ASV Chapter 81

Qin Kaiyi felt like he was going crazy. 

Since that day, his mental state had become quite poor. Although that voice that sounded in his mind that day did not reappear, Qin Kaiyi could hardly forget those poisonous words.

Kill Shen Feixiao, kill him… then you can go back.

What on earth should he do? The unsolvable problem before him sunk Qin Kaiyi’s mind into dangerous conditions. 

“Shixiong, won’t you eat more?” Looking at the mostly untouched food on the table, Shen Feixiao’s brow finally wrinkled: “You already haven’t eaten for a few days.”

“En.” Qin Kaiyi absent-mindedly responded, seeming to have not heard what Shen Feixiao said. 

“…Is your body uncomfortable?” It had been two months since the day when the Gu was given. Shen Feixiao saw that Qin Kaiyi gradually became more and more haggard, and he felt as if he didn’t know where to start. 

“En, have a bit of a headache.” Qin Kaiyi glanced at Shen Feixiao without expression, and then stopped talking.

“…” Shen Feixiao didn’t know how to comfort Qin Kaiyi, because he clearly understood what problem troubled Qin Kaiyi. After a moment of silence, he said, “Drink some porridge. Not eating like this, your body will collapse.”

Qin Kaiyi ignored Shen Feixiao. He felt as if his head was like a pot of boiled water. Aside from leaving this world, he didn’t have any other thoughts. 

Seeing Qin Kaiyi ignoring him, Shen Feixiao didn’t force the issue. He looked at Qin Kaiyi becoming more thin and pallid by the day, and his heart was not shaken at all–how would it be? The person whose heart softened first would be consigned to eternal damnation. 

Laying on the bed, Qin Kaiyi stared at Shen Feixiao for a long time, so long that he saw a strange illusion and blurted out: “Shen Feixiao, do you love me very much?”

“…” Shen Feixiao stilled upon hearing this, seemingly not expecting Qin Kaiyi to ask this question. He paused for two seconds and answered Qin Kaiyi’s question: “Shixiong hopes that I love you?”

“If you really love me, kill me.” Qin Kaiyi’s entire person was foolish; he didn’t realize that he was saying such universally shocking words: “Shen Feixiao, if you really love me… Just kill me.”

When Shen Feixiao heard this sentence, his expression immediately twisted. The hand he hung at his side curled into a tight fist, and his lips pursed into a line. That appearance made it seem as if he wanted to fiercely beat Qin Kaiyi up. 

But in the end he refrained and exhaled a little. Shen Feixiao smiled almost helplessly: “Shixiong, if it must be like this… I would rather not love you.”

“Oh.” After getting Shen Feixiao’s answer, Qin Kaiyi stopped talking. He buried his head in his blankets and did not want to talk to Shen Feixiao again.

Qin Kaiyi’s childish behavior and language made Shen Feixiao’s eyes dim. He had put the Rain-Soaked Bell on Qin Kaiyi’s wrist. It stood to reason that no outside influences could affect Qin Kaiyi’s thoughts…

But what was this current situation?

Of course, Shen Feixiao could never know… that there was also a mental illness in this world called depression.

It was reasonable to say that Qin Kaiyi’s incoherent, abrupt, brainless, and incomparably strange temper made it unlikely for him to have such a sophisticated illness, but unfortunately after he was done by Shen Feixiao and shut in a room… meeting with such circumstances, anyone with human feelings would end up in a terrible state. 

More’s the pity that Shen Feixiao didn’t have such excellent medical accomplishments. He looked at Qin Kaiyi’s lifeless appearance and felt uncomfortable, but he couldn’t find a solution for a while. Looking at the present state of affairs, he could guess that the only way to make Qin Kaiyi happy would be to kill him. 

“You leave ba, I want to be alone.” Qin Kaiyi’s tone was depressed, and he shrunk into the blankets.

“…” Shen Feixiao got up and left without saying anything. He knew that there was no hurry at this time. Moreover, Qin Kaiyi had to make a choice. Shen Feixiao was afraid that he would need more time. 

Hearing the sound of Shen Feixiao leaving, Qin Kaiyi’s head came out of the blankets. His white long hair spread out on the bed, coupled with his bleak expression, showed a distressing frailty. 

“…Ah, it couldn’t be that I’ll spend the rest of my life like this.” Qin Kaiyi started his daily routine of talking to himself again: “…If it goes on like this… I might as well… die.”

Those suffering from severe depression would not only be in low spirits, but would also be world weary and have suicidal tendencies. 

“… How long has it been since I last saw you, making you become like this?” A familiar voice suddenly sounded in Qin Kaiyi’s ear. Qin Kaiyi paused in a momentary daze, but felt little interest and closed his eyes–maybe it was his own auditory hallucination.

“Hey, Qin Shi, are you deaf?” The person who spoke saw Qin Kaiyi not responding, and helplessly said: “Fancy Yan Gu, that guy, specially went to find me, but you react like this?”

“Can you not speak?” Qin Kaiyi blocked his ears anxiously: “If you don’t speak, will you die?!”

“…” Someone was speechless.

“No way, I say, have you really been imprisoned into stupidity by Shen Feixiao?” The quilt that Qin Kaiyi used to cover his face was pulled off, and Wei He, who appeared in Qin Kaiyi’s room, didn’t know whether to laugh or cry: “… Then will you still leave with me?”

“Wei He?” Qin Kaiyi’s eyes suddenly lit up when he saw Wei He, but he quickly recovered his dim gaze: “What are you doing coming here? You aren’t afraid of Shen Feixiao?”

“…Ah, I’m not afraid of that. You should know that the basic skills of our Hehuan Sect are very solid.” Wei He was particularly confident in his stealth skills. “… What’s wrong with your hair?”

“…” Qin Kaiyi lifted his eyelids and glanced at his own white hair, then said lazily: “Ate too many vegetables.”

“…?” The corners of Wei He’s mouth twitched. 

“Yan Gu didn’t tell you that I’ve been given the Feng Shen?” Qin Kaiyi felt abnormally irritable when talking to people. He hit open the hand holding his quilt: “You go, I won’t follow you.”

“Why?” Wei He thought that the feeling Qin Kaiyi gave off was particularly strange: “What in the world is wrong with you?”

“I won’t leave.” Qin Kaiyi didn’t answer Wei He’s question. He felt that his chest was locked in the bite of large jaws, and he couldn’t breathe: “If I leave won’t I have to come back.”

“…Qin Shi? Are you actually?” Wei He looked at Qin Kaiyi with eyes full of confusion. 

“Leave with your fucking Qin Shi, who the fuck is called Qin Shi!!! I’m not Qin Shi!!!” It wasn’t clear what nerve Wei He had touched, but Qin Kaiyi crazily rushed up from the bed and wanted to beat Wei He. However, his power had been sealed, and Wei He easily blocked him and grabbed his two hands. 

“I’m not Qin Shi, who is Qin Shi… Who is Qin Shi… I’m not Qin Shi…” Qin Kaiyi bit Wei He’s shoulder, expression malevolent to the extreme. 

“Fine fine, good boy, you are not Qin Shi.” (T/N: translated 乖 as “good boy,” it literally means “obedient.” Generally used as a term of affection and comfort for children). Although Wei He had been bitten by Qin Kaiyi, he no longer held that skeptical attitude he had just had towards Qin Kaiyi. As he stroked Qin Kaiyi’s back trying to calm him down, he comforted him with words: “Don’t be afraid, I will take you away…”

“Shit, shit.” As if he had completely collapsed, Qin Kaiyi cried tears which slid along his cheeks and fell on Wei He’s shoulders. Qin Kaiyi opened his mouth, sobbing and crying: “What should I do… Wei He… what should I do…”

Shen Feixiao… what on earth did he do to you? Wei He looked at Qin Kaiyi’s despairing appearance, and felt discomfort in his heart. He knew that Shen Feixiao had an obsession with Qin Kaiyi, but he didn’t know how deeply this obsession had hurt Qin Kaiyi. 

“…I want to go home, I really want to go home.” Murmuring, Qin Kaiyi closed his eyes and slept, leaving Wei He alone with a suffering expression. 

“I say, it couldn’t be that Shen Feixiao really didn’t give you meat ba.” He turned and glanced at the wound on his shoulder that almost showed bone. Wei He sucked in a breath and said: “… Actually biting so viciously, I say Shen Feixiao, what on earth did you do to your shixiong?” 

“It’s none of your concern.” Shen Feixiao’s voice came from outside the door: “It seems that you are very confident in yourself?”

“Wu, just enough.” Wei He didn’t know what expression to make aside from a bitter smile. Qin Kaiyi made such obvious movements; no matter how good his stealth was he would be discovered by Shen Feixiao. 

“Then you are looking for death.” Shen Fei’s voice was incredibly cold. 

“Actually, you should thank me.” Wei He said as if it was obvious: “If it were not for me, Qin Shi wouldn’t be able to cry.”

“I should thank you?” Shen Feixiao sneered: “Thank you for helping me to comfort him?”

“No need to thank.” Wei He’s face was really thick.

“…” Shen Feixiao was speechless.

“I say, you can’t do this ah, with one look I can tell you haven’t embraced a girl.” As a flower thief, Comrade Wei He wanted to express that he hated force without skill the most: “In love, isn’t mutual consent important? I see Qin Shi’s stupid clumsy self doesn’t seem that hard to chase… How did you make trouble to this extent?”

…Because the EQ is too low? Shen Feixiao stood outside the door and didn’t speak. 

“How about this. You let me take Qin Shi away and then come to see him again after a while… I promise that he will be normal at that time.” Wei He decided to make use of the situation and logic to deal with Shen Feixiao: “What do you think?”

“Let you take him away?” Shen Feixiao’s tone was very calm.

“Yeah.” Wei He blinked.

“Dream on.” Shen Feixiao’s tone was full of derision: “Would I give shixiong to a flower thief who covets him? Only if I die!!!”

“… Kids these days are too violent.” Wei He glanced at the still fainted Qin Kaiyi, and helplessly said: “It’s not that I won’t help you… the enemy is too savage…”

Just after Wei He said this, Shen Feixiao entered through the door. His face held a twisted smile, and he said to Wei He: “What do you think? If I killed you in front of shixiong, would he be willing to exchange a few more words with me?”

“…” Wei He wanted to express that he suddenly felt very pressured. 

ASV Chapter 80

Qin Kaiyi had considered a lot of possible endings between him and Shen Feixiao, but the only thing he never thought of happened.

His face froze. He watched Yan Gu’s mouth open and close, but he couldn’t hear what he was talking about.

“Qin Shi? Qin Shi what’s wrong with you?” Yan Gu saw that Qin Kaiyi looked as if he had lost his soul, completely unresponsive to his shouts. Yan Gu panicked for a moment: “Qin Shi?”

“It’s okay…” After Yan Gu pulled at him and fiercely shook him a few times, Qin Kaiyi finally came back to himself. Qin Kayi rubbed at his face and barely managed to give a weak smile, saying to Yan Gu: “Yan Gu, I’ll tell Shen Feixiao to let you go… you… hurry and leave ba.” 

“…” Yan Gu observed Qin Kaiyi’s abnormal state and frowned. He wanted to say something to comfort Qin Kaiyi, but found that he really had nothing to say. In fact, from the start he didn’t understand why Qin Kaiyi dealt with Shen Feixiao the way he did. 

“You leave ba.” Qin Kaiyi lay back on the bed, his expression full of exhaustion: “I want to calm down a bit by myself.”

“Okay.” Yan Gu could only reply like this at this time. He knew that it would be useless to say anything else, so he sighed and left, leaving Qin Kaiyi alone in the room. 

“… Shen Feixiao.” Qin Kaiyi gritted his teeth and squeezed three words out of his mouth, and then didn’t know what to say.

Yan Gu’s arrival was obviously arranged by Shen Feixiao. At first Qin Kaiyi was a little puzzled about what Shen Feixiao intended, but the moment when Yan Gu said the sentence, “this world is not reality to you,” Qin Kaiyi had no way to continue to deceive himself.

There was no doubt… Shen Feixiao must have grasped a bit of the situation. 

Maybe he knew his ultimate goal, maybe he knew that this world was completely imaginary to Qin Kaiyi, maybe he knew…

Qin Kaiyi didn’t know what Shen Feixiao knew. He only knew that the information that Shen Feixiao obtained from Tang Shayun was deadly, and it was extremely likely that as a result he himself had been consigned to eternal damnation. 

But it was not this problem that attracted Qin Kaiyi’s full attention at this time.

What he was wondering now was–what exactly was Shen Feixiao’s intent in giving him the Feng Shen Gu? 

“No way…” As Qin Kaiyi gradually became more and more panicked, cold sweat began to cover his forehead. He took a deep breath and climbed up from the bed.

The injury he obtained from being forced yesterday had not healed yet. Qin Kaiyi felt that his waist seemed to be broken. He sucked in breaths while holding his waist, staggering to stand up.

Feng Shen Gu… When Yan Gu told him of its effects, a strange idea arose in Qin Kaiyi’s mind–of course, this idea was closely related to his completion of the system’s tasks.

Shen Feixiao’s life and his life were linked together. Then that meant that if Shen Feixiao met with some accident and died, logically speaking, he would have caused Qin Kaiyi to die… the existence of the Feng Shen Gu certainly opened up a new path for Qin Kaiyi, who had lost hope for returning.

But this path chilled Qin Kaiyi’s heart.

Why did Shen Feixiao suddenly give him the Feng Shen? Thinking of all that had happened when the Feng Shen entered his body, Qin Kaiyi couldn’t help but whisper a few curses. When Shen Feixiao did those things to him again, his existence to Qin Kaiyi became one more terrifying than the devil, such that Qin Kaiyi could not suppress his trembling when he saw Shen Feixiao.

However, when Qin Kaiyi seriously thought about Shen Feixiao’s purpose in doing all this, he was even more terrified.

He found that… the Feng Shen Gu that Shen Feixiao put in actually returned the power to choose to Qin Kaiyi.

It was no longer an unattainable matter for him to go back. As long as he… killed Shen Feixiao… he could… go back?

Yes, as long as you kill Shen Feixiao, you can return to the previous world.

There seemed to be a voice in his mind confusing Qin Kaiyi: Your life is connected to his, if you kill him, you will die… And, that means you were killed by him, won’t you complete the task this way… right? Qin Kaiyi…

“Impossible, impossible…” Qin Kaiyi felt he was dying from the pain in his head He loudly refuted that voice that had inexplicably emerged: “This way doesn’t make sense, there must be other ways!!”

There won’t be. The voice continued its temptation: there won’t be any other ways, Shen Feixiao is so dependent on you, how could he kill you? He has nothing to lose, he will definitely never kill you… 

“I also can’t kill him ah.” Qin Kaiyi smiled but looked like he was crying: “I… I… how can I kill him?”

Why can’t you kill him? He set that Gu on you, serves him right!! Moreover, he forced himself on you, why should your heart be soft?? Qin Kaiyi, you coward, hurry and kill him. Kill him and you can go home; didn’t you work hard for so long all to go back? 

Qin Kaiyi stopped talking. He looked at the floor indifferently, as if he couldn’t find any rebuttal.

Just as that strange voice was about to continue, a person walked in through the bedroom door and interrupted Qin Kaiyi’s wild imagination. 

“Shen Feixiao.” Seeing who had entered, Qin Kaiyi couldn’t describe what he felt. He looked at Shen Feixiao and smiled bitterly, “What’s the matter?”

“I just came to look at shixiong.” Shen Feixiao pulled the chair away and sat next to Qin Kaiyi: “Shixiong’s expression doesn’t look good, is he still uncomfortable somewhere?”

“…” Don’t mention not looking good, as soon as Shen Feixiao spoke Qin Kaiyi felt like his whole body, including the gaps between his bones, began to hurt. 

“Shixiong.” Shen Feixiao looked at Qin Kaiyi’s uncomfortable appearance and smiled: “If uncomfortable, why don’t you go and lay down on the bed?”

“En.” Qin Kaiyi responded vaguely. Instead of lying down accordingly, he sat at the side of the bed, silently opposing Shen Feixiao.

“Shixiong, do you dislike me very much?” The atmosphere in front of him was so awkward. Shen Feixiao spoke a few frank words, and these few words terrified Qin Kaiyi to no small degree. 

“You… why do you say that?” Not knowing if it was because of guilt forming from his recent thoughts, Qin Kaiyi felt cold sweat falling drop by drop from his forehead down his cheeks. Looking at Shen Feixiao now, he felt that the other was terrifying. 

“I know shixiong’s answer.” Shen Feixiao saw Qin Kaiyi looking as if he had seen a ghost, and smiled self-deprecatingly: “But I don’t care… Shixiong, from childhood to adulthood, I have never had the opportunity to have the things I want. So once I have it, I definitely will never let go.” 

“En, en,” Qin Kaiyi responded vaguely. He really wasn’t in the mood to speak with Shen Feixiao about these matters. 

“…” Shen Feixiao saw that Qin Kaiyi was preoccupied, and a look of clear understanding flashed through his gaze. 

“Since shixiong is still uncomfortable, I’ll go first.” Shen Feixiao knew that he couldn’t push Qin Kaiyi too far. He got up and approached Qin Kaiyi, and then caressed his somewhat thin and still trembling shoulders. He lightly said: “I’ll come to see shixiong tomorrow.”

“Okay.” This was exactly what Qin Kaiyi wanted; he was currently in a state of chaos. 

Shen Feixiao didn’t linger. After finishing speaking he turned and left, as if he really didn’t care about Qin Kaiyi’s strange reaction.

But when Shen Feixiao took his first step out of the room, with one foot still inside, Qin Kaiyi couldn’t bear it–he held his head and curled up. 

“Stop talking you, you stop talking…” There was a sobbing tone in his voice. Qin Kaiyi seemed as if he had been pushed to desperate straits, trapped in a besieged city. He softly shouted: “I can’t kill Shen Feixiao… I can’t kill Shen Feixiao… I can’t… kill Shen Feixiao. “

Why not? He won’t hurt you… you just trick him, and then pierce his heart while he is not paying attention… Qin Kaiyi, you have already killed someone, are you still afraid of one more?

“I can’t kill him.” Qin Kaiyi’s voice became weaker and weaker. He bit his lip and guarded his last line of defense: “I can’t kill him… except for this method… anything else is fine… anything is fine… “

There is no other way, you can only do this, didn’t you always want to go back? Think about your family, think about your friends… You have already come to this point, do you want to lose everything for the sake of this minor detail? Hurry and kill him… hurry…

“Fuck, who the fuck is going to kill him, you go yourself, don’t talk in my head, shut up, shut up… shut up!!!” Qin Kaiyi screamed painfully, and then instantly lost consciousness.

Shortly after he fainted, the closed wooden door opened again. Shen Feixiao, who had originally already left, appeared again in Qin Kaiyi’s residence.

He held a blue scarf in his hand. After walking to the bed and gazing at Qin Kaiyi for a moment, he tied the scarf on Qin Kaiyi’s wrist.

“Shixiong.” Touching Qin Kaiyi’s sickly pale face with his hand, Shen Feixiao’s tone held an indescribable sorrow: “I won’t push you, so can you also not push me?”

——Let me kill you with my own hands? It would be better to cut out my heart directly and crush my soul. Such pain may be easier to bear.

“I don’t know what on earth home means…” He lowered his head and pressed gentle and cool kisses on Qin Kaiyi’s forehead, one after the other. Shen Feixiao tidied Qin Kaiyi’s messy clothes: “I only know that Shen Feixiao would go insane without Qin Shi.”

——I want to see the smiling face you had when you spoke to Liu Ling’er; it was so warm, as if you could forgive everything and help people weather all hurts. What did I ever owe you? If you hate me, then kill me; if you love me, then cherish me. But why do you play the part of the only warmth in my life, and also give me the bitter cold of despair… you can be so considerate towards a fire spirit, but why have you never been so for me?

Covering Qin Kaiyi with a thin blanket, Shen Feixiao stroked Qin Kaiyi’s lips with a smile hanging off the corners of his own: “If you heartlessly come to take my life… then come.”

——If you can’t harden your heart, then stay with me for life.

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R:DSAT Chapter 186: The Future

Luo Wei curled up on the bed. Twangs of pain thrashed at his lower abdomen, as if even his intestines had been injured. Luo Wei was quite familiar with this kind of hurt, but experiencing it again today, he had to expend all his strength to bear it. This also rendered Luo Wei uninterested in meticulously thinking about Wei Lan’s abnormal behavior. He had always trusted Wei Lan. He only reasoned that Wei Lan must be worried about his sickly self entering Northern Yan, and had been angered by his unwillingness to listen to persuasion. He didn’t think any further. Heat rose in his lower abdomen, and Luo Wei turned on his side. Wei Lan sat on the edge of the bed and placed a warmer on his underbelly. 

“Warm it up and it will be a bit more comfortable,” Wei Lan said, his eyes suffused with red. 

“You cried?” Luo Wei asked.

“No,” Wei Lan denied. “When I burnt the charcoal, the ashes went in my eyes.” 

Luo Wei wanted to say more, but only lightly hummed and curled up again. 

Wei Lan adjusted his strength to massage Luo Wei. He felt Luo Wei unfold his body beneath his hands and only then became a bit more at ease. He didn’t tell Luo Wei the truth because the truth was difficult to speak of. Everyone said that the Qi Lin Shadow Guards were filthy things. It wasn’t as if every person under the heavens could be wrong, they truly were dirty. But it was just that Wei Lan did not want Luo Wei to also see him like that. In the Qi Lin Mountain Villa, the scene of their encounter was not Wei Lan’s most unbearable moment. His truly undesirable, unbearable appearance showed itself when he craved the Qi Lin secret substance. Wei Lan hoped Luo Wei would never see that. 

In today’s morning court, Emperor Xing Wu decided to send troops to Northern Yan. 

Luo Wei gave Sun Li the letter he personally wrote. Without prior consultation, he happened to hold the same view as Long Xuan–he also sent six shadow guards from the Xiao Yi Apothecary to monitor Sun Li on his way back to Northern Yan, all in the name of protection. 

Sun Li had just stepped out when Emperor Xing Wu announced his decree for Luo Wei to enter the palace, and thus he stepped back into the Luo residence.

“Can the young master still walk?” Wei Lan asked. He was muddleheaded, and even thought about killing himself.

(T/N: 浑浑噩噩–húnhún’è’è–can mean muddleheaded nowadays. In older texts it means being simple, solemn, and honest.)

“I can walk.” Luo Wei supported himself by holding onto Wei Lan’s shoulder. His two legs felt soft, and as he walked he felt as if his feet were stepping on cotton. His lower half still ached.

“I’ll carry you out.” Wei Lan felt a twinge of guilt again, as well as loving distress. 

“You can’t today,” Luo Wei declined. If Emperor Xing Wu knew that he did not even have the strength to walk out of his door, how could he go to Northern Yan?

“It’s all my fault.” After they sat in the carriage, Wei Lan spoke up again.

“Lan,” Luo Wei lay on his side on the soft cushion in the carriage. He tugged Wei Lan’s hand over. “Give me some more time, and wait until I finish everything that needs to be done. We’ll leave and go to Xuan Zhou, and never come back.” 

Wei Lan nodded. If he still had his life, in order to stay by this person’s side he would follow him anywhere. 

“So don’t worry about me. I won’t let anything happen to me, and Lan must do the same. Xuan Zhou is Lan’s hometown. If that place is good, it would be fine for us to spend our last years there.”

Wei Lan barely mustered a smile. “Young master is someone who will receive the position of Prime Minister, how can he spend his last years with me in Xuan Zhou?”

“Who told you this?” Luo Wei turned over and lay on Wei Lan’s lap. “Family, this country, the lands under heaven, how could I have a heart big enough to pack all of these in?”

“Then what does the young master want to do in the future?” Wei Lan rubbed Luo Wei’s belly for him as he asked.

“Live with Lan behind closed doors,” Luo Wei replied simply. “Just us two. Right, Lan, would you want a child?” Speaking of the future, Luo Wei suddenly asked another question. 

“Don’t want,” Wei Lan said. “I have the young master; this one person is enough for me.” 

“Good, then it’s just us two,” Luo Wei continued. “We’ll find a place in Xuan Zhou and live there.” 

Agony bubbled in Wei Lan’s heart. “Xuan Zhou isn’t a good place. It’s a border town. The scenery also isn’t beautiful. Other than deserts, there’s more deserts.”

“Then is it peaceful?” Luo Wei asked.

“I don’t remember. I only remember that there aren’t many roads out of that place.”

“Then isn’t it a lonely town?” 

“Just about,” Wei Lan affirmed. “Would the young master still want to go to such a place?”

“Let’s go,” Luo Wei answered. “That place is Lan’s hometown. In any case I want to take a look. Isn’t Lan’s mother also interred there? Let’s burn the older miss some paper money, this is something that should be done.” 

“Okay.” Wei Lan hung his head low. “When the young master finishes all his tasks, let’s go to Xuan Zhou.” 

Luo Wei pillowed himself on Wei Lan’s thighs and closed his eyes. 

“Sleep first, young master,” Wei Lan murmured. “I’ll call for you when we reach the palace gates.”

Luo Wei hummed and didn’t speak anymore. Before long, he fell asleep.

“Qi Zi,” Wei Lan lifted the window curtains and called.

“Big bro Wei.” Qi Zi, who had been leading the way in front, ran over.

“The young master fell asleep. You should go slower,” Wei Lan whispered.

Qi Zi agreed and ran to the front again. That request was too easy.

Wei Lan held Luo Wei, brushing away the stray hairs at Luo Wei’s temples. His gaze did not leave that peacefully sleeping person for a second, and he tightened his embrace. How good it would be if this carriage was taking them to Xuan Zhou, Wei Lan thought in his heart.

No matter how slowly Luo Wei’s carriage moved, it would eventually arrive at the imperial palace gates.

Luo Wei exited the carriage. The eunuchs who carried his palanquin saw him, saluted and greeted him, then said, “Young master, His Majesty said that the young master requires someone to wait upon him. He specially permitted Imperial Bodyguard Wei to enter the palace.” 

Luo Wei spoke his thanks for the emperor, then turned to Wei Lan and smiled. “Then Lan, come into the palace with me.” 

Wei Lan followed beside Luo Wei’s palanquin and entered the imperial palace. This was Wei Lan’s second time inside the vast interior of the imperial palace, a place that was once too high to reach. When he actually saw it, Wei Lan did not think that this place was a paradise on earth. Staying at Luo Wei’s side with light steps, Wei Lan did not spare any sideways glances. Amid gold and jade in glorious splendor, no matter how beautiful the scenery, Wei Lan could not see it. Only Luo Wei entered his eyes.

When Luo Wei neared the Hall of Eternal Light, his appearance while walking made the imperial father and son within the hall stare. 

“What’s the matter with you?” Emperor Xing Wu asked after he watched Zhao Fu support Luo Wei to his seat.

Luo Wei carelessly replied, “This humble servant didn’t sleep well yesterday, and twisted his waist.” 

“How old are you, that you can twist your waist?” Emperor Xing Wu opened his mouth to scold. Seeing Luo Wei beginning to kneel to ask forgiveness, he had to swallow the rest of his words back. He eased his tone, “Wei Er, I have decided to send troops to Northern Yan.” 

Luo Wei forced himself up. “Your Highness is wise.” 

“I am just worried about you.” Emperor Xing Wu had Luo Wei sit, then continued, “Entering Sima Qingsha’s army, when all is said and done, how certain are you that you can escape unscathed?” 

Luo Wei only smiled and said, “This humble servant will do his best to preserve himself. Your Majesty, please don’t worry about this humble servant.” 

Yesterday night, Emperor Xing Wu sat below Luo Zhi Jin’s portrait, spiritless and at a loss. In the end, the country was most important. He understood that Luo Wei could lose his life in Northern Yan, but he still decided to let Luo Wei take this risk. 

Long Xuan accompanied Luo Wei at Emperor Xing Wu’s side. He looked again at the map of Northern Yan spread out on the floor. The great battle they had discussed would soon come to fruition. Long Xuan was a bit inattentive. He had already thought through what he should have, and did not need to think anymore. He only coldly observed Emperor Xing Wu speaking in warm, soft tones to Luo Wei, imparting a thousand warnings and ten thousand counsels. Long Xuan only found it funny. Who cares how dearly he loved him? At the end of the day, weren’t these rivers and mountains left behind by their ancestors the most important? 

Or so LX thinks, yet last life he boohooed like a baby and died after LW was gone. Lmao, cuck

R:DSAT Chapter 185: Are You Angry With Me?

In a flurry of limbs, Wei Lan threw the pill back into its box and answered, “I’m here, wait a moment young master.” He stuffed the wooden box beneath his pillow. 

Luo Wei waited for Wei Lan to open the door and then entered his room. He shrunk into himself. “You didn’t put a furnace in this room or light a lamp. What were you doing in this room?” He asked Wei Lan. 

Wei Lan only then remembered that his room was cold, and hurriedly replied, “I’ll send you back to your room.” 

The two of them returned to Luo Wei’s bedroom, and in that short period Luo had already sneezed many times. 

“Why don’t I call Imperial Physician Wei over to take a look?” Wei Lan rubbed Luo Wei’s hands within his own and asked, “Have you already caught a chill?” 

Luo Wei sat on his bed, which had already been made. The heater had been placed in the quilts already, too. “I saw you weren’t there, so I went to see if you had fallen asleep in your own room.” 

“Did you take a bath?” Wei Lan pet Luo Wei’s hair. It was still a bit wet. 

“En. If I still didn’t wash I’d really get stinky.”

“Quickly lie down.” Wei Lan’s anxiety rose. This person ran over to his place in this state, what would he do if he caught a cold again? 

“My hair hasn’t dried.” Luo Wei sat in the quilts but refused to lie down. 

Wei Lan took a dry cloth towel and wiped Luo Wei’s hair for him. 

“Is there really nothing wrong with you today?” Luo Wei turned his head and asked Wei Lan. 

“Nothing’s wrong,” Wei Lan’s hand passed through the sheets of Luo Wei’s hair. A person who had been sick for so long could not have the black sheen of healthy hair. Though Luo Wei’s hair was still a deep black, it had lost some luster. Even half-wet, it was a bit rough to the touch. “Can young master’s body really withstand going to Northern Yan?” Wei Lan couldn’t help asking Luo Wei again, “What to do if you get sick again?” 

“I will take care of myself for you.” Luo Wei smiled lightly and embraced Wei Lan. “Are you really all right? Why did you stay by yourself in your room? Are you worried about something?” 

“I was thinking about the journey to Northern Yan,” Wei Lan lied. 

“You’re worried I’ll get sick again there?” 

“Yes, what would happen if you got sick again?”

“Then let’s bring Imperial Physician Wei.” Luo Wei’s head was buried in Wei Lan’s arms, and he couldn’t see Wei Lan’s absent-minded gaze. “Then can you stop worrying?” 

Wei Lan only tightened his embrace. “As long as young master is fine then that’s good, Wei Lan doesn’t want anything else.” 

“You don’t want to see Black Frost City’s return?”

“I want that. As long as it’s something the young master sets out to do, it must go smoothly.” 

“Don’t only think about me every day,” Luo Wei got up into a half-kneeling position, looking at Wei Lan as he said, “Lan, if something happened to you, I would be anxious to death.” 

“Nothing will happen to me,” Wei Lan reassured. 

“If you see Long Xuan in the future, avoid him. Don’t pay him any mind. Compared to him, Luo Ting Chao is a gentleman. Promise me, don’t provoke him.” 


“If he provokes you, you cannot meet with him alone.” 


“Did nothing else happen today, truly?” 

“Nothing happened.” 

“So obedient?” Luo Wei’s beautiful eyes curved into crescent moons. “Actually Lan, you also don’t need to worry about my health. I’m much better now. There’s a lot I can do now.” 

Wei Lan replied distractedly, “Imperial Physician Wei also said you could go to Northern Yan?” 

“Do I have to ask Imperial Physician Wei for permission to do what I need to?” Luo Wei placed a kiss on Wei Lan’s lips. 

The sound of the night watch’s gongs came from outside. It was already past 3 a.m.

Hearing the sounds of gongs, Wei Lan stilled. 

Luo Wei exhaled. Tonight Wei Lan was like howling winds and torrential rain, sweeping him away with him and almost suffocating him. “Lan, I, wu,” Luo Wei wanted to speak, but before he could Wei Lan kissed his words back. 

(T/N: howling winds and torrential rain refers to difficult, dangerous situations). 

Wei Lan didn’t know what was wrong with him. He obtained pleasure from Luo Wei’s body, but still thought of those pills. Since he was a child, he thirsted for those pills above all else. Every day, to earn one pill, he could unhesitatingly kill close friends who had grown up with him. He could lie under another’s body like a plaything. He could do anything, commit murder and arson, anything as long as when night fell, he could eat that one pill and forget it all. He originally thought that after leaving the Qi Lin Mountain Villa with Luo Wei at his side, he would not think about his past again. In front of Long Xuan, he looked at those pills as they emitted their pine fragrance, and he realized that he had been deceiving himself and others for a long time now. He still longed for these small Qi Lin secret medicines, and cherished those short fluttering spurts of nirvana. Even as he made love with Luo Wei in this moment, though Luo Wei’s body was exquisitely beautiful, it still couldn’t give him that feeling. 

When daylight stained the window paper white, Luo Wei struggled beneath Wei Lan’s body. 

Wei Lan absent-mindedly lowered his head to look at Luo Wei, but did not stop. 

“Hurts,” Luo Wei shouted lowly, “Lan, it hurts.” 

Hurts? Wei Lan heard Luo Wei call out in pain and seemed to wake up from a dream, but he couldn’t control his body. He left his traces inside Luo Wei. 

“Hurts.” Luo Wei shoved at Wei Lan. This night was no different from torture to him. It was as if Wei Lan had been possessed by demons, transformed from his past tenderness. Luo Wei could bear it at first, but finally he couldn’t hold back his cries of pain. Thankfully Wei Lan seemed to have been awoken by his shouts, and he stopped. 

“Young master?” Wei Lan stretched out a hand to touch, and blood met his fingers. At once his mind finally woke up. “What-what happened to you? I’ll call Imperial Physician Wei over!” Wei Lan began to get out of bed.

“Don’t,” Luo Wei gasped, his forehead covered with beads of sweat, “There’s treatments in the room. Go to the bath house and have them heat water. I want to bathe.” 

Wei Lan stood there foolishly. The candle light illuminated all the purple marks on Luo Wei’s body. Wei Lan did not dare to believe that these were all his doing.

“Wei Lan!” Luo Wei even shouted his surname out along with his first name. 

Luo Wei’s courtyard had a pond specially used for bathing, but he hadn’t used it since he fell ill. This early morning, Luo Wei suddenly wished to use it. The servants in the courtyard all bustled around, and finally upon hearing the steward’s report, even Luo Zhi Qiu rushed over just to see Luo Wei. 

“It’s nothing.” Luo Wei lay on the bed, his face flushed. “I woke up from my sleep sweaty all over.”

Luo Zhi Qiu stayed in Luo Wei’s bedroom and also found it hot. “Is it from the heat?”

Wei Lan added potpourri to the incense burner at the side. His complexion was pale, as if his spirit had left his body unguarded.

(T/N: “spirit had left his body unguarded” = idiom meaning he was inattentive or frightened out of his mind). 

Luo Zhi Qiu asked another question, “Why did you think of burning incense?” 

“I’m sick of smelling medicine in the room,” Luo Wei said as he glanced at Wei Lan. 

This room wasn’t ventilated. The scent of their lovemaking wouldn’t disperse, so they could only use incense.

“When you bathe, open the windows and let the breeze in and it will be fine.” Luo Zhi Qiu pulled at his collar. Standing in this room for too long, he almost couldn’t bear it. The heat was fine, but more importantly there was an unspeakably strange odor that dizzied Luo Zhi Qiu to smell it. 

After Luo Zhi Qiu left, Wei Lan stood beside Luo Wei’s bed. He didn’t know what to say, or perhaps he should just kneel and beg forgiveness. He bit at his lips. 

Luo Wei saw this as he lay on the bed, and swiped at Wei Lan’s hand. “Don’t bite. If you keep biting it’ll split.”

“Young master.” 

“Forget it, I know you don’t want me to go to Northern Yan.” Luo Wei thought for a morning and believed that he had guessed the reason for Wei Lan’s loss of control last night. “Are you angry with me?” 

R:DSAT Chapter 184: Reminder

Luo Wei spent a long time writing his letter to Sima Qingsha. He was afraid that he would miswrite a word or use the wrong turn of phrase, so that Sima Qingsha could see that something was wrong and all their plans would go down the drain.

When Wei Lan returned, the lamps had already been lit in the study. He pushed the door in and saw Luo Wei bent over his desk writing. 

“You’re back.” Luo Wei heard the door open and raised his head to look at Wei Lan. He let slip a smile, “Why did you take so long? Did Imperial Physician Lin’s family have a lot to say to you?” 

Wei Lan walked to the front of the desk. “They are very grateful to the young master, and said they want to return to their hometown next year.” 

“No other requests?” 

“They want to know where Imperial Physician Lin has been buried. 

Luo Wei put down the pen in his hand. He lied to Imperial Physician Lin’s family, saying that Imperial Physician Lin had offended a master in the palace. He told them not to publicly disclose this, otherwise they would also be in the line of fire. With this he suppressed the Lin family’s plans to enter the imperial hospital to make noise. Asking him for the corpse? Luo Wei did not even know how Long Xuan killed Imperial Physician Lin, where could he go to find the accomplished doctor’s body? 

Wei Lan said, “I told them that the young master has done his best.”

“I didn’t try my best.” Luo Wei rubbed his eyes. “Have you eaten Lan? If you haven’t eaten, go and eat, Xiao Xiao left you a meal.”

“Young master, I saw the Second Highness on the street and followed him all the way, discovering that he is in contact with Northern Yan people.”

Luo Wei looked up at Wei Lan. After running outside for half a day, this man’s lips were so dry that they had cracked. He reached out and poured a cup of hot jujube tea for Wei Lan to drink, saying, “Xie Yu has spoken to me about this. That should be the person sent by Sima Zhuxie to look for the Second Highness, just like Sima Qingsha sent Sun Li to look for me. You don’t need to be nervous, it’s okay.”

“That’s good as long as there’s no problem,” Wei Lan said and then sat, taking a sip of the jujube tea Luo Wei had poured for him. Luo Wei’s appetite had always been poor. Imperial Physician Wei said that green tea hurt the stomach, so Luo Wei could now only drink this jujube-steeped water. 

Luo Wei called for Xiao Xiao to bring Wei Lan’s supper to his study for Wei Lan to eat. He looked at the meal Xiao Xiao laid out on the table. There were two meat dishes and two vegetarian ones, and, to Luo Wei’s satisfaction, all of them were to Wei Lan’s taste. Once Wei Lan took a bite of rice, Luo Wei finally turned his attention back to writing his letter. 

Wei Lan ate his meal without tasting it. He couldn’t even distinguish what dishes entered his mouth as he ate.

Luo Wei again balled up a half-written letter, throwing it into the charcoal furnace at his feet. Wanting to see whether Wei Lan had finished eating, he raised his head, only to find that the normally speedy eater was counting the rice grains in his bowl. “What’s wrong? Is the meal not tasty today?” Luo Wei asked.

“No, no,” Wei Lan heard Luo Wei speak, and as if waking from a dream, he sent another bite of rice into his mouth. 

Luo Wei was afraid that Wei Lan was obfuscating, and used a soup spoon to scoop some rice and beef into his mouth to taste. He then said, “The taste isn’t bad, you don’t have an appetite today?”

“Young master,” Wei Lan set down his bowl and chopsticks, “you still have to be careful of Villa Master Luo.” 

Luo Wei’s expression turned apprehensive. “Why are you saying this now? Did Luo Ting Chao find you?”

“No,” Wei Lan denied. “I only think that the young master cannot completely trust this person, and should take some precautions.” 

Luo Wei pushed away his pens, ink, and paper, asking Wei Lan, “Today you only went to Imperial Physician Lin’s place, then bumped into the Second Highness and followed him. Nothing else?” 

“Nothing else.” Wei Lan straightforwardly shook his head.

“Lan, you’ve been at my side for so long, and only thought to remind me to guard against Luo Ting Chao today? Tell me the truth, what happened?” 

“I have always thought things through slowly,” Wei Lan mumbled. “Luo Ting Chao isn’t some good person, I just saw that the young master wanted to use him so I didn’t want to say anything bad about him.” 

“Then why did you want to say this today?” Luo Wei asked, unsure what was going on with Wei Lan. He began to regret sending Wei Lan out today by himself. If Wei Lan encountered something on the way, if he didn’t disclose that then Luo Wei had no one to ask. 

“The young master asked him to kill Ning Shu Ying, why does he have no news even today?” Wei Lan finally found words to deceive Luo Wei with. 

“Is Ning Shu Ying that easy to kill?” Luo Wei saw Wei Lan eating in large bites, his face no longer as heavy with worries as just before, and wondered if he himself had been oversensitive. “You’re suspicious of him only over this?”

“I can’t concretely say anything, but young master should still be careful of this man. He’s a fickle villain without any trustworthiness to speak of,” Wei Lan mentioned Luo Ting Chao without a shred of mercy. Long Xuan said that secret medicine wasn’t related to Luo Ting Chao, but Wei Lan could not fully take that man at his word. As long as it was possible for Luo Ting Chao to betray, Wei Lan would remind Luo Wei to be careful. He would not let this villain bite the hand that fed. 

“All right,” Luo Wei said. “I’ll investigate Luo Ting Chao. Lan, this person did not hurt you lightly. If you feel that you don’t want him to live on, I can…” 

“Young master,” Wei Lan interjected, “So long as he is loyal to the young master, there is no hatred or desire for revenge between him and Wei Lan. I also do not want his life.” 

“All right, all right,” Luo Wei replied. “Lan has his martial arts. If he wants to take vengeance he can do so himself, and doesn’t need me, isn’t that right?” 

Luo Wei brought up his martial arts, and Wei Lan panicked again. He lowered his head and pretended to drink soup, saying, “Young master, remember to send someone to investigate Luo Ting Chao.” 

“En, I’ll take note.” Luo Wei reground his ink as he joked with Wei Lan, “Lan, why do you think this letter is so hard to write? I have written it all afternoon and still haven’t finished. It seems I still need to practice my ability to trick people.” 

Wei Lan couldn’t help with this. He lowered his head to eat.

Not long after, Xie Yu came to find Luo Wei. Seeing Wei Lan, he said, “Lan is here too? Eating at this hour?” 

“I’ve finished.” Wei Lan picked up his bowl and chopsticks to send to the kitchen so that Xie Yu and Luo Wei could have their chat. 

“You still haven’t written it?” Xie Yu glanced at the blank white paper before Luo Wei. “This has to be sent tomorrow, you’re preparing to stay up all night?” 

Luo Wei nursed a headache, replying, “I always feel like it’s not quite right.” 

Xie Yu offered, “Then write it out and I’ll see where it’s not right.” 

Though Xie Yu and Luo Wei both discussed this letter to write it, they revised and revised again until midnight before finishing. 

Wei Lan sat in his own room. Having essentially accompanied Luo Wei in the capital constantly, he seldom used this room. He placed the small wooden box Long Xuan had given him in front of him. Those who had not eaten this substance would not know how comfortable it felt once it entered the stomach. Even amidst mountains of daggers and seas of flames, one would feel up in the clouds. Wei Lan opened the box and took one pill in hand. As he looked at it, a thirst howled within him. The taste of being in seventh heaven, sampling it just once more would be good too. 

“Lan?” The pill was about to be crushed to dust in Wei Lan’s hand, when Luo Wei’s voice rung out from outside the door. “Are you inside?” 

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ASV Chapter 79

Qin Kaiyi felt like he was almost dead. 

He lay on his back on the bed, expressionlessly counting the patterns on the ceiling, and felt that he was a deep-fried dough stick. His muscles were so stiff that he could not move.

Ah, maybe he was going to die. Qin Kaiyi sorrowfully thought that being done to death by Shen Feixiao still counted as being personally killed by Shen Feixiao… then was it possible for him to consider choosing this method to die? Although this kind of death was indeed a bit ugly…

“Shixiong.” Shen Feixiao’s voice came from the door. He pushed open the door, holding a bowl of black medicine in his hand. “Drink the medicine.”

“…” Qin Kaiyi wanted to reject Shen Feixiao’s good intentions. However, he knew that even if he refused, such rejection to Shen Feixiao would just be superfluous words. He was too lazy to speak.

Shen Feixiao saw Qin Kaiyi not speaking or showing displeasure. He stepped forward to lift Qin Kaiyi from lying on the bed and pressed the medicine to the side of Qin Kaiyi’s mouth.

“Shen Feixiao,” Qin Kaiyi opened his mouth softly, and his voice carried obvious hoarseness, “Is it that you particularly hate me?”

“Why does shixiong say this?” Shen Feixiao didn’t react to Qin Kaiyi’s provocation, and still looked expressionless. “It couldn’t be that what I feel towards shixiong, shixiong doesn’t know?”

“…” Qin Kaiyi was speechless.

“Someone broke into the formation a few days ago.” Shen Feixiao saw that Qin Kaiyi still didn’t have the will to speak, and suddenly smiled. “I don’t know if shixiong has the intention to meet the unexpected guest?”

After listening to Shen Feixiao’s words, Qin Kaiyi’s heart skipped a beat. There was no doubt… The unexpected guest Shen Feixiao spoke of was Yan Gu, who wanted to save him! 

“What did you do to him?” Qin Kaiyi’s expression suddenly became nervous. 

“Nothing.” Shen Feixiao looked at Qin Kaiyi’s nervous expression, and suddenly smiled again. “Shixiong, please drink the medicine obediently.”

So Qin Kaiyi submitted to humiliation and drank his medicine.

Shen Feixiao gently looked at Qin Kaiyi wrinkling his face and drinking the bowl of medicine clean, then said, “Does shixiong want to see that visitor?”

“I can see him?” Qin Kaiyi didn’t think Shen Feixiao had any good intentions. He stared suspiciously at Shen Feixiao. “Are you sure?”

“Of course I’m sure,” Shen Feixiao said as he picked up a plum and put it in Qin Kaiyi’s mouth. “As long as shixiong does not escape, I will not do anything to shixiong.”

“…” I didn’t think to escape yesterday. Qin Kaiyi’s mouth twitched. 

As if he understood what Qin Kaiyi’s expression meant, Shen Feixiao’s gaze let slip a strange emotion. “Shixiong, I went too far yesterday. But I promise I will never be like this to you in the future.” — —I have done everything I can; if you still decide to leave, then I can only…

“En.” Qin Kaiyi wasn’t in the mood to exchange more words with Shen Feixiao. What happened yesterday was still vivid in his mind. Although he strongly suppressed the fear in his heart, he couldn’t break away from the trembling that penetrated his very soul. 

Touching the bowl in his hand, Shen Feixiao saw that Qin Kaiyi was silent again. He got up and left, and went directly to the room where a certain person was locked in. 

And that certain fire spirit who was caught was severely disdaining himself at this time–as a ten thousand year old monster, he was easily captured by a cultivator who was under a hundred years old. This was a bit too dismal, so Yan Gu had to seriously reflect on whether his skills had declined due to laziness… 

“Your name is Yan Gu?” Shen Feixiao opened the door and spoke when he saw Yan Gu, who was locked in iron chains. His expression carried a bit of malicious mockery. “On what basis would you think to rescue Qin Shi?”

“… What’s wrong with me?” Yan Gu felt anger when he saw Shen Feixiao; he knew exactly how Qin Kaiyi treated him in his heart. 

“It’s nothing.” Shen Feixiao was still holding the bowl for Qin Kaiyi’s medicine. He casually placed it on the table, and then sat next to the table. He expressionlessly watched Yan Gu, who had continuously been glaring at him. 

“I used the Feng Shen on Qin Shi.” As if talking about something that didn’t matter, Shen Feixiao said lightly, “You should know what it is.”

“What????” Yan Gu was dumbstruck when he heard it. Of course he knew exactly what Feng Shen was used for–thinking of the most important effect of the Feng Shen, this Gu had many more benefits for Qin Kaiyi than for Shen Feixiao. Unless…

“I don’t expect him to like me.” Shen Feixiao’s gaze was a bit disordered. “At this point, I still don’t know what I want.”

“What on earth… is wrong with you?” Yan Gu looked at Shen Feixiao strangely.

“He dislikes me very much.” It was unclear what Shen Feixiao was thinking; he smiled indifferently. “Maybe he even hates me very much. If he wants, I can turn my back on the world for him. Unfortunately, he never has needed this.”

“… Shen Feixiao what on earth is wrong with you?” Yan Gu even more felt that there was something off about Shen Feixiao. 

“All he needs is to leave this world.” Shen Feixiao’s indifferent look made Yan Gu’s heart tremble. “Because this world is not reality for him at all.”

“… Are you crazy?” Yan Gu blurted out.

“Ah, probably,” Shen Feixiao said with a smile, “I also feel that I’m very crazy.”

Yan Gu stopped talking. He really didn’t know what Shen Feixiao meant.

“Actually, I didn’t have any other intentions in catching you.” Shen Feixiao sighed and said, “I just want you to send one message to Qin Shi.”

“What message?” Yan Gu didn’t believe that Shen Feixiao would be so kind.

“You tell him,” Shen Feixiao’s tone was serious and severe, “now that the Feng Shen has been used, my life is connected with his life.”

“… you.” Yan Gu wanted to ask Shen Feixiao why he didn’t say it himself.

“He wouldn’t believe me.” Shen Feixiao revealed an exhausted expression. “He might even think I’m just scaring him.”

“So?” Yan Gu still didn’t understand Shen Feixiao’s purpose.

“So, what I said, just obediently go ahead and do it.” Restraining all of his emotions, Shen Feixiao stood up and looked down at Yan Gu. “Otherwise, you will die here. As for that urn of ashes you carry…”

“You!” Yan Gu didn’t expect Shen Feixiao to threaten him with that thing.

“If you don’t talk nonsense, you still have a chance to bring it back.” Shen Feixiao waved his hand, and then turned around and walked out. He left Yan Gu trembling all over, staring at Shen Feixiao’s back. 

In fact, in this world, everyone had something he was desperate and worried about. For Qin Kaiyi, he was most desperate at the idea of not being able to return home. For Shen Feixiao, he was most desperate at what the eggplant had learned from Tang Shayun’s spiritual knowledge. 

Those pictures completely broke Shen Feixiao’s understanding, and had him make up his mind to give Qin Kaiyi the Feng Shen. Today, the Shen Feixiao who had obtained everything discovered that what he could do was only this meager. 

Just like watching Qin Kaiyi fall into the magma, just like being kicked by Qin Kaiyi off the cliff, just like that helplessness at watching him leave time and time again, the methods Shen Feixiao had to make Qin Kaiyi stay were so meager that it chilled his heart. 

Shen Feixiao had already vaguely guessed what Qin Kaiyi’s purpose was for everything he did from what he gathered in Tang Shayun’s mind. But even if he knew, what could he do?

Nothing, nothing at all. Shen Feixiao raised his head and looked indifferently at the clear and sunny sky. The scene from yesterday of Qin Kaiyi underneath him, tossing about in bed and begging for his forgiveness and mercy, appeared before his eyes. The corners of his mouth pulled into a grotesque smile.

Then, I gave you the opportunity to leave. Can you harden your heart? My dearly beloved shixiong…


After Shen Feixiao left, Qin Kaiyi slept again.

But the quality of this sleep was not high. Qin Kaiyi kept dreaming of strange things, so that when he woke up there was cold sweat all over his body.

“Qin Shi?” A familiar voice came from outside the door. Qin Kaiyi froze, and then said in a hoarse voice, “Yan Gu?”

Sure enough, it was Yan Gu. The fire spirit, still wearing red clothes, pushed open the door and entered. His face changed instantly when he saw Qin Kaiyi lying on the bed. 

“Why are you…” That head of black hair actually became snow-white. Yan Gu was just about to ask something, when he remembered what Shen Feixiao said to him… It turned out that when the Feng Shen entered the body, the hair would really turn white.

“Ah, long time no see.” Qin Kaiyi didn’t know what to say to Yan Gu now they were both prisoners. Even if they used their spiritual knowledge to speak with each other, Shen Feixiao might overhear. 

“… It seems that I don’t have the ability to save you.” Yan Gu bitterly laughed. “Have you… been living well?”

In fact, Yan Gu asked this question but didn’t need Qin Kaiyi’s answer at all. He looked at Qin Kaiyi’s haggard face and knew clearly that Qin Kaiyi hadn’t been well.

Fortunately, Qin Kaiyi didn’t care too much, and he responded casually, “Not bad.”

Yan Gu noticed the bruises on Qin Kaiyi’s body at this time. He pursed his lips and wanted to say something, but he held back.

“You should go.” Knowing that Yan Gu wouldn’t be of much help to him, Qin Kaiyi didn’t want him to waste time on him again. “I’m fine.”

“Feng Shen is a Gu.” Although he didn’t know why Shen Feixiao wanted him to say these words, in Yan Gu’s view the Feng Shen would give Qin Kaiyi many advantages and no harm. “Shen Feixiao dares not hurt you. If he hurts you, he will use his life to pay it back.”

“What?” Qin Kaiyi didn’t react for a while.

“What I mean is.” Yan Gu looked at Qin Kaiyi, who was in a daze, and couldn’t help but comfort him, “Shen Feixiao’s life is now connected with yours. If you die, then he too cannot live.”

“… What if he dies?” It was unclear what Qin Kaiyi thought of; his face instantly paled. “Then will I also…”

“Yes.” Yan Gu noticed Qin Kaiyi’s abnormality. “What’s wrong with you? Why is your complexion so ugly?”

“…” Qin Kaiyi stopped talking. At this moment, a terrible idea appeared in his heart, but he didn’t dare to be sure yet. He could only shakingly ask: “… When Shen Feixiao said this to you, did he say anything else?”

“He…” Yan Gu considered for a moment then said, “He also said something very strange.”

“What is it?” The hoarseness of Qin Kaiyi’s own voice even made him feel afraid.

“He said… this world is not reality for you?” Yan Gu looked at Qin Kaiyi and said, “It seems he said that.”

“…” He knew. Qin Kaiyi’s vision went black, and he felt as if blood rushed up his throat. Fear, like madly growing wild grass, buried his entire body–Shen Feixiao knew what he wanted to do!!!


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ASV Chapter 78: The Gu Without a Cure

(T/N: PLEASE keep in mind the warnings you have read on the novelupdates page. Read at your own risk.)

Qin Kaiyi had to admit that sometimes his intuition was really accurate. When he felt that there was something off about Shen Feixiao, Shen Feixiao really seemed to begin to act off…

“Shixiong.” Facing Qin Kaiyi, who wanted to run away, Shen Feixiao’s expression was unspeakably strange. “Where do you want to go?”

“… I’m not going anywhere,” Qin Kaiyi dully replied. He saw that exiting the door was hopeless and had to sit back at the side of the table. At the moment when he got on the chair, he discovered that an extra black wooden box had appeared on the table.

Shen Feixiao noticed Qin Kaiyi’s gaze at the wooden box. He smiled indifferently and walked towards Qin Kaiyi. “Shixiong wants to know what is inside?”

“…” Not at all. Qin Kaiyi became increasingly conscious of Shen Feixiao’s strange attitude towards him. It was like he was going to do something to him.

“It’s a very important thing.” Shen Feixiao didn’t care if Qin Kaiyi answered his question. He lowered his head and stroked the black wooden box with his hands. Those gentle eyes and soft movements made Qin Kaiyi’s goosebumps rise as he watched. 

“… Shen Feixiao,” Qin Kaiyi said helplessly. “What on earth do you want?”

“Me?” Shen Feixiao’s movements stopped, and he suddenly raised his head and brilliantly smiled at Qin Kaiyi, “I just want shixiong to accept me.”

Qin Kaiyi immediately noticed something wrong when Shen Feixiao gave him this smile, but in the end it was too late. After Shen Feixiao finished speaking, he pulled Qin Kaiyi with a force that showed no tolerance for refusal, pulling him by the wrist and throwing him onto the bed. 

Shen Feixiao’s rough movements immediately reminded Qin Kaiyi of the tragedy that happened before. His face instantly became incomparably pale. Framed by that long white hair and the white clothes that he just put on, he almost seemed as if he would become transparent.

“Shixiong.” Shen Feixiao’s left hand held the wooden box, and his right hand easily suppressed Qin Kaiyi’s struggle. He felt the slight frightful trembling of Qin Kaiyi’s body, and his eyes showed an indescribable pain. “It’s okay, soon it won’t hurt.”

“Shen Feixiao…” Qin Kaiyi was facing up as he was pressed on the bed by Shen Feixiao. He knew that struggling was useless against Shen Feixiao, so he strenuously pleaded, “Don’t do this… Shen Feixiao…”

“Good boy.” (T/N: 乖 = guāi. Lit.: obedient. It’s an affectionate term often used for young children). Shen Feixiao’s response was very gentle. “It will be quick.”

Then Shen Feixiao put the wooden box aside, and began to softly and slowly take off Qin Kaiyi’s clothes. He enjoyed the process very much, watching his most precious thing trembling cautiously and gently in his hands. His mood was exceedingly good. 

“Shen Feixiao.” Qin Kaiyi knew that Shen Feixiao would not let him go. He closed his eyes despairingly, his tone extremely weak, “What’s in that box?”

“A very important thing.” Shen Feixiao watched as Qin Kaiyi’s skin gradually exposed in front of him. He kissed gently starting from Qin Kaiyi’s neck, his expression that of deep devotion. “There may be a bit of pain; shixiong don’t be afraid… “

“…” Qin Kaiyi stopped talking. He knew that he did not have the power to refuse Shen Feixiao’s decisions. He convinced himself that at worst it would be like being bitten by a dog, but when he saw what Shen Feixiao took out of the box he completely panicked. 

“What is that!!!” After seeing clearly what Shen Feixiao took out of the box, Qin Kaiyi’s voice was sharp and piercing, as if he was scared to the extreme. “Shen Feixiao, what are you planning to do??”

Shen Feixiao didn’t answer. He looked at the motionless cocoon-like object in his hands, and smiled calmly. “Shixiong will know.”

Qin Kaiyi foolishly looked on as Shen Feixiao stripped his clothes off little by little, and then took that unknown object and slid it to a place that nearly caused Qin Kaiyi to fall apart. “No!!!!!! Shen Feixiao you f*cking stop!!! What is that what is that!!!”

Qin Kaiyi twisted his body like he was crazy, trying to avoid Shen Feixiao’s movements. But would Shen Feixiao let Qin Kaiyi avoid him? Of course not.

Shen Feixiao faced Qin Kaiyi’s desperate gaze and ruthlessly shoved the cocoon in his hand into Qin Kaiyi’s body. Qin Kaiyi’s body was not lubr*cated, but fortunately the cocoon was not big. This action did not bring much pain to Qin Kaiyi’s body, but though his body did not hurt, that did not mean his mind could bear it. 

Watching Shen Feixiao suddenly squeeze strange things into his body with wide eyes, Qin Kaiyi miserably shrieked as if he had gone mad. His voice was mournful to the extreme, and contrasting with Shen Feixiao’s expressionless face, this formed a strange and pitiful scene. 

“Don’t do this to me, don’t do this to me…” Feeling that the strange thing gradually melted in his body so that it produced a burning temperature, Qin Kaiyi shook his head frantically. He didn’t know where such strength came from–he pushed Shen Feixiao away from himself. Just like that, he lay on his stomach on the bed and stretched out his hand to try and take out that thing.

It was a pity that the Feng Shen had already entered his body, and there would be no possibility of removal. 

Instead, his anxious and pitiful actions gave a feeling of obscenity. Shen Feixiao watched calmly, and was not impatient to do anything to Qin Kaiyi.

“Don’t, don’t…” Perceiving that there was no way to remove that thing, Qin Kaiyi finally sobbed as if his mental state had collapsed. He didn’t know what Shen Feixiao had put in his body, but he knew… that it would never be anything good.

“Shen Feixiao, what is that… take it out okay?” Because of Shen Feixiao’s actions, Qin Kaiyi’s whole person was a mess. His clothes were widely spread apart, and his white hair fanned out on a body just as white. He showed a fragile beauty, and that mournfully low begging even aroused sad*stic l*st in people’s hearts.

“Not okay,” Shen Feixiao bluntly refused. He looked down (T/N: this idiom can also mean to tower above, or to be arrogantly in a higher position) at Qin Kaiyi, who was in a terrible mess, and had a smile that could chill people to the bottom of their hearts. “Shixiong, I said it’s not okay.”

“No, no… ah…” Qin Kaiyi’s eyes dimmed in an instant. Stupefied, he wanted to turn his head to see that place where the cocoon had been stuffed, but he didn’t notice what kind of appearance he had now——lying facing the bed, legs wide open, almost like he was asking someone to do something to him.

So it became a matter of course that his body was dragged down and he was forcibly entered. 

Qin Kaiyi’s expression was numb, and he let Shen Feixiao hold his waist and slam into him hard. Those seemingly bloodless lips of his stained with blood as he bit himself harshly. 

“Shixiong, shixiong.” Shen Feixiao continued to move as he kissed Qin Kaiyi’s back. He looked at Qin Kaiyi’s scattered white hair with a strange expression of tranquility. 

Unlike the first time which was purely painful, Qin Kaiyi felt strong pl*asure even at these rough actions. His closed eyes quivered gently, and his long eyelashes looked like the last flutters of dying butterflies. 

The place where he was entered was not only in pain, but there was also an indescribable pl*asure. This made Qin Kaiyi’s nerves tighten to the point that he almost felt like he would abandon himself to his despair and give up. 

“Are you comfortable?” Shen Feixiao knew of the Feng Shen’s uses, and he also saw clues from Qin Kaiyi’s expression. He fiercely slammed the head of his d*sire into Qin Kaiyi once, and then asked softly, “Shixiong, it’s very comfortable right?”

Qin Kaiyi naturally wouldn’t answer. He gasped and grabbed the bedding without much strength, trying to suppress all the moans in his mouth.

“I know it’s very comfortable.” Knowing the answer from Qin Kaiyi’s silence, Shen Feixiao smiled, “How could I be willing to cause shixiong pain, shixiong… isn’t that right.”

Qin Kaiyi remained silent.

Qin Kaiyi didn’t know when they stopped having s*x. He only knew that he was like a rice cake that had been stir-fried. After changing into countless positions, his consciousness became unbearably fuzzy. 

Shen Feixiao only became aware of Qin Kaiyi’s miserable condition when they stopped. 

There was almost no intact skin on his body, all of it covered in marks of blue and purple. Furthermore, white liquid overflowed from a certain part of his private place. Shen Feixiao reached a hand out and entered that warm secret place, feeling the temperature within Qin Kaiyi’s body.

Maybe he was a bit rough? Shen Feixiao looked at Qin Kaiyi, who had fainted, and seriously thought back over those events. But shixiong was also very comfortable… After he had the Feng Shen, he could already feel part of Qin Kaiyi’s feelings.

“Shixiong.” Shen Feixiao held Qin Kaiyi in his arms. He kissed Qin Kaiyi’s damaged lips again and said softly, “Don’t be afraid of me… Don’t be afraid of me…”

Then Shen Feixiao hugged Qin Kaiyi, who had already lost consciousness, and walked into the prepared bath. He gently washed Qin Kaiyi’s body clean of the white vestiges, but he did not use his spiritual power to heal the marks on Qin Kaiyi’s body. 

“Shixiong, you will always be mine.” Like the demon of temptation, Shen Feixiao held Qin Kaiyi in his embrace with an expression that was apathetic yet somehow sorrowful, “Shixiong, don’t think about going anywhere… If there comes a day where you must have me kill you… ” –Then I will kill myself first.

“Master,” The eggplant’s voice sounded in Shen Feixiao’s sea of knowledge with ill-timing. “It seems that a few days ago someone entered the large array you arranged.”

“Who?” When he heard this sentence, Shen Feixiao’s imposing aura suddenly became cold and detached. His tenderness seemed to be reserved for only one person, and that person… had never cherished his gentleness. 

“I don’t know.” The eggplant knew that he was going to be punished for such a thing, so he had to remedy it somewhat: “But when that person saw the master come back, he left.”

“He found Qin Shi?” It was unclear what Shen Feixiao had thought of; his eyes darkened at once.

“Yes…” After a moment of hesitation, the eggplant still spoke the truth: “But the man’s spiritual knowledge is stronger than mine, so…”

“I know.” Surprisingly, Shen Feixiao did not punish the eggplant, but kept a consistent indifference. “Pay attention next time.”

“Yes.” The eggplant was pleasantly surprised. It seemed that a Shen Feixiao who had eaten his fill would be relatively easier to deal with… 

“Shixiong,” Shen Feixiao sighed and touched the face of the deeply asleep Qin Kaiyi. He said with an indifferent tone, “Since it is your friend, then let me give him a good reception.”

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R:DSAT Chapter 183: Personal Residence

“I followed Young Master Xie back.” Nineteen didn’t wait for Wei Lan to ask before explaining himself. “He was the one who had me come here. This should be the Second Highness’s personal residence. A Northern Yan person lives here.” 

“A Northern Yan person?” Wei Lan added another layer of bewilderment to his impression of Long Xuan. 

“Young Master Xie already knows about this,” Nineteen continued. “Now maybe they’re talking about that right now with the young master. How did you come here?”

Wei Lan replied, “I followed the Second Highness.” 

“It’s fine if I’m here, hurry and go back,” Nineteen said with concern. “Why is your complexion so poor? Too tired from taking care of the young master?”

“No.” Wei Lan still peered back at that residence. “How did Young Master Xie know about this place?” 

“We encountered Young Master Xie halfway on the road,” Nineteen replied. “I also don’t know how he knows.” 

“Then I’ll go back first.” Wei Lan also did not have time to discuss with Nineteen. He was in a hurry to go back and see Luo Wei. There would soon be a battle with Northern Yan, yet His Second Highness hid a Northern Yan person here. Wei Lan’s heart felt even more ill at ease. 

In the courtyard, Long Xuan and a young man sat opposite each other in a wooden pavilion at the center of a garden. An imperial bodyguard hurried over to whisper a few words in Long Xuan’s ear. He then retreated. 

Long Xuan said to the young man with a smile, “Lord Luo, there are some of your Qi Lin Mountain Villa’s Shadow Guards outside. It seems to me you will live at this place of mine for a few more days.” 

“Qi Lin Shadow Guards?” The man referred to by Long Xuan as Lord Luo suddenly became anxious. He looked around everywhere for a while, for fear of seeing the figure of a Qi Lin Shadow Guard there. If he did, then he would really die without a corpse to bury. 

If Wei Lan and Nineteen entered, they would definitely recognize the person sitting with Long Xuan. He was the eldest son of Luo Ting Chao, Qi Lin Mountain Villa’s Eldest Young Master Luo Hai Sheng. 

“As long as you are at my place, I can protect you.” Long Xuan saw Luo Hai Sheng losing his head out of fear, and he was even more sure that this was a piece of mud that could not support any wall. He secretly looked down on this person, but his face showed affection. 

Luo Hai Sheng wanted to cry but had no tears. He was truly scared right now. Even though he was the Eldest Young Master of the Qi Lin Mountain Villa, his birth mother was only a lowly concubine of Luo Ting Chao’s, ensuring that he could not achieve his father’s position. Eldest Young Master Luo was a man without great ambition, but he adored money and loved gambling the most. Luo Ting Chao seldom showed an interest in his children. When Eldest Young Master Luo had money he would gamble, and when he gambled away all his money, he’d borrow more to gamble again. He lived his life free and unfettered, never expecting that one day his hobby would harm him. But now, Eldest Young Master Luo looked at the man opposite him. He originally thought that loan sharks were only another route for him to borrow money, and they coughed up cash without fuss. No matter how he puzzled over it, he could not understand how he ended up owing half a million taels of silver to the person sitting across from him. But the IOUs each lay there, intolerant of his intent to renege. If he were just dealing with an insignificant character from the Jianghu, he could pressure him with Qi Lin Mountain Villa’s reputation. However, this man was this dynasty’s second prince, and Eldest Young Master Luo had no way out. 

“You scared?” Long Xuan still asked. 

“No.” Luo Hai Sheng’s smile was uglier than crying. He had already snuck out the prescription for the medicine used to train the Shadow Guards. Just because of that, he already hadn’t had a good night’s sleep for half a month. If Luo Ting Chao knew he owed someone five hundred thousand taels of silver, he would definitely kill him. If he knew that he had stolen the prescription, he would also kill him. Now it seemed that if his dad dealt with him, death was the only option. “Your Highness,” Luo Hai Sheng trembled with fear as he asked, “what else do you want this humble one to do?” 

“First live here,” Long Xuan instructed. Ning Shu Ying taking control of Eldest Young Master Luo was, in Long Xuan’s opinion, the best accomplishment this outstanding talent of the Jianghu’s righteous path had. Since the Qi Lin Mountain Villa was determined to follow Senior Official Luo’s household, then he should either find a way to destroy it or change its master. Destroying the Qi Lin Mountain Villa would pit them against the Luo family, so changing the Villa master seemed to be the path of least resistance. This Luo Hai Sheng was useless trash, but he surpassed others in obedience. Long Xuan placed a few banknotes before the Eldest Young Master Luo. “Keep these for use.” 

Luo Hai Sheng already owed Long Xuan a debt he could not repay in one lifetime. How could he dare to take Long Xuan’s money? He quickly replied, “This humble one does not need to worry about food and drink here, and doesn’t need money.” 

Long Xuan threw the banknotes on the table. “You haven’t tried the capital’s casinos before right? Wait a few days and I’ll order someone to take you around.” 

Once Luo Hai Sheng heard the word “casino,” his two eyes lit up. 

A dog that can’t stop eating sh*t, Long Xuan cursed in his heart. But what came out of his mouth was, “I’m giving you this money to have fun. You don’t need to return it.” 

Luo Hai Sheng immediately beamed with happiness, thanking Long Xuan profusely. He hadn’t gambled for two months, and his hands itched terribly. Once Long Xuan opened his mouth, Luo Hai Sheng flung previous fright to the back of his mind. 

Long Xuan observed Luo Hai Sheng and knew that he had stabilized this chess piece that would be of use to him in the future. Thinking of Ning Shu Ying’s sons, and then looking at Luo Ting Chao’s progeny, it seemed that the Qi Lin Mountain Villa’s young masters were all not very useful. An onlooker could merely look at these offspring and somewhat understand why Ming Jian had always suppressed Qi Lin. 

Luo Hai Sheng gripped the newly obtained banknotes in hand, happily returning to his room. 

Afterwards, Long Xuan’s personal servant brought over a robust man dressed in merchant’s garb. 

“Sit.” Long Xuan did not let this person pay respects and directly spoke. 

The man sat on the stone stool that had just been occupied by Luo Hai Sheng. 

“Bad news,” Long Xuan told the man. “Sima Qingsha has approached the Luo family. My Emperor Father already decided to send troops to help Crown Prince Qingsha.” 

“Is Your Highness serious?” The man immediately stood up again.

“If there are no accidents, tomorrow my imperial court will decide to send troops,” Long Xuan confirmed. “If Brother Zhuxie still has no way to strike Hefang City, I think he should withdraw his troops as soon as possible and plan for the coming year.” 

“How will your army go to help Sima Qingsha?”

“Of course we have no way to conquer Black Frost City. We will borrow Eastern Shang to enter Northern Yan from Chun Du Pass.” Long Xuan handed a letter to the sturdy man, “General, you should return to Yan as soon as possible. Chun Du Pass is not near Black Frost City, and there is no Black Frost Cavalry or heavenly moat there. Brother Zhuxie’s situation looks worrying.”

“Ser-seriously? Eastern Shang will also send troops?” 

“You’ll hear news on the road,” Long Xuan replied. “Leave as soon as possible.” 

“Your Highness.” The brawny man originally was about to leave, but then stood still to ask Long Xuan, “You don’t want to seize Black Frost City back?” 

“If Crown Prince Qingsha becomes emperor,” Long Xuan’s expression appeared quite calm, “then the Luo family’s position in my imperial court will be even more unshakeable. At that time, won’t my situation be more difficult? I have always lived for myself, and I think your household’s master is the same.” 

“This humble one understands and will prepare to leave,” the man said. 

“Leave tomorrow morning.” Long Xuan clapped his hands, and four people who looked like his personal guards appeared before the brawny man like demons. 

The brawny man was taken aback. He hadn’t detected these four people’s existences at all until now. “Your Highness, these are your?”

“They are my imperial bodyguards. I’m not at ease with you going back to Yan alone. They will protect you on your way back to Brother Zhuxie’s army.” 

The brawny man hastily declined, saying there was no need. 

Long Xuan instead said, “You carry a letter I personally wrote. This relates to my own life as well, so it’s better to be more careful. Don’t underestimate the Luo family’s tactics. General must bring along these four people.”

The man replied, “This Luo family, is Your Highness speaking of the third young master Luo Wei, Luo Yun Qi?” 

“Yes.” Long Xuan sinisterly continued, “This person harmed your master’s eyes, and drove him to his current circumstances. For him, you are even less of a well-matched adversary.” 

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ASV Chapter 77: Leaving the Soul

Ziyang Pei’s little brother Ziyang Shi had been sleeping for thousands of years because of the godly Gu insect, and his life which should have been prematurely extinguished was maintained by Tang Shayun.

The godly insect was male, and the Feng Shen was female. This time Shen Feixiao was looking for a Gu insect named Feng Shen.

This kind of insect was extremely difficult to develop. If Shen Feixiao hadn’t spent six years with his shifu Yu Hong, he would not know that Yu Hong had raised one.

Feng Shen ah, Feng Shen. As this gu insect’s name implied, once this kind of insect was in a person’s body, it could reverse that person’s state of mind. It could manipulate that person’s likes and dislikes. But the reason why Shen Feixiao went to find this gu insect… was not to make Qin Kaiyi like himself.

He had his pride, and he would never use this kind of thing to force Qin Kaiyi; not to mention that he had never extravagantly demanded that Qin Kaiyi should like him. From a long time ago, Shen Feixiao already knew that he only wanted Qin Kaiyi to accompany him.

Whether it was hate or love, Shen Feixiao didn’t care how Qin Kaiyi viewed himself. What he cares about was that he could hold Qin Kaiyi firmly in his hand and let him always stay with him.

And the reason Shen Feixiao went to find the Feng Shen Gu was for another of the Feng Shen Gu’s effects. The one who bestowed the Feng Shen Gu and the one who bore it would have their lives linked together. Even after death, their souls would not separate. 

Shen Feixiao took hold of the wooden box in his hand, and his expression was indifferent. If something really happened to Qin Kaiyi, he could not imagine how he would react.

“Why did you ask me to ask for this Gu insect?” After not seeing him for a long time, Yu Hong still didn’t change. He observed Shen Feixiao’s silence and sighed heavily: “You do know that once you use this Gu insect, there will be no way to go back.”

“I know.” Shen Feixiao’s eyes were no longer purple, with only a thick black remaining within them: “I hope shifu will help me to accomplish this.”

“I would like to, but you also won’t look at what this really is.” Yu Hong smiled bitterly: “Feixiao… why do you bother, I see that your shixiong does not necessarily have good intentions towards you… “

“No.” Shen Feixiao calmly smiled. “He won’t threaten me with this.”

“… Ok.” Yu Hong knew Shen Feixiao’s temperament very well. He looked at the disciple who was a head taller than him by a head. He could hardly say anything, and sighed: “Take it.”

“Thank you, shifu.” Yu Hong was probably someone who would stand on his side no matter what the situation was. Shen Feixiao held the sturdy wooden box with his hands and said indifferently: “If there is a next life, disciple will be cattle and serve as a horse…” (T/N: meaning he will obey his orders and willingly serve him). 

“That’s enough.” Yu Hong rubbed his eyes tiredly with his hands and sighed: “It seems that Xue Xian can’t escape the fate of those secret skills being lost in the end… Feixiao, I won’t say much more, you look for happiness and fortune on your own. From now on… you don’t have to come here.”

“Yes.” Shen Feixiao still had no expression when he heard this sentence. He knew why Yu Hong would treat him like this… he had brought it on himself.

He didn’t say any unnecessary words. Shen Feixiao received the Gu insect from Yu Hong and pushed the door open to leave. The priceless Feng Shen Gu in his arms already represented Yu Hong’s friendship  with him, but he still didn’t accept this feeling. 

“Feixiao, do you really want to go?” Su Liuli’s eyes were red; she had apparently already cried. She looked at the box held by Shen Feixiao, and there was shock in her eyes: “You… in your hands……”

“It’s the Feng Shen.” Shen Feixiao cast a soft and gentle glance at the object in his arms, and then said three words to Su Liuli: “I am sorry.”

They all understood what it meant to be sorry.

“You… do you have a woman you like?” The rims of Su Liuli’s eyes turned red instantly. She had been waiting for Shen Feixiao, but she didn’t expect that what she was waiting for… would be an apology.

“No.” Shen Feixiao shook his head indifferently: “It’s not like.”

“Then why!” Su Liuli stared in surprise: “Why would you…”

“The reason for being together does not necessarily have to be like.” Shen Feixiao looked at Su Liuli calmly. He lightly explained: “But some people have already become something you cannot do without. If you do not have them, you will have no way to live on.”

“… I don’t understand.” Su Liuli shook her head in despair. She also knew the effect of the Feng Shen gu, and she looked at Shen Feixiao’s eyes with a smidgeon of additional misery: “But why do you want the Feng Shen Gu? Don’t you know……”

Su Liuli naturally didn’t think that Shen Feixiao would use the Feng Shen Gu to manipulate the other person’s mind. She was worried about… another problem.

Shen Feixiao knew what Su Liuli was worried about. He looked at the woman who he had lived with for a time and smiled: “I know… besides, if this Gu is used, I’m afraid the one who will suffer losses is not me.”

“She is very strong?” Su Liuli was dumbfounded.

“No.” Shen Feixiao denied indifferently, but did not say the other sentence in his heart: he was not strong, but he was cruel enough–so cruel that he wanted Shen Feixiao to kill him.

This Gu could just count as a warning to himself. If one day he really couldn’t resist killing Qin Kaiyi, then he would die with him.

“You really…” Su Liuli knew that she couldn’t persuade Shen Feixiao, and the force she put behind the smile on her face was extreme: “Are you coming back?”

“No.” Shen Feixiao knew why Yu Hong severed relations with him before he went out, so he didn’t hesitate: “I will never come again. Liuli, you are a good girl, forget me.”

“…” Su Liuli shook her head weakly, and then stumbled away.

Shen Fei smiled at this scene without much emotion. All his feelings were given to one person, but that person regarded him as a monster.

But so what? Since he could obtain him, what was there to hesitate about?

After asking for what he wanted and solving the matters that he should solve, Shen Feixiao did not stay in God’s Medicine Valley and instead rushed back to the Lingshan Sect without pause.

And Qin Kaiyi, who had been shut in the Lingshan Sect by Shen Feixiao, discovered a situation that shocked him… after soaking in the blue water bath for a few days, his hair turned white…

What the hell was this?!!! When Qin Kaiyi saw his white-haired self in the copper mirror one morning, he had the urge to throw the table and roar. What was with his hair!! Was this the  result of malnutrition from abstaining from meat for a month!!

So when the eggplant came at noon to call Qin Kaiyi to take a bath, Qin Kaiyi finally couldn’t resist his outuburst. He smashed the copper mirror towards the eggplant’s feet and shouted with rage: “What’s wrong with my hair!!!”

The eggplant looked at the way Qin Kaiyi exploded, thinking quietly… This appearance with an immortal aura and sagelike manner was really not suitable for Qin Kaiyi… But fortunately, under Shen Feixiao’s pressure, the eggplant still remained reasonable. He slightly smiled and softly said: “This is a side effect of the medicinal bath, the master ordered… that the medicinal bath cannot stop.”

“…” Qin Kaiyi completely gave up. He scratched his hair with his hands and stood up lazily. Without wearing shoes, he acted as if he didn’t see the eggplant and walked towards the room where the bath was located. In fact he should have long known that he didn’t have the power of choice, but after all… this head of white hair, did it indicate that he could have a terminal illness? 

It was a pity that Qin Kaiyi’s wish to be terminally ill could never be fulfilled. As soon as the white-haired Qin Kaiyi shed his clothes and stepped into the bath, he heard the sound of footsteps coming from the door. 

“Shen Feixiao!” Not expecting Shen Feixiao to suddenly appear, Qin Kaiyi stilled suddenly. If his whole body was naked in front of Shen Feixiao in the past, this would not matter to Qin Kaiyi… but after Shen Feixiao forced him that time…

“Shixiong.” Shen Feixiao apparently just came back, and he still appeared travel-worn. He looked at Qin Kaiyi bathing and didn’t show any suprise: “Have you been well recently?”

… Qin Kaiyi expressed that he wanted to cover his body with some clothes…

Fortunately, Shen Feixiao did not make things difficult for Qin Kaiyi. After carefully scanning Qin Kaiyi from top to bottom, he turned away and left. He also said a few words before leaving: “Shixiong’s appearance with white hair is also very good-looking.”

“… Why do I have a bad hunch?” Qin Kaiyi looked at himself reflected in the water, inexplicably feeling guilty: “This guy Shen Feixiao, what on earth does he want to do?”

It was a pity that no matter how much Qin Kaiyi thought, he didn’t have such an imagination rich enough to reveal Shen Feixiao’s ultimate purpose. After a long time in the bath, he still hesitatingly stepped out. There was no way out. His skin felt like he’d soaked a layer off, but no matter how long he soaked he would not be able to avoid Shen Feixiao…

After putting on the clean clothes that were set aside, Qin Kaiyi slowly swayed out. This time it seemed that because Shen Feixiao had returned, the eggplant did not guard him at the door but instead let Qin Kaiyi return to his room with a gloomy face and a speed that could provoke anger in others. 

Sure enough, as soon as he opened the door, he saw Shen Feixiao sitting inside. Shen Feixiao seemed to have taken a bath and changed his clothes, leisurely drinking a cup of tea.

Qin Kaiyi swiftly scanned the situation inside the room, and was slightly relieved after discovering that there was nothing strange.

“What’s wrong?” Shen Feixiao raised his eyes, “What is shixiong looking at?”

“It’s nothing.” Qin Kaiyi awkwardly smiled. “Shidi… Where did you go?”

“Shixiong doesn’t like that his hair turned white?” Shen Feixiao didn’t answer Qin Kaiyi’s question, but instead asked him one.

“It’s fine.” Qin Kaiyi smiled insincerely: “Actually… it also looks good, hehe.” After hehe-ing a legion of grass mud horses wildly galloped within him, exerting great pressure. 

“I know that shixiong doesn’t like it.” Shen Feixiao stood up and walked to Qin Kaiyi, who was still waffling at the door, and reached a hand to close it: “But this is a matter that had to be done.”

“… Is it.” Qin Kaiyi’s hairs stood on end instantly. He wanted to unobtrusively stay a bit further away from Shen Feixiao, but his attempt was discovered.

“… Shixiong is still so afraid of me.” Squeezing Qin Kaiyi’s wrist, Shen Feixiao’s eyelashes drooped slightly like he was a wronged child: “Which part of me exactly is… so terrifying.”

…… From head to toe and from your insides to your outsides ah dear, Qin Kaiyi thought with bloody tears on his face–you just think of fireflies in the night, almost scared me to the point of peeing… (T/N: this is the literal translation. I think the author means that the situation is so clearcut, it is like fireflies against a dark night.)


ASV Chapter 76: Gu Poison

(T/N: I’ve been translating “Gu,” ie. 蛊, as “poisonous insect.” 蛊 = gu = legendary venomous insect. So that’s what has been in QKY this whole time. Might switch to just “gu” to get across the full meaning.)

After hearing the system prompt, Qin Kaiyi couldn’t think of a solution for a while. In fact, if Shen Feixiao didn’t know his identity as the masked person, it would be extremely easy to get him to kill Qin Shi, but now… whenever Qin Kaiyi thought about whether to piss off Shen Feixiao, his disastrous encounter after the great formation was set would emerge in his mind. Fine, to some extent Qin Kaiyi was right, because 99% of the consequences of making Shen Feixiao angry would be getting topped…

However, the way home was in front of him. Even if Qin Kaiyi wanted to restrain his temper and properly scheme, it was difficult to suppress the impatience in his heart, so those days that could have originally been considered leisurely became difficult to bear. 

Shen Feixiao seemed not to notice Qin Kaiyi’s anxiety. He still delivered delicious meals to Qin Kaiyi every day or occasionally read a book in Qin Kaiyi’s room. However, most of the time he would leave after finishing the meal, busying himself with something unknown. 

The relationship between the two had been so strangely deadlocked. Some studies say that humans develop a habit on the twenty-first day, and when Qin Kaiyi became aware of it it was too late… he actually unconsciously got used to Shen Feixiao accompanying him to eat.

“I haven’t seen him for a few days. Where is Shen Feixiao?” Poking the tofu in his bowl, Qin Kaiyi’s expression revealed dislike: “Why is it tofu again.”

“… The master has something to do.” The eggplant, still in a gorgeous purple dress, looked at Qin Kaiyi’s picky expression and his mouth involuntarily twitched: “Qin gongzi, do you have something to find master for?” (T/N: polite form of you) 

“…” Actually, I wanted to ask why there’s no meat to eat when Shen Feixiao isn’t here… Qin Kaiyi said silently in his heart, but he still refrained from saying this: “I have eaten tofu for several days, can you change it up?”

“The master said that when he comes back, you can eat meat.” The eggplant rubbed his nose with his hand.

“…” Shen Feixiao you want to cheat me like this! After Qin Kaiyi put a piece of tofu in his mouth, his whole person was in a bad mood. Since Shen Feixiao left inexplicably half a month ago, he had eaten half a month’s worth of cabbage and boiled tofu, to that point that he might turn into cabbage and tofu.

“What is Shen Feixiao leaving to do?” Although he thought that the man in purple before him was a bit familiar, he didn’t connect him with the sable. Qin Kaiyi glanced at the eggplant: “When will he return?”

“The owner has something to do outside, and can only come back in about seven days.” There was no clear answer to Qin Kaiyi’s first question. When the eggplant looked at Qin Kaiyi, there was a little bit of obvious pity in his eyes: “Qin Gongzi please do not be anxious.”

“…” How could he not be anxious, days without meat weren’t for humans to live through… Qin Kaiyi sighed, put down his chopsticks, and nested in the bed again. Shen Feixiao did not allow him to go out when he wanted, and this room had no TV or computer. Aside from reading books and sleeping, Qin Kaiyi had almost no forms of entertainment available.

Seeing Qin Kaiyi returning to the bed, the eggplant began to clean up the wreckage of the food on the table. He naturally knew what Shen Feixiao had gone to do–Feng Shen Gu (T/N: legendary venomous insect conferred by the gods), this kind of thing, could not be found in any old place.

Since he forcefully walked into Tang Shayun’s spiritual consciousness a month ago, he encountered some very strange things from it. What transmigration, what novel… Anyway, he had never seen these things,  but when he saw these peculiarities the eggplant told Shen Feixiao all about it without reservation. The moment Shen Feixiao heard what he had to say, his expression became completely gloomy. 

Since Qin Kaiyi had been caught by Shen Feixiao, the eggplant rarely saw Shen Feixiao get so angry. He looked at Shen Feixiao sitting silently on the chair, but the purple in his eyes was not so obvious–it wasn’t that it was not purple, but that the purple was so intense that it had  a tendency to lean toward black.

“I’m going out.” Shen Feixiao, who had been silent for a long time, opened his mouth softly. He glanced at the eggplant without expression: “In those days when I’m gone, you know what to do.”

“Yes.” The eggplant knew Shen Feixiao’s temperament well. If Qin Shi had any problems, the first one to suffer would definitely be himself…

Then Shen Feixiao left without stopping to rest. Before leaving, he issued the eggplant a command–he was not allowed to give meat to Qin Kaiyi in those days when Shen Feixiao  wasn’t there. This seemingly childish command actually pinched a certain someone’s  vulnerable spot (死穴, lethal point in acupuncture)… and yes, with such boring days ahead, what could one look forward to besides eating?

So as Shen Feixiao wished, Qin Kaiyi began to think that he very very much wanted him to hurry back–mother’s eggs, he would die if he ate radish and tofu for a few more days!!

Qin Kaiyi, sleeping on the bed, did not know that all of his old background would be uncovered. He now had another problem…

“Are you Yan Gu?” Since Tang Shayun’s incident, Qin Kaiyi expressed skepticism towards all the acquaintances who suddenly appeared beside him. He frowned at the sudden sound in his mind: “Real or fake?”

“Have you been imprisoned into stupidity by Shen Feixiao?” Someone’s voice was very dissatisfied: “I worked  hard to find you while Shen Feixiao was not here, and this is your attitude?”

“So what attitude should I have?” Qin Kaiyi blinked innocently: “Welcome you by pouring a glass of water?”

“… Fine, it seems that you are living well here.” Yan Gu was at a loss and paused for a bit, then said, “Then will you follow me?”

“… Of course.” After hesitating for a while, Qin Kaiyi agreed. He really couldn’t think of a situation where Shen Feixiao would kill him… unless…

“You seem hesitant, it couldn’t be that you’re not willing to go?” Yan Gu sighed: “If I knew it was like this I wouldn’t have come. It’s so wrong of me to disturb the deep feelings between father and son.”

“…” Qin Kaiyi finally determined that this person was indeed Yan Gu. Who else could say such inappropriate words besides Yan Gu??

“When will you take me away?” During the conversation with Yan Gu, an idea flooded Qin Kaiyi’s mind. He suddenly found that solving his and Shen Feixiao’s problem was very easy… Shen Feixiao was not willing to kill him because he was the masked person. Then if he wasn’t the masked person …

“Shen Feixiao went to find Yu Hong to ask for something.” Yan Gu’s voice didn’t reveal any emotion: “En, according to my years of experience, it must not be anything good…”

“…” Qin Kaiyi had the urge to cry until his nose ran. He knew that Shen Feixiao suddenly disappearing couldn’t be a good thing. 

Then Yan Gu’s voice disappeared. Qin Kaiyi was about to ask something when he heard someone knock on the door, and then the eggplant pushed open the door and walked in.

“Why are you here again?” Seeing the purple-clothed man who delivered meals to him every day, Qin Kaiyi was puzzled. “I just finished eating.”

“…” I know you have just finished your meal, so I didn’t come to give you the meal. Eggplant really didn’t understand why Shen Feixiao had such an extreme obsession with Qin Shi…

“Qin gongzi, please come this way. The master told me to accompany Qin gongzi to the bathing pool every day.” Eggplant cut straight to the point. 

“… What do you mean?” Qin Kaiyi was keenly aware that something was wrong. Usually, he bathed in wooden barrels sent in by others, but why today…

But the eggplant didn’t answer Qin Kaiyi’s question, instead directly making an “after you” gesture–he certainly knew why Shen Feixiao did it. He estimated that the Feng Shen Gu had already been found, so now Qin Kaiyi’s medicinal bath was clearly to prepare for this Gu. 

Knowing that he did not have the right to refuse, Qin Kaiyi followed the eggplant with a blackened expression. After passing through the long corridor, he came to a room that he had never seen before.

One couldn’t tell from the outside, but within this room that seemed like nothing special on the surface there was a huge bath. The material of the bath seemed to be a special jade which Qin Kaiyi didn’t recognize even after staring for a while. 

“Is this water really okay?” Qin Kaiyi leaned slightly closer to the bath, and his face twisted when he did. “What exactly is in the bath?”

He saw that the jade bath was filled with an ice-blue liquid. Qin Kaiyi didn’t stand very close and could already smell a clear fragrance. This kind of smell was like wine, but compared  to wine, it was a bit lighter.

“This is the ten thousand years old emulsion that the owner has found, which is very good for the body.” The eggplant’s expressionless face made it impossible to see whether he was lying or telling the truth. It seemed he wasn’t willing to speak with Qin Kaiyi more, and once again gestured for Qin Kaiyi to go ahead: “Please rest assured Qin gongzi, master will not do anything harmful to Qin gongzi.”

“…” Qin Kaiyi was taken aback for a moment, and then he was dumbfounded. In fact, now, he had no need to be wary of Shen Feixiao. After all, his ultimate goal was to have Shen Feixiao kill him. That is to say, the more harmful things Shen Feixiao did to him, the closer he was to his goal.

Having figured this out, Qin Kaiyi also calmed. After watching the eggplant exit the room, he took off his clothes and slowly entered the bath.

Really comfortable. Qin Kaiyi groaned involuntarily when he immersed his body in this liquid–as if massaging his entire body, the waves of spiritual energy in the water gradually poured into his body along his skin. Qin Kaiyi’s eyes narrowed involuntarily.

As Qin Kaiyi soaked in the bath for longer and longer, the light blue water in the bath gradually became transparent, and Qin Kaiyi lay in the bath with his eyes closed. He dizzily fell asleep just like this. 

He didn’t see this in his sleep, but the longer he soaked in the pool, the more the enchanting red lotus patterns on his face gradually vanished. His long black hair, as if its color was fading, became gray.

Feng Shen Gu—I wish for my life to be attached to thine; I wish to eternally bind thy soul; I wish for black silk hair to become white; when the body is extinguished, your spirit will transform. 

When the metamorphosed world becomes real, and when the real world becomes an unreachable dream… will the first one to go mad be the one persistently seeking a path, or the destroyer who demolishes that path?

Qin Kaiyi and Shen Feixiao both didn’t know the answer to this question.

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By the way, if you’re confused about what happened in this chapter, so am I and so are the Chinese readers commenting. I am not 100% confident in my translation of the third-to-last paragraph.