ASV Chapter 11: The Protagonist’s Halo Shines Everywhere

“Oh,” Shen Feixiao responded simply. He then stopped talking, leaving Qin Kaiyi and Zi Yangpei to watch on helplessly.

Qin Kaiyi’s heart was beating like a drum at this moment. When he saw Shen Feixiao, he was worried that Zi Yangpei would sense that Shen Feixiao had the sable. Now that he saw that Zi Yangpei didn’t have much of a reaction to Shen Feixiao, his anxiety left him. He surmised that “Mountain Cloud Notes”1 played a role in hiding the spiritual energy left by Zi Yangpei.

Since Shen Feixiao was not exposed, Qin Kaiyi was relieved. However, before he could relax, he remembered the system prompt just now. Since Zi Yangpei was not interested in Shen Feixiao, then what did it mean to keep Shen Feixiao from falling under Zi Yangpei’s control?

“Is this your shidi?” Zi Yangpei noticed the subtle atmosphere betwen Shen Feixiao and Qin Kaiyi, and asked this with great interest.

“Ah, yes,” Qin Kaiyi responded. He was thinking about how to lure Zi Yangpei to the martial arts training ground.

“Well, you two have a very good relationship.” With a thoughtful glance at the ever-silent Shen Feixiao, Zi Yangpei smiled and said: “Do you care about him very much?”

“Ah?” Not expecting Zi Yangpei to suddenly say such a thing, Qin Kaiyi didn’t know how to answer. If he said he cared, he was afraid that Zi Yangpei would take an interest in Shen Feixiao; if he said he didn’t care, Shen Feixiao was right in front of him.

“Your heartbeat is very fast.” Giving the slight impression that he didn’t really care about Shen Feixiao at all, Zi Yangpei kept the same harmless smile one would direct towards domesticated animals: “If Shen Shidi is actually a woman, I would speculate that you liked him. “

“… Hehe, shidi, you really know how to crack a joke.” Qin Kaiyi guessed that the poisonous insect inside him was giving his heart rate away, but he wondered why Zi Yangpei cared so much about who he liked.

“Really?” Zi Yangpei said lightly.

Shen Feixiao still maintained a blank expression, silently watching the interaction between Qin Kaiyi and Zi Yangpei. It was only when he heard the phrase “Shen shidi is a woman” that his mouth twitched slightly. Unlike Qin Kaiyi, not everyone could calmly accept Zi Yangpei’s crazy behavior.

“Since I have already seen the spirit grass, we might as well go to other places,” Qin Kaiyi suggested. He couldn’t stand the awkward atmosphere any longer, and knew that Zi Yangpei was in a hurry to find the sable so he wouldn’t linger too long either.

“Okay.”  Zi Yangpei readily agreed, but before Qin Kaiyi could finally let go of his anxiety, he suddenly changed topics: “It looks like Shen shidi recently entered the sect. Shen shixiong won’t bring him along to look around?”

“This… Shen shidi must be busy with the spirit grass right now, bringing him along now wouldn’t be good, right Shen shidi?” Qin Kaiyi couldn’t easily directly reject Zi Yangpei, and placed all his hopes on Shen Feixiao. Quickly refuse, you unlucky child! Don’t forget that I have given you a hard beating, and quickly demonstrate the backbone of a protagonist and reject Zi Yangpei!

Then Qin Kaiyi helplessly watched as Shen Feixiao retrieved his protagonist’s backbone to spit out an “okay.”

“Eh…” Qin Kaiyi finally understood how much of a bastard this fraudulent system was.

“It seems that Senior Brother Qin is a little unhappy?” After achieving his goal, Zi Yangpei still pretended to be obedient and perfectly acted out his role as a newly-accepted disciple worried about the future: “Qin shixiong isn’t now thinking that I’m troublesome? Ai, that’s right, I only just entered a cultivation sect from the secular world, and there’s a lot I don’t understand. Shixiong are you really annoyed with me?”

… Grandfather, do I dare to be annoyed by you? Qin Kaiyi gritted his teeth secretly, but on the surface he had to smile to appease the uneasy “shidi:” “No way, I like other people asking me questions the most, ha ha ha ha ha.” Everyone knew that behind each “haha” were ten thousand vigorous fuck-your-moms.2

“Really.” Zi Yangpei seemed to be at ease now, and looked at the Shen Feixiao who said nothing behind them: “When did Shen shidi enter the sect?”

“…” Shen Feixiao glanced at Zi Yangpei without a word, and his expression made it clear that he didn’t have an interest in this shixiong who had just appeared.

Qin Kaiyi witnessed Shen Feixiao’s attitude and felt cold sweat come out. Although there were disciples passing them from time to time, according to Zi Yangpei’s strength, he could easily kill Shen Feixiao and manage to leave.

“Hehe, Shen shidi doesn’t like talking very much.” Qin Kaiyi hurriedly digressed: “Where do you want to go next shidi?”

“Where do I want to go?” Zi Yangpei asked. It seemed Shen Feixiao had provoked his interest. He spoke again to Shen Feixiao: “What does Shen shidi want to see? While Qin shixiong is still free, let’s go together to see it.”

“Nothing.” Shen Feixiao continued to be concise.

“Really nothing?” Zi Yangpei continued to chase after an answer: “Shen shidi, you decide.”

Shen Feixiao glanced at Zi Yangpei, appearing to be too lazy to even say anything.

Qin Kaiyi’s heart jumped to his throat. Your mom, if Zi Yangpei became angry, should he turn and run away or should he turn and run away?

“Haha.” It turned out that, unexpectedly, Zi Yangpei not only didn’t get angry but laughed loudly. He nodded to Shen Feixiao: “Shen shidi has quite the personality.”

“…” Qin Kaiyi suddenly realized that Zi Yangpei was a trembling M (T/N: masochist). The colder a person was to him, the more he liked to cling to that person’s chilly butt. Alas, he didn’t understand the world of powerful experts…

“Since Brother Shen does not have a good suggestion, then…” Zi Yangpei side-eyed Qin Kaiyi: “How about going to the forbidden place?”

“… Okay.” Qin Kaiyi squeezed out two words from his mouth. He didn’t have the power to refuse Zi Yangpei’s request.

“Then let’s go,” Zi Yang Pei said.

Then the three of them went to the forbidden place to take a look, then Zi Yangpei used his spiritual power to break the formation, and then he slaughtered Qin Kaiyi and Shen Feixiao, THE END.

Is that possible? Of course not! First of all, our classmate Shen Feixiao is the protagonist–how could it be that easy to get rid of him? Is the protagonist aura just □? Moreover, Shen Feixiao would later be a great help to Zi Yangpei. If he were killed just like that, wouldn’t that be too much of a pity? So what actually happened is that they peacefully walked all the way to the forbidden gate. Zi Yangpei carefully sized up the formation in front of the forbidden realm’s entrance.

Sure enough, he can’t break it now. If it were a few hundred years ago, he would still have the power to give it a try. However, with his current strength, he surmised that if he entered, even exiting would be a problem. Coming to this conclusion, Zi Yangpei realized he had to let go of the “Mountain Cloud Notes” for the time being. He was not afraid about others finding the sable, as only he knew how to control the sable.

So ah, classmate Zi Yangpei obviously ignored the strength of the protagonist’s halo. Compared to a trifling sable, this Shen Feixiao could tame a tiger. Don’t mention this sable–basically, all must become Shen Feixiao’s little shidi. 

After letting go of the matter of the sable, Zi Yangpei’s gaze turned, and his attention struck upon Qin Kaiyi, who was standing behind him with a sullen face. In making this trip, Zi Yangpei happened upon a natural demonic body, which was also a good harvest. But how to make this stubborn little Taoist follow him into demonic cultivation? Zi Yangpei suddenly glanced at the Shen Feixiao standing next to Qin Kaiyi, and a thought gradually formed in his mind… This Qin Shi cares a lot about his little shidi, right?

Qin Kaiyi, who didn’t know that he would soon encounter misfortune, was still immersed in thoughts of how to get rid of Zi Yangpei. He saw Zi Yangpei, who was originally staring at the forbidden grounds, suddenly turning his head and smiling at him. His heart thudded a beat.

“Daoist friend Qin.” Although Zi Yangpei’s mouth didn’t move, Qin Kaiyi heard Zi Yangpei’s voice. He frowned slightly, trying to see what Zi Yangpei wanted to do.

“Are you really not considering demonic cultivation with me?” Zi Yangpei’s smile was very bright, but the words he said were not as kind as his smile: “You really don’t need to consider it one more time?”

“… Hehe, thank you Brother Zi Yang for his care, this humble one…” Qin Kaiyi didn’t speak, but used the same method of sound transmission as Zi Yangpei. Since Zi Yangpei didn’t want Shen Feixiao to hear their conversation, then he would continue to go along with Zi Yangpei. 

“Do you really have the right to refuse?” Seeing that Qin Kaiyi still refused him without hesitation, Zi Yangpei’s voice cooled down: “Do you care a lot about your little shidi?”

“… Brother Zi Yang, what do you mean?” Qin Kaiyi was a bit slow to follow.

“What I mean is…” Zi Yangpei whispered softly: “I don’t want to hurt you because you are valuable, but your brother is different. If you really want to refuse me, I can’t guarantee that your brother won’t encounter some abnormal accidents. “

“…” Qin Kaiyi finally understood the meaning of the fraudulent system’s earlier warning. Isn’t it just making him agree to follow Zi Yangpei into demonic cultivation?? If he does not agree to Zi Yangpei, then Shen Feixiao would definitely be in danger, and once Shen Feixiao had an accident, then Qin Kaiyi would be directly wiped out by the system!! Hahahaha… This fraudulent system is really advanced, it can even anticipate plot developments accurately. Not one bit lacking, this system.

Qin Kaiyi, who had already sunken into a hopeless situation, still wanted to have his final deathbed struggles: “Threatening me with others, is this really befitting considering Brother Zi Yang’s status? According to Brother Zi Yang’s status, shouldn’t he be using reason and logic instead?”

This was certainly overdoing it, to make these assumptions about how Zi Yangpei should act according to his status.3 But Zi Yangpei obviously cared more about the other meaning in Qin Kaiyi’s words: “You know who I am?”

“Eh…” Qin Kaiyi froze, then immediately  replied: “I don’t know.”

But he answered too quickly and evoked Zi Yangpei’s suspicion. Zi Yangpei looked Qin Kaiyi up and down; it was unclear what he was thinking about. After a long time, he faintly said: “It seems that I  underestimated you. There really are no undeserved people among Qing Xuzi’s disciples.”

Qin Kaiyi, who only felt at a loss, shut his mouth obediently.

“Since you already know my identity, then I really can’t let you go.” Zi Yangpei said this calmly, but Qin Kaiyi’s whole body went cold: “Either promise to follow me into demonic cultivation, or… you just watch while I flay and pull the tendons out of your shidi, then melt his soul. “

“…” After hearing this sentence, Qin Kaiyi actually wanted to say, “Brother, please feel free to do this. Anyway, Shen Feixiao will later be my enemy, help me nip this threat in the bud. I really appreciate it.” But of course, in his mind echoed the voice of the system reminding him: ”Shen Feixiao definitely cannot die aaah~!!”

“Does it have to be like this?” Qin Kaiyi’s voice was hard and rough, and he fully embodied the image of a righteous shixiong who had to compromise with the devil because his brother was threatened.

“It has to.” Zi Yangpei was in a good mood; he enjoyed Qin Kaiyi’s appearance as he was forced to compromise under threat. 

“…” Qin Kaiyi closed his eyes and took a deep breath, as if he had made a painful decision: “I promise you.”

“Hahahahaha.” Zi Yangpei let out a loud laugh.

“But you have to make a soul contract with me.” Qin Kaiyi was not so stupid as to believe Zi Yangpei’s casual promise: “I will practice demonic cultivation with you; you will promise not to hurt my shidi.”

“No problem,” Zi Yangpei promised in a refreshed manner. Why not feel refreshed? The little daoist in front of him didn’t just have one shidi, he also had shimeis, shixiongs, and shijies.4 With so many relatives, he wasn’t afraid that Qin Kaiyi would not bend to him!

“Then come on.” Qin Kaiyi said: “I, Qin Shi, swear that I will demonically cultivate with Zi Yangpei. Zi Yangpei cannot hurt Shen Feixiao. If he breaks his oath, his heart will be split and his soul scattered.”

Zi Yangpei heard Qin Kaiyi’s oath and said: “I, Zi Yangpei, swear not to hurt Qin Shi’s shidi Shen Feixiao, but Qin Shi must demonically cultivate with me. If he breaks his oath, his heart will be split and his soul scattered.”

After Zi Yangpei finished his oath, Qin Kaiyi felt his heart tighten. He naturally knew how powerful this soul contract was, so at least Shen Feixiao’s life could not be taken away by Zi Yangpei.

Sure enough, after a while, Qin Kaiyi heard the tone of a system prompt: 【System prompt: Shen Feixiao broke away from Zi Yangpei’s control, gaining 1% return value, Shen Feixiao broke away from Zi Yangpei’s control, gained 1% return value. The current return value is 2.5%. The current degree return value is 2.5%.】 Exhaling, Qin Kaiyi felt a heavy weight being lifted in his heart.

Shen Feixiao, who was standing behind Qin Kaiyi and Zi Yangpei, didn’t know that he had just returned from taking a meandering stroll before the gates of the underworld. He looked at Qin Kaiyi expressionlessly and clenched his fists behind himself. A thread of unknown emotion flashed across his black eyes.



  1.  I’ve decided to keep SilverNeko’s original translation of the manual name.
  2.  Lit: ten thousand galloping grass mud horses. Grass mud horse sounds like “fuck your mom” in Chinese.
  3.  Original was “this hat was pretty big.”
  4.  Older female of the same sect.


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