ASV Chapter 80

Qin Kaiyi had considered a lot of possible endings between him and Shen Feixiao, but the only thing he never thought of happened. His face froze. He watched Yan Gu’s mouth open and close, but he couldn’t hear what he was talking about. “Qin Shi? Qin Shi what’s wrong with you?” Yan Gu saw thatContinue reading “ASV Chapter 80”

R:DSAT Chapter 186: The Future

Luo Wei curled up on the bed. Twangs of pain thrashed at his lower abdomen, as if even his intestines had been injured. Luo Wei was quite familiar with this kind of hurt, but experiencing it again today, he had to expend all his strength to bear it. This also rendered Luo Wei uninterested inContinue reading “R:DSAT Chapter 186: The Future”

R:DSAT Chapter 185: Are You Angry With Me?

In a flurry of limbs, Wei Lan threw the pill back into its box and answered, “I’m here, wait a moment young master.” He stuffed the wooden box beneath his pillow.  Luo Wei waited for Wei Lan to open the door and then entered his room. He shrunk into himself. “You didn’t put a furnaceContinue reading “R:DSAT Chapter 185: Are You Angry With Me?”

R:DSAT Chapter 184: Reminder

Luo Wei spent a long time writing his letter to Sima Qingsha. He was afraid that he would miswrite a word or use the wrong turn of phrase, so that Sima Qingsha could see that something was wrong and all their plans would go down the drain. When Wei Lan returned, the lamps had alreadyContinue reading “R:DSAT Chapter 184: Reminder”

ASV Chapter 79

Qin Kaiyi felt like he was almost dead.  He lay on his back on the bed, expressionlessly counting the patterns on the ceiling, and felt that he was a deep-fried dough stick. His muscles were so stiff that he could not move. Ah, maybe he was going to die. Qin Kaiyi sorrowfully thought that beingContinue reading “ASV Chapter 79”

ASV Chapter 78: The Gu Without a Cure

(T/N: PLEASE keep in mind the warnings you have read on the novelupdates page. Read at your own risk.) Qin Kaiyi had to admit that sometimes his intuition was really accurate. When he felt that there was something off about Shen Feixiao, Shen Feixiao really seemed to begin to act off… “Shixiong.” Facing Qin Kaiyi,Continue reading “ASV Chapter 78: The Gu Without a Cure”

R:DSAT Chapter 183: Personal Residence

“I followed Young Master Xie back.” Nineteen didn’t wait for Wei Lan to ask before explaining himself. “He was the one who had me come here. This should be the Second Highness’s personal residence. A Northern Yan person lives here.”  “A Northern Yan person?” Wei Lan added another layer of bewilderment to his impression ofContinue reading “R:DSAT Chapter 183: Personal Residence”

ASV Chapter 77: Leaving the Soul

Ziyang Pei’s little brother Ziyang Shi had been sleeping for thousands of years because of the godly Gu insect, and his life which should have been prematurely extinguished was maintained by Tang Shayun. The godly insect was male, and the Feng Shen was female. This time Shen Feixiao was looking for a Gu insect namedContinue reading “ASV Chapter 77: Leaving the Soul”

ASV Chapter 76: Gu Poison

(T/N: I’ve been translating “Gu,” ie. 蛊, as “poisonous insect.” 蛊 = gu = legendary venomous insect. So that’s what has been in QKY this whole time. Might switch to just “gu” to get across the full meaning.) After hearing the system prompt, Qin Kaiyi couldn’t think of a solution for a while. In fact,Continue reading “ASV Chapter 76: Gu Poison”