ASV Chapter 26: Rain and People

When the second rainfall arrived, Qin Kaiyi knew that the hidden treasure pavilion was about to open.

He sat in a dark, cold cave and transformed spiritual qi into demonic qi bit by bit. The secret method given to him by Yan Gu was very useful. So far he didn’t leak any demonic qi, but somehow Qin Kaiyi felt that Yan Gu’s tone of speech was a little guilty, as if he was hiding something. Despite Qin Kaiyi’s questioning, Yan Gu wouldn’t loosen his lips. Helpless, Qin Kaiyi had to let this matter go temporarily.

He had been away from Shen Feixiao for nearly five months. He found a decently hidden cave for himself and began to peacefully cultivate. The speed of righteous cultivation could not be compared with that of demonic cultivation. In only five months, Qin Kaiyi easily broke into the fasting period. Unlike righteous cultivators, for whom entering the fasting period seemed to almost trigger visions of the Heavenly Tribulations (T/N: trials that cultivators encounter at key points in their cultivation. Since cultivation goes against the heavens, the heavens will send down tribulations to oppress powerful cultivators. Cue lightning bolts striking at the cultivator, etc.), demonic cultivators could enter their fasting periods without fanfare. Qin Kaiyi started to wonder if he actually broke through. When he realized that he didn’t need to eat, he recognized that he really had.

The rain lasted a full month. Qin Kaiyi knew it would from the beginning, so he was not in a hurry. He wore a golden mask on his face and a gray robe on his body, looking at the endless rain outside the cave mouth with a clear heart–he had actually forcibly squeezed out a bit of that immortal daoist aura. 

Since entering the fasting period, Qin Kaiyi’s frame of mind changed quite a bit. Like sand filtered by a sieve, he would no longer be as irritable and confused as before, and he once again solidified his greatest objective in his heart–to go home. 

Five months were too short for a righteous cultivator. In the blink of an eye, time elapsed as quickly as running water. When Qin Kaiyi woke up to reality, he even had the illusion that he had just slept. However, the unique talisman  in the storage ring told him that he was really not dreaming–he was truly in the secret realm, and half a year had already passed. 

The food in the ring was almost all consumed, but Qin Kaiyi had reached the fasting stage and no longer needed that food. Although he didn’t need to eat, Qin Kaiyi somehow got addicted to alcohol. If he didn’t drink on any given day, he would find it hard to endure. He hadn’t brought much alcohol in the storage ring, so he quickly drank all of it. Qin Kaiyi’s formerly relaxed nerves finally tensed up—he had to leave the secret realm earlier. Days without drinking wine were really not meant for humans to bear.

But just when Qin Kaiyi made up his mind to leave the secret realm as soon as the exit opened,  as if unsatisfied with his laziness, that system sound that had disappeared for a while sounded again: [System Reminder: Please help Shen Feixiao leave the secret realm safely, to fail is to be obliterated, please help Shen Feixiao leave the secret realm, to fail is to be obliterated.】

Qin Kaiyi was stunned the moment he heard this voice. He thought he was having a hallucination. However, as if it knew what Qin Kaiyi was thinking, that disgusting reminder sounded again in his ears. [System Reminder: Please help Shen Feixiao safely leave the secret realm, to fail is to be obliterated. Please help Shen Feixiao leave the secret realm, to fail is to be obliterated. 】

“Fuck me.” Qin Kaiyi smiled bitterly, as if he had fallen from heaven to hell.

“It seems that it’s really impossible not to wade in those muddy waters,” Qin Kaiyi sighed deeply. He knew that the system would definitely not let him live happily…

“Yan Gu, are you there?” After calling out in his sea of knowledge, Qin Kaiyi saw an orange flame gradually gather in front of him.

“What’s the matter?” A lazy voice answered him. Yan Gu had been very low-key for the past five months, probably to save energy for their trip to the soon-to-be-opened Treasure Pavilion. He even spoke less to Qin Kaiyi. 

“Which door of the Treasure Pavilion is the treasure you want in?” There were eight doors in the Treasure Pavilion: open, rest, life, death, shock, injury, closed-door, and bright. Every door had within it a rare treasure. But of course, for Qin Kaiyi, if he was lucky enough, he would directly help Yan Gu find his thing and then go to watch Shen Feixiao.

“Injury.” Yan Gu answered Qin Kaiyi’s question, but soon he noticed something wrong about Qin Kaiyi’s discourse: “How do you know there are eight doors in the treasure trove?”

Qin Kaiyi didn’t answer Yan Gu’s question. He wasn’t in a good mood. How could he find the will to accompany this wraith who’d been locked up for thousands of years?

“Who are you after all? How do you know these things!!!” In stark contrast to Qin Kaiyi’s calmness, Yan Gu was like a cat whose tail had been stepped on; his voice was sharp and completely devoid of his usual unperturbed manner. 

“You are noisy.” Qin Kaiyi said coldly.

“… What is your relationship with Xue Xian?” Thinking that he seemed to have grasped some important clues, Yan Gu’s voice was hoarse: “Qin Shi, don’t ignore my words!!”

“What will happen if I ignore you?” Suddenly thinking of teasing Yan Gu, Qin Kaiyi raised his eyebrows.

“Do you really think I can’t move you?” That voice suddenly became cold. The flame originally only having the outline of a human instantly condensed into the appearance of an actual person. That person wore a fiery robe, but the expression on his face was as cold as ice and frost. Garishly beautiful bright red hair flew about though there was no wind, and red lotus patterns spread along his neck to his face.

Qin Kaiyi jumped with fright at Yan Gu’s sudden action, but when he calmed down, he was shocked to find that the person in front of him actually looked exactly like himself!

“Why do you look the same as me?” Qin Kaiyi asked, not daring to believe this development.

“He, I was originally only a flame, without my own appearance. Now that I’ve adopted your look, you can take that as a compliment.” Yan Gu sneered using the same face as Qin Kaiyi. He lifted up his right hand and snapped his fingers. That previously pitch-black sea of ​​knowledge instantly changed into an endless sea of ​​fire. Qin Kaiyi actually felt as if his soul had been burned by this imaginary sea of fire. 

“Only your shizu Xue Xian and thousand-year-old monsters could know about the hidden treasure pavilion in this secret realm. Boy, if I were you, I would frankly speak to suffer less pain.” Yan Gu changed his former scatterbrained disposition, unexpectedly using Qin Kaiyi’s originally gentle mien to forcibly make such a treacherous expression. 

“… Are you threatening me?” Qin Kaiyi narrowed his eyes and smiled: “You’ve actually guessed my identity.”

When Qin Kaiyi said this sentence, his heart was pounding. Although he knew that Yan Gu wasn’t to be trifled with, he didn’t expect that offending him this time would lead to this incident. But he wasn’t too worried because, from Yan Gu’s every move, he could basically see that Yan Gu and Xue Xian had a good relationship. So he might as well deceive him with that.

Yan Gu naturally didn’t know the scheming in Qin Kaiyi’s heart. His face changed instantly after he heard Qin Kaiyi’s words. After a long time, he tremblingly said, “Are you… a descendant of Xue Xian?”

Qin Kaiyi didn’t answer, he was creating space for Yan Gu’s imagination…

“I didn’t expect it.” That skyrocketing imposing manner subsided. Yan Gu shook his head and smiled bitterly: “I waited for him for tens of thousands of years, but didn’t expect that in the end he would never come. Now I have seen his descendant. It can count as a resolution to my worry… but since you are his descendant, why is your surname Qin? “

“Oh, this is a long story.” Qin Kaiyi hadn’t sketched out his lie beforehand. “In the past, I heard my mother say that our ancestor’s surname was Xue. This change of surname is just to avoid a disaster.”

“Is that so?” Yan Gu’s eyes dimmed, but then immediately his tone changed: “That’s not right, if circumstances are like this then how can you know about the hidden treasure pavilion. Xue Xian would never pass this information on to future generations. Where did you find this out? “

At this moment, Qin Kaiyi really wanted to answer: this book was written by Laozi, how do you think Laozi knows?? Of course, the bit of remaining reason he had left made him resist the impulse to roar. He took a deep breath and was planning to keep bullshitting Yan Gu, when he heard a loud noise.

The earth-shakingly loud noise seemed to come from underground, and it made Qin Kaiyi’s ears somewhat numb from its vibrations. He cast his eyes outside the cave and saw a circular building break out of the ground. Its appearance was like that of a suddenly awakened giant creature, making people have no choice but to quake. 

Qin Kaiyi admired the sight for a while and then his face went white. He stuttered: “Hey, I, I say Yan Gu, you, you, do you remember where the cave Shen Feixiao is living in is?”

“It’s just ahead.” Yan Gu was bemused.

“… Hehe.” Qin Kaiyi uttered an awkward laugh softly: “The cave has been leveled, would the person inside still be alive?”

“Well, the answer to this question is obvious.” With a face modeled exactly after Qin Kaiyi’s, Yan Gu revealed a brilliant smile suited for a Virgin Mary. He said softly: “He must die.”

“…” Hearing this, Qin Kaiyi’s expression became even uglier. Fine, now he could only send hope to the beautiful protagonist halo on Shen Feixiao’s head… Hey, by the way, Qin Kai suddenly remembered something and let out a sigh of relief. Shen Feixiao was definitely okay, because if Shen Feixiao really had an accident… then the first one to be killed was himself.

Since there was no sound from that obstructive system, it meant that Shen Feixiao should be fine… right?

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