ASV Chapter 60

(T/N warning: violence)

Qin Kaiyi knew how useful a natural demonic body was for demonic cultivators, but perhaps because Ziyang Pei’s attitude wasn’t particularly special, this made Qin Kaiyi disregard his own special physique.

But the scene in front of him made all of Qin Kaiyi’s blood freeze. His body was trembling slightly, and he dared not make a sound in his mouth.

Tang Shayun, the transmigrator taken away by Ziyang Pei in the secret realm, was now in front of him. Her eyes were covered by a thick black gauze, and she lay naked on a stone platform somewhat like an altar. On the stage, her hands and feet were locked with silver chains as thick as wrists, and her skin was covered with dense and horrible scars.

If it weren’t for the slightly undulating chest and the faint cries from her mouth, she would be showing almost no signs of life. That Ziyang Shi that Qin Kaiyi had seen on his first day in Hua Lian Sect sat contentedly next to the altar, supporting his chin with a hand while gazing at Tang Shayun. 

“…” Qin Kaiyi didn’t expect to find such a scene when he went looking everywhere for the toilet. He hid in the dark and firmly pressed his lips together, not daring to make a bit of noise.

“En, really proving to be a natural demonic body.” That crisp voice still carried the inexperience of a youth. This man who had lived for who knows how many years was almost the same as a real teenager. Ziyang Shi looked at Tang Shayun with a smile: “Are you really not thinking about saying it?”

“I don’t know, I really don’t know!!! Let me go, please, I’m begging you to please let me go…” Tang Shayun cried out in horror like a cat whose tail had been stepped on, but no matter how horrified, she couldn’t get rid of the steel chains on her wrists. 

“Okay, then.” Ziyang Shi saw Tang Shayun still stubborn and slowly stood up and shrugged: “Actually, I don’t mind if you don’t talk about it. The value that this natural demonic body has given me is already enough.”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhghhhhhhh!!!” Ziyang Shi’s voice just sounded, and then Tang Shayun released an extremely mournful pained scream. All the scars on her body had exploded and fresh blood flowed down. That blood flowed into the complicated patterns on the altar, and gradually condensed into a huge formation along the pattern. In a short time the formation radiated a dark red light.

Ziyang Shi, who was standing to the side, seemed to enjoy this formation very much. He narrowed his eyes and let out a chilling laugh. 

Qin Kaiyi watched this happen motionlessly. He knew how hugely useful the natural demonic body was to demonic cultivators, but he completely didn’t think that… this use was so great that it could heal Ziyang Shi’s body that was ravaged by the godly poisonous insect. 

The formation continued for a long time. Qin Kaiyi didn’t dare to attract Ziyang Shi’s attention. He didn’t know Ziyang Shi’s strength, but he knew that the person who became the leader of Hua Lian Sect could never be a flower vase. (T/N: flower vase = no substance but pretty). 

Tang Shayun’s screams filled his ears for a long time, but Qin Kaiyi couldn’t help remembering Ziyang Pei’s purpose in bringing him to the Hua Lian Sect. He would never believe that Ziyang Pei didn’t have plans for him. Seeing Tang Shayun tortured like this, the first thought that came to his mind was–was he also going to end up like this in the future??

No, no he won’t… the panic in his heart couldn’t be suppressed. Qin Kaiyi’s forehead was covered with thickly dotted sweat, and at this moment, time seemed to freeze. He could only watch Tang Sha Yun tortured to her last gasp. He didn’t know how much time passed when the flashing formation finally extinguished.

After getting up and putting some medicine on Tang Shayun’s frightening wounds, Ziyang Shi left. It seemed that he did not notice Qin Kaiyi in the dark.

“…” After continuing to stand for a long time, when he finally reacted with the realization that Ziyang Shi already left, Qin Kaiyi felt as if his body was in heat exhaustion and he collapsed to the ground. He looked sickly pale and saw his ugly expression reflected back at him from the bright and clean floor. It took a while for him to recover his strength.

With a complicated look at the sobbing Tang Shayun, Qin Kaiyi eventually left without doing anything. Although he sympathized with Tang Shayun’s bitter experience, he dared not do anything.

What Qin Kaiyi didn’t see was that not long after he left, not far from where he was standing, the air fluctuated as if it was twisted by flames. Then Ziyang Shi, who had clearly already left, appeared.

“Hehe.” Looking at the direction Qin Kaiyi left, Ziyang Shi chuckled and said: “Aren’t you afraid to scare him?”

There was a moment of silence. After that moment, Ziyang Pei’s voice sounded from some unknown corner. 

“If he’s scared that’s also good, so he isn’t completely unaware of the height of the heavens and the depth of the earth.” (T/N: 天高地厚, as high as the heavens and as deep as the earth = complexity of things). Ziyang Pei’s voice didn’t hold any emotions, and one couldn’t find any of that hostility between him and Ziyang Shi that appeared when he first returned. (T/N: translated 剑拔弩张 as hostility, lit.: swords drawn and bows stretched; fig.: state of mutual hostility). 

“I didn’t expect that you would be interested in this type.” Ziyang Shi smiled and said: “Wu, do you need my help?”

“No need.” Appearing next to Ziyang Shi, Ziyang Pei looked at Ziyang Shi and said, “Just take care of your own affairs.”

“Of course.” That beautiful face was full of satisfaction, and Zi Yangshi looked at Tang Sayun who was on the altar: “If it wasn’t for older brother giving me such a good gift, I would have long died.” (T/N: he uses 哥哥, which is affectionate and familiar. A far cry from the formal elder brother from before). 

“…” Ziyang Pei heard this, and his eyes darkened. After a pause, he reached out and touched Ziyang Shi’s head: “I won’t let you die.”

“En.” Zi Yang Shi was quiet for a while before saying: “If Tang Shayun is no longer usable, would you give me Qin Shi to replenish my life?”

“Yes.” Zi Yangpei’s answer held no hesitation. He knew who he wanted. Qin Shi was special to him, but even so, compared with Ziyang Shi, the answer to this multiple choice question was already long decided. 

“I’m kidding.” Zi Yangshi listened to Zi Yangpei’s answer, and his eyes flashed: “How can I be willing to touch the person my elder brother cares about? If Tang Shayun dies before my godly poisonous insect is completely removed… please let me die like this. This is the price of our betrayal.”

“That was my fault.” Zi Yangpei sighed deeply: “Not yours.”

“Ah, I thought it would be boring, but I didn’t expect the little cutie in your family to bring along that guy Yan Gu as well.” Ziyang Shi lightly said: “The face of an old friend.” (T/N: can mean old friend, or can mean the deceased). 

Ziyang Pei did not speak.

“There is still that Shen Feixiao, what kind of thing is he?” Ziyang Shi frowned: “You can’t kill him?”

“Qin Shi and I have made a soul contract and I can’t hurt him.” Zi Yangpei explained briefly.

“Tsk tsk, your family’s little cutie has his elbow turned the wrong way.” (T/N: meaning he isn’t helping out those who are on his side, but is on the side of outsiders instead). Ziyang Shi considered for a moment then said: “Are you going to go to the Kaiyang gathering seven years later?”

“I won’t go.” Ziyang Pei’s voice was very slow: “I’ll tell Qin Shi to go.”

“Ah? Why?” Ziyang Shi froze.

“His talent is very good, and he will have something to gain after seven years. It is also good for him to go out and see more.” Although Zi Yangpei said so, he had another plan in his heart. He knew of Shen Feixiao’s obsession with Qin Shi, and also knew that Qin Shi was the only way to deal with Shen Feixiao. This genius who had obtained Mountain Cloud Notes and Rain-Soaked Bell, seven years was enough for him to create another miracle, and Qin Shi… Thinking up to here, Ziyang Pei clenched his fists. In fact, the moment he decided to let Qin Shi see Tang Shayun, he already made his choice clear.

There were too many things he wanted, so he could only discard some of the less important ones. In his life, the position that feelings and emotions held was really too small. 

“Then good night.” Zi Yang Shi brightly smiled, and that flowery smile was very satisfied: “Have a good dream.”

“Good night.” Ziyang Pei nodded slightly.

Ziyang Shi and Ziyang Pei used code words more complicated than passwords to come to a conclusion in their discussion, while Qin Kaiyi was severely frightened. 

When he returned to his residence, he was still trembling, afraid that Ziyang Shi would come over and grab him back.

“Yan Gu.” Qin Kaiyi’s tone was aggrieved and miserable: “Why am I so unlucky? That bastard Ziyang Pei isn’t really planning to treat me like Tang Shayun is he?”

“Wu, maybe.” Yan Gu was extremely irresponsible: “Isn’t he always vicious and merciless? But since he didn’t tie you up as soon as he came back, it means you still have some use ba?”

“… Thank you.” Qin Kaiyi looked dead. Tang Shayun’s experience today greatly alarmed him, and the nerves that had been loosened by leaving the Lingshan Sect were tense again.

“If I were you, I would practice well.” Yan Gu said: “If you become strong, no one can take you. You are currently simply wasting your natural demonic body’s aptitude.”

“… Even with the poisonous insect in my stomach, no one can take me?” Qin Kaiyi’s tone was very cold… Mom’s eggs, he didn’t forget how Yan Gu had unreliably led him to allow the insect into his golden core. 

“Hehe.” Yan Gu hollowly laughed twice and stopped talking… In this matter, he was indeed very guilty.

“Forget it, I shouldn’t have counted on you.” Softly murmuring this, Qin Kaiyi lay on the bed and closed his eyes… When the boat gets to the pier-head, it will go straight with the current (T/N: figuratively means everything will be all right). Perhaps like Yan Gu said, since Ziyang Pei didn’t immediately treat him like Tang Shayun, maybe he would use him in some other way?

But even if this were the case, it would be difficult for him to be completely relieved.


“Congratulations on shixiong successfully forming his core.” When he walked out of his dòngfu, Shen Feixiao heard the blessings of the Lingshan Sect disciples surrounding his dòngfu. He looked around and remained calm and collected: “Did shifu come out of seclusion?”

“Yes, when he heard that shixiong was possessed by a demonic cultivator and betrayed the sect, shifu immediately went out.” The one who answered Shen Feixiao’s question was an unfamiliar-looking disciple. 

“Really.” Shen Feixiao: “Take me to see shifu, I have something to report.”

“Yes.” The man responded respectfully–in the cultivation realm, strength was everything. Regardless of his previous status, Shen Feixiao forming his core at the age of eighteen had already shocked the cultivation world. 

Shen Feixiao looked at the back of the disciple who led the way. He pulled out a paper crane from his cuff and let it go. He wanted to have a “good” chat with Ziyang Pei again.



Where are the decent female characters with HUMAN personalities NOT being tortured while naked? Please? 

Anyway, I’m in too deep and just want to see what happens in the end.

It’s not like most BLs aren’t like this, even the popular ones… 

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  1. Ziyang Pei turned out to be deep? Although we don’t know what all of his motivations are…

    Yeah, decent female characters with decent screen time are rare in BLs I’ve read. I would just recommend I Don’t Like the World, I Only Like You (not a BL, but there’s awesome women).

    Thanks for the chapters ❤️

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  2. thank you for your hard work! (๑→ܫ←) though this chapter kinda feels uncomfortable for me too cuz of that scene..well , whatever I wanna see the end too xD

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  3. Why would the MC need the toilet tho? Can’t the author think of a better excuse to get him wondering about? It wasn’t that many chapters ago when it was mentioned that those who reach fasting period and above don’t need to go to the toilet anymore. Not impressed.

    I have a feeling that Xue Xian will be a major plot in this novel regarding the ZiYang brothers and Yan Gu. Maybe Pei is trying to find ways to resurrect XX? And that’s why he’s saying he has his priorities set. Or maybe he simply wants to be stronger and his current body is not suitable.

    I am quite curious what our little ml is up to…

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