ASV Chapter 16: Beginning of Entry

After hearing Qin Kaiyi’s explanation, Liu Ling’er’s expression finally improved a bit. She glanced at Qin Kaiyi and hesitantly said, “But shixiong, why did you choose Shen Feixiao? Did he offend you?”

“Do you still have to intercede for someone who stole your bird?” Qin Kaiyi pretended to be indifferent: “Such disciples at the Lingshan Sect are a waste of resources. I really don’t know why you chose him to enter the sect.”

“Shixiong…” Liu Ling’er whispered: “But he’s still a child, can’t you… change the person?”

He didn’t expect that Liu Ling’er would actually plead for Shen Feixiao. Qin Kaiyi was a little surprised, but on second thought he was actually relieved. This was normal for Liu Ling’er, as a future member of Shen Feixiao’s harem. 

“Then would you give me a list of names?” Qin Kaiyi looked at Liu Ling’er with a smile.

“This…” Liu Ling’er hesitated.

Qin Kaiyi was actually quite annoyed by Liu Ling’er. Who didn’t have a heart of flesh? No matter who was sent to die, someone would be sad. When entry seemed beneficial, she seemed dissatisfied. As soon as she thought her advantages to be infringed upon, she could immediately change her attitude.

“You leave first.” Qin Kaiyi’s attitude was lukewarm: “I still need to prepare some things.”

“Shixiong…” Perceiving the change in Qin Kaiyi’s attitude, Liu Ling’er wanted to say something, but was interrupted by Qin Kaiyi.

“Let’s slowly talk it out when I come back?” Qin Kaiyi looked at Liu Ling’er coolly, and made it clear that he wanted to send his guest back.

“… Okay.” Guessing that her words and actions had caused her shixiong to be unhappy, Liu Ling’er had to concede. In fact, she also felt a bit guilty about her previous lack of trust for him. Usually she would act cute and beg for Qin Kaiyi’s forgiveness, but seeing Qin Kaiyi’s current indifferent expression, words that ordinarily flowed smoothly couldn’t seem to come out.

Seeing Liu Ling’er walk away reluctantly, Qin Kaiyi faintly sighed. He decided not to care too much and prioritized the matter of entering the secret realm.

Three days after the list of names was set, it was the time to enter the secret realm.

Qin Kaiyi put on the storage ring given to him by Zi Yangpei and the jade bracelet given to him by Qing Xuzi, and followed the leading shixiong to the gate of the forbidden area. Many people had already gathered there, including Qing Xuzi.

Qin Kaiyi looked away from the crowd, and unexpectedly saw a silent Shen Feixiao in a corner. Qin Kaiyi thought about it but didn’t go over to greet him in the end. After all, his relationship with Shen Feixiao was really too awkward. Shen Feixiao probably cursed him in his heart.

Qing Xuzi saw that most people had already arrived, so he began to speak: “Lingshan Sect’s disciples, let me introduce the three people beside me: one is of the Lingshan Sect, the other of the Ice and Fire Sect, and the last of the Chi Lei Pavilion. They will lead you as three teams. I have nothing further to say. The only thing I want to tell you is that you must prioritize human lives.”

At this, Qin Kaiyi turned his attention to the three people standing next to Qing Xuzi. One of the white-bearded elders was someone he had seen before and was undoubtedly an elder of the Lingshan Sect. As for the other two, a young man and a young woman, Qin Kaiyi couldn’t tell who belonged to which sect.

The man’s appearance was not excellent, but he had an elegant temperament which attracted people’s gazes. He stood next to Qing Xuzi with a smile, showing no emotion.

The woman wearing a glamorous red dress next to the man did not seem to have the same good manners. She had thick makeup on her face and the long red dress on her body exuded a strong flirtatious charm. Upon hearing Qing Xuzi’s words, she let slip a mocking expression. That was right, perhaps in these people’s eyes, comparing human lives and magic weapons wasn’t even worth mentioning. 

Qin Kaiyi thought he should be in the same team as his sect elder, but he did not expect to be assigned to the elegant man’s team instead.

Qing Xuzi seemed to understand Qin Kaiyi’s surprise. He reached out and patted Qin Kaiyi’s shoulder, and said to the man: “Bu Xuan, my apprentice will be given to you, don’t give this old man any unwelcome excitement ah.” 

“Of course.” Yan Buxuan smilingly said: “Even if I lose my life, I will protect your precious darling.” (T/N: 心肝宝贝儿的, usually refers to one’s child). 

Qingxuzi laughed when he heard these words, and Qin Kaiyi was a little embarrassed. He began to wonder what relationship this person named Yan Buxuan and Qing Xuzi had.

“This is your shifu’s good friend of many years. He serves as an elder in the Ice and Fire Sect.” Seeing the doubt in Qin Kaiyi’s eyes, Qing Xuzi explained with a smile: “Don’t look at him as a young man, he’s also an old monster who has lived several hundred years.”

Yan Buxuan seemed to have a really good relationship with Qing Xuzi. He didn’t care about Qing Xuzi’s ridicule, and nodded with a smile.

“Senior.” Qin Kaiyi cupped his hands in salute: “Thank you for your care.”

“Huh.” Yan Buxuan looked Qin Kaiyi up and down then said: “That Qing Xuzi can have a disciple like you, count it as his blessing.”

“How could that be,” Qin Kaiyi politely said.

“Qin’er, after you enter the secret realm, follow your senior Yan. Don’t be greedy. Will you remember?” Qing Xuzi urged.

“I understand, shifu.” Qin Kaiyi nodded.

Qing Xuzi wanted to say something, but was interrupted by a shrilly scolding shout. He frowned and saw that the female elder of Chi Lei Pavilion was pointing at someone and screaming. Qin Kaiyi also heard this and looked over. He was shocked to find that the disciple being yelled at was actually Shen Feixiao.

“Huh, your Lingshan Sect really dares to send any kind of garbage inside.” These vicious words actually came out from such beautifully-shaped thin lips. This Chi Lei Pavilion elder clearly didn’t want to give Qing Xuzi any face (T/N: basically doesn’t care about embarrassing him): “You dare to shove a disciple who hasn’t even reached Qi Refining period into my ranks? Do you take me for someone who picks up garbage? Well, that’s right, the lives of your Lingshan Sect disciples aren’t worth much anyway, it’s fine if a few die.”

Qing Xuzi’s expression darkened when he heard this. He didn’t care about Shen Feixiao’s situation, but he cared about the reputation of the Lingshan Sect. Looking at the female cultivator who seemed as if she even wanted to step on heads to climb up, even a man made of clay would feel anger. Sneering, Qing Xuzi said brightly: “Aiyah, Young Lady Yan Yi, I’m really sorry.”

“Hmph, where are you sorry?” Hearing Qing Xuzi, Yan Yi thought she had the upper hand.

“Why did I think a young woman could protect my disciples, alas, blame my silliness on my age. Let’s move the Lingshan Sect disciples you have over to Elder Yan to take care of so I can rest assured.” Qing Xuzi did not back down, his words causing Yan Yi’s face to turn red and then white.

“All right, I’m not interested in helping you look after this group of weak chickens.” Yan Yi gritted her teeth.

“The disciples of Chi Lei Pavilion in Elder Yan’s team should be left to the care of Lady Yan Yi.” Qing Xuzi could not be so easily fooled. He smiled like a zen Buddha statue. In fact, agreeing to the demands of Chi Lei Pavilion and the Ice and Fire Sect was something he had no choice in. Now, Chi Lei Pavilion actually sent such a stupid woman over–don’t blame him for shedding any pretense of cordiality.

“You!” Unexpectedly, Qing Xuzi would do something like this. Yan Yi was dumbfounded for a while, but she soon reacted. This development didn’t seem too bad. Each would go his own way. Isn’t that good?

But from this kind of thinking one could see how shallow Yan Yi’s understanding was. First of all, the entrance to the secret realm was through the forbidden grounds of the Lingshan Sect. Of course Lingshan Sect disciples would better understand the ways of these forbidden grounds. Qing Xuzi originally wanted to have the Lingshan Sect disciples together in one team, but Chi Lei Pavilion demanded otherwise so he was forced to form mixed teams. Now that Yan Yi had caused trouble, she clearly gave him an opportunity to allocate in closer accordance with his wishes.

Qin Kaiyi watched as Shen Feixiao and a few other disciples of the Lingshan Sect walked over to Yan Buxuan’s team. Yan Yi had pointed at Shen Feixiao’s nose and scolded him, so his mood was obviously not very good. His expression was somber and a bit frightening. Seeing Qin Kaiyi staring at him, he gave him a fierce look back, and that fierce look made Qin Kaiyi quake… Great, now Shen Feixiao hated him to the bone. Good job, continue to work hard! But seeing the son he carefully raised not acknowledging him, that kind of dimly sorrowful emotion, what kind of disturbing thing was that, *crying noises*…

Qing Xuzi naturally didn’t know about Qin Kaiyi’s sad inner world. He watched the teams finally get arranged and said to Yan Buxuan: “Have a pleasant journey.”

“Of course.” Yan Buxuan showed a gentle smile, and began to lead his team into the forbidden ground.

Qin Kaiyi followed Yan Buxuan, still thinking of Shen Feixiao and his own problems. He knew that they would encounter an important plot development after entering the forbidden area. The team would become fragmented, and the opening of the secret realm would also mysteriously close. A year later, this channel would open again. During this year, he would have no choice but to steadfastly struggle for survival in the wild… he would not only guard against fierce spirit beasts, but also protect himself from the cultivators who would kill people and steal treasure.

But that all didn’t matter. Qin Kaiyi forced himself to be optimistic. The forbidden area was a  much better environment for him to demonically cultivate, and he did not have to worry about being discovered. Since the secret realm was so vast, and he himself had no desire to seek out treasures, as long as he found a corner to hide in all would be well. 

Thinking thusly, Qin Kaiyi relaxed a bit. But for some reason, he couldn’t shake off the sight of Shen Feixiao’s savage glare from his mind… it was like a wild animal’s–one moment of inattention and he could be torn to pieces.

“Shen Feixiao, you can’t just kill me off like that… if I die, how will your radiant image be supported?” Qin Kaiyi murmured to himself, always feeling that he would suffer a great loss due to Shen Feixiao… well, as the final boss, he would not be killed that easily!


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