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Turns Out I’m Crazy (TOIC) Chapter 32: The False Appearance in the Mirror

https://www.novelupdates.com/series/turns-out-im-crazy/ At last, Chen Qianqing held back his fury and got a room with Lu Zhengfei.  After successfully booking a room, they took the key up. Chen Qianqing directly rushed to the bathroom the moment he entered. That cheap man, Xu Shaoren, actually put such a strong substance into his soup. He hadn’t taken moreContinue reading “Turns Out I’m Crazy (TOIC) Chapter 32: The False Appearance in the Mirror”

ASV Chapter 73: Thick Nerves

(T/N: warnings at end of chapter)  Qin Kaiyi spent the following days happily as a rice worm.  Shen Feixiao didn’t try to force him again, so Qin Kaiyi did nothing but eat and sleep until his face became round.  To a certain extent, Qin Kaiyi had really tough nerves. Normal people in his situation, thoughContinue reading “ASV Chapter 73: Thick Nerves”

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