A Smile from the Villain (ASV)

Table of Contents

Chapter 8: Out of Control Plot
Chapter 9: Demonic Cultivation
Chapter 10: Demonic Cultivation
Chapter 11: The Protagonist's Halo Shines Everywhere
Chapter 12: Secret Realm 
Chapter 13: The Selection
Chapter 14: To Be Chosen
Chapter 15: Wandering
Chapter 16: Beginning of Entry
Chapter 17: Greetings, Supporting Role
Chapter 18: The Protagonist's Mood
Chapter 19: Elder Brother in the Mask
Chapter 20: Meeting by Chance
Chapter 21: Contemplation
Chapter 22: Eat
Chapter 23: The Rain Stops
Chapter 24: Beautiful Misunderstanding
Chapter 25: Mistake
Chapter 26: Rain and People
Chapter 27: Rain-Soaked Bell
Chapter 28: The Transmigrator Arbitrarily Entered
Chapter 29: Banding Together
Chapter 30: Magic Mirror
Chapter 31: The Sword Forest Changes
Chapter 33: Split Personality Disorder is an Illness That Should be Treated
Chapter 34: Shattered Glass Heart
Chapter 35: Yan Gu's Umbrella
Chapter 36: Leaving
Chapter 37: Intractable Problem
Chapter 38: Throttle to Death
Chapter 39: The Plot Suddenly Arrives
Chapter 40: Let Loose a Breath
Chapter 41
Chapter 42
Chapter 43: Wet Night
Chapter 44: The Environment
Chapter 45: The Cost of Imagination
Chapter 46: Going Forward
Chapter 47: Rip Apart
Chapter 48: Shen Feixiao
Chapter 49: Parting
Chapter 50: Return
Chapter 51
Chapter 52
Chapter 53
Chapter 54
Chapter 55
Chapter 56
Chapter 57
Chapter 58
Chapter 59
Chapter 60
Chapter 61
Chapter 62
Chapter 63
Chapter 64: True or False
Chapter 65: Wei He
Chapter 66: A Demonically Charming Smile
Chapter 67: Ruthless and Tyrannical
Chapter 68: Yan Gu
Chapter 69: Entering the Formation
Chapter 70: Rainstorm
Chapter 71: Chaos
Chapter 72: Heartless
Chapter 73: Thick Nerves

Rebirth: Degenerate S*ave Abuses Tyrant (R:DSAT)

Table of Contents

Chapter 138: Older Brother Will Protect You for a Lifetime
Chapter 139: The Western Mountain Hunting Grounds
Chapter 140: Appease
Chapter 141: Coming Back to Life is Still Useless? 
Chapter 142: Paying With One's Life
Chapter 143: Your Humble Servant of a Son Without Fortune
Chapter 144: The Xu Clan's Demise
Chapter 145: Fighting Till the Last Gasp
Chapter 146: Her Name is Xu Rou
Chapter 147: The Most Unfortunate Thing in the World
Chapter 148: Brotherly Talk in the Night
Chapter 149: The Arteries are Already Injured
Chapter 150: Long Yu Requests an Imperial Decree
Chapter 151: The Crown Prince's Truth
Chapter 152: You Don't Understand Me
Chapter 153: Enemies Also Greet Each Other Joyfully
Chapter 154: Meat Bun
Chapter 155: Criminal Slave
Chapter 156: A-Chou
Chapter 157: A-Chou's Death
Chapter 158: Long Xuan Visits a Patient
Chapter 159: Human Life is Determined by the Heavens
Chapter 160: Leaving the Capital
Chapter 161: Awakening
Chapter 162: Young Master, Who is A-Chou?
Chapter 163: Thank You
Chapter 164: The Official's Concealment
Chapter 165: Is the Young Master Good to You?
Chapter 166: The Night of Lunar New Year's Eve
Chapter 167: The Lady of the Fu Family
Chapter 168: No Place to Escape
Chapter 169: Villa Master Luo's Congratulatory Gift
Chapter 170: Words of Love
Chapter 171: Patricide
Chapter 172: Civil Strife in Northern Yan

3 thoughts on “Projects

  1. Hello. So happy to know that you picked this novel. I was frustrated to learn that it was dropped by the previous translator but now, I am so delighted after seeing the novelupdates page saying that it was updated! Thank you so much for your efforts translator san. Love lots.

    Liked by 1 person

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