ASV Chapter 52

Six years to a cultivator was too short a period. 

Starting from the second month since his return to the Lingshan Sect, Qin Kaiyi found a dongfu and went into seclusion to cultivate. According to Yan Gu, if he still didn’t work hard, it was likely that he would face a Shen Feixiao who was several layers above him in cultivation. 

Qin Kaiyi found it hard not to worry about his future. He knew that these six years were his last chance. If he didn’t make good use of this opportunity, then Shen Feixiao would easily send him to hell, never to be reincarnated.  

From the moment he kicked Shen Feixiao, Qin Kaiyi was doomed to never look back.

Qin Kaiyi was injured in the secret realm. After more than a year of abundant self-cultivation, the damaged veins in his body were finally repaired. His skill also improved from the early stage of fasting to the middle stage. Despite this, Qin Kaiyi was still very confused… the poisonous insect that Zi Yangpei left behind inexplicably entered his sea of knowledge, covered in layer upon layer of his whole body’s demonic qi. He wanted to pull that insect out, but didn’t know how to get started. 

Yan Gu carefully inspected Qin Kaiyi’s body, and then irresponsibly came to a conclusion: “If you forcibly pull out this insect, your whole body’s cultivation will be abolished. Up to you ba.”

“Then what should I do?” Qin Kaiyi’s face was ugly to the extreme: “It can’t be that I should just let it stay? What if next time Zi Yangpei activates the insect, won’t I die?”

“That’s not necessarily the case.” Yan Gu carelessly said: “That poisonous insect is wrapped in layers of demonic qi. Even if someone wants to activate it, it’s not so easy. Rather than worrying about this, it’s better to practice well. When the demonic qi thickens another layer, then that insect which has stayed for a long while in your dantian might just die.” 

Then Qin Kaiyi believed Yan Gu’s heresy and was led astray–oh no, let’s say they were good words to mollify him. After preparing all his materials, he entered the dòngfu and began his seclusion.

Qin Kaiyi’s master Qing Xuzi was very much in favor of Qin Kaiyi’s activity. That wasn’t wrong, which parent doesn’t want his children to improve themselves? Qing Xuzi not only provided Qin Kaiyi with a place full of spiritual energy, he even opened up a mountain forest for him, and also told Qin Kaiyi some key points for his cultivation when he parted.

Qin Kaiyi’s had complicated feelings about Qing Xuzi’s affections. He saw all of Qing Xuzi’s care for him, and he had some other insuppressible thoughts that would arise in his heart–he didn’t want his future actions to harm this kind and benevolent old man. 

But the next plot point would happen six years later, Qin Kaiyi had no time to lament over the passing of spring or experience autumnal melancholy (T/N: no time to be sentimental). After he prepared everything, he entered the dòngfu and began his seclusion.

Qin Shi’s body originally had good innate talent, and after Qin Kaiyi let go of all the distractions in his heart and started to push towards the Core Formation stage, he spent half the effort for twice the results. It barely took him five years before he saw the signs of core formation. 

Speaking of which, he had to sigh at the special physique of Qin Shi’s natural demonic body. If not for this body which couldn’t be seen even among ten thousand people, no matter how high his comprehension skills, he wouldn’t be able to stride towards Core Formation in just five years. 

Fortunately, demonic cultivation was different from normal righteous cultivation. Before the Nascent Soul stage, there would be no large-scale heavenly tribulations. This also saved Qin Kaiyi the trouble of making excuses. 

When Qin Kaiyi finally formed his core, it was a clear morning. He sat on the stone bed in his dongfu, and felt that he could no longer send even a slip of demonic qi into his dantian. The demonic qi orbiting within his dantian like a sea of clouds seemed to develop a life of its own, circling around the poisonous insect and layer by layer winding around it. They were like the filaments spit out by silkworms, finally forming a spherical object.

Qin Kaiyi carefully observed the changes in his dantian. When he began his seclusion, Yan Gu warned Qin Kaiyi that the process of forming a core was very dangerous. One careless move could not only destroy all of his cultivation, but also possibly take his life. Qin Kaiyi knew that although Yan Gu was usually not very reliable, he should not be unclear about these important matters. Therefore, Qin Kaiyi was exceptionally focused this time.

Time passed by in the minutes and seconds. That demon qi entangled together gradually became a golden color under Qin Kaiyi’s practice, then slowly and gently condensed into a golden core.

At the moment when his core formation succeeded, black stains rose to the surface of his skin all over his body. He closed his eyes tightly and felt a small golden ball floating in the midst of his dantian. From the moment it formed, it seemed to have its own life. It happily swam in Qin Kaiyi’s dantian, and conveyed a carefree feeling to Qin Kaiyi’s entire body. 

Realizing that he was finally successful, Qin Kaiyi opened his eyes. It was at that moment that Qin Kaiyi discovered that his world was very different from before.

Because he was in complete darkness, Qin Kaiyi’s eyes could not see his surroundings. However, his ears could clearly hear the sounds outside his dongfu coming in through the stone door. He could hear crisp birdsong and the sound of gurgling water, all giving Qin Kaiyi a whole new vantage point in observing this world.

“Hoo…” With a long exhalation, Qin Kaiyi was about to relax, when he suddenly thought of something. His originally joyful expression collapsed and he squeezed a few words out from his mouth: “Yan Gu… what about the poisonous insect in my sea of qi? “

“Ah?” Yan Gu, who had continuously been observing Qin Kaiyi forming his core, paused. With some guilt in his tone, he said: “Eh… it’s not in the sea of qi?”

“…” As soon as Yan Gu asked him this question, Qin Kaiyi knew he was finished. He should have long known that every time he believed Yan Gu… he always had to pay some price.

Taking a deep breath, Qin Kaiyi resisted the urge to grab Yan Gu’s ears and roar. He gritted his teeth: “I’ll take a bath.” After that, Qin Kaiyi waved open the stone door and walked directly to the pool of water nearest to the dongfu. He took off his stained, smelly clothes.

It was the beginning of spring, and the deep water still held a slight chill. Fortunately, Qin Kaiyi no longer had a normal person’s physique, and he didn’t have to be afraid of catching a cold. Although a demonic cultivator in the fasting period already did not need to go to the bathroom (T/N: 五谷轮回, lit: reincarnation of the five grains–millet, soybean, sesame, barley, rice, and other crops. Fancy way of saying poop), he had stayed in his dongfu for a whole five years. No matter what, he couldn’t stay clean. 

While Qin Kaiyi was washing the stains on his body, the silent Yan Gu opened his mouth again, and his tone was full of surprise: “This change is a bit too deceptive ba. Qin Shi, if I didn’t know you, I would really think that you are some immortal, graceful, and beautiful noble. 

“What?” Qin Kaiyi didn’t understand Yan Gu’s meaning for a while, but was stunned when he lowered his head to look at his own appearance reflected in the clear water.

It was still Qin Shi’s cultured and refined face, but inexplicably with some difficult-to-describe air. It was like a piece of rough stone buried in the earth’s core was finally excavated, carefully polished, and bloomed with its own brilliance.

A gentleman is like jade, and the reflection in the water fully embodied these words. 

Qin Kaiyi became foolish with happiness when he saw this situation. He didn’t expect that forming his core actually had this beautifying benefit… aiyah, looks, although Qin Kaiyi didn’t care much about that, no one would disdain looking good. 

“How do you have this kind of a face?” Yan Gu’s heavy sigh seemed to be lamenting that God had no eyes… Yes, the current Qin Kaiyi’s image in Yan Gu’s mind was not too different from a crazy person. 

“This skin is awesome.” Qin Kaiyi narcissistically touched his arm, which was more delicate than water-ground tofu. His hair was now level with his buttocks because he hadn’t cut it for a long time, and scattered over his shoulders like dense water plants. It boosted his image as a refined immortal with sagelike features even further. 

After coming to this world for so long, Qin Kaiyi finally earned this single benefit. 

“What’s the use of growing like this? Sooner or later you’ll be killed by Shen Feixiao.” Murmuring in a small voice, Yan Gu shrank into a small ball in the sea of ​​knowledge: “Don’t blame me for not telling you. I can only help you hide the lotus lines on your face. If you use a bit of demonic qi and get chased and killed don’t blame me.”

“Relax.” When Qin Kaiyi heard Yan Gu’s tone, he instantly lost his good mood. He hadn’t forgotten the poisonous insect whose tracks he now couldn’t find: “I will never count on you again, if I do then I’m a dumbass.”

“…” Yan Gu was speechless. He mumbled and wanted to refute, but he couldn’t find a counterattack… That was indeed his mistake. Who would think that the poisonous left by Zi Yangpei would be so strange?

Qin Kaiyi finished his bath, took out a clean set of clothes from his storage ring, then dressed. He looked towards the distance, then made a hand seal and flew towards the main hall of the Lingshan Sect.

Because he didn’t dare to show his strength too much, Qin Kaiyi used only one of the simplest hand seals. After a while, he arrived at the main hall of the Lingshan Sect. He straightened out his clothes in midair, and then went towards the direction of Qing Xuzi’s residence. 

However, when he was about to arrive at Qing Xuzi’s residence, the sudden appearance of a figure attracted Qin Kaiyi’s full attention. He stared at the young man who was walking with another Lingshan Sect disciple. He hesitated for a long time, not sure if that person was the one he was thinking of.

The youth brushed his shoulders in passing by Qin Kaiyi and then seemed to notice his gaze. He turned around and expressionlessly looked at Qin Kaiyi, who was completely dressed in white. After observing him for a while, the corners of his mouth hooked up into a good-looking arc: “Shixiong, long time no see.”

“… you, you?” Even though he had long prepared himself, he was still shocked. Qin Kaiyi “you”’d for what seemed like half a day but still didn’t settle down. 

“I am Shen Feixiao.” Shen Feixiao, whose figure was no longer anything like what it was in his youth, greeted Qin Kaiyi calmly: “Shixiong, in these six years, I’ve been living very well.”

Qin Kaiyi lost all his words at this moment, and regardless of what Shen Feixiao said he gave no response. His whole person almost petrified, and just like this he stared at Shen Feixiao without being able to say anything.


I read the translated chapters of Rebirth: Degenerate Slave Abuses Tyrant (thanks Britener) and would really love to continue the translation. Does anyone know the translator’s contact info? It wasn’t available on their site, and I’d want to ask for permission to pick up where it left off.

That novel is incredibly gripping, like a more intriguing Game of Thrones (but make it BL). The first chapter was already almost too much for me… girl… 

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  1. aaaaa i wonder how qky will handle this one lol sfx seems so fixed on getting revenge i dont think his extra charms would work.. unless he gets exposed???;;;;
    also rdsat sounds interesting, i hope u can find the translator!;;

    thank you for your hard work!!!

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  2. i read too, rebirth:DSAT .the novel had heavy plots, dogblood drama but it really good story. i don’t know why the translator not continue it (maybe he/she busy with his/her daily life).
    Qin Kaiyi i hope you prepare for counterattack from Shen Feixiao! thanks for the chapter

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    1. yes it’s so dog blood HAHA but i love it. the horrid things that happen have that shock value as well; I was clutching my good pearls and shrieking like a scandalized Christian in Satanic church. the level of violence and depravity is equivalent to GoT imo, but just directed mainly at men instead of women

      I am >90% sure QKY is doomed

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  3. OMG!!’ I screamed when I saw your comments!!! My ears are burning with excitement! I hope you pick that up because I was sad for a whole week when the translation ended! I had to read a bunch of fluff to get myself out of that mode.

    Also, I’m excited about where angst in ASV is heading. You have one person who you hate so much while also liking that same person. I can’t wait for that truth to revealed. Thanks for your effort!

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    1. Thanks for reccing this one, I screamed when I read it haha!!! It’s so up my alley that my alley is completely destroyed. I’ve read ahead a bit after the last translated chapters, and oh my gosh… the fking drama… my pearls… I’ve clutched them into dust…

      I hope the ASV author pulls off some PROPER angst. I’ve been blue-b*lled a lot by this book so far tbh, author’s just gotta pile on some random treasure hunting and stretched out plot lines. still enjoying it enough to translate, though. and nps ❤

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  4. Ah ! I know that novel ! I’m still hesitating reading it because it was tagged in Tragedy. I was hit so strong in the heart in “Cold Sands” novel that whenever I see the genre Tragedy in novels, I can’t help hesitating…. man.. I still feel teary eyed whenever I remember that novel.

    Anyway, as far as I know, there’s a certain rule in novelupdates (not sure just saw in comments before)
    that if a novel was left behind by the current translator for about… 2 months..? anyway it was months, then other translators can freely take over. But it’s still better to ask before you start it, other translators just start to take over if they really can’t contact the current translator or if the novel was left for so long.

    Thanks so much for the hard work !

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    1. Cold Sands is on my list too! I’ve been putting it off because of the tragedy tag as well haha. R:DSAT is tagged tragedy, but I wouldn’t put it off because of that. It’s a very satisfying read, at least so far. When we’re at the later chapters I’ll let you know if I’ve eaten my words. You really have to strengthen your stomach though. It’s kind of messed up, but not more so than messed up popular American TV shows

      Oh this is very helpful. In that case, consider R:DSAT picked up by me! I will post some chapters this weekend 😀 😀


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      1. LoL, is it Gore? Then I can take that much ! HAha, I might as well start reading once it continues, one of the reason I didn’t start before is because it was left neglected, and then I thought might as well wait to have more chapters because I saw that it’s about 400+ chapters.

        Thank you for picking another novel to translate !!

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      2. Thank you for picking it up!!😢😢😢😢 You don’t know how excited and grateful I am. You should set up a Patreon. I want to be a supporter for this project❤️. It will not be easy translating that novel especially since it’s over 400 chapters and all the historical terms!😩

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    2. I LOVE Cold Sand!!! I cried so much to it. It’s a short novel so the pain wasn’t too long (on the bright side 😂). I don’t mind a tragedy as long as the story is done well. It’s too bad though that I feel like there’s not enough angsty/tragedy yaoi novel that got translated. Fluffy novels are good but too much of it is mind numbing.

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  5. “He didn’t expect that forming his core actually had this beautifying benefit” Hah, how very convenient this happens so close to the reunion we’ve all been waiting for hmm.

    QKY, bro, I love Yan Gu but after that flower thief escapade even I know not to rely on him 😂

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