ASV Chapter 13: The Selection

Qing Xuzi’s expression as he stood on the high platform of the mountain gate was very grave. There were several elders of the Lingshan Sect standing around him. The solemn atmosphere quickly calmed the noisy crowd.

Seeing that the disciples no longer spoke, Qing Xuzi opened his mouth lightly. His voice was enhanced by a spell so that everyone present could hear clearly: “Disciples of the Lingshan Sect, we have now reached a juncture that determines Lingshan Sect’s survival or annihilation.”

This opening statement caused an uproar. All the disciples of the Lingshan Sect present began to whisper to discuss what could have happened. Liu Ling’er’s expression was also very ugly. She looked at Qing Xuzi with hesitation, asking Qin Kaiyi in a small voice: “Shixiong, is it so serious?”

“It should be.” Qin Kaiyi said lightly: “Master would not joke about this kind of thing.”

“Quiet!” Qing Xuzi said in a deep voice: “This matter is of great importance. I hope that all the disciples of the Lingshan Sect will focus on clearly understanding what I want to say next.”

As soon as this remark rang out, the noise around the mountain gate dissipated. The disciples in the sect all looked at Qing Xuzi with worry and curiosity.

“Our Lingshan Sect has a sky secret realm.” When he said this, Qing Xuzi’s mood was very complicated. He naturally knew that the sky secret realm was a great temptation for any cultivator. If this matter were to be handled well, Lingshan Sect would definitely have a chance to place among the top-ranked sects.

However, if one were not careful, this sky secret realm could destroy the Lingshan Sect. This was not unprecedented. Several hundred years ago, this happened with the Chongyang Sect in trying to obtain the Royal Bell. The higher ups of the sect were too greedy in the face of such treasure. They actually agreed to let all the disciples in the sect enter, resulting in heavy casualties. This finally led to the Chongyang Sect’s inability to protect the Royal Bell, and to the disastrous loss of both life and property.

Although Qing Xuzi rarely took care of the day-to-day affairs of the sect, he was not muddleheaded. He understood quite clearly that the Lingshan School could not hog this secret realm by itself. 

Thinking of this, the expression on these Qing Xuzi’s face became even more solemn. He said to the disciples standing under the platform: “I have discussed with several elders. In the near future we will choose disciples who may enter the secret realm. I hope that at the Lingshan Sect, in times of danger, disciples will help each other rather than harm others for their own benefit. I, Qing Xuzi, hereby set the rules: if I find that a disciple has killed another for treasure, their cultivation will be abolished, and their soul pulled out to be placed into a formation and never released. “

As soon as Qing Xuzi’s firm voice reached the ears of those below, it caused a commotion. Although the Lingshan Sect already had a rule to prevent killing and stealing treasure, the most severe means of punishment was to kill the perpetrator. Now even the soul would be punished. The fierce nature of this punishment did not suit Qing Xuzi’s kind, monk-like image.

Of course, compared with the news of this vicious punishment, the most striking development was still the appearance of the sky secret realm. Everyone knew that there were countless rare treasures in the sky secret realm. Although the spirit beasts inside were also abnormally ferocious, the thought of getting precious magic weapons or elixirs mitigated concerns about danger. After all, everyone counted on getting that stroke of luck. What if you had good luck, what if you really managed to obtain the treasure, what if…

“There is one more rule.” The amplification spell allowed Qing Xuzi’s voice to transmit clearly even among the whispers of the crowd: “Except for the selected disciples, no one else can enter the secret realm. I have now sent someone to guard the entrance to the sky secret realm. If someone attempts to enter by force, they will be killed on the spot. “

Qin Kaiyi didn’t feel very surprised when he heard Qing Xuzi’s words. Hey how could he be, these words were written by him!!

But the people next to him were not as calm as Qin Kaiyi. Liu Ling’er frowned and said, “Shixiong, why did shifu do this? Isn’t it that the more people that enter the sky secret realm, the greater the chance of getting a magic weapon? Why does shifu have to restrict us from going in?”

Hearing Liu Ling’er, Qin Kaiyi naturally knew that this was how most people would think. Those who had not entered the sky secret realm of course did not know how scary the spirit beasts in the secret realm were. He smiled and said, “Ling’er, do you want to go in too?”

“Of course.” Liu Ling’er answered as if it was obvious: “I have heard how many good things are in the sky secret realm, and I don’t know when the secret realm will appear again. This time it appeared in the Lingshan Sect. Why shouldn’t I enter?”

“Ling’er.” Qin Kaiyi looked helplessly at his little shimei who lacked self-awareness: “Do you know where the entrance to the secret realm is?”

“Where?” Liu Ling’er looked at Qin Kaiyi curiously.

“In the forbidden grounds.” Qin Kaiyi knew that the trip to the secret realm of the Lingshan Sect would not be easy, and he did not have interest in participating in this mess. Although he was a disciple of Qing Xuzi, Qin Shi did not enter the secret realm in the novel.

“Ah?” Liu Ling’er was dumbfounded when she heard this. She said doubtfully: “Shixiong, you’re not tricking me are you?”

“What use is there in tricking you?” Qin Kaiyi said: “I’m not going to go on this tour of the forbidden grounds. Ling’er, I know you are curious about what is in the forbidden grounds, but don’t forget, you are still in the Qi Refining stage. If you really went in, I’m afraid you would encounter disaster.” 

“…” Liu Ling’er was arrogant and capricious, but she was not stupid. She listened to Qin Kaiyi’s persuasion and rolled her eyes: “Shixiong, are you telling the truth when you say you won’t enter?”

“Of course.” Qin Kaiyi didn’t lie. He had already made up his mind when he got the storage ring from Zi Yangpei. It was too dangerous to enter the secret realm. He didn’t have Shen Feixiao’s sable or that “Mountain Cloud Notes” golden finger. More importantly, he did not have Shen Feixiao’s protagonist halo. Qin Kaiyi had self-awareness, which was probably his best quality.

“In that case, if a magic weapon really appears in the secret realm, wouldn’t shixiong feel like he missed out?” Although Liu Ling’er had a good relationship with Qin Kaiyi, she had her own thoughts. She did not believe that her shixiong would really give up the opportunity to enter the secret realm. 

If he really were Qin Shi, then the words he had just said may really have been just to get rid of Liu Ling’er. However, Qin Shi was now Qin Kaiyi, and the words he said were definitely true, so Qin Kaiyi just sighed: “Ling’er, magic weapons are great, but you have to use your life to obtain them. Remember that last time because of you, I mistakenly entered the forbidden grounds and nearly lost my life? I can’t even enter the forbidden grounds. Where do I have the power to get a magic weapon? “

“That’s true…” Seemingly placated by Qin Kaiyi’s logic, Liu Ling’er’s eyes dimmed. After a while she said: “Shixiong, who do you think will enter the secret realm?”

“Probably some elders and those shixiong and shijie who are already cultivating by themselves,” Qin Kaiyi said. The Lingshan Sect was different from other sects. When the disciples reached the Foundation Building period, they would leave their shifus and practice by themselves. Of course, self-cultivation did not mean that they would have nothing to do with the Lingshan Sect. It could mean opening up one’s own dongfu, or traveling the world to establish one’s character and mind. 

The status of such disciples was generally very high, and they would return to the Lingshan Sect only in critical moments.

“Oh.” Liu Ling’er finally succumbed, and she pouted: “Alas, it’s a pity, I wanted to go in with my shixiong.”

“It’s okay, there will be chances in the future.” Qin Kaiyi had no choice but to settle her down. He had more important matters to consider, such as how he could stuff Shen Feixiao into the forbidden grounds. In the novel, Qin Shi whipped up a small trick. He let Shen Feixiao replace another disciple. On the surface, it seemed as if Qin Shi did this because he and Shen Feixiao had a good relationship. Only Qin Shi and Shen Feixiao understood that Qin Shi could only do such a thing because he hated Shen Feixiao.

Qin Kaiyi swept his eyes towards the crowd and saw Shen Feixiao standing in the midst of it, still sporting a thin and weak appearance. The expressionless teenager looked silently at the Qing Xuzi who had just finished his announcement on the mountain gate platform. Qin Kaiyi didn’t know what he was thinking.

After staring for a while, Qin Kaiyi made up his mind. He wanted Shen Feixiao to enter the forbidden area. If Shen Feixiao missed this opportunity to test his capabilities because of Qin Kaiyi’s own selfishness, even Qin Kaiyi wouldn’t be able to accept it. Of course, he wasn’t alone in his thoughts. Just after he settled into his determination, he heard the sound of that fraudulent system: [System Reminder: Please send Shen Feixiao into the forbidden land, otherwise 15% return value will be deducted. Please send Shen Feixiao into the forbidden land, otherwise 15% return value will be deducted.] I know. Internally rolling his eyes, Qin Kaiyi had outlined a plan in his heart. He decided to follow the original book and let Shen Feixiao replace someone to enter!

“Qin’er,1 come to my room alone.” Qin Kaiyi startled at hearing this secret sound transmission, and he turned to look at Qing Xuzi who was still standing on the high platform at the mountain gate. He answered his Qing Xuzi’s order in the same manner: “Yes, shifu.”

Qing Xuzi valued Qin Kaiyi, who was a disciple with dual fire and earth spiritual roots. He used to be worried about Qin Shi’s impetuous temper. However, ever since Qin Shi injured himself in the forbidden area, his character seemed to have greatly changed. He was no longer so high-and-mighty. This allowed Qing Xu Zi to finally let go of his worries and believe that his head disciple had finally been enlightened, profiting from his recent disaster by learning to cultivate his own heart. 

Now the Lingshan Sect suddenly had to contend with this sky secret realm matter. Qing Xuzi had been thinking about whether to let Qin Shi enter along with the elders. Considering that entry was such a good opportunity for cultivation, after thinking for a long time, Qing Xuzi decided to talk to Qin Kaiyi to see what he thought.

Because he was hesitating over this decision, Qing Xuzi decided to secretly speak with Qin Kaiyi. 



  1.  Appending “er” to someone’s name adds affection and familiarity.

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