ASV Chapter 9: Demonic Cultivation

“Who is calling you?” Zi Yangpei asked, raising his eyebrows when he heard the voice outside the dongfu (T/N: the abode of a cultivator that’s usually rich in spiritual energy, in a cave, and high up on a mountain).

“… My shimei,” Qin Kaiyi said helplessly. “I will send her away immediately.”

After hearing this, Zi Yangpei said nothing, but just gave Qin Kaiyi a rather meaningful look.

“Ling’er, what’s the matter?” Qin Kaiyi ignored Zi Yangpei’s complicated gaze and asked towards the outside of the cave.

“Shixiong, what happened to my bird?” Liu Ling’er said coquettishly: “You promised that a certain someone would give a certain someone else an explanation.”

… Qin Kaiyi wanted to say that every time Liu Ling’er said the words “my bird” he felt a subtle ball ache. Sister, did you know that bird actually has other meanings? (T/N: the word for bird is also used for penis in Chinese).

“You go back first.” Qin Kaiyi coughed and decided to rush Liu Ling’er away: “On my end I still have some urgent matters.”

“Urgent matters? What matters?” Liu Ling’er apparently didn’t believe Qin Kaiyi’s remarks. She doubtfully said: “Brother, you aren’t trying to shield Shen Feixiao?”

Aiyo, my boss lady, can you stop causing trouble here? With unspeakable bitterness in his heart, Qin Kaiyi tried to coax Liu Ling’er again: “Are you actually questioning your shixiong’s character? If I promise you something, I will do it…”

“I don’t believe it. Shixiong, let me in first.” Liu Linger made it clear that if Qin Kaiyi didn’t give her an explanation, she really didn’t plan to leave.

Hearing Liu Ling’er’s words, Qin Kaiyi’s forehead instantly overflowed with cold sweat. He carefully looked at the expressionless Zi Yangpei, and still thought to try his best to prevent Liu Ling’er from entering.

“Let her come in.” Facing Qin Kaiyi and suddenly speaking, Zi Yangpei’s eyes flashed with a hint of interest.

“… This,” Qin Kaiyi hesitated.

“If I say it, you must do it. Don’t let me say it a second time.” Although he had switched to an ordinary face, Zi Yangpei’s imposing manner was not affected at all. He looked at Qin Kaiyi coldly: “Do you understand?”

“Yes.” He had no other choice but to agree, Qin Kaiyi thought. But he didn’t dare to hesitate: “Ling’er, come in first.” He then opened the barrier on his dongfu.

“Shixiong.” As soon as she entered the cave, Liu Ling’er rushed towards Qin Kaiyi. As she rushed over, she noticed that a stranger stood next to Qin Kaiyi. “Who is this person?”

“He… is a newly accepted shidi.” Qin Kaiyi glanced at Zi Yangpei, and was relieved to see that he was not opposed to this fabrication. “You stop fooling around, I said I would give you an explanation and I will give you one. “

“Huh, I think shixiong is biased.” Liu Ling’er glanced at Zi Yangpei and then immediately turned away. An ordinary-looking disciple couldn’t evoke the slightest bit of interest in her. “You just want to protect Shen Feixiao. Do you think I can’t see it? “

“What are you blathering about?” Qin Kaiyi now itched to strike Liu Ling’er so that she could faint, and then directly throw her out. F*ck your sister,1 in this kind of situation, he still has to get caught up in such trivial problems.

“Shixiong, what’s the matter?” The old monster by his side obviously thought differently from him. Zi Yangpei became a bit curious after hearing Liu Ling’er’s coquettish performance.

“… Nothing.” Qin Kaiyi squeezed out a few words from behind clenched teeth, not in the mood to satisfy Zi Yangpei’s curiosity.

“What nothing?” Hearing Qin Kaiyi saying this, Liu Ling’er decided to quit cooperating. “Shixiong, how can you say that? You clearly agreed to teach Shen Feixiao a lesson, why is it now nothing?” 

Qin Kaiyi heard these words and even felt the urge to cover his face and weep bitterly. Couldn’t this cute shimei pick the right timing to accost him? “Oh.” Zi Yangpei’s eyes rolled and he suddenly said: “Shimei, tell your brother to catch a sable to compensate you.”

This Zi Yangpei really was cunning, and actually flipped the topic to the sable he wanted to find. Qin Kaiyi ground his teeth in secret. Though it was difficult to reply, he was not afraid. Besides Shen Feixiao and Qin Kaiyi, no one else knew that the sable had been given to Shen Feixiao.

“Sable?” Unexpectedly, Zi Yangpei suddenly switched to this topic, so Liu Ling’er glanced at him: “What do you mean?”

“Shen Feixiao caught shimei’s bird, so let shixiong use a sable to compensate for this,” Zi Yangpei said while smiling. He had grasped the general situation from the conversation between Qin Kaiyi and Liu Ling’er just now. He decided to use Liu Ling’er’s interrogation to see whether Qin Kaiyi lied. If Qin Kaiyi lied to him from the beginning…

“Huh, your shixiong is stingy.” Obviously remembering when she had asked for the sable some time ago, Liu Ling’er’s dissatisfaction worsened: “I asked you for the sable and you wouldn’t give it. Where did the sable you caught go? If you compensate me with one now, I won’t pursue the matter of Shen Feixiao eating my bird. ”

“It ran away,” Qin Kaiyi said with a cold face.

“Humph.” Liu Ling’er snorted and didn’t speak anymore. Her appearance clearly conveyed to Qin Kaiyi that she was quite angry.

If she was angry then let her be angry.  At this moment Qin Kaiyi couldn’t spare any attention to comfort her. The situation had already developed to this point, and Qin Kaiyi was having a hard time guessing what Zi Yangpei actually wanted to accomplish. If Zi Yangpei was just here for the sable, why would he let Liu Ling’er come in?

So Qin Kaiyi had to look down and lower his head, and appeared to be too lazy to talk anymore. Zi Yangpei also didn’t speak. Instead, he sized up Qin Kaiyi with a gaze that aroused fear in the heart, leaving Liu Ling’er stewing alone for a long time.

The oppressive atmosphere lasted for a while. Qin Kaiyi sighed and said: “Ling’er, don’t cause trouble without reason here. Can we resolve this if I catch a sable and give it to you in a few days?”

“Really?” Liu Ling’er felt a little better after hearing this. In fact, today’s quarrel with Qin Kaiyi is also the result of long-term accumulation. Who asked the shixiong who used to spoil her to treat her with such cold indifference?

“Really.” Qin Kaiyi was completely helpless. He glanced to the side to see Zi Yangpei still standing and looking at him, and said,”You go first, your shidi and I have other matters to discuss.”

“That’s fine. Shixiong, don’t forget what you promised me.” Finally receiving a satisfactory answer, Liu Ling’er left appeased.

“Oh, you just let your sister go like that?” Ziyang Pei said coolly when he saw Liu Ling’er had gone.

“… She doesn’t know anything,” Qin Kaiyi whispered.

“Hehe.” Zi Yangpei lowly chuckled and looked at Qin Kaiyi thoughtfully: “You aren’t in pain right now?”

“What?” Qin Kaiyi didn’t understand Zi Yangpei for a moment.

“I mean, doesn’t your stomach hurt now?” Repeating himself with a seemingly good temper, Zi Yangpei stared at Qin Kaiyi’s waist and abdomen as if he thought if he stared long enough a flower would bloom from there.

“… No pain.” Qin Kaiyi looked at Zi Yangpei, baffled: “What do you mean?”

“Strange,” Zi Yangpei said, and then directly reached out a hand to cover Qin Kaiyi’s waist.

“What are you doing?” Frightened by Zi Yangpei’s movement, Qin Kaiyi furrowed his brows and tried to avoid Zi Yangpei’s hand.

“Don’t move.” His other hand restraining Qin Kaiyi’s movements, Zi Yangpei showed a strange expression: “I just activated the poisonous insect, and you didn’t react at all… that’s very interesting.”

“…” Qin Kaiyi’s complexion turned ugly. What did this Zi Yangpei want to do?

“Huh?” The hand groping around Qin Kaiyi’s waist suddenly stopped, Zi Yangpei seemed to have a huge finding and so let out a “huh.”

“Brother Ziyang, what do you mean by this …” the outer tips of Qin Kaiyi’s brows jumped.

“Hahahahaha~!!” Suddenly bursting into laughter, Zi Yangpei finally loosened the hand restraining Qin Kaiyi, and his face was full of ridicule: “Who would have thought, who would have thought, such a talented disciple under Qing Xuzi was actually born with a demonic body. Hehe, kid, if your body’s nature is discovered by your master, I really want to see what ghastly expression he’d make.”

… What? Born with a demonic body??? Qin Kaiyi’s expression was thunderstruck.

“You don’t know what that means?” Zi Yangpei thought Qin Kaiyi didn’t understand the meaning of “born with a demonic body,” and kindly explained: “To be born with a demonic body means that if you practice demonic cultivation, you not only don’t have to worry about qi deviation, your cultivation speed will be several times that of what it would be with normal cultivation. But if you continue to cultivate normally into the late stages, with this naturally demonic body you would suffer great suppression. “

In fact, without Zi Yangpei’s explanation, Qin Kaiyi already knew what it meant to have a natural demonic body. That is, would he not be clear about the novel he wrote himself?? One of Shen Feixiao’s many wives has this physique. As long as he had such a physique, he could cross a thousand miles of progress in a single day, and there was no need to worry about qi deviation! This was almost on par with a protagonist’s golden finger! Could Qin Kaiyi believe that he himself was the protagonist? How is that possible!! Qin Kaiyi’s expression became extremely dark; he clearly remembered that the natural demonic body also had another great use… those with natural demonic bodies were the best supplements for demonic cultivators.

“How about it, kid.” Zi Yangpei looked towards Qin Kaiyi’s eyes with some additional meaning: “Do you want to stop following Qing Xuzi and follow me? I promise you will do better than you are now.”

“Haha,” Qin Kaiyi laughed drily, but he didn’t dare to refuse directly: “I appreciate the kindness in Senior’s intentions… But my shifu’s kindness and nurturing, I simply cannot repay…”

“Oh? Then you mean that you want to refuse me?” Zi Yangpei smiled very gently.

“… Hehe.” Qin Kaiyi smiled and almost wanted to cry… You said that Qin Shi, this guy who only has had the gift of dual fire and earth spiritual roots for a long time, just had to also have a natural demonic body. Furthermore, keeping this natural demonic body a secret would be fine, but his secret was discovered by an old monster like Zi Yangpei of all people. Isn’t this equivalent to delivering fragrant fatty meat to the corner of someone’s mouth? If that someone doesn’t bite down hard, could Zi Yangpei still be called Zi Yangpei??



  1. Casual Chinese curse. There’s also “your mother,” “your grandfather,” etc.


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