ASV Chapter 37: Intractable Problem

Qin Kaiyi felt like he was thrown into an oil pan, and the veins all over his body were in severe pain. His consciousness was sometimes sober and sometimes blurred. When he was occasionally sober he would hear Qing Xuzi’s worried sighs, and Yan Gu nagging like a menopausal aunt. 

Qin Kaiyi was really injured this time.

Compared to injuries caused by external shocks, internal injuries caused by forcibly enhancing the effectiveness of one’s cultivation practice are more serious. Unlike external injuries, damage to the dantian was fatal to a cultivator, because the dantian was the place where the cultivator stored spiritual energy. The more spiritual energy stored in the dantian, the higher the rank of the cultivator.

If Qin Kaiyi was really just an ordinary cultivator, then his life would be over. A broken dantian was equivalent to a normal person losing his hands and feet. No matter how he recovered later he would always be a waste. 

But fortunately, Qin Kaiyi had already begun to demonically cultivate. Because he demonically cultivated, his method of cultivation’s requirements for the dantian were not so strict. Therefore this damage to the dantian was actually not a big deal for Qin Kaiyi.

Despite this, Qin Kaiyi’s condition was still not very good. Perhaps because Zi Yangpei put his poisonous insect into his body, he couldn’t regain his consciousness with clarity. Even so, even though he was in a coma, he could feel severe pain.  That pain spread from the abdomen all the way to his entire body. When the pain would really flare up, he would even begin to convulse.

Qing Xuzi was helpless to Qin Kaiyi’s current symptoms. He examined Qin Kaiyi’s body, but was surprised to find that Qin Kaiyi actually resisted his spiritual exploration. The resistance was so strong that Qing Xuzu didn’t dare to hastily force his spiritual power inside, fearing that he would worsen Qin Kaiyi’s injuries.

The inability to use spiritual force meant that he didn’t know in detail what Qin Kaiyi’s condition was. Looking at Qin Kaiyi’s utter lack of consciousness, Qing Xuzi sighed more than he ever had in his life. He didn’t know what Qin Kaiyi experienced, but from Qin Kaiyi’s wretched condition, it seemed that there must have been a bloody battle in the secret realm. So far, other than Qin Kaiyi, no other disciples of the Lingshan Sect had exited. He even had no news of his friend Yan Buxuan, who he had placed high hopes on. 

Seeing this situation, Qing Xuzi seemed to age ten years. He exhausted all methods and even used the most precious elixirs of the Lingshan Sect on Qin Kaiyi. He could not wake the unconscious disciple. Helpless, he had to temporarily put aside thoughts of rescuing Qin Kaiyi from his coma. He would first use other drugs to preserve Qin Kaiyi’s life, and then go to other places to seek a cure.

At the moment, Qin Kaiyi’s body was undergoing a very strange change. The originally damaged veins were gradually recovering with the nourishment of his own devil qi, and the dantian which had been rendered useless magically disappeared.

That’s right, it just disappeared. Qin Kaiyi, being in a coma, hadn’t been able to detect this change yet. When he noticed it, it was too late. His dantian disappeared–it turned into a sea of ​​qi covered with rich demonic energy.

This sea of qi orbited around the place where the dantian originally was, moving as if it had a life of its own. It sometimes tumbled up and down, and sometimes flowed along the veins to the whole body. In the middle of this sea of qi, one could vaguely make out the figure of the poisonous insect.

Qin Kaiyi didn’t know whether the changes in his body had anything to do with the poisonous insect left by that Zi Yangpei. He only knew one thing now–Shen Feixiao came back.

Qin Kaiyi miraculously regained his consciousness when he heard the system prompt. Hearing that originally incomparably ear-piercing system sound, he actually inexplicably felt a bit moved–

Because of this sound, Qin Kaiyi was tortured by the pain of it until his numb head finally cleared up and he woke up. He sighed slightly and looked at the wooden ceiling above his head. Somehow, it was a bit sad. This way of coming back… It really was not easy.

“Qin’er, are you awake?” Qing Xuzi visited Qin Kaiyi once a day. He still didn’t know about the damage to Qin Kaiyi’s dantian, so he still had great expectations for this disciple.

“Shifu.” After a long period of pain, Qin Kaiyi’s entire person was morbidly wan and pale. At this time, the poisonous insect had not yet made trouble. He still had the energy to exchange a few words with Qing Xuzi.

“You…” Qing Xuzi wanted to say too much, but he didn’t know where to start. He hesitated for a moment and said, “Qin’er, you have a good rest, don’t think too much.”

Hearing this, if Qin Kaiyi said he wasn’t moved he’d be lying. Qing Xuzi was the head of the Lingshan Sect; Qin Kaiyi could only imagine the pressure he felt after the secret realm appeared. Even though he didn’t know how many had left the secret realm, it was clear that they could be counted using the fingers of one hand. However, even so, Qing Xuzi still took care of his disciple’s body, and didn’t force him to say anything. But he would eventually betray Qing Xuzi. Thinking of this matter only worsened his sorrow. In this world, after all, he was just a passerby.

Qin Kaiyi coughed, barely showing a weak smile, but he persisted and said: “Shifu… I’m fine, I actually just wanted to tell you something.”

“En.” Qing Xuzi looked at the head disciple who he raised as a son, and touched Qin Kaiyi’s head lovingly.

“We dispersed after we entered the secret realm.” Qin Kaiyi’s condition was still not very good. He spoke very softly: “Then there was a rain for nearly thirty days in the secret realm, this rain seemed to be the key to opening the Treasure Pavilion… I… cough. “

After a pause, Qin Kaiyi gasped: “I entered the treasure trove and saw Senior Yan Buxuan and the others die in the hands of a woman named Tang Shayun.”

Qin Kaiyi would naturally not tell Qing Xuzi all that happened, and would not mention the existence of Zi Yangpei. Even he himself had countless secrets within his body that could not be revealed to Qing Xuzi.

“Dead?” Qingxu Zi looked pale: “What about other disciples?”

“All dead.” Qin Kaiyi closed his eyes: “The woman named Tang Shayun seems to be a demonic cultivator, disciple… I tried my best and used the bracelet you gave me, so I barely escaped with my life.”

“…” Qing Xuzi’s face became even paler. He could not have imagined that this trip to the secret realm would yield such a result!

“But wasn’t there another team that went in?” Qin Kaiyi saw Qing Xuzi’s expression become ugly, so he quickly comforted him.

“Qin’er, I won’t hide it from you.” Listening to Qin Kaiyi’s comfort, Qing Xuzi shook his head with a wry smile: “So far, except for you, there was only one disciple of the Lingshan Sect who came out of the secret realm. He also suffered serious injuries and fell into a coma, I… ai! “

“… One?” Qin Kaiyi froze: “Who is it?”

“It’s the disciple of the refining period you originally wanted to bring in.” Qing Xuzi’s expression was faint: “I didn’t expect that so many masters would be lost in the secret realm, but the one who survived would be a disciple of the refining period. Where is the face of my Lingshan Sect ah.”

Hearing Qing Xuzi’s words, Qin Kaiyi relaxed a little. However, a thought suddenly broke into his mind. He looked at Qing Xuzi’s frowning and tentatively said, “Did you find any strange items on his body?” He was very afraid that because of the change in plot, Shen Feixiao didn’t get the other items that originally belonged to him, particularly a storage ring that could hide itself. 

“No.” Knowing what Qin Kaiyi was thinking, Qing Xuzi said frankly: “I started wondering if he got any strange and precious treasures. After checking, I found that there was nothing. This may just be life. If it’s destined, you will get it, if not, you cannot force it., Qin’er, don’t think of relying on those foreign objects, only using your own strength is the right way. “

“En.” Qin Kaiyi was a little sleepy again. His body was really badly used up due to the poisonous insect and what he did when facing Zi Yangpei. Just talking for a while, he already couldn’t stand it.

“You have a good rest.” Qing Xuzi patted Qin Kaiyi’s shoulder: “I have something else so I won’t disturb you.”

“Ok, many thanks shifu,” Qin Kaiyi murmured, then closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Qing Xuzi adjusted the quilt on Qin Kaiyi and then pushed open the door to leave. In his hurry, he didn’t notice that the dense bushes beside Qin Kaiyi’s house had within them a pair of eyes carrying cold intent. 

The sound of the door opening was very soft, and Shen Feixiao slowly walked into Qin Kaiyi’s room. His expression held a chilling indifference, and there was a dark frost in his black eyes.

He did not expect that Qin Shi actually came back alive.

When he knew that Qin Shi came back alive, Shen Feixiao was frightened. He pretended to be seriously injured and fooled everyone including Qing Xuzi. However, he knew clearly that if Qin Shi was alive, he would lose everything irrevocably. 

If Qin Shi told Qing Xuzi about his crimes, given how pampered Qin Shi was, then he could only hope to welcome his own expulsion. 

Shen Feixiao didn’t want to be expelled. He had to stay in the Lingshan Sect, he still had a lot of things to do, he still had a lot of wishes to realize. He wanted to see the masked man with a not-so-gentle voice. He also wanted to kill the person named Zi Yangpei… There were too many things he wanted to do, people who obstructed him… would be an annoyance.

He wanted to remove all obstacles, Shen Feixiao expressionlessly thought. He didn’t know when it started, but he no longer feared the people who bullied him. He was gradually getting stronger. If he was given some more time, he believed he would be able to get everything he wanted, and trample on everyone he wanted to trample on.

The person in front of him would prevent him from having enough time. Shen Feixiao was still expressionless, except that the corner of his mouth slightly twitched up with a bloody smile.

This would not be the first person he killed, nor would it be the last.

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  1. Is Yan Gu still around?! Or was QKY hallucinating? Please please be alive Yan Gu ge!
    Interesting we’re finally getting some perspective from SFX, the 12 yr old cold blooded killer.

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