ASV Chapter 30: Magic Mirror

After being ridiculed fiercely by Yan Gu, Qin Kaiyi expressionlessly gave up the thought of wanting to take away even a bit of treasure.  He should have known that a stingy person like Yan Gu would never let him take away anything that belonged to Xue Xian. He was previously too naive. 

Suddenly remembering something, Qin Kaiyi turned to look at Shen Feixiao, who was standing beside him. “How long have you not eaten?” he asked softly. If he did not guess incorrectly, since the Hidden Treasure Pavilion appeared up until he fell into the Golden House, Shen Feixiao must not have eaten.  

“Two days,” Shen Feixiao said a little hoarsely, as if he hadn’t had water either.

Hearing the answer he expected, Qin Kaiyi immediately pulled out the remaining food and water from his storage ring and handed it over to Shen Feixiao.

Looking at the food he handed over, Shen Feixiao didn’t take it. He glanced at Qin Kaiyi silently and said dumbly: “Why?”

“Why?” Qin Kaiyi didn’t understand Shen Feixiao’s meaning for a while.

“Why are you so good to me?? Food and water should be the most important things here, if you give them to me, what will you do?” Like an irritated little beast, Shen Feixiao’s voice sharpened to the point that Qin Kaiyi almost felt a headache.

“Because…” Qin Kaiyi really wanted to say to Shen Feixiao: because I reached the fasting period ah dear, no need to eat anymore ah dear, you look very scary ah dear, I was scared to the point that my liver jumped ah…

“If I tell you to eat, you eat.” Somehow, the words stuck in his mouth changed direction, and Qin Kaiyi said in a poor tone: “Where did all this nonsense come from.”

“…” Shen Feixiao gave him that familiar silence. After a while, Shen Feixiao took the food that Qin Kaiyi handed over and ate it in big mouthfuls.

“How long have you been here?” Qin Kaiyi took advantage of Shen Feixiao eating to size up the structure of the Golden House. Although he wanted to knock around here and there and touch many things, in order to maintain his image, he gritted his teeth and held back.

“Two days.” Looking at Qin Kaiyi strangely, Shen Feixiao seemed to want to say something but then hesitated.

“What’s the matter? What do you want to say?” 

“There is no door in this room.” Shen Feixiao always ate fast, and after a while the dried food was all eaten up, but there was still quite a bit of water left in the kettle. He stretched his sleeves out to wipe his mouth, and then returned the kettle to Qin Kaiyi: “If you can’t find the mechanism, you can’t get out.”

“Oh.” Qin Kaiyi didn’t have any special reaction… He didn’t worry about this at all. That guy Yan Gu would never let him die inside.

“Aren’t you worried?” Shen Feixiao’s face was full of doubt.

“Don’t worry.” Qin Kaiyi smiled and squinted: “We can get out.” Hearing this sentence, Shen Feixiao’s expression of doubt became more intense, as if it were asking how to get out.

“Yan Gu, quickly tell me how to get out. If you continue to dither your treasure will be snatched away,” Qin Kaiyi said to Yan Gu.

“What are you panicking about.” Yan Gu’s words came out slowly: “Don’t rush out, let’s watch a show first…”

“What show?” Qin Kaiyi thought that this guy Yan Gu was up to his dirty tricks again.

“Go to the wall on the far right.” Yan Gu laughed aloud: “Put your palm on the black brick.”

“What is it?” Qin Kaiyi’s tone in speaking to Yan Gu was still not at ease.

“You’ll know it when you do it.” Yan Gu was still being deliberately mystifying.

“If something happens to me… don’t even think about getting that thing you want,” Qin Kaiyi threatened. Although he knew that Yan Gu wouldn’t hurt him, he still felt a little uncomfortable. 

“Relax relax, I’m so good to you…” Yan Gu made a pitiful expression with that face, which made Qin Kaiyi’s goosebumps rise.

“I’ll believe you this once.” Qin Kaiyi said with dissatisfaction: “Can you change your face?”

“Change to who?” Yan Gu blinked: “Your little shidi?” As soon as these words fell, his face twisted a bit, and instantly turned from Qin Kaiyi’s face to an unfamiliar handsome man’s face.

“… Who did you change to?” Looking at the frostily handsome face with its distinct angles, Qin Kaiyi felt completely disoriented.

“Your little shidi.” Yan Gu forcibly twisted that face into a wretched expression. “Is it handsome?”

“…Change back to my appearance.” Qin Kaiyi supported his forehead. “Don’t mess with my little shidi.”

“You’re so hard to serve.” Yan Gu said scornfully, and then reluctantly changed back.

In fact, Qin Shi’s face and Shen Feixiao’s face gave distinctly different impressions. Although they both could be called handsome, if their appearances were to be described in words, then Qin Shi would be gentle like jade, while Shen Feixiao came across frigid. One was a modest gentleman, and the other was an indifferent cultivator. Qin Kaiyi was worried that if Yan Gu changed his appearance into Shen Feixiao, it would cast a shadow on the relationship between himself and Shen Feixiao later. He had no choice but to let Yan Gu change back.

“Is this the black brick?” Between words, Qin Kaiyi had walked to the wall that Yan Gu had indicated to him. He looked at the black brick with complex patterns on it and hesitated: “Nothing will go wrong?”

“Definitely, will, not.” Yan Gu replied with abnormal decisiveness. 

“… Then I’ll believe you this once.” Qin Kaiyi glanced at Yan Gu and took a deep breath, before putting his hand on the black brick.

However, the moment he stuck his hand on the wall, Qin Kaiyi knew that he was screwed again by that bastard Yan Gu. How could it be damn okay!! If it was okay, would demonic energy flow from his arm like running water?? If it was okay, would the hand stick on the wall like glue, unable to be unstuck??

“What’s going on here?” Qin Kaiyi angrily roared: “Didn’t you say that it would be fine?”

“Um… this is fine.” Yan Gu stretched out a hand and scratched his head: “It’s just a bit of demonic energy, calm down, calm down.”

“Calm down your sister!” Qin Kaiyi growled. “You lied to me again, Yan Gu!!! I want to kill you!!!”

Not thinking that Qin Kaiyi would react so much, Yan Gu looked awkward. He observed for a while before he guiltily said: “It wasn’t like this before… how could it be, oh!!! I remembered!!!”

“What do you remember?” Qin Kaiyi grumbled.

“The Treasure Pavilion has been buried in the ground for too long, and the available energy it could use is almost used up, so…” “So?” “So it will probably absorb some energy.” “How much is that?” “… I don’t know. ”“ Yan Gu.” “Huh?” “Laozi wants to cover your face in blood.” “…”

Shen Feixiao couldn’t hear Qin Kaiyi’s conversation with Yan Gu, so in his eyes, Qin Kaiyi thought for a while, then walked calmly towards the wall on the right. Facts proved that the mask really was a good thing. If it wasn’t covered by the mask, Qin Kaiyi’s malevolent expression would have long exposed his roaring heart, but now… Shen Feixiao frowned at Qin Kaiyi, who had stuck his hand on a black brick: “What are you doing?”

“…” Qin Kaiyi was still arguing with Yan Gu, and had no time to deal with Shen Feixiao. 

Seeing that Qin Kaiyi didn’t make sense long ago, Shen Feixiao didn’t speak anymore. He sat on the ground like this, looking in Qin Kaiyi’s direction, entranced. So when he discovered that the wall Qin Kaiyi pressed against had become somewhat transparent, Shen Feixiao still seemed a bit blank. He got up from the ground and moved closer to Qin Kaiyi without expression.

“This…” Shen Feixiao stretched out his finger and touched the wall, feeling a hint of coolness. He watched as Qin Kaiyi put his hand on the wall for an extended period of time. Eventually the whole wall actually turned into a block of something akin to a projection, with even a slight hint of sound coming out from it. 

“… What is this?” Qin Kaiyi asked, frowning. Of course, he also hadn’t missed what happened to the wall.

“I already told you to watch the show.” When the wall finally reacted, Yan Gu secretly wiped the cold sweat from his forehead. In fact, he had really made a mistake… He didn’t know that this wall would suck so much of Qin Kaiyi’s energy. If it actually absorbed all of his energy, Yan Gu would really have to cut his losses and find someone else. Fortunately the heavens weren’t unkind, and let Qin Kaiyi survive… 

“You will know if you look closely.” Yan Gu grinned and said: “You will be interested.”

“…” Qin Kaiyi looked suspiciously at Yan Gu, and then at the wall as it steadily become more transparent. He took a deep breath–the wall actually showed the image of Tang Shayun and Yan Buxuan as they passed through the Sword Forest! 

“This…” Qin Kaiyi watched Tang Shayun bring Yan Buxuan’s team along into the Sword Forest, and had a bad premonition in his heart.

“Haha, I didn’t expect this woman to have the Kuisha (T/N: I’m assuming the name of a treasure. Otherwise it’s… crotch cut short… or some random constellation cut short).” Yan Gu watched the “video” with Qin Kaiyi and smacked his lips: “I haven’t had a full meal in a long time…”

“Are they going to die inside?” Qin Kaiyi looked at the team that gradually approached danger and asked Yan Gu.

“Fifty-fifty toss up.” Yan Gu didn’t even care about the lives of these cultivators. He cared more about the treasure that Tang Shayun carried. 

“…” Qin Kaiyi frowned. Although these people had nothing to do with him, he still didn’t want to witness their death with his own eyes. After all, he remembered… the Sword Forest would bring cruel death. 

As expected, Qin Kaiyi soon witnessed the beginning of the killing.

The Sword Forest was composed of thousands of sharp swords hanging in the air. These swords were not ordinary ones, but famous swords that had beheaded countless monsters or cultivators. These swords had been gathered and imprisoned in a large array.  Once someone entered within this array, they would suffer these thousands of swords piercing their hearts. This grand scale could only be accomplished by Xue Xian.

“Under what kind of circumstances can the array be stopped?” Although Qin Kaiyi wasn’t thinking of saving those people, he asked casually… it was always good to be prepared.

“Why, you want to save them?” Yan Gu’s voice was cool.

“… You think too much.” Qin Kaiyi didn’t much appreciate Yan Gu’s attitude.

“Hahahaha… Your entire Xue family is this meddlesome, it’s really…” Yan Gu smiled, but spit out vicious words from his mouth: “nauseating to death.”

“Yeah.” Though Yan Gu said such words to him, Qin Kaiyi wasn’t angry. He stared expressionlessly at the team that had just entered the Sword Forest, his heart suddenly filling with disgust for this world.

Yan Gu was right.

In this world, no one could save anyone.

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