ASV Chapter 49: Parting

Perhaps he experienced too many bitter things; the godly system finally opened a not big but not small back door for classmate Qin Kaiyi. After walking along the river for about a day and a half, Qin Kaiyi encountered Su Liuli, who was fooling around by the shore.  

Looking at the girl from afar, with her hair braided in two plaits and laughing, a large stone in Qin Kaiyi’s heart finally fell to the ground.

Although Su Liuli was the eldest daughter of the Valley Master, she was the most babied. As for the reason, it was too simple: the Valley Master had six sons and only two daughters, and the second daughter… was still in his wife’s stomach.

Su Liuli, who was raised as precious since she was a child, did not have the same pampered recklessness as Tang Shayun and Liu Ling’er. As the woman Shen Feixiao cared for the most, she naturally had a bearing that no one else did. 

But no matter how eye-catching she would be… the current Su Liuli was only a ten-year-old kid…

Having not left God’s Medicine Valley for a long time and rarely encountering outsiders, Su Liuli had almost no guard up when meeting others. When she saw Qin Kaiyi heading towards her with Shen Feixiao on his back, she ran over with a skip in her step. 

“Who are you? Why did you come here?” The girl’s voice was very crisp, and the braids behind her head were also very cute. Her body exuded a pure loli atmosphere, but Qin Kaiyi currently was not in the mood to appreciate this. He said directly to Su Liuli: “Hurry to take me to see your father, I have something important to speak with him about.”

“Do you know my father?” Su Liuli stared at Qin Kaiyi, who was wearing a mask while standing in front of her: “Why should I believe you! Do you know who I am?”

“Your name is Su Liuli, your father’s name is Yu Hong, your mother’s name is Su Ziya, you have six older brothers… you are about to have a younger sister.” Qin Kaiyi spoke a long sentence, and forced himself to be patient: “Take me to your dad soon. If we are any slower a great incident will occur.”

“Do you really know dad?” Hearing Qin Kaiyi telling her about her own family’s circumstances, Su Lili, who was still young, put down her guard a little. She looked at Shen Feixiao curiously: “What’s wrong with him?”

“He is sick, and if you still won’t take me to your dad, he will die.” Qin Kaiyi deliberately made the matter very serious.

“Ah?” The little girl opened her mouth instantly, and said to Qin Kaiyi: “Then come with me!”

Yu Hong, the Valley Master of God’s Medicine Valley, retired from society twenty years ago. Few people knew where the Valley Master, who was once famous in ancient China, had gone because of the remoteness of where he chose to retreat. The ten-year-old Su Liuli didn’t know the rule that her father would no longer treat anyone. This allowed Qin Kaiyi to take advantage and save himself a lot of trouble.

“Daddy, daddy.” After a long distance, Su Liuli called out to her father. She ran with that skip in her step, and then knocked on a door made of bamboo in front of her.

Soon, the exquisite bamboo door opened, and a man in black clothes walked out of it. The man saw Qin Kaiyi, who was carrying Shen Feixiao, and did not show any surprise. He seemed to be aware of their existence since long ago. 

“Liuli, you went to play by the river alone again.” The man’s voice was soft. Unlike Shen Feixiao who was indifferent or Zi Yangpei who was charming, Yu Hong had the refined aura of a healer. He stretched a hand and pet Su Liuli’s head: “Go and find your mother, dad has something to do.”

“Dad, I want to eat crispy fried duck at noon.” Su Liuli, who was still a child, pouted and acted cute. She did not take Yu Hong’s rebuking her seriously. She knew that her father was softer than her mother.

“Okay.” Patting his daughter, Yu Hong’s expression was pampering: “Whatever Liuli wants to eat she can eat. Go quickly.”

“Okay.” Su Liuli, who was coaxed away, glanced at Qin Kaiyi and turned away. However, she still appeared very curious about the stranger who had suddenly come.

“Why did you come here?” Once Su Liuli left, Yu Hong’s expression collapsed. It held none of the tenderness it just had, and his eyes were cold. “I have not healed people for many years.”

“Even Xue Xian’s disciples will not be cured?” Qin Kaiyi asked directly. He could not remember the details of Yu Hong’s treatment of Shen Feixiao, but still vaguely recalled that Yu Hong healed Shen Feixiao because of Xue Xian. Without much time to hesitate, he just mentioned Xue Xian.

“Where did you get the mask on your face?” After hearing the words “Xue Xian,” Yu Hong’s expression became cold. He then carefully looked at Qin Kaiyi. After seriously observing the mask on his face, his expression became even more unnatural.

“Xue Xian left it to me.” Qin Kaiyi lied without any obstacles in his heart: “The child I carry behind me is a descendant (T/N: can also mean disciple) of Xue Xian.”

“What?” Yu Hong said with a look of surprise: “Xue Xian’s heir? How is it possible!”

“Why is it impossible?” Qin Kaiyi replied. “He has already practiced ‘Mountain Cloud Notes’ to the third layer. If you don’t believe it, see for yourself.”

“…” Yu Hong didn’t hesitate when he heard this. He directly reached out and pinched Shen Feixiao’s exposed wrist, as if to feel Shen Feixiao’s pulse.

After a while, Yu Hong’s entangled complexion gradually returned to calm. He sighed slightly and gave Qin Kaiyi a deep look: “Bring him to my room.”

Qin Kaiyi let down the worries in his heart completely. Since Yu Hong said this, Shen Feixiao’s life would be saved. 

Entering the house, Qin Kaiyi found that Yu Hong lived in a very simple abode. Besides a bed, a table, and a stool, there was nothing else. Yu Hong ignored Qin Kaiyi and directly took Shen Feixiao from his back and placed him on the wooden bed.

He then began to seriously check Shen Feixiao’s physical condition.

Taking advantage of this bit of time, Qin Kaiyi cautiously called out to Yan Gu in his sea of ​​knowledge, but found that he was missing again… Ah, he should have known that Yan Gu would drop the ball at every critical moment!

“… How could this happen?” Obviously discovering something, Yu Hong’s brow furrowed tightly: “How long has he practiced ‘Mountain Cloud Notes’?”

“About a year,” Qin Kaiyi replied after calculating on the spot. 

“To what extent did he cultivate in a year?” Yu Hong’s brows furrowed more and more. 

“… A year ago he… had not cultivated yet.” Qin Kaiyi felt a little embarrassed.

“What?!!!” As if hearing something unbelievable, Yu Hong was astonished to the extreme: “Are you sure he only arrived at the fasting stage in one year?”

“… should be right,” Qin Kaiyi said weakly.

“He’s looking for death.” Directly asserting this, Yu Hong looked at Qin Kaiyi unkindly: “You are the one who taught him. At such a speed, you didn’t found an anomaly?”

“… What anomaly.” Qin Kaiyi was dumbfounded. He always thought that the speed which defied the heavens was because of Shen Feixiao’s protagonist halo! 

“Heart demons entered this body.” Yu Hong said coldly: “It seems that you know he practiced ‘Mountain Cloud Notes,’ why didn’t you practice it?”

“It’s not my thing, why should I practice.” Finally understanding Yu Hong’s meaning, Qin Kaiyi was angry–this Yu Hong actually thought that he deliberately gave Shan Feixiao the ‘Mountain Cloud Notes’ to make heart demons enter his body! 

“If I wanted to kill him, would I come to you from thousands of miles away!” Although this was not actually the case, Qin Kaiyi still said with conviction: “I’m not a doctor, and I can’t follow him for all the time. How could I know what problems he’s incurred!”

“Is that it. Then let me tell you, I can’t save him,” Yu Hong coldly said. “Please go back.”

Qin Kaiyi almost vomited blood when he heard Yu Hong’s words. He held back his anger and said: “He really can’t be saved? If he dies, then Xue Xian’s ‘Mount Cloud Notes’ will be lost. You think about it carefully.”

“Are you threatening me?” Yu Hong asked coldly.

“Ai.” Qin Kaiyi sighed. He found that there would be no good results for anyone in this way, so he had to soften his approach: “I didn’t intentionally harm him. I didn’t think when I gave him ‘Mountain Cloud Notes’ that these kinds of hiccups would occur. I can’t stay by his side often, and when I found out something was wrong with him… I discovered it too late.”

Yu Hong obviously was someone who preferred softness to toughness. He listened to Qin Kaiyi’s softer explanation, and after a moment of silence said: “What happened during this period? I mean something that would cause his psyche to change greatly.”

Qin Kaiyi thought for a while and said, “… for a while, he thought I was dead.”

“So it was like that.” Yu Hong’s voice was steady: “Overeager to achieve success, heart demons entered his body. A heart disease requires medicine of the heart. I can only cure his body, but I cannot save his heart.” 

“Then what should be done?” Qin Kaiyi said idiotically. 

“Whoever made his heart sick, naturally would know what to do.” Yu Hong looked at Qin Kaiyi thoughtfully.

“… but I’m leaving,” Qin Kaiyi said with difficulty. He knew that Shen Feixiao would stay in the God’s Medicine Valley for at least six years. During these six years he still had a lot to do… he couldn’t just waste his time here with Shen Feixiao. 

“…” Yu Hong gave a long sigh: “Just do what you want.”

“…” Qin Kaiyi gritted his teeth, and then handed the Sky South bamboo in his arms to Yu Hong: “The only thing I can do… is this much, please don’t tell him that I’ve been here. If he asks, just say he had a nightmare. I know that you have a good relationship with Xue Xian… This child is named Shen Feixiao and is the only descendant of Xue Xian. If you can… please help him resolve his heart demons.” 

“I know.” Yu Hong’s gaze was cool: “Then please.” (T/N: Chinese people say this to indicate for someone to go ahead, politely). 

Qin Kaiyi didn’t care about what the doctor in front of him was thinking. He was only worried about Shen Feixiao right now… Although he didn’t know how serious a condition heart demons entering the body was, he somewhat could tell from Yu Hong’s expression.

“I’m sorry.” This was the last sentence that Qin Kaiyi would say to Shen Feixiao in six years. After finishing this sentence, he turned and left. Because of this, he overlooked Shen Feixiao tightly gripping the bed sheet below him in his hands. 

“If you’re awake then open your eyes.” Seeing Qin Kaiyi close the door, Yu Hong said softly: “Since you are Xue Xian’s heir, don’t be so cowardly.”

Shen Feixiao opened his eyes slowly. The purple color of his pupils was as dense as that of a violet’s. He opened his mouth slightly, and his voice was both soft and tender, but the hatred and despair that bled through it could not be ignored: “You said… you would not leave.”

But you still left–then just blame it on my weakness, blame me for not being strong enough!! I couldn’t use my own strength to keep you here!!!

8 thoughts on “ASV Chapter 49: Parting

      1. Well now. From the tags, I knew what the story would end up as. But I gotta say, even tho this author spends a lot of time describing stuff that I’m not interested in, they keep the characters believable.

        Unlike some other MCs, QKY still doesn’t regard the characters as ‘real’ beings (although he won’t write anymore because he ‘feels’ what the characters go through) and stays focused on the goal – getting back home. He’s just a traveler given these almost labors-of-Hercules-like tasks to accomplish in order to finally earn this freedom. A little white lie is fine, follow the plot, stay alive. Ofc this world follows the same pattern of events as the novel, which keeps QKY from getting too attached, like his shifu’s orders. Does that mean only minor characs inexplicably follow the plot, except for transmigrators and ofc the protag?

        Speaking of SFX, the development of his attachment to the Masked Man – nice work, author. Most of what we read is from QKY’s perspective so all we ‘see’ is an adolescent starting puberty–oh wait actually the stoic/stubbornness thing is his personality, not just teen angst. But the little hints like his breakdown/befuddlement at QKY’s help/protection at that treasure place, risking his life to defeat ZYP as revenge, his searching, and now his reaction here. When he does get stronger… He’s definitely going to cage the bird instead of setting it free.

        Liked by 11 people

      2. I love the essays, keep them coming!!

        True, the characters are believable. I’ve never thought “oh, QKY is so so dumb, there’s no reason why he would do this” except in the instances when other characters acknowledge that he is being a fool. I feel like his downward spiral is unavoidable

        Yeah, seems a lot of minor characters like QKY’s shifu are being manipulated by the system. But somehow ZYP is acting crazy everywhere, changing the plot and eating QKY’s tofu?

        Agree on SFX’s character development. Us readers can all see the signs of his budding obsession. Hide yo kids, hide yo wife

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