ASV Chapter 56

After hearing Shen Feixiao say, “then I will come to meet with my shixiong,” ten thousand grass mud horses galloped within him. However, to maintain his image, he restrained the roar in his heart, pretending to be calm in front of Shen Feixiao’s unkind expression. 

【Hahaha, don’t be afraid, your little shidi will not kill you.】Now knowing where that transferred voice came from, Qin Kaiyi was stunned for a moment. He immediately realized that Zi Yangpei was in the crowd too, and unfortunately could have formed some strange pact with Shen Feixiao. 

【I advise you not to fight him, he is already doubting your relationship with the masked person. If you take this shot… I am afraid he will be completely sure.】 Zi Yangpei’s voice still held laughter; seeing Qin Kaiyi’s awkward predicament seemed to improve his mood.

【Are you working with him? What did he give you? What are you helping him do?】 Qin Kaiyi did not directly believe Zi Yangpei’s argument. He felt that Zi Yangpei must have some other intention.

【Shen Feixiao is not easy to provoke.】 Listening to Qin Kaiyi ’s suspicion, Zi Yangpei’s voice suddenly cooled down. 

【I don’t know if when you gave the Mountain Cloud Notes, you ever thought that you would be in these circumstances today? Qin Shi, his heart demons entering the body condition is now very serious, the moment he knows that Qin Shi is the masked person… hahaha, I really look forward to seeing how he would react.】

Qin Kaiyi’s complexion became a bit ugly when he heard Zi Yangpei’s near threat. He knew Zi Yangpei must want to make some kind of a deal, but right now he couldn’t find a way to escape. If he really fought with Shen Feixiao, he was afraid that that boded ill.

【What do you want?】 Qin Kaiyi asked helplessly.

【What do I want?】 Zi Yangpei replied lightly: 【Shen Feixiao and I made a deal. I help him make you lose your position in the Lingshan Sect, and he gives me the Mountain Cloud Notes. But now I have changed my mind. Qin Shi, if you promise to return to Hua Lian sect with me, I will save you from Shen Feixiao’s grasp. If you don’t agree–then pray for good fortune alone ba.】

【You want me to go with you to do what?】 Qin Kaiyi always felt that Zi Yangpei would not be so kind. 

【Don’t forget your physique.】 Zi Yangpei only said such a phrase. Of course, he would never tell Qin Kaiyi that he actually just wanted to witness the drama. Zi Yangpei knew that Qin Kaiyi would never tell Shen Feixiao that he was the masked person. If he just let Qin Kaiyi die under Shen Feixiao’s hands like this, it would be a pity no matter how the thought about it. Anyway, he wouldn’t be able to receive the Mountain Cloud Notes, so it would be better to…

【Ok.】 In desperation, Qin Kaiyi had no choice but to agree with Zi Yangpei. He had no other choice. Struggling against Shen Feixiao was just looking for death.

At the moment when Qin Kaiyi agreed to Zi Yangpei, a huge noise came from behind the crowd. Qin Kaiyi looked on in shock, but found that the most distinguished main hall of the Lingshan Sect actually burst with blazing flames. Those flames directly flew towards the sky, and in a moment committed the whole of the main hall to flames. Along with the noise from just now, it was clear that there was a big explosion in the main hall.

“Quickly put out the fire!” There was a noisy scream from the crowd. This scream had a difficult-to-perceive enticing quality that made the disciples of the Lingshan Sect who heard it instantly forget Qin Kaiyi, who was previously the main focus. They reflexively made hand seals and flew towards the main hall. 

Of course, of these people, naturally it was impossible to include Shen Feixiao.

Except for the moment of the explosion, Shen Feixiao’s gaze stayed on Qin Kaiyi’s body. He didn’t bother to look at the disciples around leaving, and didn’t even say anything to try and stop them.

After the disciples were almost gone, Shen Feixiao coldly said to a Lingshan Sect disciple with an unfamiliar face, “Zi Yangpei, what do you want to do?”

“I don’t want to do anything ah.” Zi Yangpei relieved his illusion and restored that look that Qin Kaiyi was familiar with. 

“Do you want to save him?” Shen Feixiao looked at Zi Yangpei with a smile that was also not a smile. “Can I interpret thusly?”

“Probably.” Stretching out his hand and touching his chin, one couldn’t hear any emotion from Zi Yangpei’s tone, “Shen Feixiao, don’t blame me, blame your appetite being too big.”

“Oh? Even the demon of Hua Lian, whose name in olden days could shake the lands under heaven, can feel that my appetite is too big?” Shen Feixiao said lightly: “What made you change your mind?”

“Will you give me the Mountain Cloud Notes?” Zi Yangpei cut to the chase. 

“No.” Shen Feixiao left no ambiguity. “Although I can’t beat you now, you dare not touch me. Who made a soul contract with you?”

“… How do you know?” Unexpectedly, Shen Feixiao actually mentioned this secret he had always wanted to hide. Zi Yangpei’s expression was very ugly.

“Do you think I’m a fool?” Shen Feixiao laughed lightly. “When you fight with me, every time you hurt me, your expression will look like you’re in unbearable pain… I have eyes.”

“In that case, I even more so have nothing to discuss with you. Qin Shi and I determined this. Although I dare not hurt you, if I want to leave, you might not be able to stop me.” Zi Yangpei’s expression was unkind, and he coldly snorted. 

“Everything he gave me, I will not let others touch even once.” When Shen Feixiao said this sentence, he reached out and touched the Rain-Soaked Bell binding his long hair. That expression was full of an infatuation that made Qin Kaiyi’s hair stand on end. “What’s more, Mountain Cloud Notes is something so important.”

“…” Hearing this, Zi Yangpei’s expression immediately turned cold for a moment, and then regained his usual indifference. “That is to say, you didn’t plan to give me Mountain Cloud Notes from the beginning?”

“Isn’t this some useless talk.” Shen Feixiao’s careless words made Zi Yangpei’s expression darken again.

Qin Kaiyi, who was the personification of a stage backdrop, watched Shen Feixiao and Zi Yangpei talking. He couldn’t help but shout out a “good” for Shen Feixiao… son, you’re too powerful, deflating an old monster like Zi Yangpei is not easy! Daddy is proud of you!

Zi Yangpei naturally didn’t know of Qin Kaiyi’s rich brain activities. He now itched to flay Shen Feixiao’s skin and pull out his tendons, but his soul contract with Qin Kaiyi prevented that from happening. 

Zi Yangpei, whose mood had become extremely bad because of Shen Feixiao, at once grabbed the Qin Kaiyi who was stupidly standing to the side. Like a gust of wind, he flew out of the Lingshan Sect, not giving Shen Feixiao an opportunity to harm him. 

Shen Feixiao, who witnessed Zi Yangpei take away Qin Kaiyi from beginning to end, revealed a monstrous expression. He fixed his gaze at the direction of Zi Yangpei’s departure, and then after a long while, a slight smile tore open on his face–he actually did not intend to do anything to Qin Kaiyi from the start, after all… he still had something to confirm.

The main hall of the Lingshan Sect behind him was almost destroyed at once by Zi Yangpei’s formation. Shen Feixiao had no plans to save it, and he walked slowly in the opposite direction.

Shen Feixiao’s dòngfu was very remote, surrounded by the most primitive mountains and forests. One could hardly see any signs of human habitation. (T/N: 人烟, people’s smoke).

The Lingshan Sect’s Taoist clothing was sewn in blue and white, very stylish and easy to look at. Anyone who wore it would have a bit of an immortal aura and sagelike appearance. Shen Feixiao was originally a clothing hanger (T/N: someone with good looks and good physique). After wearing the Taoist clothing, he looked even more clean and bright, handsome and lively. Of course, compared with Qin Kaiyi’s mild and kind beauty as a jade-like gentleman, Shen Feixiao’s temperament was colder. If Qin Kaiyi was a piece of heavenly fine jade, then Shen Feixiao was more like black ice in a deep sea.

However, Shen Feixiao, who was wearing such a uniform, was now a bit like an evil ghost crawling out of hell because of his eerie aura. He went to his dòngfu, observed the surroundings, and confirmed that there were no suspicious traces before preparing to enter.

“Open.” Spitting out a word from his mouth to break the prohibition in the dòngfu, Shen Feixiao slowly entered and walked to a corner next to his stone bed. He looked at the empty corner, but spoke: “You know what it is to deceive me, I’ll ask you one last time. Qin Shi and the masked person, what is their relationship?”

The empty corner of the wall gradually showed the figure of a sable after Shen Feixiao said this. The sable was clearly what Qin Kaiyi gave to Shen Feixiao on that day, but at this moment it didn’t have its sprite-like appearance, and it seemed to be a little downcast. Obviously, it had suffered quite a bit under Shen Feixiao’s hands.

“Speak ah.” The words were soft, but Shen Feixiao’s movements were extremely grim. He squatted down and pinched the sable’s neck, and asked softly, “Qin Shi and that masked person… what kind of relationship do they really have?”

“Zhizhi!” With a miserable cry, the sable continuously struggled in Shen Feixiao’s hands, but couldn’t get rid of Shen Feixiao’s grip no matter what. It stared at Shen Feixiao with miserable eyes, but found Shen Feixiao’s pupils had become pure purple. 

Knowing that its owner would not be soft-hearted once this happened, the sable whose gourmet food had run from it at the cusp of its mouth pathetically hung its head. 

“… Sure enough.” After getting the answer from the sable’s silence, Shen Feixiao suddenly became silent.

After a long time, Shen Feixiao expressionlessly got up and sat back on his stone bed. If one only looked at his face, one might feel that his heart was calm, but with one glance at his eyes, those surging and extreme emotions would strike fear. 

In those eyes, there was anger and excitement like the raging inferno of a prairie fire. 

Yes, excitement!!! Shen Feixiao sat on the stone bed for a long time like an old monk entering meditation, and it was only after he completely suppressed the emotions in his heart that he slowly opened his eyes.

The moment he opened his eyes, Shen Feixiao couldn’t help but release sharp laughter containing countless emotions, which were so complicated that even Shen Feixiao didn’t understand why he laughed.

He just wanted to laugh; he just wanted to laugh. 

Holding Rain-Soaked Bell tightly in his hand, Shen Feixiao’s expression was extremely sinister–Qin Shi and the masked person were the same person, the same person!!!! The one who hurt him, the one who loved him–both were the same person!!!!

“It’s really interesting, too interesting.” Shen Feixiao still smiled, but that smile made the sable shrinking in the corner feel its heart tremble. “Qin Shi, I really look forward to our next meeting, my dear beloved shixiong… how can you think that I want to hurt you? I will only cup you in my palms.” (T/N: having something in your palms = in your control, as well. Palm in Chinese = 手心 = heart of the hand). 

Shut in a cage, locked in chains, so that you can’t harm me, but also so that you–can’t go anywhere!!!!


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18 thoughts on “ASV Chapter 56

  1. I was looking forward to when he would find out, but now I’m just scared. Run, Qin Kaiyi, Its not worth it anymore just live in hiding.
    This is too scary!! (>人<;)

    Thank you translator!♡

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  2. Wahhh so scary!! But finally! Shen Feixiao knows for real! I’m dreading the next chapter, but also I’m very excited for it!

    Thanks for the new chapter!!

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  3. Dear Qin Kaiyi, I’d like to say just one word……

    RUN! (well, we all know that won’t work, but you can at least try, right? Become my entertainment! mua ha ha ha!)

    Also, thank you for translating this beauty 🙂

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  4. oh god,run QKY,run !! the illusion that you saw before will become true!! though I don’t really mind actually
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) thank you for your hard work~ ⁽˙³˙⁾

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  5. “That expression was full of an infatuation that made Qin Kaiyi’s hair stand on end.” Good to know QKY isn’t completely oblivious to what’s going on, dense characters are never entertaining –unless we’re laughing at them.

    Ah the big reveal, we’ve all been waiting for it and it didn’t let me down. The yan is strong in this one, our SFX. No cliche angsty “it was you, all along?!”, just a “oh well” lol.

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    1. idk about you but i’m laughing at QKY 24/7. his life sucks and he has no way out and i’m here for it lol

      SFX had too much botox and can’t move his face. he’s actually had multiple “it was you, all along?!” reactions but can only eye twitch. beauty is pain

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