ASV Chapter 15: Wandering

At Shen Feixiao’s residence, Qin Kaiyi stepped forward and knocked on the door: “Shidi, are you there?” Quite a while later, the door finally opened with a creak. Shen Feixiao looked at Qin Kaiyi, his face as expressionless as usual. “You should prepare, next month you will go with me to the sky secret realm.”Continue reading “ASV Chapter 15: Wandering”

ASV Chapter 14: To Be Chosen

Following Qing Xuzi’s instructions, Qin Kaiyi bid Liu Ling’er farewell and left. He didn’t know what Qing Xuzi wanted to speak to him about, but he guessed that it was related to the sudden appearance of the sky secret realm.  Arriving at Qing Xuzi’s dongfu, Qin Kaiyi stood outside and waited for a while beforeContinue reading “ASV Chapter 14: To Be Chosen”

ASV Chapter 13: The Selection

Qing Xuzi’s expression as he stood on the high platform of the mountain gate was very grave. There were several elders of the Lingshan Sect standing around him. The solemn atmosphere quickly calmed the noisy crowd. Seeing that the disciples no longer spoke, Qing Xuzi opened his mouth lightly. His voice was enhanced by aContinue reading “ASV Chapter 13: The Selection”

ASV Chapter 12: Secret Realm

“Since you have signed a contract and become a disciple under me…” After making an oath with Qin Kaiyi, Zi Yangpei continued to transmit speech in secret with him: “I’ll give you the courtesy of meeting up with those you know one last time.” “Many thanks brother Zi Yang,” Qin Kaiyi said lightly. “You’re welcome.”Continue reading “ASV Chapter 12: Secret Realm”

ASV Chapter 8: Out of Control Plot

The man had an entirely beautiful face–sharply outlined, with a tall and straight nose bridge, and pleasingly shaped thin lips. His appearance seemed to be one that, with only a slight smile, could seduce the most chaste widow. He wore black traditional Chinese garb imprinted with silver lines, which outlined seductive lotus imagery.1 Clothing thatContinue reading “ASV Chapter 8: Out of Control Plot”

ASV Chapter 11: The Protagonist’s Halo Shines Everywhere

“Oh,” Shen Feixiao responded simply. He then stopped talking, leaving Qin Kaiyi and Zi Yangpei to watch on helplessly. Qin Kaiyi’s heart was beating like a drum at this moment. When he saw Shen Feixiao, he was worried that Zi Yangpei would sense that Shen Feixiao had the sable. Now that he saw that ZiContinue reading “ASV Chapter 11: The Protagonist’s Halo Shines Everywhere”

ASV Chapter 10: Demonic Cultivation

“How about it?” It seemed that Zi Yangpei had not given up on luring Qin Kaiyi into being his disciple. “… Brother Ziyang, let me think about it again,” Qin Kaiyi replied with difficulty. Although he did have to step onto the path of demonic cultivation eventually, he did not want to do so underContinue reading “ASV Chapter 10: Demonic Cultivation”

ASV Chapter 9: Demonic Cultivation

“Who is calling you?” Zi Yangpei asked, raising his eyebrows when he heard the voice outside the dongfu (T/N: the abode of a cultivator that’s usually rich in spiritual energy, in a cave, and high up on a mountain). “… My shimei,” Qin Kaiyi said helplessly. “I will send her away immediately.” After hearing this,Continue reading “ASV Chapter 9: Demonic Cultivation”