ASV Chapter 10: Demonic Cultivation

“How about it?” It seemed that Zi Yangpei had not given up on luring Qin Kaiyi into being his disciple.

“… Brother Ziyang, let me think about it again,” Qin Kaiyi replied with difficulty. Although he did have to step onto the path of demonic cultivation eventually, he did not want to do so under the old monster in front of him!

“Then consider it slowly,” Zi Yangpei said with a face full of smiles.

“Brother Zi Yang, what to do about your sable?” Seeing that Zi Yangpei showed no signs of anger, Qin Kaiyi cautiously said, “I really don’t know where it ran off to.”

“…” As soon as he mentioned the sable, Zi Yangpei’s gaze cooled. He checked Qin Kaiyi’s dongfu again and confirmed that the spiritual energy he had attached to the sable had almost disappeared.

“Ran away?” Zi Yangpei sneered, seeming to have thought of something: “Don’t let me catch you.”

“Since the sable has run away, then take me to look around your Lingshan Sect.” Qin Kaiyi, who had thought that he could send this honored senior away, was like a deflated soccer ball after hearing this sentence. He itched to roll his eyes, but Zi Yangpei was standing beside him, and Qin Kaiyi didn’t dare to go too far. He could only fake a smile and consent.

The Lingshan Sect occupied an area as large as dozens of soccer fields. It was mainly divided into several large blocks. The first block was for dongfus where disciples could practice, the second was for refining medicine and contained fields of spirit grass, and the third was a martial arts training field. These three places occupied half of Lingshan sect, while the other half was a forbidden area full of formations.

The forbidden land was covered by a large formation, and the knowledge of who set up this formation was lost with time. It was said that this formation was set up in ancient times, so the items presumed to be inside of it were even more intriguing.

In the realm of cultivation, the most attractive items were magic weapons and elixirs. Clearly, the ancient immortals arranged formations in order to protect something. Therefore, before the Lingshan sect set rules in place, countless cultivators tried to enter the formation every year. Among those seeking to seize treasures, there were many old monsters in the Nascent Soul stage.1 However, seeing that all who entered encountered difficulties in exiting, the Lingshan School finally panicked. In order to avoid unnecessary losses in their disciples, the first article of the prohibition of the Lingshan Sect banned getting close to the forbidden land–if a disciple were to be found out to have done so, the sect would immediately abolish that disciple’s cultivation and expel him from the sect. 

This guy Qin Shi entered the forbidden area for Liu Ling’er. If he hadn’t been there as a head disciple and received Qing Xuzi’s undeserved protection, he might have already become a waste.

Qin Kaiyi walked out with Zi Yangpei, but thought that Zi Yangpei should not have the ability to break the formation now. So what was Zi Yangpei thinking when he woke him up early to take him around the entire sect? Qin Kaiyi really couldn’t figure out what confusing thoughts the old monster was considering.

“How long have you been at the Lingshan Sect?” Zi Yangpei began to chat with Qin Kaiyi in a seemingly nonchalant manner.

“Well, it’s been a few years,” Qin Kaiyi vaguely said, not being stupid enough to lay all his cards on the table.

“How many years?” Zi Yangpei evidently had the requisite intimidating manner to get to the bottom of things. 

“Eight or nine years.” Qin Kaiyi had no choice but to answer Zi Yangpei’s question.

“Do you like the shimei who came to find you just now?” Zi Yangpei continued his inquiry.

“…” Big bro, you really are a gossip, Qin Kaiyi thought silently in his heart, but he did not dare to avoid the question: “No way, we only have a brother-sister relationship.”

“It seems that you really like her.” Zi Yangpei smiled thoughtfully.

Seeing Zi Yangpei’s ambiguous smile, Qin Kaiyi was too lazy to correct his misunderstanding.

After taking Zi Yangpei around the dongfu block a few times, Qin Kaiyi began to consider where to take him next. He guessed that Qing Xuzi must currently be in the martial arts field block, and if he brought Zi Yangpei over… maybe he could make his own escape.

However, Zi Yangpei seemed to know what Qin Kaiyi was thinking. He directly waved his hand and said, “Take me to see where you plant the spirit grass.”

“Okay… wait no, what does Brother Ziyang want to do there?” Just as he wanted to agree, Qin Kaiyi remembered a terrifying problem… he had sent Shen Feixiao there to help out at the medicinal house!!! If he brought Zi Yangpei over, wouldn’t that be like sending a sheep to a tiger’s mouth??

“What’s wrong?” Zi Yangpei saw Qin Kaiyi’s unusual reaction and chuckled: “Is there anything shameful there?”

“Haha how could that be.” Qin Kaiyi felt that he must be smiling at Zi Yangpei like a fool right now. He hurriedly wanted Zi Yangpei to change his mind: “But Brother Zi Yang, what’s so beautiful about the place where the spirit grass is planted? Why not have me take you to see the martial arts training grounds? “

“Okay,” Zi Yangpei smiled and answered.

Qin Kaiyi breathed a sigh of relief in his heart… But before he had finished his breath, he heard Zi Yangpei speak again.

“Going to the martial arts field to see your master Qing Xuzi?” Zi Yangpei’s teeth were very white and neat, and when he smiled, eight of them got revealed… When Qin Kaiyi looked at those teeth, he felt chills.

“Haha, Zi Yangpei, don’t joke around, how could I do something like that?” At this moment Qin Kaiyi hated himself so much, why did he do something so lowly and cheap, aahhhhhh!!!

“Really?” Zi Yangpei looked surprised. “You wouldn’t do that?”

“Of course.” Qin Kaiyi smiled insincerely.

“That’s good then.” Zi Yangpei’s tone cooled down: “My poisonous insect is placed in your body. Although you don’t feel pain, it doesn’t mean it won’t hurt you. If you don’t believe me, you can try it out and see if you can escape faster than I can activate that bug.” 

“… Hehe, Zi Yangpei really can joke,” Qin Kaiyi said dryly. Of course he was not stupid enough to try out risking his own body.

“So then what are you waiting for? Let’s go,” Ziyang Pei coldly said.

“Yes.” Qin Kaiyi felt abnormally sullen.

The Lingshan Sect planted spirit grass on a large area of ​​cultivated land. There were many spells arranged to amass spiritual energy on the cultivated land, in order to provide spiritual energy to the grass. The spiritual grass on the cultivated land was ranked into grades of three, six, nine, etc. The highly ranked spirit grass was specially taken care of, and there were also strong prohibitions around them. Most wouldn’t be able to get close at all. The slightly worse grass was supervised by ordinary inner disciples, and as long as the grass didn’t die that was enough. The worst grass was used for food and worked on by outer disciples.

Qin Kaiyi didn’t know much about these different spiritual plants and their care. That was quite all right. He was an inner disciple favored by his master, so such details were not useful to him.

The Lingshan sect’s refining medicine house was next to the spiritual grass field, because many spiritual grasses possessed certain practical effects, such as an herbal medicine called Swallow Palm. This herb must be refined within a moment. If it exceeded a certain time limit, it would wither and become a useless weed.

Seeing that Ziyang Pei was actually interested in these herbs, Qin Kaiyi had to pray in his heart… I hope that Shen Feixiao doesn’t obediently report to the medicine house today.

“What are you worried about?” They didn’t speak a word to each other on the way, but after reaching the spiritual grass fields, Ziyang Pei seemed to sense Qin Kaiyi’s uneasiness and spoke.

“Haha, not worried at all.” How could Qin Kaiyi tell Zi Yangpei about the worries in his heart? He could only have a perfunctory reply.

“You wouldn’t… have hidden my sable here?” Ziyang Pei accurately hit Qin Kaiyi’s weak spot. 

“How is that possible,” Qin Kaiyi denied. “Isn’t Brother Zi Yang familiar with the spiritual aura of your sable? If I hid the sable here, why wouldn’t you feel it?” Forgive my stubbornly denying mouth. Shen Feixiao, if you really are in the medicine house at this moment, I’m afraid even a deity could not save you!

“Is that it?” Zi Yangpei obviously didn’t believe Qin Kaiyi’s reply.

“Of course.” Qin Kaiyi gritted his teeth. It didn’t matter, Shen Feixiao had the protagonist aura, he shouldn’t have such a tragic encounter with Zi Yangpei, he… hey wait, the man standing in the medicine field, why does he look familiar?

“You recognize that person?” Zi Yangpei followed Qin Kaiyi’s gaze and looked over.

“Do. Not. Recognize.” Qin Kaiyi was dying.

“Then why is he walking in your direction?” Zi Yangpei’s eyes flashed with interest for fresh gossip.

“Because he is very bored.” Qin Kaiyi wanted to shrink himself into a tiny dumpling and walk away. Hey, the one walking over here, don’t come over, I’m talking to you, Shen Feixiao you dumb bastard, you’re really still coming this way, still coming this way!!!

Wuwu…2 Qin Kaiyi burst into tears in his heart–Shen Feixiao, your protagonist aura and your overwhelming dominance is leaking away! If you come here the plot is over!!! The protagonist will have to be switched to someone else!!! Seeing that Shen Feixiao noticed Qin Kaiyi’s malevolent expression yet still steadfastly walked forward, Qin Kaiyi just wanted to lie on the ground, crying until he lost his voice. Mom,3 I really want to go home, this place is so scary, *weeping noises*….._ ∠) _

But just when Qin Kaiyi’s spirit was about to collapse, he suddenly heard a sharp and harsh sound. [System Reminder: Please help Shen Feixiao escape falling under Zi Yangpei’s control, please help Shen Feixiao escape falling under Zi Yangpei’s control, failure will result in obliteration of host’s body, failure will result in obliteration of host’s body]

… Hey, system you big god, are you cosplaying as boundless terror or are you cosplaying as boundless terror? Qin Kaiyi looked dead inside. Whatever he chose he would die. What was the difference between being killed by Zi Yangpei and being killed by the system?? 

But even if he became a ghost, he wouldn’t forgive the person in front of him. Shen Feixiao, I’m going to die all because of you!!! Qin Kaiyi raged in his heart.

Shen Feixiao, who walked towards Zin Kaiyi, apparently did not sense his shixiong’s intense inner struggle. He still had a malnourished appearance, and walked slowly to the front of Qin Kaiyi while glancing at Zi Yangpei who stood at the side. “What is it?”

Nothing, please hurry up, Qin Kaiyi said internally. But he barely controlled his face from distorting, and looked at Shen Feixiao lightly: “Nothing, just taking the new shidi for a stroll.”



  1. The Nascent Soul Stage is after Core Formation. Recall that Zi Yangpei experienced a calamity when trying to get to Ascension stage, which is right after Nascent Soul.
  2. Crying sounds 
  3.  I think the author wrote 麻麻 as a semi-homonym for 妈妈. Let me know if I’m wrong.


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