quietly drew down. .

“En, long time no see, baby.” Clearly not knowing that Qin Kaiyi did not like his corny jokes, Zi Yangpei seemed no different than before entry into the secret realm. He smiled, full of greetings: “How have you been recently?”

ASV Chapter 30: Magic Mirror

After being ridiculed fiercely by Yan Gu, Qin Kaiyi expressionlessly gave up the thought of wanting to take away even a bit of treasure.  He should have known that a stingy person like Yan Gu would never let him take away anything that belonged to Xue Xian. He was previously too naive. 

Suddenly remembering something, Qin Kaiyi turned to look at Shen Feixiao, who was standing beside him. “How long have you not eaten?” he asked softly. If he did not guess incorrectly, since the Hidden Treasure Pavilion appeared up until he fell into the Golden House, Shen Feixiao must not have eaten.  

“Two days,” Shen Feixiao said a little hoarsely, as if he hadn’t had water either.

Hearing the answer he expected, Qin Kaiyi immediately pulled out the remaining food and water from his storage ring and handed it over to Shen Feixiao.

Looking at the food he handed over, Shen Feixiao didn’t take it. He glanced at Qin Kaiyi silently and said dumbly: “Why?”

“Why?” Qin Kaiyi didn’t understand Shen Feixiao’s meaning for a while.

“Why are you so good to me?? Food and water should be the most important things here, if you give them to me, what will you do?” Like an irritated little beast, Shen Feixiao’s voice sharpened to the point that Qin Kaiyi almost felt a headache.

“Because…” Qin Kaiyi really wanted to say to Shen Feixiao: because I reached the fasting period ah dear, no need to eat anymore ah dear, you look very scary ah dear, I was scared to the point that my liver jumped ah…

“If I tell you to eat, you eat.” Somehow, the words stuck in his mouth changed direction, and Qin Kaiyi said in a poor tone: “Where did all this nonsense come from.”

“…” Shen Feixiao gave him that familiar silence. After a while, Shen Feixiao took the food that Qin Kaiyi handed over and ate it in big mouthfuls.

“How long have you been here?” Qin Kaiyi took advantage of Shen Feixiao eating to size up the structure of the Golden House. Although he wanted to knock around here and there and touch many things, in order to maintain his image, he gritted his teeth and held back.

“Two days.” Looking at Qin Kaiyi strangely, Shen Feixiao seemed to want to say something but then hesitated.

“What’s the matter? What do you want to say?” 

“There is no door in this room.” Shen Feixiao always ate fast, and after a while the dried food was all eaten up, but there was still quite a bit of water left in the kettle. He stretched his sleeves out to wipe his mouth, and then returned the kettle to Qin Kaiyi: “If you can’t find the mechanism, you can’t get out.”

“Oh.” Qin Kaiyi didn’t have any special reaction… He didn’t worry about this at all. That guy Yan Gu would never let him die inside.

“Aren’t you worried?” Shen Feixiao’s face was full of doubt.

“Don’t worry.” Qin Kaiyi smiled and squinted: “We can get out.” Hearing this sentence, Shen Feixiao’s expression of doubt became more intense, as if it were asking how to get out.

“Yan Gu, quickly tell me how to get out. If you continue to dither your treasure will be snatched away,” Qin Kaiyi said to Yan Gu.

“What are you panicking about.” Yan Gu’s words came out slowly: “Don’t rush out, let’s watch a show first…”

“What show?” Qin Kaiyi thought that this guy Yan Gu was up to his dirty tricks again.

“Go to the wall on the far right.” Yan Gu laughed aloud: “Put your palm on the black brick.”

“What is it?” Qin Kaiyi’s tone in speaking to Yan Gu was still not at ease.

“You’ll know it when you do it.” Yan Gu was still being deliberately mystifying.

“If something happens to me… don’t even think about getting that thing you want,” Qin Kaiyi threatened. Although he knew that Yan Gu wouldn’t hurt him, he still felt a little uncomfortable. 

“Relax relax, I’m so good to you…” Yan Gu made a pitiful expression with that face, which made Qin Kaiyi’s goosebumps rise.

“I’ll believe you this once.” Qin Kaiyi said with dissatisfaction: “Can you change your face?”

“Change to who?” Yan Gu blinked: “Your little shidi?” As soon as these words fell, his face twisted a bit, and instantly turned from Qin Kaiyi’s face to an unfamiliar handsome man’s face.

“… Who did you change to?” Looking at the frostily handsome face with its distinct angles, Qin Kaiyi felt completely disoriented.

“Your little shidi.” Yan Gu forcibly twisted that face into a wretched expression. “Is it handsome?”

“…Change back to my appearance.” Qin Kaiyi supported his forehead. “Don’t mess with my little shidi.”

“You’re so hard to serve.” Yan Gu said scornfully, and then reluctantly changed back.

In fact, Qin Shi’s face and Shen Feixiao’s face gave distinctly different impressions. Although they both could be called handsome, if their appearances were to be described in words, then Qin Shi would be gentle like jade, while Shen Feixiao came across frigid. One was a modest gentleman, and the other was an indifferent cultivator. Qin Kaiyi was worried that if Yan Gu changed his appearance into Shen Feixiao, it would cast a shadow on the relationship between himself and Shen Feixiao later. He had no choice but to let Yan Gu change back.

“Is this the black brick?” Between words, Qin Kaiyi had walked to the wall that Yan Gu had indicated to him. He looked at the black brick with complex patterns on it and hesitated: “Nothing will go wrong?”

“Definitely, will, not.” Yan Gu replied with abnormal decisiveness. 

“… Then I’ll believe you this once.” Qin Kaiyi glanced at Yan Gu and took a deep breath, before putting his hand on the black brick.

However, the moment he stuck his hand on the wall, Qin Kaiyi knew that he was screwed again by that bastard Yan Gu. How could it be damn okay!! If it was okay, would demonic energy flow from his arm like running water?? If it was okay, would the hand stick on the wall like glue, unable to be unstuck??

“What’s going on here?” Qin Kaiyi angrily roared: “Didn’t you say that it would be fine?”

“Um… this is fine.” Yan Gu stretched out a hand and scratched his head: “It’s just a bit of demonic energy, calm down, calm down.”

“Calm down your sister!” Qin Kaiyi growled. “You lied to me again, Yan Gu!!! I want to kill you!!!”

Not thinking that Qin Kaiyi would react so much, Yan Gu looked awkward. He observed for a while before he guiltily said: “It wasn’t like this before… how could it be, oh!!! I remembered!!!”

“What do you remember?” Qin Kaiyi grumbled.

“The Treasure Pavilion has been buried in the ground for too long, and the available energy it could use is almost used up, so…” “So?” “So it will probably absorb some energy.” “How much is that?” “… I don’t know. ”“ Yan Gu.” “Huh?” “Laozi wants to cover your face in blood.” “…”

Shen Feixiao couldn’t hear Qin Kaiyi’s conversation with Yan Gu, so in his eyes, Qin Kaiyi thought for a while, then walked calmly towards the wall on the right. Facts proved that the mask really was a good thing. If it wasn’t covered by the mask, Qin Kaiyi’s malevolent expression would have long exposed his roaring heart, but now… Shen Feixiao frowned at Qin Kaiyi, who had stuck his hand on a black brick: “What are you doing?”

“…” Qin Kaiyi was still arguing with Yan Gu, and had no time to deal with Shen Feixiao. 

Seeing that Qin Kaiyi didn’t make sense long ago, Shen Feixiao didn’t speak anymore. He sat on the ground like this, looking in Qin Kaiyi’s direction, entranced. So when he discovered that the wall Qin Kaiyi pressed against had become somewhat transparent, Shen Feixiao still seemed a bit blank. He got up from the ground and moved closer to Qin Kaiyi without expression.

“This…” Shen Feixiao stretched out his finger and touched the wall, feeling a hint of coolness. He watched as Qin Kaiyi put his hand on the wall for an extended period of time. Eventually the whole wall actually turned into a block of something akin to a projection, with even a slight hint of sound coming out from it. 

“… What is this?” Qin Kaiyi asked, frowning. Of course, he also hadn’t missed what happened to the wall.

“I already told you to watch the show.” When the wall finally reacted, Yan Gu secretly wiped the cold sweat from his forehead. In fact, he had really made a mistake… He didn’t know that this wall would suck so much of Qin Kaiyi’s energy. If it actually absorbed all of his energy, Yan Gu would really have to cut his losses and find someone else. Fortunately the heavens weren’t unkind, and let Qin Kaiyi survive… 

“You will know if you look closely.” Yan Gu grinned and said: “You will be interested.”

“…” Qin Kaiyi looked suspiciously at Yan Gu, and then at the wall as it steadily become more transparent. He took a deep breath–the wall actually showed the image of Tang Shayun and Yan Buxuan as they passed through the Sword Forest! 

“This…” Qin Kaiyi watched Tang Shayun bring Yan Buxuan’s team along into the Sword Forest, and had a bad premonition in his heart.

“Haha, I didn’t expect this woman to have the Kuisha (T/N: I’m assuming the name of a treasure. Otherwise it’s… crotch cut short… or some random constellation cut short).” Yan Gu watched the “video” with Qin Kaiyi and smacked his lips: “I haven’t had a full meal in a long time…”

“Are they going to die inside?” Qin Kaiyi looked at the team that gradually approached danger and asked Yan Gu.

“Fifty-fifty toss up.” Yan Gu didn’t even care about the lives of these cultivators. He cared more about the treasure that Tang Shayun carried. 

“…” Qin Kaiyi frowned. Although these people had nothing to do with him, he still didn’t want to witness their death with his own eyes. After all, he remembered… the Sword Forest would bring cruel death. 

As expected, Qin Kaiyi soon witnessed the beginning of the killing.

The Sword Forest was composed of thousands of sharp swords hanging in the air. These swords were not ordinary ones, but famous swords that had beheaded countless monsters or cultivators. These swords had been gathered and imprisoned in a large array.  Once someone entered within this array, they would suffer these thousands of swords piercing their hearts. This grand scale could only be accomplished by Xue Xian.

“Under what kind of circumstances can the array be stopped?” Although Qin Kaiyi wasn’t thinking of saving those people, he asked casually… it was always good to be prepared.

“Why, you want to save them?” Yan Gu’s voice was cool.

“… You think too much.” Qin Kaiyi didn’t much appreciate Yan Gu’s attitude.

“Hahahaha… Your entire Xue family is this meddlesome, it’s really…” Yan Gu smiled, but spit out vicious words from his mouth: “nauseating to death.”

“Yeah.” Though Yan Gu said such words to him, Qin Kaiyi wasn’t angry. He stared expressionlessly at the team that had just entered the Sword Forest, his heart suddenly filling with disgust for this world.

Yan Gu was right.

In this world, no one could save anyone.

ASV Chapter 29: Banding Together

Qin Kaiyi, who was behind them, watched Tang Shayun for a long time. He had basically confirmed the identity of Tang Shayun as the transmigrator. However, his biggest problem at the moment was not Tang Shayun, but Shen Feixiao. Shen Feixiao was supposed to have followed Yan Buxuan’s team into the “rest” door.

Where did this bear child hide? Qin Kaiyi thought for a long time and did not come up with a clear answer, so he had to put this question aside temporarily and follow Yan Buxuan to observe the situation first.

After breaking the first simplest mechanism, the team led by Yan Buxuan continued forward. Maybe because the first mechanism was easily taken apart by Yan Buxuan, but everyone’s tightened nerves seemed to have relaxed a bit. The originally silent team began to emit some whispers.

“Stop,” Yan Buxuan suddenly said. After passing through the spacious platform and breaking the mechanism, they quickly came to a somewhat narrow corridor. The width of the corridor wasn’t more than two meters, and only two people could walk side by side. If they were attacked in the narrow space, they would find it difficult to fight back. 

Obviously worrying about this, Yan Buxuan turned to Tang Shayun and said: “Miss Tang, are you sure there is no mechanism in this corridor?”

“Of course.” Answering Yan Buxuan’s words without hesitation, Tang Shayun showed a perfect smile: “Do you doubt my judgment?”

“I wouldn’t dare.” Although he said he didn’t dare, Yan Buxuan made a gesture to Tang Shayun: “Then may Miss Tang explore first.”

“Okay.” Seeming as if she didn’t care about Yan Buxuan’s attitude towards her, Tang Shayun smiled and walked into the narrow corridor without hesitation. Her breezy expression showed her confidence.

Of course she was confident. Although she couldn’t remember some details, she knew exactly what was hidden past this corridor. She also knew that Yan Buxuan was gentle on the surface but crafty on the inside. She was prepared to enter the corridor first by herself. 

Yan Buxuan saw Tang Shayun walk into the corridor confidently, and there was a trace of doubt in his eyes. He didn’t seem to believe that there was really no mechanism in this corridor. He was silent for a moment, and finally said nothing. Following Tang Shayun, he entered the hallway that spread out into the darkness.

Qin Kaiyi saw Tang Shayun walk in so carelessly with a look of surprise on his face. Of course he would not forget too much about the development of the plot like Tang Shayun, after all, he wrote this novel. No matter how vague, he would roughly remember what happened in the “rest” door.

If Qin Kaiyi remembered it correctly… the corridor where Tang Shayun entered would eventually lead to the Sword Forest, a strange place with countless precious swords.

Although it sounded very beautiful, in fact, Yan Buxuan’s team would meet with great disaster because of this corridor and the upcoming Sword Forest. Almost all the powerful disciples would be injured seriously, with some even doomed to die. Qin Kaiyi watched the last person in Yan Buxuan’s team disappear into the corridor, and the doubts in his eyes grew stronger. Was Tang Shayun forgetting this, or was she doing this intentionally? But if she was purposefully setting this up, she herself had deliberately walked in first, so the attack on her should be the most violent… unless she had some way to escape the sword forest attack.

Just as Qin Kaiyi was thinking about this issue, Yan Gu, who had been silent, opened his mouth: “Walk to the right.”

“Ah?” Qin Kaiyi froze: “What is on the right?”

“You shouldn’t be thinking of entering this corridor?” Yan Gu’s mood had not been good since entering the Treasure Pavilion. He silently observed the changes in the Treasure Pavilion, and sighed heavily after a long time: “Xue Xian ah, Xue Xian, as strong as you are, after all is said and done you still can’t escape the cage of time. If the treasure trove was as magnificent as it was then, how could it be possible for these ants to come in and covet in turn? “

Qin Kaiyi listened to Yan Gu’s emotional words  and didn’t answer. He felt that Yan Gu’s words were too delusional–so delusional that he didn’t know whether the world he was in was real or just a novel.

“Go, right side, the third blue brick in the corner, push it in.” Fortunately, Yan Gu didn’t care if Qin Kaiyi responded. He was suspended in Qin Kaiyi’s sea of ​​knowledge, and he recovered that stinky, arrogant look: “Look, the benefits I gave you are very good, but after all, are you really a descendant of Xue Xian?”

“Yeah.” Qin Kaiyi replied without psychological pressure: “I also know that the Sword Forest is behind this corridor.”

“… Really.” Yan Gu frowned slightly: “I didn’t expect that that man, who was so stubborn, would really leave behind descendants… I thought …”

Qin Kaiyi didn’t pay any attention to Yan Gu’s murmurings. He followed Yan Gu’s instructions and walked to the right side of the corridor. Then he squatted down to find the corner of the wall and counted the third blue brick, pressing hard.

Perhaps it was because it was too aged, but the brick didn’t respond at first. It was only after he pressed it three times that something happened–at that moment, Qin Kaiyi suddenly felt that the ground beneath his feet disappeared. Before he could exclaim, he fell directly into the opening under him.

People say that the difference between jumping down from the third floor and jumping down from the 30th floor is that the sound on the third floor is “bam–ahhhhhhh” and the sound on the 30th floor is “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh–bam.” Qin Kaiyi let out an “ahhhhh” for a long time but after a while this long wail still hadn’t come to an end. It was when he began to suspect that he had fallen into a bottomless hole that his body seemed to be blocked by something, slowing down until it hit a golden-bright and dazzling ground. 

Due to the high speed of his fall, Qin Kaiyi’s face was white like a ghost. If not for the mask covering his face, his embarrassment would be seen by others. Fortunately, Yan Gu’s mask allowed Qin Kaiyi to retain that last bit of mystery. When he raised his head and saw someone who was supposed to be following the main plotline sitting before him, expressionless, he stubbornly swallowed the shout suppressed in his throat.

“Shen Feixiao, why are you here?” Qin Kaiyi felt he a little dizzy. 

“I don’t know.” The current Shen Feixiao didn’t change much from five months ago. The only difference may be that the Shen Feixiao in front of him cut a very sorry figure. Not only were his clothes covered with mud, even his face was dirty. 

“… Forget it.” Qin Kaiyi stood up from the ground without trying to court a snubbing–he knew that he could never compete with Shen Feixiao in terms of facial paralysis. As a normal person, that would be too difficult. 

“Huh, this place is pure gold? Yan Gu? Where is this?” Qin Kaiyi observed the surrounding environment curiously, and found himself in a place like a study. In this room, there were not only desks and ink brushes, but also a few tall bookcases filled with books… Well, probably the only strange thing was that everything in this room was golden, including the books.

“For you it’s cheap.” Yan Gu snorted coldly: “This was Master Xue Xian’s favorite place. It’s called the Golden House. Everything in it is a treasure. If I didn’t see that you and Xue Xian have a good relationship, I wouldn’t tell you how to enter.

“… all treasures?” Qin Kaiyi immediately thought of something: “Can I take one or two?”

“Of course.” Against Qin Kaiyi’s expectations, Yan Gu actually demonstrated abnormal generosity. He narrowed his eyes and laughingly said: “As long as you have the ability, you can take whatever you want.”

“Really? Really?” Qin Kaiyi was instantly excited–he knew that the things in the treasure trove were all precious, even if they were not treasures, these items made of gold were valuable enough!!

Although he was very excited in his heart, Qin Kaiyi slightly suppressed the excitement because Shen Feixiao was still present, so he calmed down and said: “Did you touch anything in here?”

“No.” Shen Feixiao answered very simply.

“Oh?” Oops, I didn’t expect my son to be so upright. With a small sigh in his heart, Qin Kaiyi’s mouth twitched a wretched arc, but the mask covered his expression. If this expression was seen by Shen Feixiao… then he would definitely be seen as a vulgar uncle. 

En, but it’s not good to be too upright, so many good things… how can you hold back… Huh? Looking at the brush that could not be picked up, Qin Kaiyi’s complexion turned dark … how could this brush not be moved?

“Hahahaha you idiot, everything in this room weighs tens of thousands of pounds, you want to take them away with your little arms and calves?” Exposing his nasty expression, Yan Gu laughed: “You are really an idiot hahahaha… “

Qin Kaiyi ground his teeth with hatred. F*ck his sister, Yan Gu just lied to him. Now he dared to use his own face to make fun of him,  that was just looking for death!!!

“Yan Gu, do you think it’s fun?” Qin Kaiyi’s voice was soft and gentle, like a teenage boy whispering to his lover.

“Ah… it’s all right.” Without knowing why, Yan Gu’s felt a bit regretful when looking at Qin Kaiyi’s expression… 

“I also think it’s fun.” Qin Kaiyi showed a gentle smile.

“Hehe…” Yan Gu laughed twice: “Actually, I was making a joke… don’t mind.”

“Well, I don’t mind.” Qin Kaiyi cracked his mouth open to reveal neat and white teeth: “Do you know my mood is not good now?”

“Ah? What do you mean?” Yan Gu didn’t quite understand what Qin Kaiyi wanted to say.

“I’m in a bad mood, and I don’t like disturbances. Especially when I have to enter some ‘injury’ door. It’s, really, too, hateful,” Qin Kaiyi said word by word.

“Ah?” Yan Gu was dumbfounded for a moment, and hurriedly said: “Qin Shi, I’m kidding, do you need to be so petty? Hey, say something? Are you really angry?? Why are you stingier than a woman ah, isn’t it just a joke? Hey, hey, you’re really ignoring me? Qin Shi? Qin Shi?”

Qin Kaiyi, who was said to be more stingy than a girl, wanted to say that she was in a bad mood–very bad!!!

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ASV Chapter 28: The Transmigrator Arbitrarily Entered

Yan Buxuan led the way into the Treasure Pavilion and brought with him someone waiting to enter as well. Qin Kaiyi followed him secretly at the back. Although he trusted in the secret method Yan Gu gave him, he still didn’t dare to fully trust it. On the off-chance that he was discovered, he didn’t believe that Yan Buxuan would be happy to see him. Furthermore, now another transmigrator inexplicably emerged. Observing in secret was obviously the best choice.

Once the “rest” door opened, the pillar of light that originally reached the sky disappeared. After Qin Kaiyi snuck in silently, he kept a safe distance from Yan Buxuan and his team. He quietly Tang Shayun, but did not find any particular oddities. Although Qin Kaiyi suspected that that “transmigrator changing the plot” should be Tang Shayun, he had no conclusive evidence. He also didn’t dare to assume. Furthermore, now the system had given him the mission to prevent that transmigrator from changing the plot… Qin Kaiyi rubbed his chin and thought of two plot points that seemed most important: Shen Feixiao nabbing the Rain-Soaked Bell, and Shen Feixiao and Tang Shayun’s interaction.

But the system explained that he must help Shen Feixiao get the Rain-Soaked Bell, so the only remaining variable was Tang Shuyan, who was currently with Yan Buxuan.

“God… do I need to become a matchmaker?” He grunted. Although there was still some dissatisfaction in his heart, Qin Kaiyi didn’t show it. He reached out and took out the talisman that he had prepared before entering the secret realm. He decided to find Shen Feixiao first and then deliberate.

“Stop.” The group that had originally been moving at full speed stopped when they heard Tang Shuyan’s soft reprimand. They only saw her beautiful eyes turning with a charming brilliance in their depths: “Yang Gongzi, there are mechanisms hidden in front, what do you think we  should do?”

“Mechanisms?” Yan Buxuan glanced with a bit of surprise, but did not ask Tang Shayun how she knew. He pondered for a moment and said: “I don’t know if Miss Tang has any methods?”

“Methods?” Tang Sayun slightly pursed her lips and smiled, “What kind of methods could a weak woman like me have? As an elder of the Ice and Fire Sect, do you have no way to deal with these small mechanisms?”

Having already said so much, Yan Buxuan would seem petty if he continued to evade, so gave a bright smile and cupped his hands in salute: “Since Miss Tang has said as much, then let me do it.” 

After speaking, Yan Buxuan summoned his long sword, and unhesitatingly stepped into the mechanism.

Qin Kaiyi watched quietly in the back, but secretly estimated the time it would take Yan Buxuan to break the array. He remembered that the first mechanism encountered past the “rest” door was the phantom array, and its power was not too great. Yan Buxuan, who was rather strong, should not encounter any problems. 

Tang Shayun saw that Yan Buxuan had begun, and her eyes turned to a Lingshan Sect disciple behind her. She softly asked, “Little shifu, I don’t know if you have a disciple named Shen Feixiao among you?”

The man she spoke to looked no more than twenty. He stared at that pair of beautiful eyes and stammered with a red face: “Tang, Miss Tang, I, I never heard of this name. “

“Oh, really.” Tang Shayun’s eyes suddenly darkened, but then she immediately smiled again: “I heard Yan gongzi say that when you first entered the secret realm, you were scattered due to an accident. How dangerous.” 

“It was all right.” The man obviously didn’t know that Tang Shayun had hidden meanings in her words, and he touched his head with a stupids mile: “Brother Yan is very powerful. Without him, we would have met great harm outside.”

“You are too humble.” Although Tang Shayun was still smiling, the smile did not reach the her eyes. She thoughtfully glanced at the mechanism Yan Buxuan entered, unknown thoughts swirling in her eyes.

Qin Kaiyi, who was hiding behind the team, paid close attention to Tang Shayun’s conversation with the man. When Tang Shayun mentioned the name Shen Feixiao, his heart tightened. It was very obvious… If there was no accident, Tang Shayun was obviously the transmigrator in the  system spoke of. So what did she want to do now?

Not knowing she was being stared at, Tang Shayun looked at the mechanism where Yan Buxuan entered, slightly fascinated.

That’s right, she did transmigrate. She was accidentally pushed down the stairs by her boyfriend, and then inexplicably found herself in a stallion novel that she had read.

This really wasn’t easy. As a fujoshi, she hadn’t read many stallion novels in her entire life. It was just when she was incredibly bored that she carelessly read one once, but then she actually transmigrated into it not long after.

Tang Shayun did not remember how the plot developed very well. What remained in her mind was just a slight impression of the protagonist Shen Feixiao and the villain Qin Shi. As a fujoshi, seeing the protagonist and villain’s bromance was also very exciting… But after discovering that she had actually transmigrated into a stallion novel, such excitement instantly became embarrassment and anger.

As a 21st century fujoshi who always spoke of women’s rights, Tang Shayun felt frustrated panic when she thought that she would have to share one man with so many people. Although she felt pretty good about Shen Feixiao in the book, she had no plans to spend a lifetime with him. With this thought, and relying on her meager level of familiarity with the plot, Tang Shayun quickly embarked on the road of trying to change his destiny.

She held on to some naivete at the beginning, but after seeing her father killing several innocent people with extreme cruel methods, Tang Shayun finally understood her situation–she no longer felt as if she was just reading a novel and looking from the outside. If she died, she would really  be dead.

After understanding this, Tang Shayun finally withdrew her thoughts and put all her energy into cultivation. Tang Shayun’s family was originally famous among the demonic cultivators. She was not stupid. She worked hard to cultivate and soon reached the fasting period, continuing to spend her days like this until her father really asked her to enter the secret realm.

When Tang Shayun arrived in the secret realm under her father’s cover spell, she realized that she had to start the plot. Although she did not remember the specific content clearly, she still vaguely knew that she would meet Shen Feixiao in the secret realm, and would also help Shen Feixiao obtain the most precious treasure in the secret realm–Rain-Soaked Bell.

But Tang Shayun, who already had her own plans, would not be so willing to give such a precious object to Shen Feixiao. She had countless thoughts in her mind, and finally decided that she would get Rain-Soaked Bell, instead of helping Shen Feixiao get it like in the original! When this idea began to occur to her, Tang Shayun was still a little uneasy in her heart. She knew how Shen Feixiao had lived before becoming strong. If she did this she might change Shen Feixiao’s life, or even cause him to die.

However, such anxiety disappeared the moment Tang Shayun saw Yan Buxuan. She looked at Yan Buxuan’s gentle and refined appearance, and couldn’t help but fill out Shen Feixiao’s appearance in her head. She became even more certain in her heart… What she needed was not an indifferent man like Shen Feixiao, but a gentle husband. She wanted a monogamous and lifelong relationship, and couldn’t  accept a harem stallion. 

Having made up her mind, Tang Sayun decided to be cruel to the end. Although she knew that Shen Feixiao was the protagonist of this novel, she subconsciously believed that the real protagonist should be herself… wasn’t she, actually? That was what happened in all other transmigration novels. With this understanding, Tang Shayun took her idea as right and proper. She secretly and seriously recalled the development of the plot, so made a plan–she wanted to get Rain-Soaked Bell.

The team that followed Yan Buxuan was planned by her long ago. It was simple to break the “rest” door, but afterwards she would meet with the mechanisms which were difficult to deal with by herself. In that case, it was better to form an alliance with others to reduce her own pressure. 

So Tang Shayun chose to enter into a deal with Yan Buxuan without hesitation. She received Yan Buxuan’s protection at the expense of telling Yan Buxuan the structure of the mechanisms. This was the first step in the plan. After Yan Buxuan’s team would separate because of an accident, she would find Shen Feixiao to use his luck to enter the inside of the treasure trove, before finally seizing the Rain-Soaked Bell.

But after getting the news that Shen Feixiao was not in Yan Buxuan’s team, Tang Shayun knew she had miscalculated. She was now very confused about what caused Shen Feixiao to veer away from the  plot. She had one guess that she most wanted to avoid… this world had more than one transmigrator. 

Fortunately, Yan Buxuan had stepped into the mechanism at this time, so she wasn’t worried about him seeing her abnormal expression. Tang Shayun, whose irritation slightly rose, sighed softly and decided to take it step-by-step. If there were other transmigrators, then she could only pray–the transmigrator had better be a man. If it were a woman, and that woman got closer to Shen Feixiao than she was, then she didn’t know how twister her own plotline would later become.

Just as Tang Shayun thought about these issues, the mechanism in front of her emitted a huge noise. Afterwards, clouds of dust rose from the ground. 

“Yang Gongzi.” Unexpectedly, Yan Buxuan finished so quickly. Tang Shayun’s face wore her habitual soft smile: “Coming  out so fast, you really deserve to be an elder of the Fire and Ice Sect.”

“You’re welcome.” Somehow, his expression was calm and casual, as if he hadn’t just broken through that mechanism. He said in a tight tone: “Miss Tang, let’s continue.”

“Okay.” Tang Shayun nodded slightly, then whispered: “Then let’s continue.”

ASV Chapter 27: Rain-Soaked Bell

(T/N: the title is that of a famous poem which depicts lovers parting.The poem is infused with longing, descriptions of scenery and experiences changing with time, and the lingering mood dwelling within at these changing sights and circumstances. The author of the poem uses restrained prose to express his sorrow at the uselessness of bright and fine days without someone to share them with.) 

Facts have proven that the protagonist’s halo truly defied the natural order of the world. The cave where Shen Feixiao was located was actually the entrance to the Hidden Treasure Pavilion. When the originally smooth ground suddenly swelled up, Shen Feixiao did not understand what happened. However, after all the dust settled, Shen Feixiao found that he had entered the secret realm (T/N: think author meant to write “treasure pavilion”).

What kind of luck was this? After Qin Kaiyi learned what happened to Shen Feixiao, he deeply sighed again at how the protagonist was a kind of unnatural existence. Even entering a cave could lead to such good encounters.

But at the moment Qin Kaiyi was not in such a good mood. Although he knew that Shen Feixiao was not dead, he still worried about the safety of Shen Feixiao. After all, there were hidden mechanisms everywhere in the treasure trove, and in one moment of carelessness one could fall into damnation without hope of reprieve. 

After the Treasure Pavilion rose completely, Qin Kaiyi began to rush towards it silently. As the author of this book, Qin Kaiyi naturally knew what would happen in the Treasure Pavilion. In fact, it was simple: nothing more than killing and seizing treasure, along with a scheduled program of betrayal and running away. The Hidden Treasure Pavilion was like the Eight Trigrams ( It had a round shape, and its middle was separated using an array. The most precious treasure of heavenly materials laid in the center–the Rain-Soaked Bell. 

Although the name sounded unusually gentle, this Rain-Soaked Bell was not a decent thing.

This treasure was birthed from the hands of Lingshan Sect’s ancestor Xue Xian, and had a poetic name but was steeped in blood. Its shape was light like sand (T/N: not sure how a shape can be light, these are the actual words), and it looked like a cyan muslin cloth from afar, with an intoxicating aroma. No matter how one looked at it it wouldn’t be associated with killing.

But this seemingly gentle and beautiful weapon was made from the souls of dozens of powerful cultivators in the Returning to Void stage.1 These still conscious souls were placed into a parasite jar2 along with a mythical soul-sucking spider. After waiting for tens of millions of years for that spider to finish absorbing all those souls, the silk produced by that spider was made into a cloth not even three chi (T/N: one-third of a meter) long. 

Although it sounded like nothing special, how could Xue Xian’s method stop here? Qin Kaiyi was already unable to remember certain details about the Rain-Soaked Bell, but he still clearly knew how horrible the weapon that was about to fall into Shen Feixiao’s hands was. And this wouldn’t be the only thing Shen Feixiao picked up in the secret realm… In fact, to Qin Kaiyi, the most important thing Shen Feixiao received in the secret realm was a person’s friendship. 

Yes, a friendship.

After entering the Treasure Pavilion, Shen Feixiao would meet the second woman in his life–Tang Shayun. The origins of this woman were not ordinary. She not only had a natural demonic body, but she was also the daughter of the sect head of one of the most brutal demonic sects. She would help Shen Feixiao a lot in the future. Thinking up to here, Qin Kaiyi’s heart felt a bit sour… Well, he had to admit that he was a little envious of Shen Feixiao’s excellent luck.

According to the original novel, Shen Feixiao secretly followed the Lingshan Sect team into the treasure trove. Qin Kaiyi didn’t know how great the difference between the changed plot and the original was, but he was still a bit worried. He was most afraid of the butterfly effect. His knowledge of the plot was his greatest bargaining chip. If the plot suddenly changed, Qin Kaiyi could not bear the consequences.

When Yan Gu saw the huge building in front of him, he was silent and didn’t chat back and forth with Qin Kaiyi again. That face that was exactly the same as Qin Kaiyi’s, yet somehow many times more seductive, held a contemplative expression. After a while, he said to Qin Kaiyi: “How are you planning to enter?”

“Me?” Qin Kaiyi reached through the mask and touched his nose. “Do you have any good suggestions?”

“I do, but I’m afraid you won’t listen.” Yan Gu’s expression held a touch of mockery.

“Tell me and let’s see.” Qin Kaiyi frowned. No matter how he looked at it, Yan Gu’s face was not pleasing… Couldn’’t Yan Gu change it?

“I know a secret passage.” Yan Gu pretended not to see Qin Kaiyi’s discomfort: “You can reach the inside of the Treasure Pavilion through that secret passage. After that, as long as you follow my instructions, you’ll have no trouble getting my thing.” 

“No.” Qin Kaiyi flatly refused: “I’m worried about my shidi.”

“I knew it.” Yan Gu sneered: “You still care a lot about your little shidi. How come, he has something you want?”

“Yes, this was discovered by you.” Qin Kaiyi didn’t hide it, and directly said to Yan Gu: “You should be very familiar with the hidden mechanisms in the treasure trove? You help me find the little shidi first, then I’ll accompany you to the ‘injury’ door to get what you want, how about that? 

“Though that is something I can do,” Yan Gu’s voice was lazy, “don’t think of using me to find treasures. The things in the treasure trove are all Xue Xian’s. I don’t want to be a villain.”

“Relax, I’m not interested in those.” Qin Kaiyi said with interest: “It seems that you have a good relationship with Xue Xian?”

“Good my ass.” There was an indistinct blush at the base of Yan Gu’s ears. “Are you going or not, in the time you spend dithering even your shidi’s bones might disappear.” 

“En.” Qin Kaiyi flew directly towards the entrance of the Treasure Pavilion.

At this time, suddenly eight orange beams of light emerged from the ground on all four sides of the Treasure Pavilion. The beams of light seemed to extend all the way to the originally dark and cloudy sky, illuminating it. Flying high above, Qin Kaiyi observed the layout of the Treasure Pavilion. He decided to go to the “rest” door within the “life” door first. If he proceeded without incident, then he should be able to find Shen Feixiao.

Having determined his goal, Qin Kaiyi made a hand seal  and flew towards the beam of light where the “rest” door was. He was not afraid of others discovering his traces, because after practicing the secret method given to him by Yan Gu, he rarely worried about being discovered by righteous cultivators. 

The entrance of the “rest” door was not too far away from where Qin Kaiyi set off from. Qin Kaiyi arrived at his destination in a few breaths of time. Instead of rushing to find Shen Feixiao, he first found a place to hide.

Unexpectedly not much time passed before a cluster of people wearing Lingshan Sect and Ice and Fire Sect uniforms came flying over. Qin Kaiyi took a closer look and found that the leader was actually the person who had hit him and made him faint when he first came into the secret realm–Yan Buxuan. 

Yan Buxuan didn’t find Qin Kaiyi hiding in the dark. He led a group of disciples, cast a solemn glance at the “rest” door in front of him,  and then turned his head to a woman wearing tsing (T/N: meaning either blue or green or black) clothes to say: “Miss Tang, this is the ‘rest’ door you spoke of?”

Huh? There seemed to be something not quite right? Hearing Yan Buxuan’s words, Qin Kaiyi clearly felt something was wrong.

“It’s here.” The woman who spoke wore a tsing-colored gown with veined patterns across it, with an immortal phoenix imprinted on the back of her wide skirt, bright as spring flowers. The jet-black luster of her fine hair was simply bound up in a flying cloud topknot (T/N: a hairstyle worn by ancient Chinese women), and a few cloud and phoenix gold hairpins randomly adorned her hair, making those gleaming strands seem even more lustrous. 

“Then Miss Tang, after you.” Yan Buxuan still had that gentle and refined appearance, without even a hint of a flaw.

“En.” The girl in the tsing-colored robes raised her arm slightly, and just like that drew a formation in midiar. 

Looking at the scene in front of him, Qin Kaiyi was completely dumbfounded. Who is this woman called Tang?? According to the plot of the novel, shouldn’t they break the formation hard through brute force? What was this baffling situation?? And he didn’t see Shen Feixiao’s figure at all… had the story changed?

Before Qin Kaiyi could even think “of course,” he saw that with the woman’s movements, the tightly  shut door actually shone with a blue light. 

“The next step I’ll leave to Yan gongzi (T/N: gongzi = son of a noble/official).” The woman was covered with a thin layer of sweat, smiling and looking at Yan Buxuan standing behind her: “Please.”

“Miss Tang, are you sure there won’t be any problems?” Yan Buxuan obviously didn’t trust her.

“Of course.” The girl smiled: “This Tang Shayun will always do what she says she will. So Yan gongzi, don’t forget your promise.”

“Of course.” Yan Buxuan nodded slightly, and gave an order to the disciple behind him: “Break through!”

At this time, Qin Kaiyi was completely befuddled. When he heard the woman’s self-reported name, he felt that he had landed in a terrible illusion. She said that she was Tang Shayun?? Is she crazy or is he himself crazy?? Why did Shen Feixiao’s harem member appear in front of Yan Buxuan, and it even looked like their relationship was not bad?? 

The more Qin Kaiyi thought the more his expression distorted. He really didn’t know what the plot had become. In the novel Tang Shayun was a demonic cultivator, but Yan Buxuan met her and actually didn’t directly try to stab her to death… 

While Qin Kaiyi was still entangled, Tang Shayun, Yan Buxuan, and his team had easily broken through the formation. Qin Kaiyi didn’t know exactly what kind of technique Tang Shayun had used to open the “rest” door. The heavy casualties and injuries that should have occurred did not, and Yan Buxuan easily took a team of disciples into the treasure trove.

Qin Kaiyi frowned tightly, just when he felt completely confused, the system prompt sound that had been screwing him all along actually gave him the answer: [System prompt: Please prevent the transmigrated person from changing the plot; help Shen Feixiao get the Rain-Soaked Bell; 50% progress will be deducted for failure; prevent the transmigrated person from changing the plot; help Shen Feixiao get the Rain-Soaked Bell; 50% progress will be deducted for failure.]

… Transmigrated person? Changing the plot? Qin Kaiyi instantly understood what was happening… If the system wasn’t wrong, then the one named Tang Shayun might be someone else who had transmigrated?



This chapter was difficult to translate. So many references to ancient poems. So much flowery language. Endless amounts of strange cultivation terms…

  1. The author doesn’t really specify any rankings of cultivation stages so far. All we know is that Qi Refining is first, then foundation-building, then fasting. We know that Nascent Soul is below Ascension as well. We don’t know where Return to Void sits among these stages.  
  2. The jar for a legendary venomous insect, supposedly created by putting many venomous insects within the same jar and waiting to see which one survives after consuming the rest. 

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ASV Chapter 26: Rain and People

When the second rainfall arrived, Qin Kaiyi knew that the hidden treasure pavilion was about to open.

He sat in a dark, cold cave and transformed spiritual qi into demonic qi bit by bit. The secret method given to him by Yan Gu was very useful. So far he didn’t leak any demonic qi, but somehow Qin Kaiyi felt that Yan Gu’s tone of speech was a little guilty, as if he was hiding something. Despite Qin Kaiyi’s questioning, Yan Gu wouldn’t loosen his lips. Helpless, Qin Kaiyi had to let this matter go temporarily.

He had been away from Shen Feixiao for nearly five months. He found a decently hidden cave for himself and began to peacefully cultivate. The speed of righteous cultivation could not be compared with that of demonic cultivation. In only five months, Qin Kaiyi easily broke into the fasting period. Unlike righteous cultivators, for whom entering the fasting period seemed to almost trigger visions of the Heavenly Tribulations (T/N: trials that cultivators encounter at key points in their cultivation. Since cultivation goes against the heavens, the heavens will send down tribulations to oppress powerful cultivators. Cue lightning bolts striking at the cultivator, etc.), demonic cultivators could enter their fasting periods without fanfare. Qin Kaiyi started to wonder if he actually broke through. When he realized that he didn’t need to eat, he recognized that he really had.

The rain lasted a full month. Qin Kaiyi knew it would from the beginning, so he was not in a hurry. He wore a golden mask on his face and a gray robe on his body, looking at the endless rain outside the cave mouth with a clear heart–he had actually forcibly squeezed out a bit of that immortal daoist aura. 

Since entering the fasting period, Qin Kaiyi’s frame of mind changed quite a bit. Like sand filtered by a sieve, he would no longer be as irritable and confused as before, and he once again solidified his greatest objective in his heart–to go home. 

Five months were too short for a righteous cultivator. In the blink of an eye, time elapsed as quickly as running water. When Qin Kaiyi woke up to reality, he even had the illusion that he had just slept. However, the unique talisman  in the storage ring told him that he was really not dreaming–he was truly in the secret realm, and half a year had already passed. 

The food in the ring was almost all consumed, but Qin Kaiyi had reached the fasting stage and no longer needed that food. Although he didn’t need to eat, Qin Kaiyi somehow got addicted to alcohol. If he didn’t drink on any given day, he would find it hard to endure. He hadn’t brought much alcohol in the storage ring, so he quickly drank all of it. Qin Kaiyi’s formerly relaxed nerves finally tensed up—he had to leave the secret realm earlier. Days without drinking wine were really not meant for humans to bear.

But just when Qin Kaiyi made up his mind to leave the secret realm as soon as the exit opened,  as if unsatisfied with his laziness, that system sound that had disappeared for a while sounded again: [System Reminder: Please help Shen Feixiao leave the secret realm safely, to fail is to be obliterated, please help Shen Feixiao leave the secret realm, to fail is to be obliterated.】

Qin Kaiyi was stunned the moment he heard this voice. He thought he was having a hallucination. However, as if it knew what Qin Kaiyi was thinking, that disgusting reminder sounded again in his ears. [System Reminder: Please help Shen Feixiao safely leave the secret realm, to fail is to be obliterated. Please help Shen Feixiao leave the secret realm, to fail is to be obliterated. 】

“Fuck me.” Qin Kaiyi smiled bitterly, as if he had fallen from heaven to hell.

“It seems that it’s really impossible not to wade in those muddy waters,” Qin Kaiyi sighed deeply. He knew that the system would definitely not let him live happily…

“Yan Gu, are you there?” After calling out in his sea of knowledge, Qin Kaiyi saw an orange flame gradually gather in front of him.

“What’s the matter?” A lazy voice answered him. Yan Gu had been very low-key for the past five months, probably to save energy for their trip to the soon-to-be-opened Treasure Pavilion. He even spoke less to Qin Kaiyi. 

“Which door of the Treasure Pavilion is the treasure you want in?” There were eight doors in the Treasure Pavilion: open, rest, life, death, shock, injury, closed-door, and bright. Every door had within it a rare treasure. But of course, for Qin Kaiyi, if he was lucky enough, he would directly help Yan Gu find his thing and then go to watch Shen Feixiao.

“Injury.” Yan Gu answered Qin Kaiyi’s question, but soon he noticed something wrong about Qin Kaiyi’s discourse: “How do you know there are eight doors in the treasure trove?”

Qin Kaiyi didn’t answer Yan Gu’s question. He wasn’t in a good mood. How could he find the will to accompany this wraith who’d been locked up for thousands of years?

“Who are you after all? How do you know these things!!!” In stark contrast to Qin Kaiyi’s calmness, Yan Gu was like a cat whose tail had been stepped on; his voice was sharp and completely devoid of his usual unperturbed manner. 

“You are noisy.” Qin Kaiyi said coldly.

“… What is your relationship with Xue Xian?” Thinking that he seemed to have grasped some important clues, Yan Gu’s voice was hoarse: “Qin Shi, don’t ignore my words!!”

“What will happen if I ignore you?” Suddenly thinking of teasing Yan Gu, Qin Kaiyi raised his eyebrows.

“Do you really think I can’t move you?” That voice suddenly became cold. The flame originally only having the outline of a human instantly condensed into the appearance of an actual person. That person wore a fiery robe, but the expression on his face was as cold as ice and frost. Garishly beautiful bright red hair flew about though there was no wind, and red lotus patterns spread along his neck to his face.

Qin Kaiyi jumped with fright at Yan Gu’s sudden action, but when he calmed down, he was shocked to find that the person in front of him actually looked exactly like himself!

“Why do you look the same as me?” Qin Kaiyi asked, not daring to believe this development.

“He, I was originally only a flame, without my own appearance. Now that I’ve adopted your look, you can take that as a compliment.” Yan Gu sneered using the same face as Qin Kaiyi. He lifted up his right hand and snapped his fingers. That previously pitch-black sea of ​​knowledge instantly changed into an endless sea of ​​fire. Qin Kaiyi actually felt as if his soul had been burned by this imaginary sea of fire. 

“Only your shizu Xue Xian and thousand-year-old monsters could know about the hidden treasure pavilion in this secret realm. Boy, if I were you, I would frankly speak to suffer less pain.” Yan Gu changed his former scatterbrained disposition, unexpectedly using Qin Kaiyi’s originally gentle mien to forcibly make such a treacherous expression. 

“… Are you threatening me?” Qin Kaiyi narrowed his eyes and smiled: “You’ve actually guessed my identity.”

When Qin Kaiyi said this sentence, his heart was pounding. Although he knew that Yan Gu wasn’t to be trifled with, he didn’t expect that offending him this time would lead to this incident. But he wasn’t too worried because, from Yan Gu’s every move, he could basically see that Yan Gu and Xue Xian had a good relationship. So he might as well deceive him with that.

Yan Gu naturally didn’t know the scheming in Qin Kaiyi’s heart. His face changed instantly after he heard Qin Kaiyi’s words. After a long time, he tremblingly said, “Are you… a descendant of Xue Xian?”

Qin Kaiyi didn’t answer, he was creating space for Yan Gu’s imagination…

“I didn’t expect it.” That skyrocketing imposing manner subsided. Yan Gu shook his head and smiled bitterly: “I waited for him for tens of thousands of years, but didn’t expect that in the end he would never come. Now I have seen his descendant. It can count as a resolution to my worry… but since you are his descendant, why is your surname Qin? “

“Oh, this is a long story.” Qin Kaiyi hadn’t sketched out his lie beforehand. “In the past, I heard my mother say that our ancestor’s surname was Xue. This change of surname is just to avoid a disaster.”

“Is that so?” Yan Gu’s eyes dimmed, but then immediately his tone changed: “That’s not right, if circumstances are like this then how can you know about the hidden treasure pavilion. Xue Xian would never pass this information on to future generations. Where did you find this out? “

At this moment, Qin Kaiyi really wanted to answer: this book was written by Laozi, how do you think Laozi knows?? Of course, the bit of remaining reason he had left made him resist the impulse to roar. He took a deep breath and was planning to keep bullshitting Yan Gu, when he heard a loud noise.

The earth-shakingly loud noise seemed to come from underground, and it made Qin Kaiyi’s ears somewhat numb from its vibrations. He cast his eyes outside the cave and saw a circular building break out of the ground. Its appearance was like that of a suddenly awakened giant creature, making people have no choice but to quake. 

Qin Kaiyi admired the sight for a while and then his face went white. He stuttered: “Hey, I, I say Yan Gu, you, you, do you remember where the cave Shen Feixiao is living in is?”

“It’s just ahead.” Yan Gu was bemused.

“… Hehe.” Qin Kaiyi uttered an awkward laugh softly: “The cave has been leveled, would the person inside still be alive?”

“Well, the answer to this question is obvious.” With a face modeled exactly after Qin Kaiyi’s, Yan Gu revealed a brilliant smile suited for a Virgin Mary. He said softly: “He must die.”

“…” Hearing this, Qin Kaiyi’s expression became even uglier. Fine, now he could only send hope to the beautiful protagonist halo on Shen Feixiao’s head… Hey, by the way, Qin Kai suddenly remembered something and let out a sigh of relief. Shen Feixiao was definitely okay, because if Shen Feixiao really had an accident… then the first one to be killed was himself.

Since there was no sound from that obstructive system, it meant that Shen Feixiao should be fine… right?

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ASV Chapter 25: Mistake

Shen Feixiao didn’t know what was wrong with him. After Qin Kaiyi went out, he began to cultivate. However, he didn’t know why, but his originally clear state of mind experienced intense fluctuations.

The eggplant was aware of Shen Feixiao’s abnormality, and it circled around Shen Feixiao anxiously. It knew what happened to Shen Feixiao’s body, but couldn’t speak the human language. It could only pace around Shen Feixiao, squeaking. 

Shen Feixiao sat on the ground, frowning tightly. His originally calm spiritual power became like scaldingly hot boiling water, rolling around in his dantian. The pain from this out-of-control spiritual force had Shen Feixiao involuntarily letting out a painful moan. He gritted his teeth fiercely, and soon bright red blood spilled from the corner of his mouth.

It was extremely difficult to break through the Qi Refining Stage to the foundation-building one.

The originally limited sea of qi continued to expand under the impact of spiritual force, and the meridians in the body could not bear the huge spiritual energy infusion, and even showed signs of damage. To some extent, Shen Feixiao’s luck this time was not good. 

“Mountain Cloud Notes” was originally a practice that went against the natural order. It described a method for gathering auras, which was enough for an ordinary cultivator to practice in even those places that had the lowest amount of spiritual energy. In the Lingshan Sect, because Shen Feixiao lived in place without much spiritual qi, he didn’t feel that anything was wrong. However, after Shen Feixiao entered the spiritual energy-rich secret realm, the power of Mountain Cloud Notes was finally revealed.

Not even half a month had passed, and Shen Feixiao actually rose to the foundation-building period from the Qi Refining period. However, the speed with which he broke through was too great, so that the instability in his foundation was hidden.

And this hidden danger revealed itself completely when Shen Feixiao was about to break through.

Out of control spiritual energy attacked Shen Feixiao’s state of mind, causing it to fall into chaos. Opening a pair of bloodshot eyes, Shen Feixiao suddenly smelled a strange fragrance which pulled his precarious mental state back from the edge of the cliff.

What was this smell? Why was it so fragrant? What actually was this… scent. With such thoughts, Shen Feixiao pushed up from the ground, stumbling to follow the wisps of that scent. 

The sound of water. Shen Feixiao, who stood on the shore, looked silently at the person bathing in the river.

The man’s body could not count as robust, but he was definitely neither thin nor weak. He had a firm physique and stood tall and straight. That skin was very white, but not wan–more like a warm jade, from which a kind of faintly flowing brilliance emitted. That slender body was a lot taller than his own, and clear water slid down the shoulders, flowing along a gracefully-shaped spine and finally reaching a pair of lovely buttocks.

Shen Feixiao never thought that his vision could be this good. Standing in the grass and looking at Qin Kaiyi from afar, he was bewitched for a while. Sluggishly staring at the person bathing in the limpid river water, he silently swallowed his saliva–how fragrant.

Originally having calmed down a little, Shen Feixiao’s mental state was broken the moment he saw the person in the river turning around. A golden mask firmly rested on the face of the man, but the beautiful lotus pattern etched on the mask seemed to bring a touch of exotic enticement. That pretty and flirtatious appearance instantly had Shen Feixiao losing his reason. 

Shen Feixiao couldn’t remember what happened afterwards; with only a rough sense from his chaotic memory… he seemed to have done something he shouldn’t have.

When he woke up, Shen Feixiao found his stiff body lying on a soft mat. He didn’t know where the masked man got these things. Of course, the most important issue now was obviously not this…

“Are you awake?” Qin Kaiyi was in a bad mood. He sat beside Shen Feixiao, his voice low.

“…” Shen Feixiao’s body stiffened further, but he didn’t answer Qin Kaiyi’s question.

“Don’t pretend, I know you’re awake.” Qin Kaiyi frowned slightly: “If you woke up then get up.”

“… En.” Lowly replying, the Shen Feixiao who knew he was in the wrong climbed up from the mat silently. He looked up at the masked person on the opposite side, and his eyes were immediately attracted to the wound on his neck. 

“What are you looking at.” Qin Kaiyi found out what Shen Feixiao was looking at, and said unhappily: “Look again and I’ll dig your eyes out.”

“Oh.” Shen Feixiao lowered his head again.

“…” Seeing Shen Feixiao’s stubborn appearance, Qin Kaiyi didn’t know what to say anymore. He struggled for a while, but still spoke. “Give me your hand.”

Shen Feixiao showed a puzzled expression, obviously not knowing what Qin Kaiyi meant.

“Give me your hand!” Qin Kaiyi’s mood became even worse. He really wanted to squeeze Shen Feixiao’s neck and vigorously shake it to see what kind of thoughts were actually contained in this dull gourd of a head. 

“Oh.” Obediently stretching his hand out to Qin Kaiyi, Shen Feixiao went silent again. 

“Alas.” Sighing heavily, Qin Kaiyi suddenly felt that he was becoming more and more like a stay-at-home dad. He looked at Shen Feixiao’s expressionless face and suddenly felt the impulse to pinch it. Of course, Qin Kaiyi did not make this impulse a reality…

Squeezing Shen Feixiao’s wrist a little bit and investigating, against all odds it seemed that Shen Feixiao had reached the foundation-building period. Within half a year, he went directly from an ordinary person to a foundation-building cultivator. Even Qin Kaiyi himself had no choice but to lament at how frightening the existence of the protagonist’s halo was. 

But now was not the time for his lament. Qin Kaiyi slowly probed a wisp of spiritual power into Shen Feixiao’s hand, and it followed Shen Feixiao’s meridians to his dantian.

Checking out Shen Feixiao’s situation, Qin Kaiyi frowned again. 

… What was with Shen Feixiao’s dantian? Qin Kaiyi felt more and more surprised as he investigated–Shen Feixiao’s dantian had turned into a whirlpool-like existence. Qin Kaiyi’s bit of spiritual power was absorbed immediately after entering and disappeared. Cold sweat emerged on his forehead. Qin Kaiyi didn’t dare to study this phenomenon further, and hurriedly withdrew his spiritual force.

Shen Feixiao looked at Qin Kaiyi’s worriedly frowning expression and wanted to say something, but he held back again. (T/N: he is still wearing his mask, perhaps the mask can make expressions). 

“You’re fine.” Qin Kaiyi was still at a loss with regards to Shen Feixiao’s body structure. He thought that since Shen Feixiao’s meridians hadn’t been hurt too much, there shouldn’t be too many problems.

Hearing Qin Kaiyi’s words, Shen Feixiao lowered his head and embraced the eggplant that had been squatting beside him. He pet the eggplant’s fur and began to fall into a daze. In fact, starting from when the masked person began to speak, his eyes did not move from that neck. That bright red bite mark made Shen Feixiao’s indifferent heart unable to calm down; it was so dazzling that he was unable to ignore it. 

Qin Kaiyi naturally didn’t know about Shen Feixiao’s confusion. What had happened had given him a not-so-wonderful idea. 

“Who really are you?” Shen Feixiao glared fixedly at Qin Kaiyi’s masked face, as if to stare a hole into it: “Why are you helping me?”

Qin Kaiyi gave Shen Feixiao a blank expression, too lazy to entangle with him again on this issue… he was now thinking about a more serious issue.

“Shen Feixiao.” Qin Kaiyi finished deliberating, and his voice was clear when he said: “I should go.”

“What?” Shen Feixiao didn’t react for a while: “You want to go?”

“En.” This was the result of Qin Kaiyi’s deliberations. He knew that Shen Feixiao was about to enter the hidden treasure trove to obtain items, but he didn’t have any interest in throwing himself into those muddy waters. If he hadn’t made a deal with Yan Gu, he wouldn’t even enter that treasure house. 

“Where are you going?” Shen Feixiao hugged the eggplant more tightly: “Why are you leaving?”

“Why should I stay?” Qin Kaiyi impolitely responded, “What do you think I’m here for?”

I thought you were here to protect me. Shen Feixiao didn’t say this out loud. He looked at those black eyes that peered out from behind the mask, and suddenly he couldn’t say anything. The masked man was the first person to be unconditionally good to him. Although this goodness might be mixed with other purposes, like a chick who’d seen its mother after just breaking its shell, Shen Feixiao for some reason just couldn’t let go of this pair of hands which protected him.

“You have to become strong.” Qin Kaiyi said this very sincerely. He knew that Shen Feixiao had no choice but to become stronger. In the following days, Shen Feixiao would undergo countless tests. These tests were abnormally cruel, but that didn’t matter; he believed that Shen Feixiao could definitely stand at the top of this world.

“Become strong?” Shen Feixiao numbly repeated Qin Kaiyi’s words.

“Yes, become strong.” Qin Kaiyi nodded seriously: “Only if you become strong can you really get what you want. Only when you become strong, can you not be stepped on by others. Understand?? “

“…” Shen Feixiao didn’t nod or shake his head, and he did not answer Qin Kaiyi’s question, but Qin Kaiyi could see Shen Feixiao’s meaning from his eyes–he understood.

“I’m leaving.” Qin Kaiyi softened his tone a bit, and he said: “In fact, I came to the secret realm only planning to see you. The rest is up to you.” 

“You knew that Qin Shi would send me in?” Shen Feixiao revealed his disbelief.

“…” Qin Kaiyi didn’t know what to say, he couldn’t actually tell Shen Feixiao that he was Qin Shi now could he?

“I get it.” Shen Feixiao’s voice was very soft, so soft that Qin Kaiyi’s heart inexplicably felt some fear: “Leave then.”

“En.” Qin Kaiyi did not stay in the end. Although Shen Feixiao’s reaction gripped at his heart, he could not stay. Today Shen Feixiao may only suck his blood, but who knows whether tomorrow Shen Feixiao would eat his flesh? He was not the protagonist. Without that ineffable halo, if he wanted to live, he had to think about his own insignificant life anytime and anywhere. 

Even though Shen Feixiao made him worried, Qin Kaiyi still had no choice–he had to leave.

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ASV Chapter 24: Beautiful Misunderstanding

When he saw Shen Feixiao, Qin Kaiyi relaxed. He frowned and looked at Shen Feixiao, who was standing still on the shore, questioning: “What’s wrong with you?”

“…” Shen Feixiao looked at Qin Kaiyi without expression, not answering his question.

“… Hey.” For some reason, Qin Kaiyi felt a strange ill feeling from looking at Shen Feixiao. He glanced at the clothes next to Shen Feixiao and said coldly: “Shen Feixiao? What are you doing? “

“…” Still silent, Shen Feixiao’s eyes stayed on Qin Kaiyi. A thread of gloomy purple light flashed through them. 

Qin Kaiyi didn’t try to talk to Shen Feixiao again. He walked a few steps to the shore, trying to pick up the clothes that were placed there.

“What are you doing?” With his wrist caught in a strong grasp, Qin Kaiyi looked at the expressionless Shen Feixiao. He felt a little scared.

Maintaining his silence after hearing Qin Kaiyi’s inquiry, Shen Feixiao glanced at him and a trace of bewilderment slid through his eyes. However, that doubt was immediately buried by dense purple.

“Let go!” Although he noticed that something was wrong with Shen Feixiao, he couldn’t figure out what was behind it. Qin Kaiyi shook off Shen Feixiao and draped his upper garments over his shoulders. He was too lazy to care for whatever craziness Shen Feixiao was up to now. 

“… How fragrant.” A slight voice sounded behind him. Before Qin Kaiyi could react, Shen Feixiao pushed him to the ground. He didn’t know where such strength came from; Shen Feixiao actually used one hand to trap Qin Kaiyi’s hands above his head. That always expressionless face revealed a bit of distortion. 

“Shen Feixiao you are looking for death!” Shen Feixiao had taken him by surprise and he was caught unprepared. Qin Kaiyi quickly reacted, and he said with humiliated rage: “You fucking let me go!”

“… Wu.” Shen Feixiao ignored Qin Kaiyi’s frantic anger. He lowered his head and buried it in Qin Kaiyi’s neck, twitching his nose from time to time, looking as if he was searching for some kind of smell.

“Shen Feixiao!!!” Seeing Shen Feixiao ignoring his words directly, Qin Kaiyi was completely frightened. He bent his knees, thinking to hit Shen Feixiao’s abdomen with one, but was easily avoided. Shen Feixiao’s breath on his neck raised goosebumps all over his body–how did he not previously discover that Shen Feixiao had the potential to engage in homsexuality ah!!

“Why are you being crazy!! Shen Feixiao I’m telling you! If you still won’t let me go, just wait and see!!” His changed voice was originally very low, but now it became scarily sharp, like he was a cat whose tail had been stepped on. Qin Kaiyi struggled hard to get away from Shen Feixiao’s head that was sticking against him.

“… Really fragrant.” The fair and slender neck swayed in front of him. That strange smell made Shen Feixiao’s entire person feel fuzzy. After a while, unable to bear the attraction of the fragrance, Shen Feixiao opened his mouth wide and bit Qin Kaiyi’s neck. 

This bite didn’t bring with it any teasing or other actions. Shen Feixiao ’s behavior at this moment was more like a hungry beast. Due to excessive force, Shen Feixiao quickly broke through Qin Kaiyi’s skin and filled his mouth with the rusty flavor of blood. Bright red and warm blood flowed into his mouth through his teeth, and the hint of strange fragrance contained in it made Shen Feixiao unable to stop.

“Ah!!” Qin Kaiyi instantly screamed at the bite. He stiffened his body and dared not move. He felt like he was like a piece of meat, about to be eaten alive by Shen Feixiao. His lips were trembling. Qin Kaiyi painfully said: “Shen Feixiao why are you being insane, let go of Laozi!!! Fuck!!!”

Shen Feixiao naturally ignored Qin Kaiyi’s pained cry. He relaxed the bite on Qin Kaiyi’s neck slightly, but then licked none-too-gently, lapping the spilled blood into his mouth little by little.

“… Fuck.” Qin Kaiyi couldn’t help but swear; he was trembling all over now. Originally, he hadn’t had time to put on clothes because he was just taking a bath. Now he was pressed down and harshly bitten by Shen Feixiao, in a way that suggested that the one above him wanted to take his life. He gasped and was just about to say something to Shen Feixiao, when from his sea of knowledge came Yan Gu’s voice full of schadenfreude.

“Boy, you are going to be eaten alive.”

“What?” Qin Kaiyi froze for a moment, not understanding what Yan Gu meant.

“Natural demonic body… Hahahaha, your blood is a wonderful thing for demonic cultivators. Of course, it is also a good supplement for the immortal cultivator.” Yan Gu’s tone was very gentle, but what he said made Qin Kaiyi dumbfounded.

“What? Do you mean he is sucking my blood?” Qin Kaiyi took a few deep breaths, a bit disbelieving.

“Nonsense, otherwise do you think he is doing it?” Yan Gu’s reaction to Qin Kaiyi was very disdainful.

… I thought he was greedy for my beauty, cough. Qin Kaiyi’s old face was red, but he was even more angry after a moment of embarrassment. Shen Feixiao, you have no conscience, Laozi is willing to be your cannon fodder, but you won’t even let Laozi’s blood go, are you human?! Do you have any humanity?! En?!! … Qin Kaiyi would never admit that these roars had an element of humiliated rage.

After figuring out what Shen Feixiao was doing, Qin Kaiyi was not calm. He took a breath and started to struggle hard. After all, previously the worst result was that he would lose his virginity…… Now the worst case was being sucked dry of his blood while alive… this difference was a bit big, haa.

A little irritated by Qin Kaiyi’s renewed struggling movements, Shen Feixiao reached up and pinched Qin Kaiyi’s neck with merciless strength.

F*ck me, why is this bear child so powerful!!! After being pinched his vision directly went black, and Qin Kaiyi clenched his teeth and pinched the emerald green bracelet worn on his wrist… Shifu, I’m sorry to you, *crying noises* … I actually used the bracelet for the first time on Shen Feixiao, I’m ashamed to face your expectations of me!!!

The bracelet Qing Xuzi gave him really did provide a boost. After Qin Kaiyi vigorously pinched it, in a short moment a green light appeared, directly flicking Shen Feixiao from his body.

Only then could he take a break to breathe. Qin Kaiyi’s shaking hand touched the bloody flesh of his bitten neck. Without even having taken his first breath, he wished to directly return a bite to Shen Feixiao!!

“Shen Feixiao you bastard!” First he found his clothes and put them on his body, then he smeared the medicine on the scary wound on his neck. When he finally returned to his normal state, Qin Kaiyi only then noticed that Shen Feixiao was still lying motionless on the ground after being shot back by the green light.

“… Shen Feixiao?” Removing his defensive cover, Qin Kaiyi walked hesitantly over to Shen Feixiao, but he dared not reach out to help him: “What’s wrong with you?”

Shen Feixiao didn’t answer, continuing to lie on the ground without even exhibiting the steady movement of breathing. 

Obviously something wasn’t right. Qin Kaiyi pondered for a moment and soon made a guess. If he wasn’t wrong… then baby Shen Feixiao broke through to the foundation-building level. Because there was no one at his side to nurse him, his qi and blood reversed flow and so he acted as he had just now. 

Although he already had a rough answer, Qin Kaiyi still did not dare to entrust Shen Feixiao to his care. He clearly knew how “Mountain Cloud Notes” was in defiance of the natural order. If both he and the protagonist were in the foundation-building period, he likely wouldn’t be Shen Feixiao’s opponent. If he got bitten again, he stood to lose a lot. 

But should he just leave Shen Feixiao lying here? Qin Kaiyi still felt painful heat from where he was bitten. He inhaled and squatted beside Shen Feixiao. He reached out and poked Shen Feixiao: “Hey, are you dead?”

“…” Shen Feixiao didn’t move.

“Don’t joke.” Qin Kaiyi said lightly: “Your protagonist halo is still on your head.”

“…” Shen Feixiao continued to be motionless.

“Then I’m leaving.” Qin Kaiyi stood up and appeared to really want to turn around and leave..

But before even taking a few steps, he slowly turned around and walked back. He looked at Shen Feixiao lying on the ground silently and sighed heavily: “Forget it… who asked you to be my dear son, ai!!! “

Saying that, Qin Kaiyi stepped forward and took Shen Feixiao into his arms, walking towards the cave with a resigned expression.

When he entered the cave, Qin Kaiyi saw the sleeping sable eggplant lying lazily by the fire. Somehow, he saw a strange look in the eyes of that eggplant, as if it was saying… how did you come back?

“Why can’t I come back?” Qin Kaiyi said uncomfortably to the eggplant, looking a bit unhappy: “What do you mean by your disdainful expression towards me?”

The eggplant licked his paw, appearing too lazy to pay attention to Qin Kaiyi. The fire that had just diminished in Qin Kaiyi’s heart exploded out again.

After he put down Shen Feixiao, he pointed directly at the eggplant and scolded: “You brute (T/N: also means domesticated animal), don’t think because Shen Feixiao spoils you, you should be pleased with yourself. I tell you, even if Shen Feixiao is my own son, I won’t send myself to him to be eaten, I still have to go home. If you dare to provoke me again, I will pull your skin off to make clothes, and not even Shen Feixiao would be able to save you!! “

“Zhi.” Giving a small cry, the eggplant turned his butt to face Qin Kaiyi without a care…

“… I really want to go home.” Qin Kaiyi, who saw this scene, suddenly felt wronged and had the impulse to cry bitterly. Since he came to this world… he never even knew how to write the word “dignity.” Your mom, even a domesticated animal dared to despise him… *crying noises*…

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ASV Chapter 23: The Rain Stops

The following days could be said to be the most peaceful that Qin Kaiyi had experienced in this world. There were no chrysanthemum-tightening system sounds, he didn’t have to think about how to bother Shen Feixiao every day, and even his cultivation problems were solved. Qin Kaiyi, who felt like he was drinking wine, wanted to say that life was very good.

Of course, although life was beautiful, there were one or two inadequacies–the mask that was still firmly attached to Qin Kaiyi’s face, and Yan Gu not letting out a sound since Shen Feixiao came. This made Qin Kai Yi always feel like he had a lump in his heart. No matter how happy he was, Qin Kaiyi was still a little worried about whether the mask would affect his normal life. However, after stuffing something into his mouth, Qin Kaiyi would forget about this problem dangling over his heart. 

This mask of Yan Gu’s wasn’t a real object, but more like a 3D projection. Although this wasn’t immediately apparent, if he used his hands to touch the mask, his hands would directly pass through the mask and reach his face. 

Shen Feixiao was also clearly curious about how Qin Kaiyi could eat, so when he first saw Qin Kaiyi pass food through the mask and directly into his mouth without any obstacles, his expression twisted a bit… Qin Kaiyi looked at the expression on Shen Feixiao’s face and was very satisfied. Your mom, who asked Shen Feixiao to have a paralyzed face all day long; he didn’t have any youthful vitality at all!

The downpour outside went on for seven days. During this time, Shen Feixiao finally put down his guard against the masked man. Although seven days was not too long, it was enough to judge whether the masked man had any harmful intentions. Shen Feixiao didn’t know what the masked man really wanted from him, but judging from the current situation, he had nothing to lose.

On the day when the rain stopped, Qin Kaiyi woke up early. He crawled up from the ground and walked out of the cave. The jungle bathed by heavy rain exuded a fresh earthy smell. Because the rain poured for too long, the ground became muddy, and there were small puddles everywhere.

Qin Kaiyi observed the situation around him for a while. He felt that he could not understand the secret realm with the common sense he applied to normal geography. After all, the terrain of the jungle was very flat, but even after seven days of rain, there was no rise in water level. 

Qin Kaiyi had good luck and managed to find a hare not far from the cave. After a lot of effort, he caught the hare without using spells. The rain stopped, and he was looking for food. Since the rain stopped, it wouldn’t just be humans looking for food. There were also those spirit beasts who hated the rain and other creatures. With a layer of concern in his heart, Qin Kaiyi picked up the rabbit and walked away.

When he reached the cave, Shen Feixiao had also woken up. At this time, he was sitting on the ground and cultivating. The eggplant squatted beside Shen Feixiao. Those purple grape-like eyes were wetly spinning around, and he didn’t know what the creature was thinking. 

Seeing Shen Feixiao cultivating, Qin Kaiyi didn’t bother him. Instead, he walked to the side of the cave to peel the rabbit’s skin and bleed it out. After cleaning it, he stuck it on a stick and returned to the cave to roast it with fire.

If you just put nothing else on the rabbit and placed it over the fire, the taste wouldn’t be good, but Qin Kaiyi was obviously prepared. 

He slowly took out the spice that he had long prepared from the storage ring and smeared it on the rabbit, layer over layer.

Well, in fact, to a certain extent, this trip to the secret realm was like an outdoor cookout for Qin Kaiyi…

The gradually deepening rich fragrance of the rabbit made Shen Feixiao open his eyes. When he saw the rabbit in Qin Kaiyi’s hand, he was surprised, and then his brows slightly wrinkled: “How many weird things did you bring?” “

… For those who enter the secret realm only for magic weapons, spices were indeed strange things… Qin Kaiyi really couldn’t be the protagonist. Qin Kaiyi resisted the urge to cover his face, pretending to be calm: “Why is it strange to take care of basic needs? “

Shen Feixiao didn’t speak anymore. He touched the eggplant which became agitated because of Qin Kaiyi’s use of the storage ring and stared at the fire pit in a daze. 

The roasted, brightly golden rabbit meat exuded a tantalizing smell. Qin Kaiyi saw that the rabbit was cooked and gave half of it to Shen Feixiao. He watched Shen Feixiao take the meat and gnaw it silently, bending the corner of his mouth a bit in his good mood.

They hadn’t eaten anything fresh for a few days, and the feeling of finally eating a big meal was beautiful. Qin Kaiyi quickly nibbled half of the rabbit clean and looked at Shen Feixiao who was still chewing slowly, laughing: “Tastes good?”

“En.” Consistently pithy, Shen Feixiao slightly nodded his head.

Qin Kaiyi was now accustomed to Shen Feixiao’s silent ways. He looked at his greasy hands and thought about it: “I’m going out, you do as you please.”

Shen Feixiao nodded again. He didn’t care much about what Qin Kaiyi was going to do. The eggplant sitting next to him showed a curious look, and its gaze which stuck to Qin Kaiyi could not be pulled off. 

Qin Kaiyi didn’t care about the eggplant’s reaction. He stood up and walked directly towards the river… Yes, he was going to take a bath. He felt like his whole person was moldy from staying in the cave for seven days. The rain finally stopped, and he certainly couldn’t let this opportunity pass. Since the recent rain meant there would be no shortage of water in his surroundings, he wouldn’t have to worry about encountering dangerous spirit beasts coming to the river to drink water.

Walking to the river, Qin Kaiyi observed the surrounding scenery, and then surreptitiously took off all his clothes except for the mask on his face that could not be removed…

The clear river water was still a bit cold, and Qin Kaiyi carefully dipped his body in, letting out a comfortable sigh… It was too nice to take a bath when tired, it would be better if it was a hot bath… Of course, he couldn’t ask for too much. Just having water was enough.

“Wu.” Qin Kaiyi splashed water on his face. As expected, the water directly poured onto his skin, passing through the mask directly.

“It’s really strange, what is this mask?” Qin Kaiyi murmured to himself softly. 

“You are the strange one.” This lowered voice showed how bad of a mood the master of the voice was in. The Yan Gu that had disappeared for seven days appeared again in Qin Kaiyi’s sea of ​​knowledge: “You dare to practice demonic cultivation and live with an immortal beast; I think you are tired of living. “

“Ah?” Qin Kaiyi was stunned by the sudden sound in his head, but quickly reacted: “How come you appeared again?”

“… You!” Yan Gu expressed extreme dissatisfaction with Qin Kaiyi’s amazed tone. He ridiculed: “You dare to be close to the ancient immortal beast, but fortunately your body’s demonic qi isn’t so heavy. If you practiced a few more days, maybe I could think about finding someone else.”

After listening to Yan Gu, Qin Kaiyi finally recalled an important attribute of the eggplant… its favorite food was demonic matter. Demonic matter included a wide range of things–not only demonic beasts, but also the demonic qi on the bodies of demonic cultivators. Of course, for ordinary demonic cultivators, the biggest threat the eggplant posed was absorbing all of their bodies’ demonic qi. But Qin Kaiyi was different, he had a natural demonic body!! Thinking of this, Qin Kaiyi’s face instantly turned white.

“If I were you, I would stay far away from the one named Shen Feixiao. I have only seen cats chasing mice, and have never seen mice running in front of cats waiting to be caught.” With the same arrogant tone and a trace of irritability, Yan Gu let out a voice that showed that his mood was obviously not very good.

“…” Qin Kaiyi was silent. He lowered his head and looked at the clear bottom of the lake, and only opened his mouth after a long while: “I understand.”

“If you understand, then good.” Yan Gu was finally satisfied.

“Well, since I won’t stay with Shen Feixiao anymore, then there is even less of a need to find treasures.” Qin Kaiyi pretended to say to himself: “Seems like I should find a cave to hide in soon and just wait for the secret realm’s exit to open.”

“What??” Yan Gu heard this and was struck dumb immediatley, “You’re not looking for treasures?”

“What is there to find.” Qin Kaiyi’s tone was lazy: “Letting others find out that I demonically cultivate, isn’t that just seeking my own death?” 

“… That.” After a long silence, Yan Gu gritted his teeth like he was giving up: “If you help me find what I need, I will teach you a way to hide your demonic qi, how about that?”

“Oh? Do you have a way?” Qin Kaiyi knew that the mask on his face was unusual.

“Of course.” Yan Gu sneered: “Otherwise, why wouldn’t the ancient immortal beast find my whereabouts?”

“Your method has no side effects?” Qin Kaiyi was still a little worried.

“Of course not.” Yan Gu answered very firmly. In fact, the secret method still had one or two side effects. Of course, these side effects were really irrelevant to Yan Gu.

“Okay.” Qin Kaiyi agreed to his first deal with Yan Gu, not knowing that he was about to jump into a deep hole.

In fact, Qin Kaiyi was already a little worried about the leakage of demonic qi when he practiced the demonic skills assigned to him by Zi Yangpei. He had not yet planned to leave the Lingshan Sect. It would of course be best if he could stay undiscovered, but even if he was found out it was actually fine… anyway, he would have to experience being found out sooner or later.

Just as Qin Kaiyi thought about his future problems, his sensitive hearing suddenly caught a sound coming from behind him. His eyes were cold and he turned and scolded: “Who!”

There was a tremor in the grass. After a while, a person dressed in the Lingshan Sect’s Taoist robes slowly walked out of a pile of grass not far from Qin Kaiyi. Qin Kaiyi relaxed: “Shen Feixiao, what are you doing hiding there?”

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ASV Chapter 22: Eat

After their conversation, Qin Kaiyi and Shen Feixiao fell silent and still, and the rushing sounds of the rain made the whole cave feel unusually peaceful.

Qin Kaiyi sat next to the fire, absent-mindedly observing the curtains of droplets outside the cave. His relaxed body became a little drowsy because of fatigue. He pressed his hand against his temple, thinking to wake up a bit. Using his peripheral vision to sweep his gaze over at Shen Feixiao, he discovered that the person beside him had actually dozed off. 

Not easy, not easy at all… This scene in front of him completely drove away his urge to sleep. Qin Kaiyi looked at Shen Feixiao with fascination, watching his head dip from time to time as he attempted to continue propping it up. Qin Kaiyi felt his mood inexplicably brighten.

Qin Kaiyi didn’t speak, but added fuel to the campfire. Shen Feixiao’s behavior was too unlike that of a 12-year-old child’s. One could only see the shadow of a child’s likeness in him when he was injured or fatigued. Qin Kaiyi couldn’t help but remember Shen Feixiao’s reaction after he himself heavily beat him. He sighed lowly, watching Shen Feixiao sleeping against the wall and squinting, eventually falling asleep. 

“Really not cute.” Muttering to himself in a small voice, Qin Kaiyi took out some clothes from his storage ring, before walking over and covering Shen Feixiao’s body. The eggplant sleeping in Shen Feixiao’s arms squinted as Qin Kaiyi walked over, and then he opened his eyes and looked at Qin Kaiyi. After he discovered that Qin Kaiyi was not malicious, he closed his eyes and continued to sleep. This was indeed an immortal beast. Qin Kaiyi tsked and increased his own vigilance, thinking that the spirit beast could qualify as a police dog. 

Shen Feixiao frowned a little when the clothes fell on his body, but he quickly relaxed. After entering the secret realm, he had been tense without pause. After being rained on and finally eating something, his strength and body somehow wouldn’t hold on any longer. Although he had expressed skepticism to the mysterious man who suddenly appeared in front of him, he made one conclusion that was good enough… this person would not hurt him. 

It didn’t matter if the other just regarded him as a toy or had other intentions. Shen Feixiao knew that the masked man wasn’t looking to harm him. With this understanding, Shen Feixiao finally relaxed and entered into a deep sleep. 

Qin Kaiyi saw Shen Feixiao fall asleep. Although he was tired now, it was obviously an unwise choice for both of them to fall asleep in such a dangerous jungle. He thought for a bit and then fished out a small bottle of wine from his storage ring, drinking mouthfuls of it until he finished. 

It has been almost half a year since he came to this world. If he said he didn’t miss home that would definitely be false. Qin Kaiyi couldn’t change this fact no matter how free and easy he acted on normal days. He missed home; he really missed it. 

He missed the spicy and numbing fish cooked by his father, the nagging of his mother that he once hated, and his own disastrously messy little room. In his past world, Qin Kaiyi never had to worry about losing his life, not to mention the disgusting sound of the system prompts.

After thinking for a while, Qin Kaiyi shook his head vigorously. He knew that this wasn’t the right time to be sentimental. Using the time that Shen Feixiao was sleeping, he could study what Zi Yangpei had given him. 

So Qin Kaiyi first took out one of Zi Yangpei’s rare books. He carefully read the contents, and then let out a sigh of relief in his heart. It seemed that demonic cultivation was not as difficult as he had imagined.

He didn’t know if the books Zi Yangpei gave him were special or if demonic cultivation was always like that, The book elaborated on the difference between spiritual qi and demonic qi, and gave a method for converting spiritual qi into demonic qi. After thinking for a while, Qin Kaiyi realized why the difference in cultivation speed between regular cultivation and demonic cultivation would be so vast. 

You could make the following analogy: think of spiritual qi as beans. Regular cultivation was like using a grindstone to finely grind beans, separating the soy milk from the dregs clearly. Therefore, the spiritual qi cultivated would be rich and pure. Demonic cultivation on the other hand was like using an electric pulverizer. You directly threw the beans in and let the machine messily grind everything up, then threw the result into a net to filter out the residue. This kind of method was like a shortcut, but was clearly not as stable and safe as regular cultivation. If one wasn’t careful one could have too many impurities in his spiritual qi, and in later stages be unable to raise his cultivation. 

And demonic cultivation also had a more serious problem… heart demons. Unlike righteous cultivation, demonic cultivation’s heart demons were extremely dangerous. Because the speed of cultivation would be too fast, the mind would be unstable. The strength of the body would increase quickly, but the soul would not keep up. 

Of course, these problems would not matter for people with naturally demonic bodies.

Those with natural demonic bodies did not need to worry about the impurities contained in their spiritual power. Their bodies were natural filters, which would automatically parse out harmful impurities. Their souls were also very special. They didn’t need to worry about undergoing qi deviation due to heart demons. Their bodies (T/N: the text has ** instead of bodies. I assumed from context clues this should just be his body, and not his chrysanthemum or something) and their souls were like connectors, both sides would conduct a natural transformation between them. The issue of one side outpacing the other would never occur. 

Having figured this out, Qin Kaiyi was in a much better mood. He began to try to transform the spiritual qi already stored in his body into demonic qi. Of course, he only tried a little for his first time, and then Qin Kaiyi quickly found out–the speed of demonic cultivation was really fast!!

The pressure he had had in his chest alleviated at once. Qin Kaiyi breathed a sigh of relief. It shouldn’t be a problem for him to reach the fasting period within a year, um… but Zi Yangpei’s poisonous insect in his body, where was it? He just checked the area around his dantian (T/N: located two inches below the navel, the dantian can be thought of as “qi focus flow centers”) and didn’t find anything unusual. 

When Shen Feixiao opened his eyes, he saw the clothes on his body. The gray clothes had the faint smell of Chinese honey locust, which made him feel unusually warm. He turned his head and saw the masked man sitting at the mouth of the cave.

The masked person seemed to be cultivating. The eyes exposed from the mask were tightly closed. His long black hair trembled a bit in the wind blowing from the cave’s opening. That person’s entire being seemed to resemble a rock in its solidity and coldness. 

The eggplant in his arms seemed a little uneasy somehow. It kept moving around in his arms, looking as if it wanted to step forward but also seeming hesitant. Shen Feixiao looked at the eggplant and then said quietly: “What are you doing?”

Startled by the sudden sound, Qin Kaiyi opened his eyes and found that Shen Feixiao had already woken up, and the clothes he had put on him were placed beside him: “Are you awake?”

“En.” Somewhat uncomfortably glancing at the clothes that were set aside, Shen Feixiao said: “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Qin Kaiyi felt that Shen Feixiao’s little bit of shyness was very cute: “Are you hungry?”

“No.” Shen Feixiao ate the dry food given by Qin Kaiyi before going to sleep. Naturally, he wouldn’t be hungry at this moment. He held onto the irritable-looking eggplant in his arms and looked at Qin Kaiyi: “What are you doing?”

“It’s nothing.” Obviously, he didn’t intend to answer Shen Feixiao’s question. Qin Kaiyi noticed the abnormal behavior of the eggplant, and there was a faint answer in his heart: “What is your current cultivation period?”

“It seems to be at Qi Refining.” Shen Feixiao was not sure: “You can’t see my cultivation level?”

“Nonsense.” Qin Kaiyi answered in a not-so-good tone: “You can practice  ‘Mountain Cloud Notes,’ how can I see it.”

“Oh.” Shen Feixiao said nothing again.

“Continue to practice, give yourself six months to reach foundation-building.” Qin Kaiyi’s tone made it seem like he was not joking.

“… Is that possible?” Shen Feixiao’s expression was hesitant, apparently not convinced that the task Qin Kaiyi doled out could be completed. Indeed, it seemed really impossible for a disciple in the Qi Refining period to upgrade to foundation-building in half a year. 

However, those kinds of limitations applied only to passers-by and cannon fodder. For Shen Feixiao with the protagonist halo on his head, this was simply too easy!! Although Qin Kaiyi thought so, he couldn’t say that, so after a pause, his expression collapsed: “Naturally it’s possible, as long as you don’t waste Mountain Cloud Notes I gave you.”

“Okay.” Shen Feixiao would never refuse to become stronger. He knew that only by becoming stronger would he be truly respected and get what he wanted, and he would never have to care about what others thought

“Shen Feixiao.” Qin Kaiyi’s voice was deep and hoarse: “I hope you will not let me down.”

Shen Feixiao didn’t answer Qin Kaiyi’s words, but his eyes gave Qin Kaiyi an answer. He was never a person who would let others down.

The sable writhing in Shen Feixiao’s arms stared with its pair of purple grape eyes at Qin Kaiyi. Its gaze made it seem like the sable wanted to chew a few holes into Qin Kaiyi’s body. After the conversation between Qin Kaiyi and Shen Feixiao, its eyes narrowed into slits. There was a clever look in those eyes, and no one could think that that gaze was only that of an animal’s.

Qin Kaiyi figured out a way to demonically cultivate, and he solved the problem of the difficult Shen Feixiao. At this moment, he was secretly ecstatic, so he ignored the strangeness of the sable. He also forgot a terrifying attribute of ancient immortal beasts–their favorite food was… demonic matter.


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