R:DSAT Chapter 160: Leaving the Capital

    After Grand Master Fu Yi left, Luo Wei’s condition vacillated between good and bad. He had momentary bouts of wakefulness, and Imperial Physician Wei no longer said that Luo Wei seemed “not good.” 

    Long Xuan left Beijing, and was “defended” by General Chen Tu Ye as he travelled to Yue Zhou to wash himself of misfortune. 

    On the day of departure, Long Xiang came to send him off. Long Xuan specially ordered, “If something happens to Luo Wei, remember to have someone quickly ride to Yue Zhou to tell me.” 

    Long Xiang replied, “Big brother, rest easy and go to wash yourself of misfortune. Luo Wei has people to care for him, he won’t be lacking without you.” 

    “You remember my words, and you don’t need to ask about anything else.”

    “Big brother,” Long Xiang was now too lazy to guess Long Xuan’s thoughts, “Is it that you care about Luo Wei? Would he accept your feelings? Or is it that if he knows, he will harm you a few times less?” 

    Long Xuan glanced at Long Xiang, “You and Luo Wei have always been good friends.”

    “That’s long ago ended.”

    “Don’t care about my affairs with Luo Wei,” Long Xuan said. “I also won’t care about your affairs with Luo Wei, but you think about it yourself. If you become enemies with this person, are you his opponent?” 

    Long Xiang asked, “What do you mean? Are you looking down on me? He is almost dead…”

    “Shut up!” Long Xuan’s expression changed the moment he heard the word “dead.” “Don’t speak nonsense, just do what I say.” 

    Long Xiang let out an “oh.” In his heart he did not accept this, but he didn’t dare to say any more in front of Long Xuan. 

    Chen Tu Ye was impatiently waiting on the side. After seeing that the two brothers had finally finished speaking, he asked Long Xuan, “Your Second Highness, is it not possible to get on the road?”

    Zhao Jun Bo rushed over with a team of military officers on horseback. After Luo Ze was injured, Emperor Xing Wu decreed that Zhao Jun Bo would temporarily assume command. 

    “General Zhao,” Chen Tu Ye saw Zhao Jun Bo coming and greeted, “Are you also here to send His Second Highness off?”

    Everyone knew that Luo Ze and Luo Wei were injured because of this second prince. One could not walk and the other toed the line between life and death. Once Chen Tu Ye spoke, the military officers rolled their eyes. 

    Long Xiang wanted to step forward to teach Chen Tu Ye a lesson. This man was clearly making trouble and causing his brother discomfort. 

    Long Xuan reached out, blocking Long Xiang.

    Zhao Jun Bo just smiled, dismounted, and paid the proper respects to Long Xuan and Long Xiang. “This humble general is only bringing the soldiers back to the camp, and did not know that today was the day that His Second Highness would depart from the capital. This humble general has been impolite. Wishing His Second Highness a safe trip and an early return.” 

    “All right,” Long Xuan said, looking at the young general behind Zhao Jun Bo.

    Ning Fei saw Long Xuan looking at him and hurriedly paid his respects: “This humble general Ning Fei greets His Second Highness.”

    It turned out that this was Ning Fei. Long Xuan looked Ning Fei up and down. Luo Qi praised this person to high heaven. If that was not the case, Emperor Xing Wu would not have brought this Ning Fei to the capital. The handsome and clean youth held a silver spear and donned white clothes. This person was good–Long Xuan thought it was a pity that he could not use him. 

    Ning Fei had also known of Long Xuan for a long time. When he was still in the Ming Jian Villa, he knew that he would serve this man in the future. He only did not anticipate that he would come to know Luo Wei. Ning Fei observed Long Xuan. If the crown prince could be said to be like jade, this second prince was like a sharp sword. This man seemed innately distanced from others, as if he could not be approached. 

    “Your Highness.” Chen Tu Ye saw that Zhao Jun Bo did not react to his provocation and lost interest in staying. He asked Long Xuan, “Shall we leave?” 

    “Ning Fei,” Long Xuan ignored Chen Tu Ye and said to Ning Fei, “I have heard of your name since long ago, and I’ve finally seen you in person today.”

    “The humble general is of lowly rank,” Ning Fei replied, neither servile nor overbearing. “I dare not have the greedy thought to seek an audience with a prince.”

    “Let’s go,” Long Xuan said to Chen Tu Ye as he looked at Ning Fei, and then turned and mounted his horse. “I don’t mind if you come to see me more,” Long Xuan said to Ning Fei after alighting on his horse.

    Ning Fei just bowed his head and cupped a fist in the other hand, paying respect. 

    “Begin leaving!” Chen Tu Ye shouted to his subordinate. 

    “Big brother, be careful on the road,” Long Xiang called out to Long Xuan.

    Long Xuan travelled in the middle of the departing team without looking back, only waving at Long Xiang.

    A group of people stood and watched Long Xuan depart, riding far into the distance. Long Xiang didn’t even glance at Zhao Jun Bo, Ning Fei, and the rest before taking his bodyguards back into the city with him. 

    “His Highness knew you before?” Zhao Jun Bo asked Ning Fei.

    “I was originally from the Ming Jian Villa.” Ning Fei did not conceal anything from Zhao Jun Bo and whispered, “The relationship between his Second Highness and the Ming Jian Villa is deep. His Second Highness knowing me is also not strange.” 

    “Do you still think of the Ming Jian Villa?” Zhao Jun Bo continued his inquiries. He had to make this clear. The Luo Family’s relationship with Ning Fei was not superficial. He could not allow for the eventuality that the chicken would fly from the coop and break the eggs in passing. 

    “I’ve had no relationship with them since a long time ago,” Ning Fei replied. “The third young master said one thing to Zi Zhou that Zi Zhou still thinks is right today. ‘The lands under heaven are so vast. The Ming Jian Villa isn’t a big deal.’” (T/N: Ning Zi Zhou is Ning Fei’s courtesy name.)

    “It’s good as long as you can think like this,” Zhao Jun Bo laughingly said. “Xiao Wei was a fool when he was a kid, but now he’s become a different person.” 

    Ning Fei mentioned Luo Wei, and couldn’t help but worry: “I hope that third young master can receive heaven’s blessings this time.” 

    Zhao Jun Bo didn’t talk anymore. They were all people close to the Luo family. Who among them wouldn’t be worried thinking of Luo Wei? 

    Long Xuan had just left, and Xie Yu also led people to stand in front of the gate of the Senior Official’s Residence. 

    “Your health also just got better. After going to Yue Zhou, be careful about everything,” Luo Zhi Qiu said to Xie Yu. 

    “Be at ease teacher,” Xie Yu replied in a low voice. “Ming Yuan will go this time. If the second prince does not make any moves, Ming Yuan will treat it as sightseeing in Yue Zhou.” 

    “Your parents had just wanted to come to the capital to see you,” Luo Zhi Qiu said with a twinge of guilt. “But you have to go again.”

    “Teacher doesn’t have to worry about this.” Xie Yu smiled. “If my father is not in a hurry to go back, please ask him and this student’s mother to go to Yue Zhou. We can always meet.”

    “I’ll remember,” Luo Zhi Qiu promised. “Bu Qiutong, the governor of Yue Zhou, is a smooth and sly man. I’ll repeat myself again–you can’t trust what he says.”

    Xie Yu replied, “Such a person, this student has never thought would act in good faith. If the Second Prince wants to get something from him, that would also not be an easy task.” 

    Luo Zhi Qiu nodded. Xie Yu being willing to go to Yue Zhou was a great help to him. On account of Luo Wei’s illness, his own official affairs at court, as well as the open fights and covert maneuvers between him and Qiu Che, he had no way to work out a strategy to guard against Long Xuan’s activities in Yue Zhou. After Xie Yu helped Chen Yu handle the salt case in Yi Zhou, he already proved that his capabilities were not worse than Luo Wei’s. Xie Yu still had not achieved glory for himself, making it easier for him to act in Yue Zhou. Even if something did happen, it would be easy for Luo Zhi Qiu to escape without bringing the heat into the official’s court or above. Therefore, Xie Yu was the best candidate for Luo Zhi Qiu to send to Yue Zhou. It was only that Luo Zhi Qiu could not do away with his face to request this. Xie Yu had just suffered serious injuries, and Xie Wang Bei and his wife were already on the road to the capital. Asking Xie Yu to depart at this time would be too unreasonable. 

    “Teacher, no need to see me out,” Xie Yu smiled and saluted with one fist cupped in the other hand. “Yun Qi is all right, so this student can leave at ease. Hopefully when Ming Yuan returns, Yun Qi will have returned to normal.” 

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