ASV Chapter 38: Throttle to Death

When the idea of ​​killing Qin Kaiyi came to being, Shen Feixiao didn’t have even a thread of hesitation. He silently observed the sleeping Qin Kaiyi, and his heart was extremely calm.

His shixiong, he really had a good appearance. Even though he was heavily injured and his face was wan, it did not affect that unique and unmatched magnificence. His nose bridge seemed like it had been carved out with a knife, and his lips were beautifully shaped. The tightly shut corners of his eyes inclined upwards into red phoenix eyes, and those long eyelashes… because he had been injured so heavily, the originally elegant and cold expression now carried fragility. Whoever saw this scene would never think that the person lying on the bed could be so vile. (T/N: red phoenix eyes = eyes whose outer corners incline upwards. The eyes themselves are not actually red.)

Shen Feixiao didn’t understand why Qin Shi wanted him to die. When Liu Ling’er told him the truth about his entering the secret realm, there was an explosion in his head. Liu Ling’er said, Feixiao, Feixiao, this time you must enter the secret realm with caution… Shixiong, he… doesn’t seem to like you very much.

Doesn’t like me very much? Hearing this sentence, Shen Feixiao couldn’t even make a bitter smile. He sat expressionlessly on the bed, looking at Liu Ling’er’s concerned expression and chattering mouth. Her eyes were worried and sad, as if she was really worried about Shen Feixiao.

Liu Ling’er really worried about himself? Shen Feixiao almost laughed grimly when he thought of this. His shimei, she truly didn’t understand reality. She didn’t understand what it meant for him to enter the secret realm. She didn’t even understand what she said, and she even more so didn’t understand what her words would later bring to the Qin Shi who took care of her. 

Knowing the so-called truth, how could Shen Feixiao not hate him? He looked at the Qin Shi in front of him, and his whole body was shaking… He didn’t understand why Qin Shi hated him so much, why did he have to let him die? Shen Feixiao couldn’t figure it out and was too lazy to think about it again. After being insulted by Yan Yi before entering the secret realm, he finally made killing Qin Shi one of his goals. Shen Feixiao was terrifyingly stubborn. When someone terrifyingly stubborn also had incomparably great luck, the combination of the two had terrible effects. Even an interloper like Qin Kaiyi could be easily taken care of. 

Shen Feixiao calmly extended his hand to the sleeping Qin Kaiyi. Qin Kaiyi’s neck was slender and fair, and it felt good to the touch. Shen Feixiao’s small hands were covered with scars and calluses. A 12-year-old child with such a pair of hands definitely did not meet with pleasant experiences.

Shen Feixiao’s hand began to slowly exert more force. His face was still expressionless, and there were no fluctuations to be seen in his expression. One couldn’t tell from looking at him that he was doing a sinful thing. Of course, perhaps in Shen Feixiao’s heart killing Qin Kaiyi was not a sin. He just wanted to live… just wanted to live…

Because he started to gradually tighten his grip, Shen Feixiao watched Qin Kaiyi, who had been sleeping, start to struggle slightly. Qin Kaiyi’s pretty forehead began to wrinkle, and he gripped Shen Feixiao weakly, trying to pry apart the hands of the culprit who wanted to suffocate him.

How could Shen Feixiao let Qin Kaiyi do as he wished so easily? His small hands exerted force again, and then watched Qin Kaiyi’s face begin to turn blue. 

En…? A strange feeling against the palm of a hand suddenly stopped Shen Feixiao’s movements. He lowered his head and wanted to see what was touching with his hand, when his expression changed suddenly. He no longer paid attention to the unconscious Qin Kaiyi and hurriedly left through the door.

Just a moment after Shen Feixiao left, Liu Ling’er, who was carrying a bamboo basket, came in from the door.

In the past five months, the girl seemed to have matured a lot, and she did not have that consistently naive expression. Instead, she somewhat carried a bit of worry on her face. The basket in her arms was full of fresh vegetables and fruits, and also some bottles of what looked like medicine. 

In any case, Liu Ling’er was still very close to her shixiong. 

As soon as she entered the room, she saw the unconscious Qin Kaiyi. She sighed slightly, placed the basket on the table, and then sat on Qin Kaiyi’s bedside.

“Shixiong.” Looking at the ugly complexion on the bed, Liu Ling’er looked bleak: “If you knew it would be like this, would you choose to enter the secret realm? After so many entered, only two came out… and they didn’t bring anything out with them.”

Qin Kaiyi would naturally not answer Liu Ling’er’s words.

“The shidi also came out.” Liu Ling’er’s expression softened for a moment when she mentioned Shen Feixiao, and it seemed that she felt pretty good about her shidi: “Wake up soon… since you haven’t, shifu’s brows have never relaxed. “

After slowly chattering in her long-winded way, Liu Ling’er saw that Qin Kaiyi had no signs of waking up, sighed, and then got up and left. She would never know… just because of her halfhearted care, she stopped a bloody incident and saved her shixiong’s life.


When Qin Kaiyi woke up again, he felt that his body was not his own. Somehow, his limbs were sore. The only thing to be thankful for was that the poisonous insect that had been causing trouble since leaving the secret realm finally quieted down. Qin Kaiyi moved a little. After moving his body, he found that his neck felt hot and pained.

“Fuck!” Shouting with a hoarse voice, Qin Kaiyi drew back the corners of his mouth and touched his neck: “Yan Gu, why does my neck hurt so much.”

Yan Gu, who spoke very little after coming out of the secret realm, listened to Qin Kaiyi’s inquiry. He answered Qin Kaiyi’s question after being silent for a long time: “Your beloved dear son wanted to strangle you to death.”

“… What?” Qin Kaiyi didn’t react for a while.

“He wanted to strangle you.” Yan Gu’s tone was very plain: “At that time, I couldn’t wake you up no matter what. I thought you’d be offed just like that. Unexpectedly before your life was cut short, that little shimei came to visit.” 

“He wanted to strangle me to death?” Qin Kaiyi’s expression was a little silly: “He… how could he…”

“He didn’t know it was a mask.” Yan Gu said impatiently: “If you tell him that it’s a mask, he’ll probably hug and start to kiss, how could he strangle.”

“That’s right, ha…” Smiling with embarrassment, Qin Kaiyi touched his nose shyly: “…”

“Look at this moronic look.” Yan Gu said with derision: “Weren’t your feelings just hurt by your son a bit, ha, it’s no wonder that the son wants to strangle him. If one meets such a schizophrenic father, one would probably only think of strangling.”

“…” Qin Kaiyi was speechless. He actually deluded himself into thinking that Yan Gu could understand his daddy long legs psychology (T/N: 1912 novel about a secret benefactor & a college girl)… But Yan Gu was right. His masked identity was never meant to help “Qin Shi” win favor.

“Ah…” Qin Kaiyi was relieved after thinking about it. Although he didn’t know why Shen Feixiao hated him to such a degree, he also understood… wasn’t the ultimate meaning of his existence to be killed by Shen Feixiao? As for the method, what’s the difference?

“Ai, say, Qin Shi, what kind of girl did you provoke to create someone like Shen Feixiao?” Yan Gu saw Qin Kaiyi’s expression slightly improve, and he couldn’t resist teasing him again: “Look at Shen Feixiao. He has to be nine, ten years old, his age doesn’t seem too old, but this youngster’s love debt isn’t small.” (T/N: love debt: karmic consequences of a love affair).

“==” Qin Kaiyi expressed serious doubts about Yan Gu’s brain structure. He almost wanted to roll his eyes, but he resisted for the sake of his image: “Saying that he is my son is just a joke, don’t be so serious about it.”

“Oh–” Yan Gu lengthened his voice and said deliberately: “It was actually just a joke, then why be so good to Shen Feixiao? He is not a son.”

“I’ve taken a fancy to him, is that enough.” To be enraged from humiliation was a terrifying thing; Qin Kaiyi blurted out this kind of a sentence.

“…” Yan Gu was silent for a moment, and after a while he cautiously said: “Is it serious?”

“…” Qin Kaiyi wanted to express that he would be a fool if he continued to pay attention to Yan Gu.

However, Yan Gu regarded Qin Kaiyi’s silence as his default. He observed Qin Kaiyi for a moment, then suddenly realized what he had abruptly remembered: “This is what the Xue family likes. Xue Xian loved eating tender grass. I didn’t expect this aesthetic hobby could be passed down, but Shen Feixiao’s malnourished appearance is a bit of a heavy taste… “

“…” For the first time, Qin Kaiyi hated that he could only store Yan Gu in his sea of knowledge. If these goods just appeared in front of him and said the above words, he would pull out some of his teeth even if he had to lose his own old life. 

“Tsk tsk, don’t judge by appearances.” Yan Gu, this classmate who won an inch but wanted a mile, sighed with feeling: “No wonder he is so indulgent to him, even if it is the relationship between a father and his son it shouldn’t be like this… ai, Qin Shi, say…”

“If there is one more bit of nonsense, it will be crushed.” Qin Kaiyi was angered so much by Yan Gu’s words that his lungs hurt. It was so hard to wake up for a while but he could only chat with Yan Gu. It would have been better to stay unconscious!

“Ah…?” Yan Gu froze.

“Say, do, will, do.” Qin Kaiyi’s tone was murderous, his not-good mood after learning of Shen Feixiao’s actions completely exploded out. 

“…” Yan Gu said nothing, he should have known a long time ago… Although this fellow Qin Shi usually looked kind, once he got mad he would be extremely fierce. But it didn’t matter, being able to dig up this kind of gossip could count as a big gain. With the same face as Qin Kaiyi’s, Yan Gu displayed a vulgar expression and reluctantly quieted down.

Free from that noisy voice, Qin Kaiyi finally let out a sigh of relief. He closed his eyes and let out a small sigh, then moved his gaze to the basket of fruit on the table.

Because he was ill, his mouth held a bitter flavor. Qin Kaiyi crawled out of the bed slowly and took an apple into his mouth.

The fresh apple was very juicy and not polluted by pesticides. Its taste was not bad. Qin Kaiyi crunched a few bites and gobbled the apple clean. 

However, when he returned to the bed contentedly and was ready to continue to rest, a harsh voice rang in his ear again. Your mom, Qin Kaiyi was bitterly crying in his heart, what did the system want him to do now??



What I imagine QKY to look like: 

If anyone knows the credit for this image, or copyright, please feel free to let me know. Thanks Google Images.

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      1. Augh, but he at least can “feel” “things” other than tofu ❤️. Awh YG acts more like a tsun-pig tail girl & ZYP is.. yeah approved of him!

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      2. yeah SFX is going through a v confusing puberty. “that cheerleader who shoves my head in the toilet has really nice tits, me so confuse~!!”

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  1. Hello! I’m a hope you see this but I think some might steal your translations. A translator from Flying Lines has started your current project ‘A Smile from the Villian’ and the first official chapter is identical to Silver Neko’s, the previous translators. Seeing that you update daily they may eventually catch up and start stealing your translations as I assume you aren’t Bobacoco from Flying Lines. You might want to contact Flying Lines and Novel Updates.

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    1. thank you so much for informing me of this. that is so upsetting. will I need an account with flying lines to report? I dont see this translator posting anything to novel updates yet. flying lines looks like a for profit website, which is quite demotivating to see…


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  2. Thanks for the chapters! Didn’t expect QKY to be so cavalier about being almost strangled to death when the mere hint of a system notification stresses him out so much.
    Daddy Long Legs is also a 1912 novel by Jean Webster. I guess it’s similar to the Korean movie in that an anonymous benefactor sends the female protagonist to college and eventually romance ensues via correspondence. *cringe* *regrets having read it multiple times* 😖

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    1. nps! I feel like QKY will follow the classic shixiong/shifu transmigrator trope where he is a self-sacrificing white lotus who hates beating up his yandere-lite disciple more than getting murdered. let’s all join hands in prayer for QKY

      oh for real? I googled daddy long legs in confusion and that korean movie was the first result. guess it drew inspiration from the novel. anyway QKY thinks he’s some kind of sugar daddy, what a fool. SFX is his real daddy

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