R:DSAT Chapter 187: Snowy Spring Night

“Imperial Bodyguard Wei.” Wei Lan was waiting in a courtyard walkway of the Hall of Eternal Light when Zhao Fu exited the hall and came to a stop in front of him. Zhao Fu smilingly said, “The young master has his own room here. He asked this humble slave to bring you to that room.” 

Wei Lan hurriedly declined, “No need, I can just wait here.” 

“This place is drafty.” Zhao Fu pointed at the path screened by walls that connected to this walkway, continuing, “Imperial Bodyguard Wei, you are a lucky man for the young master to be so considerate of you. Come with me.”

“Mister, if I go, won’t I violate palace regulations?” Wei Lan asked.

“You won’t.” Zhao Fu took complete charge: “That room was given to the young master to live in, and the young master is considered its owner. Others won’t gossip about it.”

After Wei Lan arrived at this side palace hall’s room, a eunuch brought tea and refreshments. The tea steeped in the palace looked fresh and green, and its fragrant scent permeated the whole place. The pastries were delicate and refined. However, Wei Lan had no appetite. He only sat there blankly as he waited for Luo Wei. He ended up waiting until the sky turned dark. 

At last, it was Zhao Fu who came to call, “Imperial Bodyguard Wei, the young master is heading back to the official’s residence. Hurry and meet him.”

Wei Lan exited the palace room and discovered that spring snow had begun to fall at some point. From far away, he saw Luo Wei and Long Xuan standing in a veranda under a palace lamp, speaking.

“Let’s go,” Zhao Fu urged from beside him. 

Wei Lan now feared seeing Long Xuan. Discovering that Long Xuan was speaking with Luo Wei, he involuntarily thought, he wouldn’t be telling the young master about the secret substance, right? Thinking this weighed Wei Lan’s steps down. 

Beneath the veranda, in spite of Luo Wei’s cold expression, Long Xuan tied the belt of a fur overcoat for Luo Wei. At this moment, Long Xuan’s gaze carried real, deep concern, “This snowfall’s timing really isn’t right. Tomorrow you’ll have to face the snow on the road, so be more careful on your way.” 

“You’re really quite a strange person,” Luo Wei said. “You’d care about my life or death? Isn’t my death better for you?”

“This is the palace.” Long Xuan lowered his voice, “Be careful of others hearing. I have never wished for your death.” 

“You had better be careful yourself,” Luo Wei replied simply. 

“Are you concerned about me?” Long Xuan said. “I thought that you were the one who hoped for my death.” 

“Are you really Long Xuan?” Luo Wei stared at Long Xuan. He had lived two lifetimes, and never knew that Long Xuan was one to exchange such trifling, nonsense words with someone else. Or was this person purposefully trying to implicate him, or have him commit an error in front of the Hall of Eternal Light? Perhaps because he showed disrespect to a prince, he would suffer punishment?

A few snowflakes stuck to the crown of Luo Wei’s head. Under the palace lamp’s fluttering, flickering light and shadow, Long Xuan looked towards Luo Wei. He could not help but sigh with feeling. This person was truly beautiful. 

Luo Wei retreated two steps, coldly asking, “What are you thinking? It was you who said that for the country, we must collaborate this time. You wouldn’t be thinking of something else now, again?” 

Long Xuan pressed up towards him in two steps. He still stood in front of Luo Wei. Seeing the snow on Luo Wei’s hair already congealing into pearls of ice, he wanted to reach out a hand to brush them away.

“If you have something to say then say it.” Luo Wei retreated again. He didn’t know what was atop his head to make Long Xuan reach out his hand. Luo Wei used his own hand to carelessly grope at the top of his head two times.

Long Xuan said, “I wanted to say… That it turns out that someone having some more meat on their bones versus having less really makes a difference.” 

“You-” Luo Wei only reasoned that Long Xuan must be cursing him again, just like how he used to call him a damned fatty. He retorted, “This is something everyone knows, did Your Highness just learn it?” 

Luo Wei’s wind-blown face was red, temporarily covering up his sickly complexion. In Long Xuan’s eyes, this was a new kind of flirtatious appearance, fascinating him. 

“Young master.” Wei Lan walked over at this time.

“Lan, let’s go.” Luo Wei turned around and saw Wei Lan, and did not pause for even a second before he went down the steps to head towards Wei Lan. 

Long Xuan reached out to support this person who seemed as if he couldn’t even walk stably, but seeing Wei Lan appear atop the stairs in a flash to brace Luo Wei, he retracted his hand. 

“Let’s go.” Luo Wei’s entire body depended on Wei Lan’s support. He felt cold now, and he was also in pain. He only thought about returning to his warm blankets and lying there for a while. “This damned snow,” he cursed next to Wei Lan’s ear, “winter passed, but it still wants to fall! There’s no end to it!”

“Don’t they all say that timely snow foretells a prosperous year?” Wei Lan saw Luo Wei treating him as usual and knew that Long Xuan hadn’t spoken about the secret substance with Luo Wei. He eased his worries then, and was in the frame of mind to talk to Luo Wei. 

“I’m not a farmer.” Nowadays, Luo Wei loathed snow the most. Seeing the sky filled with floating snowflakes, his body felt cold from his insides to his outsides. It was as if his entire body’s warmth was taken away by this snow. “Why would I care about whether the snow is timely or not.”

Wei Lan supported Luo Wei to the palanquin and took an umbrella from the eunuchs behind them. He opened it for Luo Wei. “These are the affairs of the heavens,” he said to Luo Wei, “young master doesn’t like it, so when we return to the residence, we won’t look at it.”

The two eunuchs lifted the palanquin. The ground was already mantled with snow, so they stepped forward with particular caution. They didn’t care if they fell, but if they dropped the noble young master atop the palanquin, they could only compensate with their lives.

Luo Wei sat in the soft palanquin, and turned his head to look at where he had just stood. He discovered Long Xuan still standing beneath that palace lamp, motionless. Luo Wei sat upright with lightning speed, and did not turn his head again. 

“Your Highness.” Fu Yun trotted over behind Long Xuan, asking, “Will you head back?” 

Of course Long Xuan would not miss Luo Wei glancing back at him. Seeing that person’s lightning-fast head turn, as if he had been startled, Long Xuan laughed and shook his head. He didn’t pay attention to Fu Yun and went down the steps. If he didn’t go back to the Hall of Literary Transcendence, then where else could he go? 

Fu Yun held the umbrella in his hands over Long Xuan’s head. 

“No need.” Long Xuan leisurely strolled in the falling snow. He did not need someone to hold an umbrella for him. He turned to glance at the umbrella in Fu Yun’s grasp. It was a green bamboo umbrella, and it made Long Xuan recall that rainy night in the Hall of the Gracious Phoenix. When he had been punished to kneel outside the hall, Luo Wei had held out a green bamboo umbrella just like this one for him. 

Fu Yun put away the umbrella. The master didn’t use an umbrella, so how could a humble servant dare to use one in the snow?

Thinking of Luo Wei, Long Xuan did not feel a single hint of boredom the entire way from the Hall of Eternal Light to the Hall of Literary Transcendence. He saw Luo Wei in his sick and weakly state every day, and saw him transform from a little fatty into a delicate beauty who looked as if he had been meticulously sculpted from jade. He had also become frail, and looked like white porcelain that would break from a touch. 

“Big brother,” Long Xiang called as he walked over from far away. 

“You still aren’t asleep?” Long Xuan came to a stop, waiting for Long Xiang to reach him. 

“I couldn’t sleep.” Long Xiang was now quite disheartened. He had beseeched Emperor Xing Wu to send him to battle, but had been chewed out by his Emperor Father. He had almost suffered a lashing. Emperor Xing Wu’s rage made it known to Long Xiang that there was no way he could go to Northern Yan this time. 

“Go to my place and have some midnight snacks,” Long Xuan invited.

“I heard Luo Wei entered the palace. Why would a damned sick patient like him be able to go, but I can’t?” Long Xiang complained in a hushed voice at Long Xuan’s side. 

“Shut up, what damned sick patient? Talking rubbish!” Long Xuan shouted in a lowered tone at Long Xiang. 

“It’s ‘shut up’ again.” Long Xiang felt even more wronged. “Big brother, what on earth do you think of Luo Wei? I can’t even talk about him?” 

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Sorry guys for updating so late. Work got extremely busy and I lost the willpower to translate.

I’ll be continuing R:DSAT translations. I noticed acid took down his/her translations of chapters 1-137, but they seem to be saved on this site

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  1. Is there a way to find spoilers about this? I just want to know if Long Xuan is the love interest. If he is then I’m just going to drop this because I really don’t want that to happen.


    1. That’s a totally understandable concern and POV. I think if you search “novelupdates” and the title of this, there should be spoiler threads. Please nobody post spoilers on this website. am spoiler phobic and might lose the willpower to read/translate if i know what happens

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      1. Yeah thank you and yup please no one put spoilers here. This is a Christian Minecraft server, spoiler free XD


  2. Thanks for the update 🙂

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    Still hate LX. Even when he doesn’t do much I’m still infuriated

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