ASV Chapter 65: Wei He

Yan Gu thought that he was, to the utmost degree, extremely, incredibly unlucky—when Ziyang Pei gave Qin Kaiyi the sword with apparent goodwill, Yan Gu completely didn’t expect that that guy Ziyang Pei’s actions were actually meant to target himself. 

Qin Kaiyi had a natural demonic body and naturally did not fear that the lethal weapon would pollute his mind, but Yan Gu was different. Without a flesh and blood body, he only had spiritual knowledge. When he came back to himself, he discovered with surprise that not only did the sword cut off his connection with Qin Kaiyi, it used Yan Gu to entice Qin Kaiyi to kill.  

He was incapable of stopping anything. Yan Gu could only watch as Qin Kaiyi, in the chaos of the situation, used one palm strike to kill the flower thief who was trying to dip a finger into his pie. And what really shook Yan Gu was Shen Feixiao, from thousands of miles away, taking advantage of a spot of weakness.

Yan Gu didn’t know what Qin Kaiyi experienced in the environment created by Shen Feixiao, but he understood… that Qin Kaiyi’s shidi Shen Feixiao most likely knew the connection between the masked person and Qin Kaiyi.

Yan Gu, who was imprisoned in a corner of the sea of knowledge, was anxious and didn’t know what to do. He then saw Wei He, the patriarch of the Hehuan Sect, suddenly appear and rescue Qin Kaiyi from that environment.

“How dangerous.” After wiping the sweat on his forehead, Yan Gu’s expression changed–although that guy Ziyang Pei was treacherous, he didn’t expect that Yan Gu had already obtained the umbrella that Xue Xian had prepared for himself. Wu, he only needed to take a few days, breaking the demonic sword’s imprisonment shouldn’t be a problem… but the problem was… in this period of time, would Qin Kaiyi really not have any major incidents?

Qin Kaiyi woke up and climbed from the bed, not knowing that Yan Gu was anxious about his future. As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw a face bearing deep emotions staring at his own face…

“… Brother, can you get a bit further away from me?” Qin Kaiyi reflexively asked. That suddenly appearing face scared his breath away.  

“Don’t want to.” Wei He felt wronged. “I saved you, but you still avoid and dislike me.”

“Thank you,” Qin Kaiyi squeezed out two words from between his teeth.

“You have to pay me.” Wei He looked at Qin Kaiyi getting up from the bed and said with an aggrieved pout, “You hit my apprentice dead.”

“…” This coquettish tone wasn’t an illusion was it. And why does a big man with a face full of grievance not feel even a little bit out of place??? Qin Kaiyi roared inwardly, and then tensely straightened up his neck to look at the corner; he found that the body of Le Dong, who had been killed by him, was gone.

“Don’t tell me that you want to default on your debt!” Wei He saw that Qin Kaiyi didn’t answer his words, and suddenly had the grand manner of Mengjiangnu crying at the Great Wall (T/N: Qin dynasty folk tale heroine who searched for her husband, and whose tears broke down a stretch of the Great Wall to reveal his body): “Apprentice, you died so miserably… shifu is really useless… I can’t put my hands to hurting a beauty, *crying noises*… apprentice, your spirit definitely isn’t resting in peace in heaven, blame shifu for being incompetent.”

“Stop.” Wei He’s noises made Qin Kaiyi’s head hurt, so he directly interrupted: “What do you actually want to say?”

“I want to say.” Looking at Qin Kaiyi with embarrassment, Wei He mumbled, “Can I top you?”

“…” Big brother, can you not show the expression of a girl leaving her home to marry while saying such explosively pornographic words? Qin Kaiyi’s mouth twitched, and he refused without hesitation: “No.”

“…” The moment Qin Kaiyi refused, Wei He became like a balloon losing air, and he deflated instantly.

“… you can consider something else.” He couldn’t help but to reach out and pet Wei He’s head. Qin Kaiyi had the illusion that he was coaxing a big dog. “Except this.”

“Can I kiss you then?” Wei He’s eyes lit up.

“No.” Qin Kaiyi once again ruthlessly refused Wei He’s request. 

“… then why should I have saved you,” Wei He murmured softly to himself. “If I didn’t save you… I could have taken a bit more advantage.”

That’s right, if Wei He didn’t save Qin Kaiyi, he could have seen a perfect self-f*cking… (T/N: 自攻自受. It can have a perverted meaning, 攻 = gong = “seme,” 受 = shou = “uke,” the sentence means that QKY would be both gong and shou.)

It would have been fine if this wasn’t mentioned, but now that it had Qin Kaiyi’s expression immediately blackened. He couldn’t help thinking of what happened just now–was it a hallucination or something?? Why would he see Shen Feixiao doing such a strange thing? Even if he knew that he was the masked person, his approach towards him shouldn’t be that??

“What are you thinking beauty, you have slept for two days. If you keep sleeping you will be late for the Kaiyang Gathering.” Although Wei He’s tone was inquiring, he knew what Qin Kaiyi was confused about. He already visualized Shen Feixiao’s behavior as a “shidi lusting after shixiong attempts to use force” kind of dog blood drama… Wei He wanted to express that things such as rape were most disagreeable, there was no technique involved at all. 

“I slept for two days?” Qin Kaiyi didn’t expect that he could sleep for so long. When he hurriedly got up from the bed, he found that he had already been changed into a set of clean red clothes. “You changed my clothes?”

“Yeah,” Wei He said, “relax… I didn’t do anything to you.”

“Okay, thank you.” Qin Kaiyi looked at Wei He’s eyes shining like a big dog’s, and couldn’t help but reach out and touch Wei He’s head again. “Let’s hurry and go.”

“Okay, okay,” Wei He agreed happily. “You killed my apprentice, if someone else from the Hehuan Sect sees it, he will definitely come back and take revenge… wu, then let’s go quickly~”

“…” Listening to these words, Qin Kaiyi didn’t understand Wei He’s brain circuitry. Normal people witnessing that their apprentice had been murdered would first react by taking revenge. After all was said and done, what was the matter with that shy expression?? 

“Hehuan doctrine article number 63.” Knowing the reason for Qin Kaiyi’s distorting expression, Wei He empathetically (善解人意, to be good at understanding others) explained, “It is considered fortunate to die under the hands of a beauty, ah, of course, although I set it up like  this… they wouldn’t obey it under normal circumstances, ai, they really don’t care about my status as leader.”

… It would be strange to be able to obey!!! As Qin Kaiyi looked at Wei He he had the illusion that the ridiculing spirit within his own body was instantly set aflame. He simply wanted to grab Wei He’s collar and shake it vigorously to see if he could shake out some of the water lodged in Wei He’s brain.

Afterwards Qin Kaiyi took a bath at the inn and then set out with Wei He. The disappeared Yan Gu and the Shen Feixiao lurking in the dark gave him a lot of pressure. Qin Kaiyi knew that he could not beat Shen Feixiao, but now it seemed that Shen Feixiao already knew his identity as the masked person. According to how circumstances should normally develop… he shouldn’t directly kill Qin Kaiyi?

Knowing that those hallucinations of his and Shen Feixiao were definitely inseparable from each other, Qin Kaiyi could not help but start to fall into delusions about his tragic life in the future… Being constantly thought about by the petty protagonist was definitely not a happy circumstance.

The inn where Qin Kaiyi lived was about three days away from Kaiyang, but Wei He didn’t ask Qin Kaiyi to use a hand seal together with him to fly over. He instead went to find a carriage and slowly walked advanced towards Kaiyang. According to him, a beauty’s skin should be well-maintained… too much wind would seriously affect skin texture!

Thus the two of them traveled at a speed so slow it would render people speechless. The carriage swayed all the way until it arrived at Kaiyang, and at this time, there was only one day before the start of the competition. 

Because of the competition, the inn in Kaiyang was already full, but Wei He was not worried. He pulled the carriage containing Qin Kaiyi and went to a remote courtyard. He looked at Qin Kaiyi’s surprised expression and slowly explained, “Here is a branch of the Hehuan Sect. Wu, don’t dismiss it as small. I’ve seen it and the environment is not bad.” 

In fact, Qin Kaiyi didn’t quite understand all along. What was such a sect, which plucked and plundered to supplement their cores, doing with multiple divisions? Were they not afraid of their victims coming to knock on their door? Thinking like this, Qin Kaiyi asked out loud. Unexpectedly, when he asked, Wei He’s face twisted immediately. It was as if he suddenly remembered something terrifying.

Wei He, who finished remembering after a while, said with deep feeling, “… Sometimes I am really scared.” Of course, unlike what Qin Kaiyi thought, Wei He was not afraid of those people coming for revenge. What he feared was–those flowers he had picked coming to ask him to take responsibility! 

Beauties could not be hit. Wei He would rather be bitterly beaten than be coiled around by a beauty like sticky candy, God, who could understand his mood when being chased, surrounded, and blocked, compelled to marry his victims… 

Qin Kaiyi saw Wei He’s face looking like a bitter gourd, and he didn’t have the heart to deliver another psychological shock. In fact, after getting along with him for a few days, he found that Wei He’s temperament was pretty good. Although he kept saying that he wanted to take advantage of Qin Kaiyi, he hadn’t overstepped. On the contrary, at times his wronged appearance gave Qin Kaiyi the misconception that he was raising a big dog. So in this respect, Qin Kaiyi had passed these few days relatively carefree. 

“Are you here for the secret treasure?” The two sat at a table and ate hot lunch. Wei He gave Qin Kaiyi a curious look. He felt that this guy Qin Shi was really interesting. He came to Kaiyang with an unhappy face, however one looked at it there was no way to believe that he came here to win the competition. 

“Entrusted by others.” In fact, Qin Kaiyi also did not understand why Ziyang Pei told him to go. 

“En? Someone would actually rely on you?” Stuffing a big piece of meat into his mouth, Wei He looked at Qin Kaiyi and carelessly spoke. 

“……” What does that mean? What was “someone would actually rely on [me]??” He was also very strong, okay! Qin Kaiyi gave Wei He a dirty look. 

“Oh oh, I mean, such a beautiful person, how could anyone be willing to entrust you to go do something so troublesome…” Wei He explained with no confidence–indeed, Qin Kaiyi in his eyes was too ignorant of the ways of the world. He was just like those disciples from large sects sent out to learn through experience. However, he recognized the clothes Qin Kaiyi wore as Hua Lian Sect’s–he really didn’t believe that that guy Ziyang Pei would send any rookie.

The way of thinking of one who was in stasis could kill him. Qin Kaiyi, who lived at home every day, did not know that Wei He had classified him as so high rank. He was still entangled in thoughts of: if he really encountered Shen Feixiao, what should he do?!

However, this ultimate, difficult problem solved itself perfectly after he saw Shen Feixiao for the first time a few shichen later… his cute little shidi… actually pretended… not to know him.

Ah… what was with this happy and disappointed mood. Qin Kaiyi silently bit his handkerchief in his heart.

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