ASV Chapter 32: Zi Yangpei’s Greetings

After hearing Zi Yangpei say “it’s been good these days,” Qin Kaiyi couldn’t suppress the pain rising in his stomach. Looking at Zi Yangpei laughing uncontrollably, he itched to land a fierce bite on that smiling face. Only his little bit of remaining reason prevented this impulsive move. Qin Kaiyi twitched his lips up into a smile, “Not bad.”

“Really?” Squinting and looking both Qin Kaiyi and the expressionless Shen Feixiao sitting in Qin Kaiyi’s arms up and down,  Zi Yangpei took a step closer: “Yo, who is this, isn’t he…”

“Yes, this is the disciple I received!” Neatly interrupting Zi Yangpei’s sentence, Qin Kaiyi broke into a cold sweat. If Zi Yangpei revealed his identity, only ghosts knew how the system would torture him!

“Disciple?” Asking this, a trace of interest passed through Zi Yangpei’s gaze. But he did not dismantle Qin Kaiyi’s disguise, instead smiling indifferently: “You are so lucky. You received such a cute little disciple, and could enter into this Treasure Pavilion… Yan Gu knows a lot ba?”

“… you!” Not expecting Zi Yangpei to be able to directly mention Yan Gu’s existence, Qin Kaiyi’s expression held shock. He called Yan Gu’s name in his sea of knowledge and found that that guy who was always hanging around was actually nowhere to be seen.

“Don’t call him. He is very afraid of me.” Zi Yangpei moved his gaze. He apparently knew that the mask on Qin Kaiyi’s face was just like a mirage, as he reached out and pinched Qin Kaiyi’s chin: “How has your cultivation of the methods I gave you been going?”

Qin Kaiyi was very dissatisfied with Zi Yangpei’s actions towards himself–he was treating Qin Kaiyi as if he were taking liberties with a maiden. However, this wasn’t easy to directly convey, so instead he helplessly said: “Not bad, thanks.”

“You’re welcome.” Zi Yang looked at Qin Kaiyi with a smile, as if he were looking at a domestic animal he had raised and fattened: “The more you learn, the happier I will be, isn’t that right?”

“Hehe.” Qin Kaiyi really felt that he and Zi Yangpei’s brain circuits were not on the same plane of existence.

“Miss Tang Shayun.” Releasing the hand muzzling Qin Kaiyi, Zi Yangpei turned to look at Tang Shayun, who was sitting on the ground in a sorry state. He slightly smiled, his demonically charming face carrying maliciousness: “Do you have anything to say?”

“… You, you are a demonic cultivator!! You can’t kill me, if you kill me, my father will never let you go!” No matter how she had prepared herself, Tang Shayun was only a girl not yet twenty. The murderous intent emanating from Zi Yangpei’s body was enough to cause her psychological defenses to collapse. 

“Oh?” Zi Yangpei still had a face full of smiles. He walked towards Tang Shayun, and then stepped on that beautiful hand with no pity: “Aiyah aiyah, I’m so scared.”

“Ahhhh!!!” Her fingers crushed, Tang Shayun immediately cried out in grief. She had never suffered such hardship. In her last life she was an only child, and her parents treated her as precious. In this life she was an innately talented, intelligent cultivator with a naturally demonic body. In any case, she had always been regarded as a bright pearl in the palm (T/N: beloved person), a sweetheart and a darling. Who would dare to do such an excessive thing to her? 

Zi Yangpei’s action made her feel both fear and hatred. What she feared was that she would die here today. What she hated was that Ziyang Pei dared to treat her so!

“Tsk tsk, it really is that each new generation is not as good as the previous one.” Looking at Tang Shayun’s excessive reaction, Zi Yangpei felt a bit amused. He removed his foot and looked carefully at the kneeling and crying woman sitting on the ground. After a moment, he gave a long sigh and turned to Qin Kaiyi, who was sitting on the chair and still having his demonic energy sucked away: “Both of you have natural demonic bodies, but you are a bit more pleasing to the eye.”

“You are too polite.” Qin Kaiyi didn’t know what expression to make…

“But since I, Zi Yangpei, have it in my hands, even if the aptitude is a little bit lower, there’s no reason to let a natural demonic body go.” Zi Yangpei grinned and said: “I originally planned to use the blood of those Lingshan Sect disciples to sacrifice to that guy Xue Xian’s memorial, but since they can’t even get through the Sword Forest, then there’s no need…”

Tang Shayun, who had been crying, was suddenly stunned after hearing the mutterings of Zi Yangpei. She raised her head in surprise: “You, are you Zi Yangpei?”

“What’s wrong?” Zi Yangpei’s pair of peach blossom eyes alighted on Tang Shayun.

“… This isn’t right… this, how could this be, am I not the protagonist, how could it be…” Tang Shayun murmured in despair, completely unable to accept the fact that the person in front her was Zi Yangpei. 

“I don’t know what to say, you really failed to live up to your Tang family’s military prestige,” Zi Yangpei said coldly, and then ignored Tang Shayun. He turned his attention to Qin Kaiyi, who was sitting on the chair with a constipated look.

“How long do you plan to sit on the chair?” Zi Yangpei raised his eyebrows: “I see your demonic energy is almost sucked up too… Well, Little Stone (T/N: the Shi in Qin Shi is the Shi in Shi Tou, which means stone), you aren’t planning to run away while I’m not paying attention right? “

Qin Kaiyi’s intentions had been seen through, and his face stiffened. Immediately after his complexion smoothed out and he calmly said: “How could that be, Brother Zi Yang, you distrust me too much, I’m only sitting because I can’t take my hand off.”

“Is that it?” Zi Yangpei displayed a familiar smile: “Then let your lovely little apprentice come to my side first. Him just sitting on you like that really doesn’t show proper respect for superiors.”

“…” Qin Kaiyi was helpless. He should have known that Zi Yangpei would never let him get away easily. Shen Feixiao going over would make him a hostage. Even if he managed to fill the proper channels with demonic energy, he couldn’t throw Shen Feixiao away to escape.

So Qin Kaiyi had to ignore Shen Feixiao’s suspicious expression and ask him to go over there.

“Hey, Little Stone, seeing that you care for him so much, this wouldn’t be your illegitimate child?” Using a technique to convey speech in secret really came in handy. Zi Yangpei looked at Shen Feixiao walking towards him while speaking in this way to Qin Kaiyi. 

“Aiyah, Brother Zi Yang really observed meticulously, even this has been discovered by you.” Qin Kaiyi rolled his eyes secretly, but he still accepted Zi Yangpei’s ridicule: “Don’t you think we look very similar?”

“You are quite similar-looking,” Zi Yangpei said, as if he believed that farce.  “It’s only that he isn’t as cute as Little Stone.”

“It’s okay, when he grows up he will be just as cute as me.” Qin Kaiyi gnashed his teeth and spoke, grinding his teeth even further in his heart. 

“En, that would be too great, at that time I can see two little stones.” Appearing to have become addicted to his own jokes, Zi Yangpei said: “I don’t know if you are interested in this Tang girl, Little Stone? “

“Why do you say this?” Qin Kaiyi had a somewhat bad hunch.

“En, would a child born of two natural demonic bodies also have a natural demonic body? This is really a question worth studying.” Zi Yang said: “If it’s Little Stone…”

“Not at all interested!” Qin Kaiyi interrupted without waiting for Zi Yangpei to continue. “If Brother Zi Yang is interested, he should try it himself.”

Zi Yangpei this guy, did he really not think Qin Kaiyi knew his true meaning? He was basically talking about breeding them. He wanted to see if two purebreds would make another purebreed. It would be fine if that didn’t work, but if it did, Qin Kaiyi could guarantee that he didn’t need to care about anything but having Zi Yangpei’s children for the rest of his life… Hey, that’s not right, how come that sentence felt ambiguous…

“So it’s like that.” With a regretful tone, Ziyang Pei glanced at the still crying Tang Shayun: “Ai, what a pity…”

A pity your sister. Qin Kaiyi itched to roll his eyes.

“Little Stone, I think you’ve almost put enough demonic qi into the chair. Since this is the case, please take me along with you.” Zi Yangpei was still speaking in secret: “Do you still want to bring your dear son?”

“…” Qin Kaiyi didn’t speak. He knew that Zi Yangpei still had more to say. 

“If I were you, I would lose him.” Zi Yangpei’s tone was very plain, but he couldn’t hide the commanding momentum in it: “The road ahead is much more difficult than you think.”

“I won’t lose him.” Qin Kaiyi looked directly at Zi Yangpei’s overbearing gaze: “You even said that he was my own dear son, and only a beast would lose his own son.”

“Good scolding.” Almost seeming as if he didn’t know Qin Kaiyi was scolding himself, Zi Yangpei joyfully said: “But sometimes beasts live the longest. Qin Kaiyi, do you know how your shizu Xue Xian died?”

“What do you want to say?” Qin Kaiyi’s reaction to Zi Yangpei showed that he had a grim inkling.

“I’ll tell you how he died.” Zi Yangpei stood in front of Qin Kaiyi and looked down at him: “He could have killed me easily, but out of inexplicable stubbornness–just like the you now, he died… Corpse. Bones. Nothing. Left. “

“Inexplicable stubbornness?” Qin Kaiyi frowned.

“Yeah.” Gently stroking Qin Kaiyi’s cheek in his hand, Zi Yangpei’s face was still full of smiles, but that brilliant smile held hints of disgust: “In order to protect some unimportant people, he died. It appears that your Lingshan Sect really has this tradition–a nauseating tradition. “

“Perhaps.” Qin Kaiyi noticed Zi Yangpei’s abnormal mood, and he dared not provoke this disagreeable demonic cultivator again. He fell silent. 

“You still have some self-awareness; I thought you would continue to infuriate me.” Zi Yangpei expressionlessly removed his hand. 

“If I infuriated you then what would I do if you used my son to vent your anger,” Qin Kaiyi said seriously.

“I like the look of you.” Zi Yangpei laughed grimly: “Because of this impediment, you will always be defeated by me, you will never be able to stand at my position… but then, Little Stone, that Shen Feixiao shouldn’t actually be your blood-related son? “

“…” Qin Kaiyi suddenly found it hard to keep up with Zi Yangpei’s thinking. He didn’t know that his image in Zi Yangpei’s mind had already become that of a Virgin Mary white lotus. Of course, at this moment he was still worried about Shen Feixiao’s safety——If Shen Feixiao died, the system would wipe him out directly!!

“Yeah, my own biological son,” Qin Kaiyi gave up and said.

“…” Zi Yangpei’s expression stilled for a moment, and then he patted him hard on the shoulder: “Not bad not bad, much more grown up than your shizu Xue Xian, so young and you already have successors.” 

“Thank you.” Qin Kaiyi had the illusion that he was going crazy for the first time… was Zi Yangpei really human?? Maybe he had split personalities???

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