R:DSAT Chapter 198: Night Battle at Tian Shui’s Source

When the news that Mo Huan Sang’s Black Frost Cavalry had entered Tian Shui’s source reached Sima Qingsha’s army, Luo Wei was eating with Sima Qingsha and Yang Yuansu at the same table.  “He really entered Tian Shui’s source?” Yang Yuansu spoke first. Inwardly, he did not believe that Mo Huan Sang would enter TianContinue reading “R:DSAT Chapter 198: Night Battle at Tian Shui’s Source”

R:DSAT Chapter 197: Excessive Rain

Sima Qingsha’s Northern Yan army traveled for fifteen days before meeting and merging with Yang Yuansu’s Eastern Shang army.  Yang Yuansu had just turned thirty-five. He was in the prime of his life, with a short beard, slightly dark skin, and thin facial features. He had an imposing, impressive appearance. Without getting angry, he stillContinue reading “R:DSAT Chapter 197: Excessive Rain”

R:DSAT Chapter 196: Qingsha Sends Troops

After Sima Qingsha and Luo Wei’s long conversation, he left the barracks and returned to Hefang CIty to have another discussion with his officials that lasted the entire night.  Luo Wei slept soundly that night, not caring at all whether the Northern Yan monarch and officials in Hefang City could come to a conclusion. UponContinue reading “R:DSAT Chapter 196: Qingsha Sends Troops”

ASV Chapter 83

The following days of Qin Kaiyi’s life were dull and tedious.  His depression became more and more serious. Just when his suicidal ideations dominated his thoughts, Qin Kaiyi suddenly discovered that Shen Feixiao had some abnormalities. Yes, abnormalities. Unlike in the past, when he would stay with him almost every day in the room, ShenContinue reading “ASV Chapter 83”

R:DSAT Chapter 195: It’s the Young Master Who Harmed Him

Luo Wei did not sleep soundly. His back faced the tent entrance as he slept. Hearing the sound of steps behind him and thinking it was Wei Lan returning, he opened his mouth to say, “Lan, you finished washing up? Every bone in my body hurts, come massage me.”  Luo Wei’s tone was a bitContinue reading “R:DSAT Chapter 195: It’s the Young Master Who Harmed Him”

R:DSAT Chapter 194: Northern Yan’s Barracks

Though springtime in the north was full of fresh greenery, it did let people feel a single wisp of warmth.  On the road with Sun Li, Luo Wei had to both avoid Mo Huan Sang’s troops and relentlessly travel through starry nights. His face which had originally regained some of its rosiness again became pallid.Continue reading “R:DSAT Chapter 194: Northern Yan’s Barracks”

R:DSAT Chapter 193: The Day of Black Frost City’s Return

Previously he had been constantly drawing plans for Black Frost City. However, when Luo Wei really stood below Black Frost City, he actually felt rather calm. Sun Li brought people to Luo Wei’s side, and they surrounded him in a tight circle, placing Luo Wei under their control.  “Young master, shall we enter the city?”Continue reading “R:DSAT Chapter 193: The Day of Black Frost City’s Return”

R:DSAT Chapter 192: I’ll Entrust Luo Wei to You

After Sun Li received Luo Wei’s news, he came to the Zhou barracks again on the afternoon of the second day. The rain still had no intention of stopping. The Zhou army was clearly stationed on barren land, but now it seemed they had sunken into a great quagmire. The Zhou soldiers standing in theContinue reading “R:DSAT Chapter 192: I’ll Entrust Luo Wei to You”

R:DSAT Chapter 191: To Capture Brigands, First Catch Their King

Long Xuan arrived ten days later than Luo Wei at the Zhou army’s barracks situated 50 li from Black Frost City. With the two hundred thousand conscripts Emperor Xing Wu ordered to be gathered from all around the country, a total of five hundred thousand Greater Zhou troops assembled outside Black Frost City. Once LongContinue reading “R:DSAT Chapter 191: To Capture Brigands, First Catch Their King”

R:DSAT Chapter 190: Stationing Troops at Black Frost City

Speed was a crucial asset in war. On the second day of Luo Wei’s arrival at the Yun Guan barracks, the army had already finished preparing to enter battle. With only a single command voiced by Luo Qi, they would leave Yun Guan and directly pounce on Black Frost City.  Ye Xiu arrived to sendContinue reading “R:DSAT Chapter 190: Stationing Troops at Black Frost City”