ASV Chapter 35: Yan Gu’s Umbrella

When Qin Kaiyi arrived at the injury door under the guidance of Yan Gu, he already had heard the sounds of imminent collapse. The walls which originally seemed incomparably solid actually showed a series of obvious cracks.These cracks were like wriggling, winding insects, spreading from the foot of the walls to the very tops at rapid speed. Even looking at it from far away induced panic.

Because Qin Kaiyi walked on a secret path, he saved a lot of time that would have been spent on breaking through mechanisms. After entering the injury door, he didn’t delay much and went directly to the secret room described by Yan Gu.

“… Is this what you want?” After entering the hidden room, Qin Kaiyi was very practical. He looked at the old objects thrown on the ground at random, and said helplessly: “Yan Gu has this way of looking at things?”

It was an incomparably old-fashioned umbrella. Like the most common cloth umbrella, there was no spiritual fluctuation on it, and one couldn’t tell how it differed from an ordinary item at all. 

“What does a little kid know!” Yan Gu said with a severe expression: “This umbrella is of great significance!”

… If it weren’t for the roots of his reddening ears betraying Yan Gu, Qin Kaiyi would really buy his excuse. He sighed, and picked up the old umbrella on the ground: “Well, we have the thing you want, let’s hurry and go. “

“En.” Although Yan Gu had no special expression on his face, the joy in his eyes revealed his good mood: “Quick, turn left after you get out the door, turn left, then turn left.”

“… Isn’t that a circle?” Qin Kaiyi thought Yan Gu was being crazy again: “If I die, you’ll be buried with me.”

“Who told you to turn left all the time?” Yan Gu said angrily: “You just can’t obediently go according to my instructions. Hesitating for so long, you might as well have just done what I said in that time!”

“At least if something really happened… I would have struggled for my life,” Qin Kaiyi said weakly. He really felt that this guy Yan Gu was not very reliable.

“Struggle over? Let’s go now.” Yan Gu was expressionless.

“Oh.” Qin Kaiyi tucked the rotten umbrella into his storage ring, and then turned left…

While walking, he still couldn’t hold back the curiosity in his heart: “Yan Gu, why is that umbrella so important?”

“With your IQ it’s difficult to explain.” Yan Gu expressed his contempt for Qin Kaiyi without hesitation.

“…” Your sister. Grinding his teeth internally, Qin Kaiyi sneered: “Even if you don’t say it I know. Isn’t it just just related to my shizu Xue Xian!” This treasure trove was all made by Xue Xian, this ragged umbrella was obviously brought in by him too. 

“How do you know?” Yan Gu was surprised.

“Guess?” Qin Kaiyi grinned. The relationship between Yan Gu and Xue Xian was indeed unusual.

“… Ah, don’t turn.” At the third fork in the path, Yan Gu suddenly said: “Did you look at the black circle in the middle of the wall?”

Qin Kaiyi stopped and looked up. He saw a black circle filled with lotus patterns directly above his head. He froze: “I see it, what should I do?”

“Put your hand on.” Yan Gu said after a moment: “Then we can go out.”

Hearing that, Qin Kaiyi was about to reach up when he suddenly remembered an important question: “Yan Gu, will this thing suck demonic energy? Now my demonic energy is not enough, if it sucks again I’m finished.”

“… That’s  right,  there’s no energy here.” Reminded of this problem by Qin Kaiyi, Yan Gu hesitated for a moment: “Is there a jade spider in the storage ring?”

“How do you know?” Qin Kaiyi raised his guard: “Can you see what’s in the ring?”

“No.” Yan Gu was very dissatisfied with Qin Kaiyi’s suspicion: “Are you worried about me coveting that garbage dump of a storage ring? This is an insult!!! If not for the jade spider’s rank being high enough, I’d be disinclined to know.”

“…” Qin Kaiyi was speechless, too lazy to get entangled with Yan Gu again: “So how do you use the spider?”

“Take it out and stick it on the wall!” Yan Gu was resolute and decisive. 

At this time, Qin Kaiyi finally found out how much his shizu liked to stick his hand to the wall. Can’t Xue Xian have done something innovative to open the door??? In addition to sticking to the wall there was sticking to the wall, as long as you stick you’ll get it!

Hearing the sound of the collapse becoming more and more obvious, Qin Kaiyi didn’t dare to delay anymore. He took out the spider, and without hesitation he threw it into the black circle on the wall. The spider obviously didn’t like the black circle. It tried to escape from that position twice, but Qin Kaiyi ruthlessly suppressed it.

… Comrade, although it is very painful, the sacrifice is worth it. The citizens will remember this. (T/N: facetiously using Communist Party language). Qin Kaiyi mouthed a prayer in his heart and pressed the spider to the wall harder–it wasn’t that he doesn’t love small animals, but the circumstances forced him into this!!

In the time it took for a few breaths, the jade spider seemed to give the circle the spiritual power it needed. Its original crystalline coloring became a bit dim, and its movements paused. Qin Kaiyi looked at it and felt his heart hurt, but he still dared not move it away. It wasn’t until the what was originally a wall in front of him became a spreading opening, that he carefully put the spider back into the ring.

“Hurry up.” Yan Gu’s face changed a little: “Continue to be slow and it’ll be too late.”

Qin Kaiyi knew that without Yan Gu’s reminder. When he saw that the hole was already open, he hurried into it, continuously running up through it and daring not to make any stops at all—the collapse of the Hidden Treasure Pavilion already spread behind him. The broken bricks seemed like they would fall on him in the blink of an eye.

“Ah!!! I’ll never play Temple Escape again!” Fully grasping the sadness contained in the act of barely escaping with your life on the line, Qin Kaiyi ran until a glimmer of light appeared in front of him.

“Hoo.” Gasping heavily, Qin Kaiyi seized the opportunity and ran out of the tunnel.

At the moment he left the tunnel, he heard a violent noise, and when he turned back, he found that the originally magnificent treasure trove was actually razed to the ground. Only those exquisite architectural wrecks with carved beams could prove that this building was once a miracle of a construction. 

“Mother’s eggs (T/N: a curse), I finally escaped.” Covered in dirt, Qin Kaiyi let out a sigh: “The exit of the secret realm is about to open… I can finally go back.”

So far, Qin Kaiyi had not heard the system prompt sound, which also proved that Shen Feixiao did not have an accident.

“Going back to Lingshan Sect?” Yan Gu’s voice was strange somehow.

“Yeah.” Qin Kaiyi rubbed his nose which was itchy because of dust: “What’s wrong?”

“That…” Qin Kaiyi actually heard guilt from Yan Gu’s voice.

“What do you want to say? What did you do to be sorry about?” His heart rate increasing, Qin Kaiyi bellowed, “Hurry up and say it!”

“In fact, it is not a serious matter.” Yan Gu coughed twice.

“Really?” Qin Kaiyi questioned suspiciously: “What’s that matter?”

“Remember the method of concealing the demonic energy?” Yan Gu pretended to be unperturbed.

“… I remember, what’s wrong?” Qin Kaiyi didn’t quite understand Yan Gu’s meaning.

“… that exercise has a small side effect.” Yan Gu’s feigned calm still failed. He was afraid that Qin Kaiyi would explode when he knew the truth, and whispered, “The side effect is actually not very serious. “

“… what side effect.” Qin Kaiyi had a very, very bad hunch. According to how things usually went, his good hunches didn’t come to fruition but his bad hunches came true. The stronger the bad hunch, the more likely it was to be realized…

“Ah, take off the mask.” Yan Gu dryly coughed: “Look at your face with a mirror.”

“…” Qin Kaiyi heard that and took off the mask that originally couldn’t be removed. At this time, the mask was changed from a projected illusion to something solid again. He touched it easily and took it off. After taking it off, he made a hand seal to conjure a water mirror. His originally relieved mood completely shattered when he saw his reflection. 

“Yan Gu…” Qin Kaiyi’s voice seemed like a wicked ghost crawling out of hell: “Can you explain?”

“Hahaha… actually… the change … shouldn’t be big… right?” Yan Gu’s voice was abnormally weak.

“Fuck me!!! Yan Gu I’ll break this rotten mask!!! I’ll tear up this raggedy umbrella!!!” Looking at the red lotuses in the mirror that spread out from his neck to cover about half of his face, Qin Kaiyi went completely mad–what the hell is this fucking pattern?? As if he was afraid that others wouldn’t be able to tell he was a demonic cultivator?? No matter how good the concealment method was, it was as worthless as a fart. It would be game over once someone saw his face!!

He really was too naive, he actually thought that this guy Yan Gu could be reliable for once. Look at his face, it was really the face of a gullible fool!

“In fact, there is a way to solve it!!!” Yan Gu saw that Qin Kaiyi was actually showing signs of madness, and hurriedly said: “Don’t worry, first listen ~ !!!”

“Say, I’ll listen.” Qin Kaiyi smiled, and the smile was abnormally gentle: “If you don’t speak well, I, will, with, my, own, hands, break, and, shred.”

“…” *Crying sounds,* that Xue family, they are really fierce. In his heart Yan Gu summoned a small handkerchief to wipe a tear: “Can you continue to wear the mask…”

“This is your solution?” Qin Kaiyi already began to squeeze the mask hard in his hands.

“… Don’t worry!!! Actually it’s quite powerful!! Just put it on your face, you can change to the original look! No, no, you can look however you want, as long as you can think of it! Believe it!!!” Yan Gu instantly signed countless treaties that forfeited sovereignty humiliated the country (T/N: idiom meaning to surrender under humiliating terms).

“Really?” Qin Kaiyi doubted.

“Really really.” Yan Gu nodded quickly.

“… Then which face would make me more handsome?” Qin Kaiyi revealed a foolish smile. 

“…” Yan Gu felt like he had blood stuck in his throat that he couldn’t spit out–he was actually scared by Qin Kaiyi, this fraudulent piece of work. He almost lost face for all supernatural beings!! 

6 thoughts on “ASV Chapter 35: Yan Gu’s Umbrella

  1. “In addition to sticking to the wall there was sticking to the wall, as long as you stick you’ll get it”
    I’ve solved the mystery of their relationship. Xue Xian was a regular at the local glory hole and he wore Yan Gu’s mask for extra anonymity.
    Hmm I wonder if in the future when QK and SF do it, does Yan Gu come along for the ride? Haha

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    1. Oh if he does, he’d totally be a backseat…driver. Now that would be comedy gold. “No, action X is better, nah do it this way. You’re so bad at this, I can’t watch anymore! Just let me do it! ” 😂

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      1. looOOlll I bet Yan Gu has a lot of experience after doing XXX with his favorite man, XX

        Yan Gu’s just mad that QKY seems to be a boring neckbeard hetero who won’t stick his hand to the wall properly


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