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ASV Chapter 87: Leave Your Chrysanthemum Under My Protection

Qin Kaiyi felt that he was very unlucky.  Extremely incredibly especially unlucky to the max. Although he could never forget Shen Feixiao after returning to this world, that didn’t mean he could accept Shen Feixiao without batting an eyelid ah…  However, the Shen Feixiao in this world was obviously more mature than the one inContinue reading “ASV Chapter 87: Leave Your Chrysanthemum Under My Protection”

ASV Chapter 85

Although Qin Kaiyi did not want to admit it, he could not deceive himself. He had imagined the scene of returning to his original world after killing Shen Feixiao countless times, but when this scene really arrived, Qin Kaiyi was cowardly. He held Shen Feixiao in his arms as he gradually lost his life, cryingContinue reading “ASV Chapter 85”

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